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2022 ◽  
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2022 ◽  
Jesse E. D. Miller ◽  
Stella Copeland ◽  
Kendi Davies ◽  
Brian Anacker ◽  
Hugh Safford ◽  

Soils derived from ultramafic parent materials (hereafter serpentine) provide habitat for unique plant communities containing species with adaptations to the low nutrient levels, high magnesium: calcium ratios, and high metal content (Ni, Zn) that characterize serpentine. Plants on serpentine have long been studied in evolution and ecology, and plants adapted to serpentine contribute disproportionately to plant diversity in many parts of the world. In 2000-2003, serpentine plant communities were sampled at 107 locations representing the full range of occurrence of serpentine in California, USA, spanning large gradients in climate. In 2009-2010, plant communities were similarly sampled at 97 locations on nonserpentine soil, near to and paired with 97 of the serpentine sampling locations. (Some serpentine locations were revisited in 2009-2010 to assess the degree of change since 2000-2003, which was minimal.) At each serpentine or nonserpentine location, a north- and a south-facing 50 m x10 m plot were sampled. This design produced 97 “sites” each consisting of four “plots” (north-south exposure, serpentine-nonserpentine soil). All plots were initially visited >3 times over 2 years to record plant diversity and cover, and a subset were revisited in 2014 to examine community change after a drought. The original question guiding the study was how plant diversity is shaped by the spatially patchy nature of the serpentine habitat. Subsequently, we investigated how climate drives plant diversity at multiple scales (within locations, between locations on the same and different soil types, and across entire regions) and at different levels of organization (taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic).

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Bartosz Piątek ◽  
Tomasz Siwowski

AbstractThe paper presents the research on reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips with various configurations in terms of anchoring and tensioning. The five full-scale RC beams with the total length of 6.0 m were strengthened with passive strips, without and with mechanical anchorages at their ends, as well as with strips tensioned by the novel prestressing system with three various prestressing levels ranging from 30 to 50% of the CFRP tensile strength. All RC beams were tested under static flexural load up to failure and they were investigated in a full range of flexural behaviour, including the post-debonding phase. The main parameters considered in this study include the use of mechanical anchorages, the effect of tensioning the strips and the influence of the various prestressing levels. Several performance indicators have been established to evaluate the beams’ behaviour. The study revealed that the RC beams strengthened using tensioned CFRP strips exhibited a higher cracking, yielding and ultimate moments as compared to the beams with passively bonded CFRP strips. Moreover, increasing the beams’ prestressing level has a significant positive influence on the performance of strengthened beams. However, it did not affect the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the beams. The optimal prestressing level for the novel system has been determined as 60% of CFRP tensile strength.

Sensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (2) ◽  
pp. 600
Krzysztof Maniak ◽  
Remigiusz Mydlikowski

This paper analyses the function of an innovative integrated receiver for the measurement of electromagnetic field emissions. The autonomous receiver measures and registers the elevated emission levels of both components of the EM field originating from rocks subjected to increased mechanical stress. The receiver’s sensitivity of 60 µV/m, its dynamic range of 98 dB, and its impulse response of 0.23 V/µs were determined in laboratory conditions. Real EM field signals from hard coal samples subjected to crushing force were recorded using an autonomous receiver. The observed and recorded results confirm that the receiver operates in the full range of amplitudes of the EM field signal emitted from the rock. The results determine the band of characteristic signals for EM field emission from hard coal. The system created on the basis of autonomous EM receivers can support the existing seismic safety systems in real mine conditions by predicting the possibility of mine collapse hazards.

