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2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (7) ◽  
pp. 1-16
Zhiqiang Xu ◽  
Dong Xiang ◽  
Jialiang He

This paper aims to study the protection of data privacy in news crowdfunding in the era of artificial intelligence. This paper respectively quotes the encryption algorithm of artificial intelligence data protection and the BP neural network prediction model to analyze the data privacy protection in news crowdfunding in the artificial intelligence era. Finally, this paper also combines the questionnaire survey method to understand the public’s awareness of privacy. The results of this paper show that artificial intelligence can promote personal data awareness and privacy, improve personal data and privacy measures and methods, and improve the effectiveness and level of privacy and privacy. In the analysis, the survey found that male college students only have 81.1% of the cognition of personal trait information, only 78.5% of network trace information, and only 78.3% of female college students’ cognition of personal credit.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Kalai Senthur Selvi ◽  
Perumal Ganesan

Purpose This study aims to determine the level of knowledge in searching, evaluating, information management competency and to find differences among research scholars’ in terms of their information literacy (IL) competency with regards to gender and academic designation. Design/methodology/approach A survey method was conducted to collect the data from the research scholars’ pursuing their doctoral degrees in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu, India. Findings The results of this study revealed that the majority have used simple search and were not using the Online Public Access Catalogue. They were not able to assess the information retrieved and the assistance from the library staff to locate the resources was found to be minimal. This study also highlighted some of the problems faced by the research scholars and provided some suggestions based on the findings. This study highlights the need to adopt a new IL framework and conduct user literacy training programmes for effective use of the resources. Practical implications This study also has practical implications in terms of assessing the IL competency among the research scholars and significant variations which identified through demographics and assessment of IL competency will enable policymakers to develop a framework for brand new literacy instructions. The results may help to frame long-term strategies to motivate and train the research scholars in the effective use of technologies for improving their academic performance. Originality/value This study used a questionnaire as tool to collect the data. The outcome of the results will help the librarians and authorities to discuss research scholars’ IL competency and take appropriate decisions to improve their IL skills.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
JungWon Yoon ◽  
Sue Yeon Syn

PurposeThis study aimed to provide user-centered evidence for health professionals to make optimal use of images for the effective dissemination of health information on Facebook (FB).Design/methodology/approachUsing an eye-tracking experiment and a survey method, this study examined 42 participants' reading patterns as well as recall and recognition outcomes with 36 FB health information posts having various FB post features.FindingsThe findings demonstrated that FB posts with text-embedded images received more attention and resulted in the highest recall and recognition. Meanwhile, compared to text-embedded images, visual only images yielded less effective recall of information, but they caught the viewers' attention; graphics tended to attract more attention than photos. For effective communication, the text features in FB posts should align with the formats of the images.Practical implicationsThe findings of this study provide practical implications for health information disseminators by suggesting that text-embedded images should be used for effective health communication.Originality/valueThis study provided evidence of users' different viewing patterns for FB health information posts and the relationship between FB post types and recall and recognition outcomes.

Lawrence Etoromat ◽  

This dissertation is presented on the topic, “Debt management literacy and financial performance of SACCOs in Kumi County”. The overall objective of the study was to determine the effect of Debt management literacy on financial performance of SACCOs in Kumi County and to achieve this the researcher used one specific objective Vinz; “To determine the effect of Debt management literacy on financial performance of SACCOs in Kumi County”. In carrying out the study, the researcher used a case study research design because of its ability to investigate the study variables in detail. The population under study was 150 (N) people and a sample population of 108 (n) people consisting of; SACCO board members, SACCO management team members and SACCO members. The sample size was determined by use of both probability and non-probability sampling techniques. In data collection, the researcher used a duo approach with the use of; Questionnaire survey method which allowed collection of firsthand information within a short period of time and interview method employed on some key informants i.e. SACCO Board members as this was intended to probe for more information, get clarification and capture facial expression. Two tools in this context were used i.e. Research Questionnaire and interview guide. The data collected was both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Data analysis was carried out in two fold; Quantitative data was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) version 25*64 bit. Qualitative data was recorded in the researchers note book and transcribed for a clear meaning. The research findings highlighted a strong positive relationship between debt management literacy and financial performance of SACCOs with R = 0.666. The study confirmed that Debt management literacy explains 44.4% of financial performance as evident with R2= 0.444. The researcher based on the study findings recommended creation of awareness and corporative member education on debt management; Documentation and implementation of a comprehensive credit or debt management policy; There must be a clear line of authority as to who authorizes and approves what and creation of a policy on relationship management strategies so as to ensure long and lasting beneficial relationships with clients.

عبد الكريم الدبيسي ◽  
يسرى خالد إبراهيم

The digital environment has brought a lot of changes to the lives of societies and affected and changed their cultures, lifestyles, ways of thinking and interaction with the environment. The digital environment, with its rapid developments, has produced new ideas and behaviors on societies in general and Arab society was not far from these currents, after more than fifteen A year since the Internet entered Iraq, which is one of the most important manifestations of democracy, the latest radical changes in human relations. The information acquired by the human being today is one of the Internet and its culture dependent on it, and here began the study questionably head of that: What is the role of social networking sites in promoting young people's awareness of the importance of the popular movement? The research aims through adopting the survey method (Public Opinion Survey) to identify the most important political, economic and social dimensions of youth awareness that the Internet has brought to them by enhancing information and increasing confidence in the importance of change and persistence on the principle and the research sample is from university students and they are the motors of mobility in the Arab countries Study (Iraq )

