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2022 ◽  
Vol 40 (1) ◽  
pp. 9-19
Sabrina BOULHILA ◽  
Mohamed ALOUAT ◽  
Mohamed A. REZZAZ ◽  
Serge SCHMITZ ◽  

Since the nineties, cultural tourism is considered as a form of tourism that is carried out by groups of people or institutions, whose main motive is the fulfillment of an interest and knowledge more on the culture, the history and the heritage of the chosen destination. The city of Constantine, located in northeastern Algeria, is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin. It was elected "Capital of Arab Culture 2015" due to its history, cultural and architectural heritage. The aim of this study is to examine the influences of cultural tourism on local development, to highlight the perception of local actors' roles in the development of tourism and to determine their involvement in the preservation of Constantine's cultural heritage to achieve a development model of cultural tourism in Constantine. This study is based on a literature review and field surveys, the type of questionnaire includes different types of questions: open questions, Likert scale questions and multiple choice qualitative questions. A manual processing of the data was performed using the mean and standard deviation calculation. The results of this study reveal a misunderstanding of cultural tourism among local residents hence the need to develop a model of categorization of the objectives of the study (SPIP) which proposes four key principles for the development of local cultural tourism in the city of Constantine. However, unless the proposed model elements are incorporated, cultural tourism in this city would never emerge.

2022 ◽  
Vol 32 (1) ◽  
pp. 16-20
Mary Vargo ◽  
James E. Faust

The effect of average daily temperature (ADT) on flower bud development and subsequent time to flower was investigated on hybrid impatiens (Impatiens ×hybrida) cultivars Compact Electric Orange, Compact Hot Coral, and Compact Orchid Blush. Plants with a visible flower bud measuring 2 mm in width were placed in one of the four greenhouses with temperature setpoints ranging from 16 to 28 °C. Flower bud width was measured every 3 days in each ADT treatment until flowering. The subsequent days to flower (DTF) from the onset of a visible bud decreased from 36 to 27 days as the ADT increased from 17 to 28 °C. The DTF from visible bud varied by <3 days among the three cultivars across all temperatures; therefore, cultivar data were pooled to create a stronger prediction model. A logistic formula was used to predict the remaining DTF as a function of flower bud width and ADT. The model accurately described the effect of bud width and ADT on flowering time within ±3 days for 87% of the actual DTF across all three cultivars. The resulting flower development model provides greenhouse growers with a guide for manipulating temperature to produce flowering plants for specific market dates based on flower bud width measurements.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 222-229
Akmalia Mutiara Dewi ◽  
Agus Kamaludin

This research aimed to develop an audiovisual-based PowToon animation video on the subject matter of chemical bonds and analyze the quality of the audiovisual-based animated video as learning media to study chemical bonds based on the assessment of material experts, media experts, chemistry teachers, and students’ responses. This research used development research methods (R&D) with a 4D development model (Define, Design, Development, and Dissemination). However, the 4D development model was limited to the dissemination stage in this research. The product is an animated video, which is in the form of mp4, containing chemical bond materials. Based on product quality assessment by a material expert, it gained a percentage of 84.375% with very good (VG) category; from the media expert’s assessment, it obtained a percentage of 96.428% with very good (VG) category; and according to assessment by chemistry teachers of high school, it got a percentage of 98.48% in the very good (VG) category. The product was responded to positively by students with a percentage of 95%. Based on the results of assessments, the animated video can be used as an alternative media for the chemistry learning process in the classroom


This research aimed to develop audio visual based on learning media using adobe flash professional CS6 in material subject for students of seventh graders at MTs Mu'allimin NW Pancor that was valid, practical and effective. This research was a research and development (R&D) that was adapted from the ADDIE development model. There are 5 stages: (1) Analysis; (2) Design; (3) Development; (4) Implementation; and (5) Evaluation. The population was students of seventh graders , with a sample of students of VIIB . Data collection techniques used were using a questionnaire that was analyzed descriptively. The results showed that audio visual based on learning media using adobe flash professional CS6 which had been developed based on the assessment of media experts obtained by 96 with a very good category and material expert assessment was obtained by 42 with a good category. Based on students' responses to the practicality of the media it was found that the percentage of assessment was 75.35% with the practical category. Based on tests of student learning outcomes on the effectiveness of the media obtained a percentage of 88.46%. Based on the results of data acquisition shows that audio visual based learning media using adobe flash professional CS6 was feasible and can be used in the mathematics learning process of material for students of seventh graders at MTs Mu'allimin NW Pancor. ABSTRAKPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan media pembelajaran bilangan berbasis audio visual menggunakan adobe flash profesional CS6 untuk kelas VII MTs Mu’allimin NW Pancor yang valid, praktis, dan efektif. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian pengembangan yang diadaptasi dari model pengembangan ADDIE. Tahapan penelitian ini ada 5 tahap, yaitu: (1) Analysis; (2) Design; (3) Development; (4) Impelementation; dan (5) Evaluation. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa media pembelajaran bilangan berbasis audio visual menggunakan adobe flash professional CS6 yang telah dikembangkan berdasarkan penilaian ahli media diperoleh sebesar 96 dengan kategori baik. Berdasarkan respon siswa terhadap kepraktisan media didapatkan persentasi penilaian sebesar 75,35% dengan kategori praktis. Berdasarkan tes hasil belajar siswa terhadap keefektifan media yang telah dikembangkan diperoleh persentase sebesar 88,46%. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian dan analisis data, dapat disimpulkan bahwa media pembelajaran bilangan berbasis audio visual menggunakan adobe flash professional CS6 layak dan dapat digunakan dalam proses pembelajaran matematika materi bilangan kelas VII MTs Mu’allimin NW Pancor.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (3) ◽  
pp. 214-253
Adalberto Gregório Back ◽  
Gabriela Marques Di Giulio ◽  
Tadeu Fabrício Malheiros

