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2022 ◽  
Liliana Budevici-Puiu ◽  

Radical changes that take place in all society spheres (economic, social, political and cultural) of a state, directly and indirectly affect the development and functioning of the socio-economic system of physical culture and sports. A new category of human resources employed in the field of sports management is emerging, given that sports organizations are interested in forming a management system that ensures high performance, development opportunities and a stable market position. In the last decade, the system of physical culture and sports management has undergone substantial changes, as a result of the emergence of new sports events, the development of sports movement, the creation of innovative services and the production of special equipment / installations in accordance with the legislation in force, as well as due to modern trends in entrepreneurial activity in market conditions. The fulfillment of the management functions in these conditions, at a higher level, generator of performance and success can be ensured only by qualified persons who have received a special professional training (including additional, continuous training) and requalification. This training is necessary for all activities specific to the field of physical education and sports management, for the development and proper functioning of sports organizations. Management and marketing activities, innovative for physical culture and the national sports movement, require special knowledge, skills and an effective professional training of the specialists in the field.

Julia Elrod ◽  
Johannes Boettcher ◽  
Deirdre Vincent ◽  
David Schwarz ◽  
Tina Trautmann ◽  

Abstract Aim Several motor learning models have been used to teach highly complex procedural skills in medical education. The aim of this randomized controlled trial was to assess the efficiency of telementoring of open and laparoscopic suturing of medical students compared to conventional in-person teaching and training. Methods After randomization, 23 medical students were assigned to either the telementoring or the in-person training group. Both groups were taught by surgically trained residence with a student–teacher ratio of 1:1 (teacher–student). Open suturing was assessed in a model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia and laparoscopic suturing in a model of bowel anastomosis. All subjects were trained according to the spaced learning concept for 3 hours. Primary end points were time, knot quality, precision, knot strength, and overall knotting performance/competency. Furthermore, we utilized the Surgery Task Load Index to evaluate the cognitive load of both teaching techniques. Students' subjective progress regarding skill acquisitions and acceptance of telementoring was assessed using a nine-item questionnaire. Results All 23 trainees significantly improved after training in all knot attributes. More than 90% of all subjects reached proficiency in both groups. In-person training and telementoring were similarly practical, and no significant differences regarding speed, knot quality, precision, knot stability, and procedure performance/competency were found. Students perceived no difference in acquisition of factual or applicational knowledge between the two groups. General acceptance of telementoring was moderate in both groups before training, but increased during training in students actually assigned to this group, in comparison to students assigned to conventional teaching. Conclusion The current study shows that telementoring of open and laparoscopic suturing is an ideal answer to the current coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, ensuring continuous training. On-site training and telementoring are similarly effective, leading to substantial improvement in proficiency in intracorporeal suturing and knot tying. Likewise, students' subjective progress regarding skill acquisitions and cognitive load does not differ between teaching methods. Skepticism toward telementoring decreases after exposure to this learning method. Given our results, telementoring should be considered a highly effective and resource-saving educational approach even after the current pandemic.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Wanxia Zhang ◽  
Bo Liu ◽  
Sang-Bing Tsai

Digital reading promotion service is a service way for libraries to provide readers with a series of digital resources, enjoy the service functions, and share the experience of using them in various digital reading platforms, which is to meet the reading interests and reading needs of more readers, and is also the focus of the current library work. In the era of new media, the characteristics of digital reading are subtly changing the readers’ needs for reading environment, reading content, and reading style. Libraries should keep pace with the development of the times and provide readers with diversified, intelligent, and targeted digital reading platforms. The digital reading platform should continuously improve the digital reading service functions, broaden the service scope and dissemination channels, and finally realize the diversification, interest, and intelligence of digital reading service. This paper takes the digital reading platform of libraries in the region as the research theme and carries out research work on libraries. The province is divided into three regions according to the geographical map: southeastern region, central region, and northwestern region. The digital reading platforms of 14 prefecture-level public libraries and 58 libraries of higher education institutions in each region were accessed. Firstly, we check the construction of digital resources within the library websites, secondly, we count the opening of digital reading platform functions, and finally, we check the opening of digital reading platforms. Through the research, it is found that there are problems of unbalanced distribution of digital reading resources in regional libraries; unattractive design of readers’ interface and inadequate reading service functions; lack of continuous training of readers’ guidance; insufficient publicity and promotion; low efficiency of staff in responding to consultation; and low degree of platform openness and weak awareness of sharing. Finally, the problems found in the research are summarized, and the solution measures for the regional digital reading platform are proposed. Libraries in the digital era should give priority to systems that can manage all library resources comprehensively and effectively, adapt to more flexible library workflows, and enable libraries to provide better services to users.