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Liyan Jiang ◽  
Qiaoling Xie ◽  
Lingwei Chen

With the continuous deepening of medical reforms and the continuous attempts and explorations of various management models, the traditional health care model is undergoing tremendous changes, and patients’ needs for medical institutions are becoming more and more comprehensive. Medical institutions are meeting the needs of providing medical services to patients at the same time. It is even more necessary to change our thinking and enhance the service concept. This article is based on case-based deep learning hospital nursing business process reengineering and the application and feasibility study of integrated nursing information construction in nephrology nursing. This article uses the literature analysis method, the social survey method, and other methods to discuss the construction of integrated nursing information. On the one hand, the content of this article uses the concept of process reengineering to analyze the current development status and existing problems of the hospital care industry and find countermeasures to solve problems. On the other hand, the main research content of this article is the construction of integrated nursing information and its analysis of the application and feasibility of nursing in the nephrology department. At the same time, under the background of the rapid development of the mobile Internet, we will carry out extended thinking on the continuous transformation of the construction of nursing information. According to the survey results, 87.5% of patients in the nephrology department are dissatisfied with the current hospital’s work efficiency, and 85.7% of the nursing staff in the nephrology department are generally satisfied with the information management of the current department. After the implementation of the hospital information integration system, patient satisfaction is as high as 98.2%, and the satisfaction of medical staff reached 94.2%. The construction of integrated nursing information has played a great role in the application of nephrology nursing.

يسرى خالد إبراهيم ◽  
قصي محمد حسين

The research aims to identify the extent to which minorities depend on social networking sites to introduce their issues and to know the extent to which minorities follow these sites and to identify the most important sites they rely on and the extent of their trust in them and to know the effects resulting from their dependence on these sites after these sites have become one of the most important promotional means for what It is characterized by the ease of communication and creating a public space for discussion and formation of views. This research is a descriptive research that adopted the survey method. The research tools are observation, interview, and questionnaire that were used to collect data for the field study. The research sample is a simple random sample from the total community of minorities located within the geographical area of Nineveh Governorate. The research concluded with a set of results, most notably: the respondents’ reliance on social networking sites to get acquainted with the news of the sect to which they belong. Follow-up on social networking sites, and the search results showed the side of the terms closest to the respondent for the category (components) and then (minorities).

مرتضي البشير عثمان الأمين

This descriptive study aimed at identifying the concerns of the Sudanese media for promotion of tourism in the country. To attain that, the study seeks to answer a set of questions such as: How far is the awareness and the concern given to the touristic activity as economic and social value? How efficient are the media and communications efforts to promote what existed? How the media performance corresponds with the importance of tourism in Sudan? The study adopted the survey method. Its population represents the three groups in tourism sector in Khartoum State. The sample includes: class sample and selected sample from the institutions. Data is collected by a questionnaire. The study demonstrates that the efficiency of media in promotion of tourism is impeded and weakened by the technical and professional shortcomings of the employees in the field. The study recommends the following: Capitalizing the concept of touristic promotion among the employees of the Sudanese media and raising their skills and capabilities. Activation of federal and state touristic awareness.

ناجية البادي الكتبي ◽  
أسامة كناكر

This study aimed to determine the use of the Twitter network in raising awareness of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) through analyzing the tweets of the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection that were published from 7/1/2020 - 31/7/2020, to reveal the communication role of health institutions in raising awareness of the disease. This study is a descriptive study that uses the analytical approach. It relied on the sample survey method using the content analysis tool. The tweet was considered as a unit of analysis using both social responsibility theory and information seeking. The number of tweets reached 513 tweets. The findings have shown that the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE allocated 62% of its tweets in July to raise awareness of the emerging Corona virus and the majority of these tweets were supported by images and info graphics. Additionally, the tweets focused on all segments of the society. The interest of those in charge of the site appeared through answering all inquiries, The study recommends conducting specialized research in the field of communication networks and their role in health awareness.

2022 ◽  
Vol 20 (1) ◽  
Kavita Singh ◽  
Qingfeng Li ◽  
Karar Zunaid Ahsan ◽  
Sian Curtis ◽  
William Weiss

Abstract Background Many low- and middle-income countries cannot measure maternal mortality to monitor progress against global and country-specific targets. While the ultimate goal for these countries is to have complete civil registrations systems, other interim strategies are needed to provide timely estimates of maternal mortality. Objective The objective is to inform on potential options for measuring maternal mortality. Methods This paper uses a case study approach to compare methodologies and estimates of pregnancy-related mortality ratio (PRMR)/maternal mortality ratio (MMR) obtained from four different data sources from similar time periods in Bangladesh, Mozambique, and Bolivia—national population census; post-census mortality survey; household sample survey; and sample vital registration system (SVRS). Results For Bangladesh, PRMR from the 2011 census falls closely in line with the 2010 household survey and SVRS estimates, while SVRS’ MMR estimates are closer to the PRMR estimates obtained from the household survey. Mozambique's PRMR from household survey method is comparable and shows an upward trend between 1994 and 2011, whereas the post-census mortality survey estimated a higher MMR for 2007. Bolivia's DHS and post-census mortality survey also estimated comparable MMR during 1998–2003. Conclusions Overall all these data sources presented in this paper have provided valuable information on maternal mortality in Bangladesh, Mozambique, and Bolivia. It also outlines recommendations to estimate maternal mortality based on the advantages and disadvantages of several approaches. Contribution Recommendations in this paper can help health administrators and policy planners in prioritizing investment for collecting reliable and contemporaneous estimates of maternal mortality while progressing toward a complete civil registration system.

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