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2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Yanqing Chen

At present, many companies have many problems such as high financial costs, low financial management capabilities, and redundant frameworks; at the same time, the SASAC requires that the enterprise’s financial strategy transfer from “profit-driven” to “value-driven”, finance separate from accounting to improve the operational efficiency of the company. Under this background, more and more enterprise respond to the call of the SASAC; in order to achieve the goals of corporate financial cost savings and financial management efficiency improved, we began to provide services through financial sharing. The research of information fusion theory involves many basic theories, which can be roughly divided into two large categories from the algorithmic point of view: probabilistic statistical method and artificial intelligence method. The main task of artificial intelligence is to realize the computer for some learning, thinking process, and wisdom formation of simulation, and an important goal of information integration is the human brain comprehensive processing ability simulation, so artificial intelligence method will have broad application prospects in the field of information fusion; the common methods have D-S evidence reasoning, fuzzy theory, neural network, genetic algorithm, rough set, and other information fusion methods. The purpose of this paper is to proceed from the internal financial situation of the enterprise, analyze data security issues in the operation of financial shared services, and find a breakthrough in solving problems. But, with constantly expanding of enterprise group financial sharing service scale, the urgent problem to be solved is how to ensure the financial sharing services provided by enterprises in the cloud computing environment. This paper combines financial sharing service theory and information security theory and provides reference for building financial sharing information security for similar enterprises. For some enterprise that have not established a financial shared service center yet, they can learn from the establishment of the financial sharing information security system in this paper and provide a reference for enterprise to avoid the same types of risks and problems. For enterprise that has established and has begun to practice a financial shared information security system, appropriate risk aversion measures combined with actual situation of the enterprise with four dimensions related to information security system optimization was formulated and described in this paper. In summary, in the background of cloud computing, financial sharing services have highly simplified operational applications, and data storage capabilities and computational analysis capabilities have been improved greatly. Not only can it improve the quality of accounting information but also provide technical support for the financial sharing service center of the enterprise group, perform financial functions better, and enhance decision support and strategic driving force, with dual practical significance and theoretical significance.

SinkrOn ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 147-154
Deuis Nur Astrida ◽  
Agung Restu Saputra ◽  
Akhmad Ikhza Assaufi

The use of computer networks in an agency aims to facilitate communication and data transfer between devices. The network that can be applied can be using wireless media or LAN cable. At SMP XYZ, most of the computers still use wireless networks. Based on the findings in the field, it was found that there was no user management problem. Therefore, an analysis and audit of the network security system is needed to ensure that the network security system at SMP XYZ is safe and running well. In conducting this analysis, a tool is needed which will be used as a benchmark to determine the security of the wireless network. The tools used are Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) which is one of the tools to become a standard in analyzing or auditing network security systems in a company in this case, namely analyzing and auditing wireless network security systems. After conducting an analysis based on these tools, there are still many security holes in the XYZ wireless SMP that allow outsiders to illegally access and obtain vulnerabilities in terms of WPA2 cracking, DoS, wireless router password cracking, and access point isolation so that it can be said that network security at SMP XYZ is still not safe

Leonid Cukanov

The research featured the national cybersecurity system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The cybersecurity standards developed by the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations made it possible to reveal the institutional and legal foundations of the digital security system, as well as the degree of involvement in international cybersecurity cooperation. The analysis demonstrated the key risks of the development of the Saudi cyber model. The assessment by the International Telecommunication Union standards gave quite positive results. However, Saudi Arabia proved to adhere to a catching-up development model and still experiences some problems with national cyberspace security. Some are of global nature, e.g. legislation gaps, while others result from the specifics of the national model of state governance. The most obvious risks include the imbalance between the civil and military sectors, the disagreements between various regions, and the poor integration of the local hacker community into the overall structure of national cybersecurity. Saudi Arabia plans to eliminate these imbalances in the medium term in order to build an integrated cybersecurity system by expanding its international cooperation.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 43-51
Stefanus Eko Prasetyo ◽  
Try Windranata