Cities play an essential role in the challenge of sustainability, and urban planning is one of the main tools for guiding urban transformation processes. This paper analyses the São Paulo Master Plan 2014, considering the principles and guidelines on compact cities, sustainable adaptation and ecosystem-based adaptation. An urban development model within sustainable parameters, however, involves conflict dynamics. In this sense, the views and demands of the main stakeholders seeking to influence the regulatory arena of São Paulo's urban policy are mapped. The analysis focuses on attempts to change the zoning law that would affect several of the definitions agreed in the Master Plan, prioritising mainly the interests of real estate developers.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 156-162
Salsabila Syifaunnida ◽  
Agus Kamaludin

The chemistry practicum activity in school is impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas practicum is very important to train soft skills and understanding of chemistry materials. This research aimed to develop 5-e learning cycle-based simple chemistry practicum guideline module for students of class XI. The development model used was a 4-D development model. The quality of the product was assessed by one material expert, one media expert, five reviewers (chemistry teachers of high school), and responded by ten students of high school. The instruments used in the research were product quality assessment sheets using a Likert scale and student response sheets, in the form of a questionnaire, using the Guttman scale. The characteristics of the developed practicum module were in the form of a practicum module for hydrocarbons, thermochemistry, reaction rates, and chemical equilibrium, using simple tools and chemicals; being combined with the 5-e learning cycle model. The quality assessment on the practicum module, which was carried out by one material expert, media experts, and reviewers, gained 88.89. 95.83. and 94.00%. All assessments got a score with Very Good score. From these results, it can be concluded that the developed product is feasible to be used as a practicum guideline.

2022 ◽  
pp. 026540752110678
Sharon Goldberg ◽  
Daphna Yeshua-Kats ◽  
Avi Marciano

This study draws on Knapp’s offline relationship development model to examine how people construct romantic relationships on social media, with particular attention to the role of affordances in this process. Based on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 30 relational partners, we show that Knapp’s five traditional stages of relationship construction merge online into three because of social media affordances, including searchability, visibility, anonymity, persistence, storage, and editability. These affordances allow users to search and obtain information about potential partners quickly, conveniently, and anonymously before, during, and after the first interaction. They also enable users to initiate or avoid romantic interactions relatively easily, present shared memories, build a sense of togetherness, and edit or erase online content about previous partners. The findings suggest that most participants perceived Facebook, more than Instagram, as a platform of choice for relationship construction. Addressing the interplay between social media affordances, online relational practices, and offline relationship dynamics, the study shows that offline and online spaces are highly interrelated in terms of interinfluence. Therefore, we argue that the merger of stages is not merely a technical rearrangement but an indication of the fundamental role that online practices play in people’s offline realities, including romantic relationships.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 234-247
Armi Parlusi Putri ◽  
Susda Heleni ◽  
Atma Murni

This research is a development research (R&D) with the aim of producing an interactive mathematics learning media based on Articulate Storyline that meets the valid and practical requirements to assist grade IX students of SMP/MTs in understanding geometry transformation material and facilitating student learning independence. This development research uses the Borg and Gall development model which consists of ten stages, but in this study only reached stage seven, namely: (1) potential and problems; (2) data collection; (3) product design; (4) design validation; (5) design revision; (6) product trial; and (7) product revision. Researchers explore potentials and problems through interviews, observations, questionnaires, and literature studies. Learning media and guidebooks were validated by three validators. The instrument used was a learning media validation questionnaire and a learning media guide book validation questionnaire. The average value of learning media validation is 3.37 with a very valid category and the average value of guide book validation is 3.52 with a very valid category. The learning media was tested on six students of class IX SMP, the instruments used were student response questionnaires and student learning independence questionnaires. The product trial result was 0.96 with a very practical category and very well facilitated student learning independence of 84.33%.

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