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Life ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 122
Michele Vitacca ◽  
Simonetta Scalvini

Telemedicine (TM)—the management of disease at a distance—has potential usefulness for patients with advanced respiratory disease. Underscoring this potential is the dramatic expansion of its applications in clinical medicine. However, since clinical studies testing this intervention often provide heterogeneous results, its role in the medical management of respiratory disorders remains inconclusive. A major problem in establishing TM’s effectiveness is that it is not a single intervention; rather, it includes a number of divergent diagnostic and therapeutic modalities—and each must be tested separately. Reflecting the discord between the need for further documentation of its approaches and effectiveness and its rapid utilization without this needed information, a major challenge is the lack of international guidelines for its integration, regulation, operational plans, and guidance for professionals. Tailored TM, with increased flexibility to address differing healthcare contexts, has the potential to improve access to and quality of services while reducing costs and direct input by health professionals. We should view TM as a tool to aid healthcare professionals in managing their patients with respiratory diseases rather than as a stand-alone substitute to traditional medical care. As such, TM is a means rather than an end.

Fire ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 7
Leonel J. R. Nunes ◽  
Catarina I. R. Meireles ◽  
Carlos J. Pinto Gomes ◽  
Nuno M. C. Almeida Ribeiro

Invasive species are an environmental problem affecting worldwide ecosystems. In the case of Acacia dealbata Link., the negative impacts affect the productivity of the forests due to the competition established with native species while contributing to a significant increment in the available fuel load, increasing the risk of fire. In Portugal, chemical and mechanical methods are mostly used in the control of these species. However, the costs are often unsustainable in the medium term, being abandoned before completing the tasks, allowing the recovery of the invasive species. The establishment of value chains for the biomass resulting from these actions was pointed out by several authors as a solution for the sustainability of the control process, as it contributes to reducing costs. However, the problems in quantifying the biomass availability make it challenging to organize and optimize these actions. This work, which started from a dendrometrical analysis carried out in stands of A. dealbata, created a model to assess woody biomass availability. The model proved to be statistically significant for stands with trees younger than 20 years old. However, the amount of data collected and the configuration of the settlements analyzed do not allow extrapolation of the model presented to older settlements.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Tuğba Erhan ◽  
Hasan Huseyin Uzunbacak ◽  
Erhan Aydin

Purpose The leadership shift from conventional to digital comes from the compulsory digitalization of the workplace because the technological progress provides the opportunity of doing work remotely, and this is a great advantage of reducing costs that stem from the offline workplace. Thus, this research aims at demonstrating the relationship between digitalization of leadership and innovative work behavior. Design/methodology/approach Data were collected from 320 Turkish department managers in the Textile Industry through digital leadership and innovate work behavior scales. The hypotheses were tested using path analysis. The analyses were conducted by using SPSS and AMOS package programs. Findings The results show that the employees’ perceptions of digital leadership have a positive and significant effect on all dimensions of an employee innovative work behavior. Also, the leaders with high digital skills were perceived positively by the employees and the employees tend to adapt innovative behaviors when they have the digitally skilled leaders. Originality/value This study contributes to leadership research by providing evidence for the role of leadership shift in innovative work behavior. Extending the verification of leadership shift in innovative work behavior that can be adopted in Turkey has also been considered.

Rajeh M. Al-Sharif ◽  
Khaled A. Althaqafi ◽  
Hend S. Alkathiry ◽  
Abdulrahman A. Alzeer ◽  
Raiya M. Shareef ◽  

Many applications for these technologies have been reported in multiple fields, including dentistry, within the last three decades. It can be used in periodontology, endodontics, orthodontics, oral implantology, maxillofacial and oral surgery, and prosthodontics. In the present literature review, we have discussed the different clinical applications of various 3D printing technologies in dentistry. Evidence indicates that 3D printing approaches are usually associated with favorable outcomes based on the continuous development and production of novel approaches, enabling clinicians to develop complex equipment in different clinical and surgical aspects. Developing work models to facilitate diagnostic and surgical settings is the commonest application of these modalities in dentistry. Besides, they can also be used to manufacture various implantable devices. Accordingly, they significantly help enhance the treatment process, reducing costs and less invasive procedures with favorable outcomes. Finally, 3D printing technologies can design complex devices in a facilitated and more accurate way than conventional methods. Therefore, 3D printing should be encouraged in clinical settings for its various advantages over conventional maneuvers.

2022 ◽  
Vol 46 (2) ◽  
Elliott Crigger ◽  
Karen Reinbold ◽  
Chelsea Hanson ◽  
Audiey Kao ◽  
Kathleen Blake ◽  

AbstractAugmented Intelligence (AI) systems have the power to transform health care and bring us closer to the quadruple aim: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of health care providers. Earning physicians' trust is critical for accelerating adoption of AI into patient care. As technology evolves, the medical community will need to develop standards for these innovative technologies and re-visit current regulatory systems that physicians and patients rely on to ensure that health care AI is responsible, evidence-based, free from bias, and designed and deployed to promote equity. To develop actionable guidance for trustworthy AI in health care, the AMA reviewed literature on the challenges health care AI poses and reflected on existing guidance as a starting point for addressing those challenges (including models for regulating the introduction of innovative technologies into clinical care).

