scholarly journals Development of static-active flexibility specific to Shotokan karate foot techniques

Marius Cojocaru ◽  
Claudiu Mereuță ◽  
Daniel Andrei Iordan

Flexibility is an essential quality for an athlete, which is why a high level of flexibility is required to increase efficiency and economy of movement, which interests all sports disciplines.The purpose of this scientific approach is to show that the development of static flexibility specific to foot techniques in karate, for practitioners between the ages of 14 and 18, is not done at random. The drive systems, applied within the programme proposed in this study for the development of flexibility, are subject to anatomically determined laws of motion, are functional and succeed in a methodical sequence.The experiment performed on karate practitioners - Shotokan emphasizes the importance of developing specific mobility which will allow them to execute foot techniques at a higher level and achieve outstanding performance.The application of the tests and the implementation of carefully selected drive systems that contribute to the development of mobility specific to karate techniques substantiates the working hypothesis and validates through its results the correctness of the experimental operation.

2018 ◽  
Vol 18 (1) ◽  
pp. 26-33 ◽  
Emil Cazacu ◽  
Lucian Petrescu ◽  
Maria-Cătălina Petrescu

Abstract In modern low-voltage electrical installations, the predictive maintenance of the major electrical equipments involved in the power delivery process (transformers) or in the conversion of the electrical energy (especially electric motors) becomes mandatory. Thus, a high level of reliability and safety is assured for both the electric facility and operators. The proactive maintenance is to be non-invasively performed and mainly requires an infrared (IR) thermographic inspection and power quality analysis of the installation loads. A vibration investigation is also necessary for the motor drive systems. The paper critically studies the first two main maintenance procedures revealing their main characteristics, performances and limits. A case-study presents a 1000 kVA distribution transformer that supplies a bakery facility that comprised mainly heaters and inductions motors as loads.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (17) ◽  
pp. 9517
Mahmoud A. Gaafar ◽  
Arwa Abdelmaksoud ◽  
Mohamed Orabi ◽  
Hao Chen ◽  
Mostafa Dardeer

Switched reluctance machines (SRMs) have received increasing attention for their many potential uses, such as for wind power and electric vehicle (EV) drive systems. The Quasi-Z-source Integrated Multiport Converter (QZIMPC) was recently introduced to improve the reliability of the SRM driver through small capacitance values. It is not possible, however, to simultaneously energize and deenergize two SRM phases in QZIMPC. This phenomenon can significantly increase the commutation period which, in turn, degrades the performance of SRM; in addition, this causes high-voltage ripples on the converter’s capacitors. Two switching algorithms are introduced and applied in this paper, and their performance with SRM is investigated in terms of torque ripple and peak phase current. The algorithms are based on prioritizing the control command in the on-going and off-going phases to fulfill the required load torque, as well as to accelerate the commutation process where possible. This is achieved without the interference of high-level controllers, which include speed controllers and/or torque ripple minimization. Through the simulation results, a comparison between the two switching algorithms is presented to determine their potential to improve the SRM drive system’s performance.

2019 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 56-63
Tri Lestari ◽  
Mawardi Mawardi ◽  
Krisma Widi Wardani

The goal of this research is to increase the student’s critical thinking skill using scientific approach in mathematic of the students 5 grade SD Negeri Ledok 01 Salatiga. It use Classroom Action Research (CAR), it will do to solve learning problems in the classroom. The writer does Classroom Action Research (CAR) collaboratively with the teacher of 5 grade SD Negeri Ledok 01 Salatiga. The subjects of this research is the students 5 grade SD Negeri Ledok 01 there are 30 students consists of 16 boys and 14 girls. The result of the analysis data show the students critical thinking skill of the pre-cycle is 26% high level, 20% intermediate level and 54% in the low level. First cycle it about 50% high level, 43% intermediate level, and 7% low level, second cycle 57% high level and 43% intermediate. Based on the result above, the writer can conclude the scientific approach is increasing the students critical thinking skill in mathematic of the student 5 grade SD Negeri Ledok 01 Salatiga.

L.V. Glezman ◽  
E.B. Kovaleva ◽  
S.A. Pytkina ◽  

The article considers the problems of increasing competitive advantages of regional spatial sectoral structures. In the context of deepening and expanding market principles of management in the Russian economy, regions themselves can effectively use and increase their existing competitive potential. But even a significant competitive potential in itself cannot provide a high level of socioeconomic development of spatial sectoral structure of a region. In the process of using and increasing competitive advantages of a region, a number of problems inevitably arise that hinder or impede the growth of its competitive advantages. Based on this, a conceptual approach to the classification, grouping and localization of such problems in the main areas identified by the authors is proposed. To identify and specify the problems that impede the increase in competitive advantages of regional spatial sectoral structures, a logical block diagram is developed based on a systematic and integrated scientific approach, modeled from a sequentially executed technological chain of organizational and economic units. The basic organizational and economic blocks provide, on the basis of a rating estimate, a list of problems, including the most significant for their priority overcoming through the implementation mechanism of the “Strategic Program for Increasing Regional Competitive Advantages”. A methodological toolkit of procedures for organizational and economic blocks of a logical flowchart to identify problems that impede the growth of a region’s competitive advantages is presented. Competitive advantages and problems of their growth are considered on the Perm Territory example. This problem is complex, multidimensional and requires the search for new approaches to its solution, which opens up wide opportunities for new interdisciplinary research.