2022 ◽  
Vol 19 ◽  
pp. 13-22
Gualter Couto ◽  
Maria Rocha ◽  
Pedro Pimentel ◽  
Jacinto Garrido Velarde ◽  
Rui Alexandre Castanho

All treatments, materials, instruments, exams, vaccines, tests, hospitalizations, surgeries, human resources, investigations, medicines, autopsies, among many other services provided by the National Health System (SNS). Therefore, funding is required, and the external services and supplies to which the SNS must constantly update its technologies and the necessary and continuous training and essential maintenance and cleaning expenses. Moreover, health financing has been a matter of great concern, both nationally and internationally, as health expenditures are growing faster than economic growth. Over the years, efficiency in resource allocation has always been a desirable objective, but one that is not easy to achieve. The truth is that there is much waste in allocating resources. Thereby, this study analyzes the impact of the contractualization process to which Portugal has adhered, which is most similar to a privatization model; that is, we sought to understand whether the contractualization of the SNS has a favorable effect on the economic level. However, after the entire process and development of the work, it is concluded that the contracting had a negligible impact. The repercussion that it had on the economic performance of Portuguese Hospitals was in a negative sense. In the statistical analyses it was used tests of differences between averages, to check the behavior of the economic performance of hospitals towards the contracting process. It was taken data of reports and accounts from a sample of fifteen Portuguese Hospitals S.A. that went through this contracting process from 2003 to 2017, in order to calculate the four indicators, such as: Return On Assets (ROA); Return On Equity (ROE); Economic Value Added (EVA) and the Market Value Added (MVA). For each of these indicators, were analyzed and compared the resulted effects between the period of two years before and two years after the contracting process. From the obtained results, we can conclude that contracting process had little impact on the economic performance of Portuguese Hospitals and the resulting impact was not favorable.

2022 ◽  
Vol 21 (1) ◽  
pp. 351-379
Jessica Belen Rojas-Espinoza ◽  
Beatriz Elizabeth Martinez-Talavera ◽  
Lucila Cárdenas-Becerril ◽  
Liliana Inés Benhumea Jaramillo ◽  
Beatriz Arana Gómez ◽  

Introduction: The teaching of care requires special attention, as well as recognizing its representational nature, what is its dynamics and what are its relationships with the practice itself. Objective: To intervene in the training of teachers for the teaching of care, through the interpretation and awareness of their pedagogical practices that transcend the academic performance of the students of the Nursing Degree. Methodology: Action research with a qualitative-interpretive approach. The intervention was carried out through a course workshop on the teaching of care, given by the researchers to 30 practice and clinical teachers in undergraduate Nursing. The course was structured using the Charles Maguerez Arc methodology in its five stages. The meetings of the sessions were observed in a participatory way, recorded in a field diary and audio-recorded, for later transcription and content analysis. Categories of analysis were formed from the reflections and participation of the teachers: a) Meaning of the teaching of care, b) Pedagogical practices based on the example (hidden curriculum) and, c) Identification of needs to improve pedagogical practices. Results: Among the professors' speeches it was identified that the meaning of the teaching of care transcends in the human relationship; those pedagogical practices must promote the relationship and accompaniment of the student, as well as empowerment, security, and self-confidence, and that there are pedagogical and didactic needs to favor learning and link theory and practice. Conclusions: It is necessary to strengthen work teams and continuous training in the teaching of care, distinguishing that there are opportunities for improvement in the development of pedagogical practices.   Introducción: La enseñanza del cuidado requiere especial atención, así como reconocer su naturaleza representacional, cuál es su dinámica y cuáles son sus relaciones con la propia práctica. Objetivo: Intervenir en la capacitación de profesores para la enseñanza del cuidado, mediante la interpretación y concientización de sus prácticas pedagógicas que trasciendan en el desempeño académico de los estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Enfermería. Metodología: Investigación-acción con enfoque cualitativo-interpretativo. La intervención se llevó a cabo mediante un curso-taller sobre la enseñanza del cuidado, impartido por las investigadoras a 30 docentes de práctica y clínica en el pregrado de Enfermería. El curso se estructuró mediante la metodología del Arco de Charles Maguerez, en sus cinco etapas. Los encuentros de las sesiones fueron observados de forma participante, registrados en un diario de campo y audio-grabados, para posterior transcripción y análisis de contenido. Se conformaron categorías de análisis a partir de las reflexiones y participaciones de los docentes: a) Significado de la enseñanza del cuidado, b) Prácticas pedagógicas a partir del ejemplo (currículum oculto) y c) Identificación de necesidades para mejorar las prácticas pedagógicas. Resultados: Entre los discursos de los profesores se identificó que el significado de la enseñanza del cuidado trasciende en la relación humana; que las prácticas pedagógicas tienen que promover la relación y acompañamiento al estudiante, así como el empoderamiento, la seguridad y confianza en sí mismo y que existen necesidades pedagógicas y didácticas para favorecer el aprendizaje y vincular la teoría y la práctica. Conclusiones: Se requiere fortalecer los equipos de trabajo y la capacitación continua en la enseñanza del cuidado, distinguiendo que existen oportunidades de mejora en el desarrollo de las prácticas pedagógicas. Resumo:O ensino do cuidado requer atenção especial, além de reconhecer seu caráter representacional, quais são suas dinâmicas e quais são suas relações com a própria prática. Objetivo: Intervir na formação de professores para o ensino do cuidado, por meio da interpretação e conscientização de suas práticas pedagógicas que transcendem o desempenho acadêmico dos alunos do Curso de Enfermagem.Metodologia: Pesquisa-ação com abordagem qualitativa-interpretativa. A intervenção foi realizada por meio de um curso-oficina sobre ensino do cuidado, ministrado pelas pesquisadoras a 30 professores de prática e clínica do curso de graduação em Enfermagem. O curso foi estruturado utilizando a metodologia do Arco de Charles Maguerez, em suas cinco etapas. Os encontros das sessões foram observados de forma participativa, registrados em diário de campo e audiogravados, para posterior transcrição e análise de conteúdo. As categorias de análise foram formadas a partir das reflexões e da participação dos professores: a) Sentido do ensino do cuidado, b) Práticas pedagógicas baseadas no exemplo (currículo oculto) e, c) Identificação de necessidades de aprimoramento das práticas pedagógicas.Resultados: Dentre as falas dos professores, identificou-se que o sentido do ensino do cuidado transcende na relação humana; que as práticas pedagógicas devem promover a relação e o acompanhamento do aluno, bem como o empoderamento, a segurança e a autoconfiança e que existem necessidades pedagógicas e didáticas que favoreçam a aprendizagem e vinculem teoria e prática.Conclusões: É necessário o fortalecimento das equipes de trabalho e a formação continuada no ensino do cuidado, destacando que há oportunidades de melhoria no desenvolvimento das práticas pedagógicas.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 50-65
Yuly Susan Quispe Condor ◽  
Liz Edenia García Saavedra ◽  
Johanna Elizabeth Rodríguez Zambrano ◽  
Mary Baneza Espinoza Acuña ◽  
Olga Georgina Bedoya Ticlavilca