aringan Nirkabel merupakan sekumpulan perangkat elektronik yang menghubungkan satu dengan yang lain memanfaatkan perangkat udara alias frekuensi jadi alur lintas data. Masa sekarang ini, ada banyak pengguna yang memanfaatkan WPA2-PSK ataupun WPA2-EAP menjadi security system jaringan nirkabel yang bertujuan untuk menghindari orang yang mengakses tanpa izin.  Riset ini memakai teknik wireless penetration testing yang memakai fluxion tools dengan membandingkan dan menganalisis security system otentikasi WPA2 dengan EAP-PSK pada jaringan nirkabel yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui kerentanan sebuah sistem keamanan jaringan tersebut. Untuk melaksanakan penetration testing penulis mengacu terhadap “Wireless Network Penetration Testing Methodology.” Yang terdiri dari intelligence gathering, vulnerability analysis, threat modelling, password cracking, dan reporting. Dari penelitian ini akan menyimpulkan WPA2-PSK kurang aman untuk digunakan dikarenakan terlihat pada penetration testing tesrsebut WPA2-PSK berhasil dibobol dalam keadaan SSID unhide­, sedangkan WPA2-EAP berhasil dalam pembuatan Web Interface namun tidak berhasil dalam mendapatkan informasi seperti username dan passwor. Jika WPA2-PSK SSID dalam keadaan hide akan mengagalkan peretasan sehingga dari sistem keamanan kedua tersebut memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing tergantung kebutuhan pengguna.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (4) ◽  
pp. 841-846
Rafif Muhammad Irdian ◽  
Rafi Fredy Septianto ◽  
Aksen Winarto

Along with the increasing crime rate of data theft that occurs, it takes a good room security system to maintain data security for a particular agency or organization. Something A good security system is a security system that can be monitored and controlled remotely using the internet or better known as IoT (Internet of Things). In this thesis will designed an IoT-based room security system using the Android application, this system works using several modules including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) module, camera module and door lock solenoid. The RFID card in this RFID Module functions as an identification process for people who want to enter into the room. In addition, this RFID module also functions as a trigger for the camera to work to take pictures a picture of the person who wants to enter the room. The data obtained from the two modules later will be sent into the Android application. The admin of the room can carry out the verification process to allow or deny people who want to enter the room. The results of testing this system can be runs well when the internet speed of the access point is fast and stable, but less optimal when the internet speed of the access point is running slowly.

2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (1) ◽  
Chenglai Xia ◽  
Dongning Yao ◽  
Yunfeng Lai ◽  
Yan Xue ◽  
Hao Hu

Abstract Background China has introduced a series of polices and practice to manage the market access of Chinese patent medicine (CPM) products into its healthcare security system, which is less analyzed and reported in current literature. Therefore, this paper aimed to investigate the mechanisms managing market access of CPM products into healthcare security system in China, expecting to provide implications for international integration of traditional medicine products into health systems. Method This paper used a documentary analysis approach as a qualitative research method. Data were collected from four sources and analyzed in a thematic way. Results Four mechanisms to manage entry, price adjustment, and exit of innovative brand and generic CPM products are identified, including: (1) price negotiation, mechanism of new entry of innovative brand CPM products into the national reimbursement list; (2) price re-negotiation, mechanism of price adjustment of innovative brand CPM products within the national reimbursement list; (3) mass procurement, mechanism of generic CPM products to healthcare security system; and (4) direct removal, mechanism of removal from the national reimbursement list. Conclusions China has established market access framework of CPM products by focusing on price negotiation for innovative brand CPM products and mass procurement for generic CPM products. Further studies of CPM products based real-world data are needed to provide clinical and pharmacoeconomic evidence to support market access of CPM products into healthcare security systems.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Xuan Huo ◽  
Mingang Lin

Purpose This paper aims to review the institutional evolution of China's rural social security system in the past 35 years, focusing on major policy transformations of the rural social security system in a large country, and extract the Chinese experience on developing rural social security.Design/methodology/approach This paper systematically reviews the evolution of rural social security system via organizing policy documents, key events and research literature on the construction of rural social security since the Reform and Opening-up.Findings First, institutional transformation is a profound change in China's rural social security system; second, policy transformation has taken place in the main areas of China's rural social security system, including rural endowment insurance, medical insurance and social assistance; third, the policy evolution of China's rural social security system has a unique experience in a large country.Originality/value China is the country with the largest rural population in the world. The process and experience of transforming the social security system in the vast rural areas of China have important value and reference significance for other developing countries.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (2) ◽  
pp. 339-346
Edi Saputra Siregar

Storage for goods is an important part of a mosque. When we are going to pray in congregation, the items or bags we carry make us anxious and afraid of losing. The development of technology has replaced the storage of goods carried out by mosque officials into an automated storage system. But it also needs to be considered in terms of the security system for storing these items. Researchers formulate how automation and security systems use RRFID. The research method used is research and development. The storage of this item is programmed with the Arduino and CX Programmer applications by creating a security system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as radio waves carrying data that will be received by the RFID reader. The result of this research is an automatic door prototype using RFID which will operate properly. Reader ability to detect id card very good starting when the card is affixed to the reader and the selenoid system will work to open the door when the id card is attached.

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