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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-23
Raymond Leung ◽  
Alexander Lowe ◽  
Anna Chlingaryan ◽  
Arman Melkumyan ◽  
John Zigman

This article presents a Bayesian framework for manipulating mesh surfaces with the aim of improving the positional integrity of the geological boundaries that they seek to represent. The assumption is that these surfaces, created initially using sparse data, capture the global trend and provide a reasonable approximation of the stratigraphic, mineralization, and other types of boundaries for mining exploration, but they are locally inaccurate at scales typically required for grade estimation. The proposed methodology makes local spatial corrections automatically to maximize the agreement between the modeled surfaces and observed samples. Where possible, vertices on a mesh surface are moved to provide a clear delineation, for instance, between ore and waste material across the boundary based on spatial and compositional analysis using assay measurements collected from densely spaced, geo-registered blast holes. The maximum a posteriori (MAP) solution ultimately considers the chemistry observation likelihood in a given domain. Furthermore, it is guided by an a priori spatial structure that embeds geological domain knowledge and determines the likelihood of a displacement estimate. The results demonstrate that increasing surface fidelity can significantly improve grade estimation performance based on large-scale model validation.

Fares M. Howari ◽  
Manish Sharma ◽  
Cijo M. Xavier ◽  
Yousef Nazzal ◽  
Fatima Alaydaroos

Recurring slope lineae (RSL) are small, dark, seasonal albedo features lengthening down “warm” Martian steep slopes. Their origin has been attributed to both liquid and dry processes, hence representing one of the major open science questions on present day Mars. In the present study, we report a catalog of previous literature and newly added RSL sites making a total of 940 sites globally on Mars along with the detailed geological and compositional investigation of the Hale and Asimov craters with their RSL features. We also estimate temperature and atmospheric water abundances in the study area, which are two of the main factors to explain the origin and formation of RSL. The study found that the Asimov crater’s local temperatures are high enough to allow either the melting of brines or deliquescence of calcium perchlorate and other salts during the HiRISE observation period and found the water vapor column to be nearly five times higher than those measured “before RSL appearance.” This supports the theory of deliquescence as one of the mechanisms for the regolith-atmosphere interaction and RSL formation in the studied crater, which suggests that minerals absorb moisture from the environment until the minerals dissolve in the absorbed water and yield a solution. We also used compact reconnaissance imaging spectrometer for Mars–derived browse products for a compositional study associated with RSL features hosting craters and surface characteristics of Mars.

2022 ◽  
Luiz Carlos Irber ◽  
Phillip T Brooks ◽  
Taylor E Reiter ◽  
N Tessa Pierce-Ward ◽  
Mahmudur Rahman Hera ◽  

The identification of reference genomes and taxonomic labels from metagenome data underlies many microbiome studies. Here we describe two algorithms for compositional analysis of metagenome sequencing data. We first investigate the FracMinHash sketching technique, a derivative of modulo hash that supports Jaccard containment estimation between sets of different sizes. We implement FracMinHash in the sourmash software, evaluate its accuracy, and demonstrate large-scale containment searches of metagenomes using 700,000 microbial reference genomes. We next frame shotgun metagenome compositional analysis as the problem of finding a minimum collection of reference genomes that "cover" the known k-mers in a metagenome, a minimum set cover problem. We implement a greedy approximate solution using FracMinHash sketches, and evaluate its accuracy for taxonomic assignment using a CAMI community benchmark. Finally, we show that the minimum metagenome cover can be used to guide the selection of reference genomes for read mapping. sourmash is available as open source software under the BSD 3-Clause license at

Materials ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 473
Paolo Canepa ◽  
Giuseppe Firpo ◽  
Elena Gatta ◽  
Roberto Spotorno ◽  
Paolo Giannoni ◽  

We present a two-step surface modification process to tailor the micro and nano morphology of niobium oxide layers. Niobium was firstly anodized in spark regime in a Ca- and P-containing solution and subsequently treated by acid etching. The effects of anodizing time and applied potential on the surface morphology is investigated with SEM and AFM, complemented by XPS compositional analysis. Anodizing with a limiting potential of 250 V results in the fast growth of oxide layers with a homogeneous distribution of micro-sized pores. Cracks are, however, observed on 250 V grown layers. Limiting the anodizing potential to 200 V slows down the oxide growth, increasing the anodizing time needed to achieve a uniform pore coverage but produces fracture-free oxide layers. The surface nano morphology is further tuned by a subsequent acid etching process that leads to the formation of nano-sized pits on the anodically grown oxide surface. In vitro tests show that the etching-induced nanostructure effectively promotes cell adhesion and spreading onto the niobium oxide surface.