2020 ◽  
Vol 306 ◽  
pp. 04001
Chris Schöberlein ◽  
Manuel Norberger ◽  
Holger Schlegel ◽  
Matthias Putz

In the field of modern production systems, the process-parallel measurement of time-varying process forces and torques for high-level process monitoring is becoming increasingly important. Commonly utilized methods are based on additional sensors placed close to the working area. Unfortunately, this often leads to a higher complexity and additional costs due to the necessity of external hardware. An alternative approach is to evaluate the already available machine-internal signals of the subordinate drive systems. The process forces act on the load side of the machine axes in the form of disturbance forces and influence the drive-internal signals such as motor current or motor speed. To extract these disturbances, additional superimposed forces (e.g. friction and acceleration forces) and the influence of the feedback control as well as the mechanical system must be considered. Therefore, in the present paper, the application of various observer-based approaches for the estimation of load side disturbances on speed- controlled mechatronic drive systems will be examined. The investigations are performed on a simulation model of a speed-controlled machine axis. After an introduction, three different disturbance observers will be presented. Subsequently, the paper describes the structure of the simulation model including its parameterization based on test rig measurements. Afterwards, the performance of the disturbance observers will be investigated and compared taking selected influencing factors like changing controller and inertia parameters into account. The paper closes with a summary and an outlook.

1993 ◽  
Vol 333 ◽  
R. A. Van Konynenburg

ABSTRACTThe best possibility for gaining an understanding of the likely future behavior of a high level nuclear waste disposal system is use of the scientific method. However, the scientific approach has inherent limitations when it comes to making long-term predictions with confidence. This paper examines these limiting factors as well as the criteria for admissibility of scientific evidence in the legal arena, and concludes that the prospects are doubtful for successful licensing of a potential repository under the regulations that were binding until recently. Suggestions are made for remedying this situation.

2020 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 9-17
Helmia Tasti Adri ◽  
Yudianto SA ◽  
Annisa Mawardini ◽  
Afridha Sesrita

This research is motivated by the desire to make a change to conventional and monotonous ways of learning by providing variations in science learning for students, where so far learning has been fixated on old media that are not relevant to the demands of innovation in education namely skill-based learning in the 21st century and the industrial revolution 4.0. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the use of video animation based on a scientific approach to the high-level thinking skills of students. The sample in this study were students majoring in Primary teacher education programs in science education, which were determined by cluster random sampling techniques. The study used an experimental methodology with a pretest-posttest control design. (3) T-test results from the results of the analysis of high-level thinking skills scores of students showed a significance value of 0.002 <0.05, proving that the final ability of the experimental class group was significantly higher than the control class. This indicates that the use of scientific animated video approaches influences students' high-level thinking skills.

2019 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 192
Usmadi Usmadi ◽  
Ergusni Ergusni

The issues in this study are how learning outcomes, learning motivation and student’s interest in mathematics learning material are being affected after applying classroom flipped learning strategies with a scientific approach to class XI grade students of SMK 2 Padangpanjang? Are student’s learning outcomes by applying classroom flipped strategies with the scientific approach are better than the one that does not apply that method? This study aims to describe student’s learning outcomes, motivation, and interests in mathematics learning, and to see whether the experimental class learning outcomes are better than the control class. This research was conducted at SMK 2 Padang Panjang in the academic year 2017/2018. The sample is taken by using the random sampling technique which consisted of two sample groups, and each is consisted of 28 people. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the student’s mathematics learning outcomes are better than the previous one. In addition, student’s motivation towards mathematics learning is in a high level and students' interests as well.

2020 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 59-72
Gelar Dwirahayu

Tulisan ini merupakan hasil penelitian tentang kompetensi pedagogis guru matematika MTs dalam hal mengembangkan desain pembelajaran. Dua hal yang dikaji yaitu: 1) bagaimana guru mengembangkan pembelajaran menggunakan pendekatan saintifik; 2) bagaimana kompetensi guru dalam proses pembelajaran yang mendukung kemampuan berpikir tingkat tinggi siswa (KBTTM). Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah guru MTs yang berasal dari Banten, Sumatra Selatan, Jakarta, Jawa Barat, Jawa Timur, dan Sulawesi Selatan. Guru yang terlibat dalam penelitian ini sebanyak 61 orang. Instrumen yang digunakan yaitu lembar observasi yang meliputi 11 keterampilan dasar dalam penyusunan RPP dan angket yang terdiri dari 24 butir pernyataan dan 5 pertanyaan terbuka. Instrumen diuji validitasnya dengan uji pakar yang melibatkan 6 orang dosen. Temuan penelitian: 1) berdasarkan hasil observasi diketahui bahwa guru dapat merancang pembelajaran matematika menggunakan pendekatan saintifik cukup baik, namun penjabaran indikator yang menunjukkan KBTTM belum terlihat; 2) berdasarkan hasil angket disimpulkan bahwa keterlibatan guru dalam pengembangan KBTTM siswa di MTs masih belum maksimal yang ditunjukkan dengan intensitas keterlibatannya dalam mengikuti pelatihan atau seminar. This paper is the result of study about mathematics teachers’ pedagogical competencies in Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) in developing scientific-based lesson plan. Two things that were examined in this study are: 1) how teachers develop learning using scientific approach; 2) how the teacher’s competence in the learning process that supports students’ high-level thinking skills (KBTTM). The population in this study is MTs teachers in Banten, South Sumatra, Jakarta, West Java, East Java, and South Sulawesi. There were 61 teachers involved in this study. The instrument used was an observation sheet which included 11 basic skills in the preparation of lesson plan, and a questionnaire consisting of 24 statements, and 5 open questions. The instrument was tested for validity with an expert test involving 6 lecturers. Research findings: 1) based on observations, teachers are able to design mathematics learning using scientific approaches quite well, however, the elaboration of indicators that show KBTTM has not been seen. 2) based on the results of the questionnaire, teacher involvement in the development of KBTTM students in MTs was still not maximal, as indicated by the intensity of their involvement in attending training or seminars.    

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