Interactive design method of English online learning interface based on visual perception

Shenglan Wang
Dewi Nur Yulistiarawati ◽  
Siti Umayaroh ◽  
Yulia Linguistika

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to describe the learning interest of class III B students at SDN Bumiayu 3 Malang City when learning without using the Quizizz learning application and to describe the learning interests of class III B students at SDN Bumiayu 3 Malang City when learning using the Quizizz learning application. The approach used is a mix method (combination research) with the type of research using descriptive research and the design method used is the parallel combined method design. Data were collected using a questionnaire (questionnaire), interviews and documentation. The results of the study showed that students' interest in learning without using the Quizizz learning application was categorized as moderate with a percentage of 63 percent. Then for students' interest in learning using the Quizizz learning application, the percentage of 83 percent is in the high category. There is an increase in interest in learning, namely 20 percent, so it can be concluded that the Quizizz learning application can be an alternative for teachers in using learning media during online learning during a pandemic to increase students' interest in learning, as well as create a more interesting, fun, not monotonous learning atmosphere for learning. followed by students, and utilize technology. Abstrak: Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mendeskripsikan minat belajar peserta didik kelas III B SDN Bumiayu 3 Kota Malang ketika pembelajaran tanpa menggunakan aplikasi belajar Quizizz dan mendeskripsikan minat belajar peserta didik kelas III B SDN Bumiayu 3 Kota Malang ketika pembelajaran menggunakan aplikasi belajar Quizizz. Pendekatan yang digunakan yaitu mix method (penelitian kombinasi) dengan jenis penelitian menggunakan penelitian deskriptif dan desain metode yang digunakan yaitu desain metode gabungan paralel. Data dikumpulkan menggunakan kuesioner (angket), wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Hasil dari penelitian menunjukkan bahwa minat belajar peserta didik tanpa menggunakan aplikasi belajar Quizizz dikategorikan sedang dengan persentase 63 persen. Kemudian untuk minat belajar peserta didik menggunakan aplikasi belajar Quizizz menunjukkan persentase 83 persen yang termasuk kategori tinggi. Terdapat peningkatan minat belajar yaitu 20 persen, sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa aplikasi belajar Quizizz dapat menjadi alternatif guru dalam menggunakan media pembelajaran selama pembelajaran dalam jaringan di masa pandemi guna meningkatkan minat belajar peserta didik, serta menciptakan suasana pembelajaran yang lebih menarik, menyenangkan, tidak monoton untuk diikuti peserta didik, dan memanfaatkan teknologi.

Yunhui Liu ◽  
Qingjin Peng ◽  
Yu Xiao ◽  
Jian Zhang ◽  
Peihua Gu

This paper proposes an interactive method for product design based on dual-domain transformations from the principle domain to physical domain. The method considers that product design is a process to search proper actions or reactions to interact with product’s surroundings. Such actions or reactions are used to develop elements of a product by building energy-flow and force-path connections. The actions and reactions of energy flows, force paths, space and interface constraints are physically formed through the dual-domain transformation. A multi-purpose electric vehicle is developed using the proposed method.

2014 ◽  
Vol 590 ◽  
pp. 556-560
Yan Gan ◽  
Jun Qiong Wang

This article aims to find out the efficient design method of intelligent interaction in industrial design. It analyzes its significant impact on industrial design, and looks into three main forms of intelligent interactive design. Through the discussion and comparison of users’ choice based on their behavior characteristics and their selection of the operating signal source, this paper gets a conclusion that the intelligent interactive design goes ahead along with the acceptance of users’ material and spiritual recognition and cooperation, and combines with the ergonomic and product structure knowledge to reach its efficient design method goal for industrial design.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 ◽  
pp. 284-299
Rafika Dwi Rahmah MZ ◽  
Suyadi ◽  
Zahrul Mufrodi

Covid-19 has paralyzed Islamic and Natural Science Education in Indonesia. The impact of online learning is not optimal, teachers have difficulty explaining the material or practice making it more difficult for students to understand the material. The purpose of this study was to improve the students' understanding of grade 8 PGRI 6 Denpasar Junior High School on fiqh regarding alcohol and khamr with online learning. The media used is a science experiment video which will have implications for changing the way students perceive the use of alcohol and khamr. This study uses the Nonequivalent Control Group Design method with a comparison between the science experiment class and the control class using the traditional method. The results of the validation of experimental experts, 91.34% fiqh material with perfect criteria. Pretest in the experimental class percentage of 70% sufficient criteria from the experimental class and the control class get a presentation of 72.4% sufficient criteria. Posttest in the experimental class with a percentage of 87.4% good criteria while in the control class presentation 75%.Based on the results of the validation and pretest-posttest comparisons between classes, the experimental method is good for learning fiqh in Islamic education.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 16
Yuliana Rizka Ikhsanty ◽  
Basori Basori ◽  
Yusfia Hafid Aristyagama

<p>Online learning that is not accompanied by innovation in teaching causes anxiety in students. This anxiety can be overcome by increasing self efficacy. Developing learning media can be an effort to increase student self efficacy. So, this Study was intended to find out: (1) whether there was a significant difference between the use of android-based learning and powerpoint on students’s self efficacy in Computer and This study used post-test only control design method and t-test to compare 1<sup>st</sup> experimental group (teaching with powerpoint) and 2<sup>nd</sup> experimental group (teaching with android media).  A total of 71 students of 1<sup>st</sup> grade RPL at one of vocational school in Karanganyar were randomly selected as samples. The results of self-efficacy were measured by a questionnaire that was validated by 4 expert judgments. Based on statistical results, shows a significant difference between 1<sup>st</sup> experimental group (teaching with powerpoint) and 2<sup>nd</sup> experimental group (teaching with android media) on their self-efficacy questionnaire. The 1<sup>st</sup> experimental group got a lower score than the 2<sup>nd</sup> experimental group with a gap score of 9.71. The t-test value for df = 69 is 3,439 which is higher than t<sub>table</sub> = 1,994. The effectiveness of android media is relatively high based on d Cohen's calculations with a score of 0.945. The results of this study indicate that there is a significant difference between the use of android-based learning and powerpoint on students self-efficacy in basic computer network subjects, moreover android-based learning might be an effective medium to increase students self-efficacy in overcoming online learning anxiety.</p>

Takahiro Uchiya ◽  
Takahide Maemura ◽  
Hideki Hara ◽  
Kenji Sugawara ◽  
Tetsuo Kinoshita

2013 ◽  
Vol 689 ◽  
pp. 18-21 ◽  
Won Duck Seo ◽  
Kang Guk Lee

This study presents the application method of the intelligent facade and interactive design of environment-friendly buildings. The planning elements of the environment-friendly and intelligent skin design include (1) energy power generation system, (2) solar ray control system, (3) indoor climate control system, and environment-friendly buildings. An introduction for technologies relevant to these planning elements is yet to be explored in this early stage of the study. An introduction is presented for the new skin design method in response to the critical aspect and present era of facilitating high-tech equipment.

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