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Nguyen Thu Thuy ◽  
Ma Huyen Nga ◽  
Vu Bach Diep

To study the factors affecting people's participation in the development of agricultural value chains, the research team collected information from 230 samples in some northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam. The article uses the EFA model and Probit model to conduct the analysis. By using the EFA model and the Probit model to assess the factors affecting farmers' participation in the development of the value chain, our findings show factors: income, natural conditions, loan capital, market have a great impact on the level of people's participation. The article has suggested some solutions to improve people's participation in agricultural value chain development.

Odenigbo, C.I. ◽  
Akata, U.C.M

This study explored the influence exerted by celebrity endorsement on the purchase of slim tea products by female undergraduate students in universities in southeast Nigeria. Specifically, the study aimed to determine the relationship between the brand image of slime tea and celebrity endorsement, identify how celebrity choice influences the brand image of a product, and also examine how female undergraduate students’ choice of brand product is driven by celebrity influence. The population of this study consisted of female undergraduate students in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Madonna University Okija, and Ebonyi State University Abakiliki. A multistage sampling technique was used to arrive at a required sample size of 383. I did an oversampling and a total of 400 copies of the questionnaire were distributed and 392 copies of this questionnaire were filled and returned, making for a return rate of 98%. Findings from this study showed that respondents believe that celebrity endorsement can influence their brand choice. And that the choice of celebrity used matters a lot. If an organization fails to provide a positive and strong brand image, it may directly or indirectly affect consumers’ decision-making; as consumers may shift to competitors that offer a better experience. From the findings of this study, it is recommended that advertisers should make use of the right celebrities to enhance the brand image of their products and also consider celebrities whose profession and lifestyle are in sync with the products and services that they are endorsing.

Jennifer Chen-Hua Min

Self-efficacy is a key determinant of successful performance and plays a critical role in affecting an individual’s motivation and behavior. It refers to individuals’ levels of confidence in their ability to execute a course of action or achieve specific performance outcomes. Emotional intelligence (EI), or the intelligent use of emotions, is being recognized as a significant factor at work, and it can be enhanced through proper EI training interventions. Therefore, this study uses self-evaluation to achieve a better understanding of how EI relates to the self-efficacy among tour guides, who significantly influence tourists’ impressions of a destination. Structural equation modeling (SEM) is used to examine significant relationships between these factors. The results found all EI variables, including Self-Emotion Appraisal, Others’ Emotion Appraisal, Regulation of Emotion, and Use of Emotion, are positively associated with self-efficiency. The results have practical implications, as the abilities of EI are improved through the proper interventions which in turn allow an individual to become more confident in successfully completing tasks when faced with challenging situations, resulting in an increase in one’s positive mindset.

Najwa Saba’Ayon* ◽  
Grasiella Harb

The shift to an online learning environment during the Covid-19 outbreak has not been conducive enough for either active learning or fair assessment procedures that yield valid results. Accordingly, this research paper aims to investigate the extent to which Authentic Project-Based Learning engages students and hence provides a valid assessment of students’ genuine performance and proficiency during online learning in EFL communication and Intensive English courses. Using a mixed-methods design, the researchers employed the self-completion questionnaires and focus group interviews to collect their data from their 100-purposively –selected participants. The findings showed promising results in terms of engaging students in the learning process, curbing online cheating, and ensuring reliable and valid assessments of students’ performance. These results are significant in providing a pedagogical approach to be adopted by EFL educators during and after the pandemic.

Xhemile Saliu

When it comes to Dutch law, the initiation of civil litigation, there are just a few cases in the Netherlands. This is due to the harmonized Dutch culture. Therefore, compared to other European countries, the number of lawyers and judges per capita in the Netherlands is small. In this scientific paper, we will make an overview of the civil judicial organization, the types of civil proceedings, the obligation to represent the civil cases in the court through a lawyer, legal aid and also in more detail we will focus on the main stages of the civil trial as well as the conditions that must be met before initiating civil proceedings. We will analyze in detail the fact that in the Dutch Law, the defendant may deny the right to judicial reconciliation with the plaintiff, before initiating the proceedings and that it is also preferable in Dutch Law, that the opposing party is summoned to fulfill its obligations within a certain period. If without respecting this method, the court procedure is initiated, the court costs may be attributed to the initiator of the procedure, i.e the plaintiff. Except for proceedings before judges from subordinate regions in Dutch law, the general rule is that the proceedings must be presided over by the plaintiff's attorney (procurator litis) and by a lawyer selected from the list of attorneys registered with the Association. In this scientific paper, we will also pay special attention to the temporary legal protection and special procedures and we will also focus on the judgments and legal remedies in Dutch law.