2022 ◽  
pp. 107780042110682
Devin G. Atallah ◽  
Urmitapa Dutta ◽  
Hana R. Masud ◽  
Ireri Bernal ◽  
Rhyann Robinson ◽  

Settler colonialism and coloniality dominate and dismember the truths, the bodies, and the lands of the colonized. Decolonization and decoloniality involve intergenerational, embodied, and emplaced pathways of resistance, rehumanization, healing, and transformation. In this article, we uplift the healing and transformative power of transnational stories and embodied knowledges that are rooted in four research collectives: the Palestinian Resilience Research Collective (PRRC) in the West Bank; the Mapuche Equipo Colaborativo para la Investigación de la Resiliencia (MECIR) in Chile; the Community Action Team (CAT) in Boston, USA; and the Miya Community Research Collective (MCRC) in Assam, Northeast India. We, the co-authors of this article, are directly connected to these four research collectives. Across our collectives, we work to defend the right to exist, to belong, and to express our full range of humanity as racialized and colonized communities in distinct, yet connected, sites of struggle. Our transnational focus of this article is premised on a fundamental rejection of borders, even as we recognize the material and psychosocial realities of borders. In co-writing this article, we bring decolonial solidarity into life through “constellations of co-resistance,” a concept used by Indigenous scholars such as Leanne Betasamosake Simpson to describe complex connective fabrics across decolonial struggles. We share our reflections on three practices of decolonial solidarity that shine through each of our transnational research collectives as three constellations of co-resistance: counterstorytelling, interweaving struggles, and decolonial love.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-6
Connor Fitz-Gerald ◽  
David Kieser

<b>Background</b> The objective of this article is to describe for the first time a case of 90<sup>°</sup> spin out of a mobile bearing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA) polyethylene insert. In this report, we present a 57-year-old gentleman with a medial compartment UKA for osteoarthritis in 2017 who developed dislodgement and 90<sup>°</sup> rotation subsequent to traumatic injury when he was involved in a bus crash and impacted the anterolateral knee sustaining a valgus type injury 1 week postoperatively. Following the injury, he reported medial knee pain and a sensation of something moving within the joint. He was initially managed conservatively and progressed to full weight bearing; however, he experienced intermittent symptoms of catching and blocking of the joint, as well as medial knee swelling, that inhibited his ability to perform activities involving walking, kneeling, or pivoting. Imaging taken in 2018 show a 90° rotation of the polyethylene insert. These images showed the longitudinal metallic marker on the insert facing in an anteroposterior direction as opposed to the normal medial-lateral orientation. Failing conservative management, he presented to our clinic in 2019 and proceeded for revision of his UKA. Intraoperatively, his insert was reviewed and seen to easily spin on axis. The liner was therefore removed and upsized from a size 5 medium to a size 7 medium insert which provided excellent stability and stopped any further spinning. He has done tremendously well since the operation and reports full range of motion and no concerns. In patients with a history of pain, swelling, or locking following a UKA, it would be prudent to consider insert spinning, as well as the more common dislocation, through confirming the orientation of the metallic insert marker. Revision surgery to correct the spinning defect has proven effective with good resolution of symptoms and return to full range of motion.

Anouck I. Staff ◽  
Saskia van der Oord ◽  
Jaap Oosterlaan ◽  
Rianne Hornstra ◽  
Pieter J. Hoekstra ◽  

AbstractBehavioral teacher training is an effective intervention for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Intervention effectiveness may be enhanced by including intervention components that carry the strongest evidence for their effectiveness. A previous article of this group showed that both antecedent- (i.e., stimulus-control) and consequent-based (i.e., contingency management) techniques were highly effective in reducing daily teacher-rated, individually selected problem behaviors in a specific situation of the child. Effects were observed up to three months post intervention. Here, we tested whether effects were also present in teacher-rated and masked DSM-based assessments that comprise the full range of ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) symptoms, as well as on teacher-rated impairment. Teachers of 90 children with (subthreshold) ADHD (6–12 years) were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: a short (two sessions), individualized intervention consisting of either a) antecedent-based techniques or b) consequent-based techniques; or c) waitlist. Multilevel analyses showed that both sets of techniques were effective in reducing teacher-rated ADHD symptoms and impairment immediately after the intervention and up to three months later, as compared to waitlist. Masked observations of ADHD behavior were in line with teacher ratings, with effects being most pronounced for inattention. No effects on teacher-rated or masked ODD behavior were found. This study showed that antecedent- and consequent-based techniques were effective in improving classroom ADHD symptoms and impairment. Long-term changes in teacher-rated ADHD are promising. These results extend previous findings and show the potential of short individually tailored interventions in classroom settings as treatment of ADHD symptoms.

