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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 29-45
Dini Dwi Wulandary ◽  
Agung Kresnamurti Rivai ◽  
Rahmi Rahmi

This study aims to determine the effect of service quality, E-WOM, and perceived value on customer satisfaction of the Bakauheni-Palembang Toll Road. This study uses quantitative methods. Data collection technique using a survey method with an instrument in the form of a questionnaire. The sample in this study amounted to 200 respondents who have used the Bakauheni-Palembang Toll Road at least twice in the last year. Use SPSS 22 version and Lisrel 8.8 SEM (Structural Equation Model) for technical data analysis to process and analyze research data. The results showed that service quality has no significant effect on E-WOM, service quality had no significant effect on customer satisfaction, the perceived value has a significant effect on E-WOM, perceived value has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, E-WOM has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, service quality has no significant effect on customer satisfaction through E-WOM, perceived value has a significant effect on customer satisfaction through E-WOM.

Lola Ben-Alon ◽  
Vivian Loftness ◽  
Kent A. Harries ◽  
Erica Cochran Hameen

Earthen building materials are a critical future for sustainable construction because they are locally available, minimally processed, and waste-free. However, despite their advantages, earthen materials still face challenges for comprehensive implementation. First, their technical data vary significantly, making it challenging to quantify their true performance for different climates and environmental contexts. Second, people mistakenly perceive these materials as low-tech and poor in their performance. Lastly, building codes and standards do not comprehensively represent these materials worldwide. This work identifies perceptual barriers that hold back the broader implementation of earthen materials in order to ascertain possible solutions and assess the performance of earthen buildings and perceived comfort among primary resources such as practicing professionals and people who live in earthen houses. The results of an online survey of 126 earthen building experts and homeowners are presented, providing important insights regarding a range of barriers to, and motivating factors for, the implementation of earthen materials, as well as design and thermal performance aspects of existing earthen homes. The results of the surveys show that, of the various earthen building techniques, light straw clay requires the lowest maintenance, and construction of adobe and/or clay plaster encountered the least barriers to implementation. The energy performance of existing earthen homes show that all types of earthen materials reduce the need for cooling, in all climate zones. Insulation over earthen walls was shown to increase occupants’ perceived comfort levels, but only slightly. Additional results provide significant recommendations for future research on thermal performance and comfort guidelines for earthen structures. This study contributes to the development of environmental and policy measures that could be used by policymakers by synthesizing technical and environmental data and by identifying means of improving the perception of natural building.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1211 (1) ◽  
pp. 012005
Z G Mar’ina ◽  
A Y Vereshchagin ◽  
A V Novozhilova ◽  
M A Komarevtsev ◽  
K O Isaeva

Abstract The use of aluminum radiators in heating systems began with the foreign companies products such as Fondital Group, Global Radiatori, Ferroli, etc. There are now Russian aluminum radiators companies that adhere to European standards, for example ROYAL Thermo, Rifar. The thermal characteristics of radiators are usually specified by the manufacturer. However, they are not always confirmed in practice. This is due to the fact that radiator connecting method is not taken into account. In some technical data sheets, the power reduction factors are given depending on the difference between the average coolant temperature and the air temperature in the room. Therefore, the study of the influence of aluminium heating appliances connecting on its thermal characteristics is an actual task. The article presents the results of research of radiator of the ROYAL Thermo Evolution type, it was made on request from company specialising in heating systems design. It was found that the actual thermal power of one section varies in the range of 135 … 225 W, depending on the connection method of the radiator, the thermal power of the section declared by the manufacturer corresponds only to the diagonal «top-bottom» connection, the thermal power of the eight-section radiator with one-sided «top-bottom» connection is 12% higher than with a diagonal one. Studies show, when designing heating systems, it is necessary to take into account the connection method and the number of device sections.

2022 ◽  
pp. 111845
Eoghan McKenna ◽  
Jessica Few ◽  
Ellen Webborn ◽  
Ben Anderson ◽  
Simon Elam ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 955 (1) ◽  
pp. 012008
M Yuswo ◽  
S I Wahyudi ◽  
Soedarsono ◽  
F C Boogard ◽  
E Boer

Abstract Although in 2019 the local government of Tegal city Indonesia had constructed a retention basin at drainage system of Siwatu, Tegal Barat, Tegal city with a catchment area of 226 ha, the areas around the system still experienced flood and inundation. This study belonged to a descriptive qualitative research aimed to evaluate the performances of Siwatu drainage system and Tegalsari retention basin. Data of the study included field data and technical data from institutions. Based on the 15-year rainfall data (2014 – 2018) from Pemali - Comal PSDA Office, Central Java Province, Indonesia, the statistical parameters of Cs: 0.0027, Ck: 1.904, Sd: 15.91, Cv: 0.144 were obtained and so Gumbel method distribution was applied in the study, the return period rainfall of 10 years was 138 mm, the flood discharge for Qr.10 years was 9.63 m3/sec., the addition of long storage was 8×2,50×500 m, and the combination of pump addition was of 1 m3/sec. with the long storage of 8×2.00×500 m. By implementing one of the alternative choices, either flood or inundation could be resolved.

2022 ◽  
Vol 355 ◽  
pp. 03073
Guofang Wu ◽  
Fujia Liu ◽  
Shuquan Xu

Automobile fault diagnosis is the most technical content in automobile maintenance. The speed, accuracy and convenience of diagnosis directly affect the maintenance efficiency. Automobile fault diagnosis information is an important reference for finding and solving automobile faults. High quality information is the key to improve technical personnel's judgment and solving faults. In this paper, the methods and examples of fault diagnosis information compilation are given to guide the technical data writers to compile effective fault diagnosis information for automobiles.