Energies ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 453
Hisahide Nakamura ◽  
Yukio Mizuno

Induction motors are widely used in industry and are essential to industrial processes. The faults in motors lead to high repair costs and cause financial losses resulting from unexpected downtime. Early detection of faults in induction motors has become necessary and critical in reducing costs. Most motor faults are caused by bearing failure. Machine learning-based diagnostic methods are proposed in this study. These methods use effective features. First, load currents of healthy and faulty motors are measured while the rotating speed is changing continuously. Second, experiments revealed the relationship between the magnitude of the amplitude of specific signals and the rotating speed, and the rotating speed is treated as a new feature. Third, machine learning-based diagnoses are conducted. Finally, the effectiveness of machine learning-based diagnostic methods is verified using experimental data.

2022 ◽  
Thomas Pienkowski ◽  
Aidan Keane ◽  
Sofia Castelló y Tickell ◽  
Emiel de Lange ◽  
Mirjam Hazenbosch ◽  

Abstract Biodiversity conservation work can be challenging but rewarding, with potential consequences for conservationists’ mental health. Yet, little is known about patterns of mental health among conservationists and its associated protective and risk factors. A better understanding can help improve working conditions, supporting conservationists’ job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement, while reducing costs from staff turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism. We surveyed 2311 conservationists across 143 countries, asking about experiences of psychological distress, personal characteristics, and workplace conditions. Moderate or severe distress was reported by 27.8%. Respondents with low dispositional and conservation-specific optimism, poor physical health, limited social support, women, and early-career professionals were most at risk. Heavy workload, job demands, and organisational instability were linked to higher distress, but job stability and satisfaction with one’s contributions to conservation were associated with lower distress. We suggest ways employers and others could support conservationists’ mental health and ability to tackle the global ecological crisis.

2022 ◽  
Vol 52 (1) ◽  
pp. 017
Aline Vianna Belisario ◽  
Nilton César Fiedler ◽  
Flávio Cipriano de Assis do Carmo ◽  
Giselle Lemos Moreira

The selection of machines and the development of operating systems are the major challenge for reducing costs in harvesting and forest transportation. This work aimed to carry out a technical analysis of harvesting and forest transport activities in two different log lengths (6 and 7m). The operational cycles of the Harvester, Forwarder and combined road train vehicle in mechanized harvest areas were evaluated. The technical analysis was performed through studies of times and movements, determining the operational efficiency and productivity of the machines. According to the results, processing consumed most of the harvester's operational cycle, while in the forwarder, the most time was consumed  35,2 and 45,2 m³·he-1 and 42,84 and 75,42 m³.he-¹. The larger log size led to an increase in the productivity of the harvester by 28% and the forwarder by 48%. Among the studied models of road train vehicles, the one that showed the best results both in the analysis made with a length of 6 m and 7 m, was the dimensions with 2.35 m in width and 2.85 in height. These vehicles had a total gross weight of 63.52 tonnes for logs with a length of 6m and 69.17 tons for logs of 7m, with an 8.17% higher performance compared to 6m logs. With the obtained results it can be concluded that the increase in the length of the logs increased the productivity and the performance of the harvest and the forest transport.

A. Gerasenko

The article is devoted to the most important direction of improving the investment policy of the concern «Belgospischeprom» - the creation of the Corporation of the food industry on the basis of the concern, which will make it possible to carry out a comprehensive reform of the food industry in the Republic of Belarus, including by pooling resources and reducing costs; more prompt and focused solution of issues related to the financial recovery of a number of organizations; increasing the return on state assets, primarily by improving the management system; centralization of management; creating an integrated value chain, etc.

Vladislav Kaputa ◽  
Erika Loučanová ◽  
Fernando A. Tejerina-Gaite

AbstractHigher education institutions have in the digital transformation an opportunity to facilitate access to education for individuals of different social backgrounds. At the same time, it will provide them with the necessary tools and skills to face current global problems (poverty, health quality, income disparities, environmental crises, among others) from a transdisciplinary perspective. Progress in the digitalization of higher education has been significantly accelerated by the onset of a pandemics in early 2020 (in European conditions). Such a rapid and massive transition to distance (online) education with comprehensive support for digital technologies is unparalleled. The survey conducted reflects the consequences of this change. Results shows that digital transformation improves some of the most demanded skills in the new knowledge society (searching and processing information, digital communication and socialization or working with text). Likewise, it has an important role in reducing costs related to education, but also in degradation of abilities in personal communication.

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