Magnus Philipp ◽  
Kai P. Hussnaetter ◽  
Michèle Reindl ◽  
Kira Müntjes ◽  
Michael Feldbrügge ◽  

Recombinant proteins are ubiquitously applied in fields like research, pharma, diagnostics or the chemical industry. To provide the full range of useful proteins, novel expression hosts need to be established for proteins that are not sufficiently produced by the standard platform organisms. Unconventional secretion in the fungal model Ustilago maydis is an attractive novel option for export of heterologous proteins without N-glycosylation using chitinase Cts1 as a carrier. Recently, a novel factor essential for unconventional Cts1 secretion termed Jps1 was identified. Here, we show that Jps1 is unconventionally secreted using a fusion to bacterial β-glucuronidase as an established reporter. Interestingly, the experiment also demonstrates that the protein functions as an alternative carrier for heterologous proteins, showing about 2-fold higher reporter activity than the Cts1 fusion in the supernatant. In addition, Jps1-mediated secretion even allowed for efficient export of functional firefly luciferase as a novel secretion target which could not be achieved with Cts1. As an application for a relevant pharmaceutical target, export of functional bi-specific synthetic nanobodies directed against the SARS-CoV2 spike protein was demonstrated. The establishment of an alternative efficient carrier thus constitutes an excellent expansion of the existing secretion platform.

Management ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 34 (2) ◽  
pp. 35-44
Valeriia Shcherbak

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES. The most important socio-economic task in the current period is to transfer Ukraine's economy to an intensive way of development in order to improve the level and quality of life of the population and solve the full range of social problems. Implementation of such a policy dictates the need to solve problems of reconstruction and modernization of buildings and structures, primarily related to the public sphere (including higher education institutions), in order to eliminate the existing inconsistency of the technical condition and functional and consumer qualities of public buildings to current standards and consumer requirements. Therefore, one of the most urgent directions of development of higher educational institutions is the task of providing effective overhaul and reconstruction of buildings, increasing their energy efficiency.METHODS. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study were the fundamental and applied developments of leading domestic and foreign scientists in the theory and practice of management of energy modernization and energy reconstruction of buildings, increasing energy efficiency of buildings. The factual basis of research were the legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of energy efficiency, normative and methodical documents on the modernization and reconstruction of buildings, Directive 2010/31/EC in the field of energy saving. When solving specific tasks the methods of system and comparative analysis, economic-mathematical methods of efficiency evaluation of energy reconstruction and energy modernization projects were used.FINDINGS. The method of calculation of the reduced resistance to heat transfer of the enclosing structures and the shell of the 4th building of Kyiv National University of Technology and Design as a whole taking into account the temperature and humidity conditions in the fencing marginal zones. It is shown that in the enclosure edge zones the heat protective properties decrease resulting in a deterioration of the heat protection of the whole building. Practical recommendations for the design of fencing structures of modern buildings taking into account the temperature-moisture regime are proposed.CONCLUSION. For the analysis of complex processes of moisture transfer in enclosures, a mathematical model based on the moisture potential is most convenient. A certain difference from the thermal potential (temperature) to the definition of the moisture potential allows to diagnose the most general assessment of the moisture regime of exterior and interior fences on the basis of HUB knowledge on energy efficiency. At use of this model it is possible to consider process of moisture exchange in a wide range of humidity and temperature taking into account movement of a moisture as a basis of carrying out energy reconstruction and energy modernization of operating buildings of the university.

2022 ◽  
Yong Huang ◽  
zhengyu Qiao ◽  
Jingsi Chen ◽  
Dan Zhang ◽  
Qun Hao

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