Sabrina Bagnato ◽  
Antonina Barreca ◽  
Roberta Costantini ◽  
Francesca Quintiliani

The current uncertain, dynamic scenario calls for a systemic perspective when referring to organizational complexity and behavior. Our research contributes to the analysis of organizational complexity through multidimensional behavioral mapping. Our method uses machine learning tools to detect the interconnections between the different behaviors of a person in his/her operating context. First, the research project dealt with prototyping a model to read the organizational behavior, the related detection tool, and a data analysis methodology. It used machine learning tools and ended with a data visualization phase. We set our model to read the organizational behavior by comparing the literature benchmark theories with our field experience. The model was organized around 4 areas and 16 behaviors. These were the basis for singling out the indicators and the questionnaire items. The data analysis methodology aimed at detecting the interconnections between behaviors. We designed it by joining univariate analysis with a multivariate technique based on the application of machine learning tools. This led to a high-resolution network map through three specific steps: (a) creating a multidimensional topology based on a Kohonen Map (a type of unsupervised learning artificial neural network) to geometrically represent behavioral relationships; (b) implementing k-means clustering for identifying which areas of the map have behavior similarity or affinity factors; and (c) locating people and the various identified clusters within the map. The research highlighted the validity of machine learning tools to detect the multidimensionality of organizational behavior. Therefore, we could delineate the networking of the observed elements and visualize an otherwise unattainable complexity through multimedia and interactive reporting. Application in the field of research consisted of the design and development of a prototype integrated with our LMS platform via a plugin. Field experimentation confirmed the effectiveness of the method for creating professional growth and development paths. Furthermore, this experimentation allowed us to obtain significant data by applying our model to several sectors, namely pharmaceutical, TLC, banking, automotive, machinery, and services.

Enoch O. Antwi. EdD.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the promise of today and future businesses. Any leadership development model that ignores AI could miss out on modern business tools, technology, and resources. Though evaluations in developing business leaders present a positive relationship between AI and leadership development (Husain, 2017; Reese, 2018; Hosanagar, 2019), not many studies have been conducted in these areas. With Roomba Robots listening to social media and iRobot’s identifying customers and reaching out to them through private channels (Carr, 2011), a question arises: will AI be required to use business leadership practices in solving applicable challenges, or it will just be a marketing tool? Leadem (2017) quoted Colin Angle, iRobot’s founder, and CEO in an Entrepreneur Magazine, “I have been able to remain CEO, not because of the fact I was CEO yesterday, but because I've worked very hard to listen, learn and evolve in the seat." Developing business leaders could be rooted in AI knowledge, applicability, challenges, and solutions while paying attention to the three keywords of listening, learning, and evolving in leadership.

Penny Handayani ◽  
Benedicta Evienia ◽  
Sri Hapsari Wijayanti ◽  
Regina Widyani ◽  
Frenicha Frenicha

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many female entrepreneurs are trying to maintain their household financial cycles from the businesses they own. Therefore, they need social support from their family and environment to maintain the business performance that they had built before the COVID-19 pandemic. This research is the initial research of a large umbrella of research with the topic of Analysis of the Effect of Multiple Role Conflicts on Performance Women Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Social Support as Moderating Variable. This study examines the picture of dual role conflict and social support on the performance of women entrepreneurs with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The outputs are expected to help women entrepreneurs with disabilities maintain their business performance by reducing dual role conflicts and getting social support from the surrounding environment. Data collection was carried out with a qualitative approach with snowball sampling which was taken through interviews with six selected respondents. The characteristics of the sample are: 1) Female: married and (was) married, has at least 1 child, 2) Have a business/entrepreneurship for at least the last 6 months, 3) People with hearing disabilities, and 4) Domiciled on the island of Java. Based on the results of the study, the effect of multiple roles on the performance of women entrepreneurs was slightly felt in families with children aged over 12 years, while housewives who had children under 12 years had a considerable influence. The performance of women entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic has increased, this is due to declining economic conditions. While forms of social support that help women entrepreneurs to maintain their performance as entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic are instrumental support, informational support, emotional support, and positive assessments obtained from family and friends. Social support is the main thing for women entrepreneurs to overcome dual role conflicts in their families, the social support they get comes from the family so that dual role conflicts in the family do not occur in women entrepreneurs.

Michael Carruthers

Education and training are vital to the success of Christians who are wanting to fulfill the Great Commission. While it can be difficult to understand the ones Christians are trying to reach with the life-changing Gospel, how the Christian learns and shares with others can make a big impact in people’s lives. This study aims to determine the effect of good Christian education and training has on Christian evangelism. This study was conducted through sources and surveys with ten local pastors. The result of this study shows that good biblical teaching does impact the way Christians share with the lost in our communities.

Dustin D. Finch ◽  
Sean Owen, Ph.D.* ◽  
Cliff Thames ◽  
Ben Alexander

This study, a post hoc observational one, attempted to understand how to continue promoting equitable opportunities in career and technical education (CTE) for the state of Mississippi. We explored the enrollment patterns of Mississippi secondary CTE students by career cluster and career pathways associated with STEM careers over the last five years. Additionally, the enrollment patterns were compared to statewide enrollment patterns by gender and ethnicity. Also, we examined the proficiency results of students on the statewide CTE assessment by gender and ethnicity. Our secondary CTE student enrollment results are like previous reports of underrepresentation of nontraditional students in STEM-related career fields. Additionally, similar results were found when looking at the statewide CTE assessment data. However, there is an indication that CTE and non-CTE leaders effectively recruit underrepresented populations to STEM-related career pathways in the state of Mississippi, but more work is needed to allow access to all students.

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