Ксения Ивановна Голубцова ◽  
Камила Инсафовна Давлетшина

Система электронного мониторинга подучетных лиц (далее - СЭМПЛ) в уголовно-исполнительной системе Российской Федерации положительно себя зарекомендовала, хотя и имеет ряд существенных проблем, связанных с законодательным урегулированием и практическим применением. Существует проблемы по использованию оборудования СЭМПЛ в связи с их недостаточно высокими техническими данными. Так, электронные браслеты функционируют в оптимальном режиме при температуре не ниже пяти градусов Цельсия, однако климатические условия во многих регионах нашей страны значительно суровее (к примеру, территории Крайнего Севера). Еще одним спорным моментом является осуществление контроля за лицом при помощи использования других средств контроля, к примеру, установка камер видеонаблюдения в том жилом помещении, где совместно с подозреваемым или обвиняемым проживают иные лица (родственники). В статье также отмечается, что СЭМПЛ применяется к такой категории преступников, которые совершили преступления небольшой и средней тяжести. Авторы предлагают установить перечень лиц, к которым целесообразно применять определенный набор технических средств мониторинга. Примерная классификация может выглядеть так: лица, которые условно-досрочно освободились из исправительных учреждений; лица, которые были привлечены к ответственности за преступления, связанные с половой свободой и неприкосновенностью; лица, которые были привлечены к уголовной ответственности не один раз. The system of electronic monitoring of controlled persons in the penal system of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the SAMPL) has proved to be positive in terms of practice for several years, although it has a number of significant problems requiring both legislative settlement and practical application. There are problems with the use of the SAMPL equipment due to insufficient technical data. Thus, electronic bracelets function optimally at a temperature not lower than 5 degrees of centigrade. In many regions of our country, climate conditions are not favourable, such as the territories of the Far North. Another point of contention is the control of the person by other means of control, for example, the installation of video surveillance cameras in the accommodation where other persons (relatives) live together with the suspect or accused. Thus, the SAMPL applies to the category of criminals who have committed misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. The authors also propose to establish a list of persons to whom it is advisable to apply a certain set of technical monitoring tools. An approximate classification may look like this: persons who were released from correctional institutions on parole; persons who were brought to justice for sexual offences; a category of persons who were brought to criminal responsibility more than once.

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (47) ◽  
pp. 107-115
Nikolay Vadimovich Petrov ◽  
Maria Mikhailovna Evseeva ◽  
Nadezhda Sergeevna Khiterkheeva ◽  
Daba Nimaevich Radnaev ◽  
Nikolay Ilyich Moshkin

The article analyzes suburban bus transportation with specific routes in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For the experimental study, the route No. 101, «Yakutsk – Tabaga» with a total length of 31 km was chosen. The schedule of buses of Municipal Unitary Enterprise «Yakut Passenger Transport Company (YAPAK)» on the suburban route is shown. The basic technical data of the bus PAZ-320412 was studied. In accordance with international regulations for the buses, the determination of fuel consumption and specific emissions of normalized toxic components is carried out using a riding cycle on running drums. For the calculation of fuel consumption, the technique of modeling of indicators of work of the engine which provide change of traction and speed characteristics of the car according to the set driving cycle was used. Finally, the results of the calculated fuel consumption for the NEDC driving cycle are compared with experimental data. As a comparison of the calculated and theoretical fuel consumption data with practical data, the Cummins engine type Cummins ISF 3.8 is considered. This internal combustion engine is installed on a PAZ-320412 bus. Experimental data on the fuel consumption of this bus per 100 km. showed 48 nm3, and theoretical calculations of bus fuel consumption per 100 km. by the proposed method showed 42 nm3. Therefore, to assess the traction and speed properties of the bus, the proposed combined method can be used which allows one to obtain calculation of fuel consumption which is closer to the experimental data on a driving cycle. Using the source data of the vehicle, effective engine performance indicators are evaluated. A calculation method is proposed for modeling a test, and experimental driving cycle of automobile transport with a total mass of more than five tons is suggested.

Diacronia ◽  
2021 ◽  
Ion-Mihai Felea

Editors of Slavonic and Slavonic–Romanian text can make use of a large variety of tools (fonts, physical and virtual keyboard layouts, word processors, operating systems) for transcribing and digitizing these texts in a uniform manner. The uniformity of the transcripts is based on Unicode standardization. Our study aims at explaining the place of Slavonic in Unicode and at briefly describing the most accessible tools. To this end, we shall describe the working tools from a historical and functional perspective and then provide examples in which those tools can be or have already been used to obtain a more accurate transcript. The user can choose from the existing methods and tools according to his/her purposes, needs and means. A better understanding of technical data can reduce the working time, improve transcription, accelerate learning times and generally make an editor’s work much easier.

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (2) ◽  
pp. 281-288
Marwa Othmen ◽  
Radwen Bahri ◽  
Slaheddine Najar ◽  
Ahmed Hannachi

Abstract. This article aims to present equipment designed and developed to study the effective thermal conductivity of composite panels. The composite panel used is a rigid polyurethane foam covered with a layer of aluminum on both sides. The panel is mounted in the test chamber equipped with several sensors and actuators connected via an Arduino platform. Tests have been carried out by applying heat to impose various interior temperatures. Sensors at different locations are used to monitor and record temperatures in and around the composite panel during heating and natural cooling. A model, based on the Fourier equations of thermal conduction and natural convection heat transfer for the steady state, was developed to assess the effective thermal conductivity. The performance of the system was confirmed using temperature signals through the panels for thermal characterization of composite materials. The determined effective thermal conductivity obtained was in agreement with the experimental values reported in the technical data sheets with relative deviations of less than 10 %.

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