Cancer is currently a public health problem. It should be noted that most patients require treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy among other procedures to recover their health. The aim of this study was to analyze the development of scientific evidence on standards for the safe administration of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Methodology: a descriptive systematic review was performed with the search of databases in Pub Med and Scopus selected articles from 2015 - 2020 in English and Spanish languages. The results indicate that the safe administration of chemotherapy in oncology patients requires nurses to use updated standardized protocols and care guidelines with continuous training, as well as to carry out preventive actions of monitoring, control and follow-up for compliance with the protocols. It is concluded that adverse events should be socialized among nurses to assume improvement plans and strategies to raise the quality of the services provided by the nursing professional, as well as to avoid errors and complications of malpractice in the administration of chemotherapy.

Volodymyr Sokol ◽  
Vitalii Krykun ◽  
Mariia Bilova ◽  
Ivan Perepelytsya ◽  
Volodymyr Pustovarov ◽  

The demand for the creation of information systems that simplifies and accelerates work has greatly increased in the context of the rapidinformatization of society and all its branches. It provokes the emergence of more and more companies involved in the development of softwareproducts and information systems in general. In order to ensure the systematization, processing and use of this knowledge, knowledge managementsystems are used. One of the main tasks of IT companies is continuous training of personnel. This requires export of the content from the company'sknowledge management system to the learning management system. The main goal of the research is to choose an algorithm that allows solving theproblem of marking up the text of articles close to those used in knowledge management systems of IT companies. To achieve this goal, it is necessaryto compare various topic segmentation methods on a dataset with a computer science texts. Inspec is one such dataset used for keyword extraction andin this research it has been adapted to the structure of the datasets used for the topic segmentation problem. The TextTiling and TextSeg methods wereused for comparison on some well-known data science metrics and specific metrics that relate to the topic segmentation problem. A new generalizedmetric was also introduced to compare the results for the topic segmentation problem. All software implementations of the algorithms were written inPython programming language and represent a set of interrelated functions. Results were obtained showing the advantages of the Text Seg method incomparison with TextTiling when compared using classical data science metrics and special metrics developed for the topic segmentation task. Fromall the metrics, including the introduced one it can be concluded that the TextSeg algorithm performs better than the TextTiling algorithm on theadapted Inspec test data set.

2021 ◽  
pp. 101-118
Milagros Castillo-Fuerman ◽  
Herbert Robles Mori

The purpose of this research was to identify the advantages of technical assistance in continuous training processes and its effects on the performance of health professionals who care for children under 3 years of age in the Growth and Development Control (CRED). The research showed that by incorporating the Technical Assistance (TA) variable, continuous training programs are more efficient, that is, when capacities are strengthened in the field of professional action. The study design was quantitative, according to its depth it is explanatory of a quasi-experimental type, aimed at identifying the causal relationship or effect of technical assistance on professional performance, comparing an experimental group and a control group. The general results show significant differences, the experimental group, reaching an average of 51.67, while the control group only reached 26.53, applying the non-parametric Mann Whitney U test: p≤.01. Although continuous training generates progress in both groups, when incorporating the AT variable, a significant jump is evidenced compared to the control group, concluding that technical assistance improves the performance of the health personnel who attend to the CRED Control, strengthening and increasing their capabilities.

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