2022 ◽  
Vol 31 ◽  
pp. 042
Furkan Dikmen ◽  
Ömer Demirok

This study investigates the properties of a durative modifier that exclusively targets result states in Turkish. We call this modifier RSM, standing for Result State Modifier. What is peculiar about RSM is that it can express the actual duration of a result state, as well as a non-actual duration for an actual result state. Our goal is to describe the conditions under which these two interpretations are licensed and to provide a compositional analysis of how these interpretations are derived. We argue that dispositions play a key role in the way RSM can describe a non-actual duration for an actual result state.

Marina Soroka

The purpose of the article is to highlight different aspects of the interpretation of artistic experiments of theatrical performances based on the works of V. Vinnichenko, taking into account the general concept of their artistic and aesthetic specificity, genre and stylistic features, and the original artistic manner of the playwright. The research methodology consists in the application of the cultural-historical method to analyze the interpretation of V. Vinnichenko's dramatic works, peculiar key creative processes, director's interpretations of his plays as future stage forms; art history method for comprehending the artistic and creative activities of a playwright in the context of evolution and progressive ideas in the art of theater; a modeling method for analyzing the model-setting of a specific period of the playwright's work; a structural-functional method for the study of the main guidelines in the organization of the creative process over a stage work. The scientific novelty of the research lies in carrying out a figurative-stylistic, artistic compositional analysis of the evolutionary process of V. Vinnichenko's creativity as a modernist playwright of the early twentieth century. Conclusions. There is every reason to state that the appearance of the figure of V. Vynnychenko was an extraordinary event: his phenomenon also lies in the fact that he is one of the few in Ukrainian and world literature who became a classic during his lifetime. Based on a comparison of literary sources and performances, it can be noted that there was an experiment and a search for new stage forms. And the peculiarities of the interpretation of V. Vinnichenko's works in the Ukrainian theater lie in the fact that it was determined by different components of the stage performance, as well as the socio-historical and cultural contexts of the life of Ukraine, which determined the experiments, methods, and forms of interpretation of the literary basis. Keywords: V. Vinnichenko, playwright, theater, director, performance.

2021 ◽  
Vol 62 (15) ◽  
pp. 27
Alicia De Maria ◽  
Keith D. Zientek ◽  
Larry L. David ◽  
Phillip A. Wilmarth ◽  
Anjali M. Bhorade ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Mengwei Zhang ◽  
Peian Zhang ◽  
Suwen Lu ◽  
Qixia Ou-yang ◽  
Yaxian Zhu-ge ◽  

Cuticular wax covering the surface of fleshy fruit is closely related to fruit glossiness, development, and post-harvest storage quality. However, the information about formation characteristics and molecular mechanisms of cuticular wax in grape berry is limited. In this study, crystal morphology, chemical composition, and gene expression of cuticular wax in grape berry were comprehensively investigated. Morphological analysis revealed high density of irregular lamellar crystal structures, which were correlated with the glaucous appearances of grape berry. Compositional analysis showed that the dominant wax compounds were triterpenoids, while the most diverse were alkanes. The amounts of triterpenoids declined sharply after véraison, while those of other compounds maintained nearly constant throughout the berry development. The amounts of each wax compounds varied among different cultivars and showed no correlation with berry skin colors. Moreover, the expression profiles of related genes were in accordance with the accumulation of wax compounds. Further investigation revealed the contribution of cuticular wax to the water preservation capacity during storage. These findings not only facilitate a better understanding of the characteristics of cuticular wax, but also shed light on the molecular basis of wax biosynthesis in grape.

Antonina Dubrivna ◽  
Khrystyna Senchak

The purpose of the article is to identify effective artistic and figurative approaches in the system of designing information messages aimed at increasing the social responsibility of the population for the period of the epidemiological situation associated with the spread of Covid-19 infection. The methodology is based on the general principles of scientific knowledge that correspond to art discourse: system-analytical, comparative, and formal methods, as well as on artistic-compositional analysis, synthesis, and generalization. Scientific novelty. A comprehensive analysis of anti-antiquity information messages was conducted. Shaping features and the most commonly used visual images contribute to the formation of adequate behavior, activating the attention of the population to those protected from the effects of coronavirus threats. Conclusions. It is determined that the information messages of antiquity direction created by means of visual metaphors, associations, and comparisons are the most expressive and effective in the context of influence on the target audience.Key words: information messages, graphic design, visual image, social advertising, coronavirus threat.

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