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Buildings ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 40
Rehan Masood ◽  
James B. P. Lim ◽  
Vicente A. González ◽  
Krishanu Roy ◽  
Khurram Iqbal Ahmad Khan

Prefabricated house-building companies, as suppliers or supply chains, which use manufacturing as a business approach towards industrialization, struggle to implement principles and optimal practices driven from well-established and validated theories in operational research. Supply chain management has a mature body of knowledge that has been widely adopted by research on offsite construction to improve its performance at an organisational level. However, there is no comprehensive review available in the literature for supply chain management theory within prefabricated house building research from the perspective of suppliers. In this study, a systematic review was conducted on the available literature on supply chain management within prefabricated house-building research. Initially, qualitative analysis was performed to identify the key themes. Later, quantitative analyses were applied to validate the overlapping themes and keywords. Further, key trends related to focus, methods and theories or frameworks were reported. The findings were discussed in the context of recent developments in all principal component bodies of supply chain management for future work. This study also provides a brief guide for potential future review studies to explore interdisciplinary intervention within the offsite stream.

Mohammed Taher Abdul Rahman Al-Haidari

This research included an applied study for the design of concrete mixtures by following the method of the American Concrete Institute (ACl) and the method of the Building Research Center in England (British method) to restriction which of these two methods is more suitable for use and application in the design of concrete mixtures when using local aggregate (gravel and sand taken from the area Badush and Aski Mosul), where job mixes were made using the mixing ratios obtained from these two methods, and a comparative study was made for the properties concrete resulting in the soft state (workability )and the hardened state (compressive resistance), and the results proved the following: A- In general, when discussing the results according to mixing ratios and workability levels, the method of the Building Research Center in England (the British method) gave higher results than the results obtained by the American Concrete Institute method (the American method) when using the above local aggregate whereas results shown increase in (workability) and Compressive strength. This increase amounts to the percentages shown in the table below: Compressive strength (%) Slump test (%) workability 10.48 14.40 Precipitation = 10-8 cm 12.10 21.40 Precipitation = 18-15 cm Table (1-1) B- It is possible to make another comparison, when fixing the proportion of water/cement, it turns out that the method of the Building Research Center in England (the British method) gives higher workability than the method of the American Concrete Institute (the American method) and for the same proportion of cement/ water, the American method gives Higher compressive strength than the British method. C- The building research center method is a more practical and applicable method more than the American Concrete Institute method because it takes the type of cement, the type of aggregate and other properties of the aggregate (especially particle shape) into consideration

2022 ◽  
Vol 70 (1) ◽  
pp. 5-6
Nicole F. Kahn ◽  
Carolyn A. McCarty ◽  
Yolanda N. Evans ◽  
Laura P. Richardson

С.В. Андреева ◽  
Г.И. Ефремова ◽  
О.А. Мусатова ◽  
Е.М. Шпагина ◽  
В.Н. Футин

В статье проанализирована проблема трудоустройства молодежи с инвалидностью. Актуальность исследования обусловлена малым количеством эмпирических исследований особенностей мотивации к трудоустройству молодежи с инвалидностью, что затрудняет разработку эффективных практик по сопровождению трудоустройства лиц данной категории. Цель исследования состояла в эмпирическом выявлении и сравнительном анализе структуры мотивации к трудоустройству у молодых взрослых с инвалидностью и без нее, а также в установлении связи мотивации с ценностно-смысловой сферой данной категории молодежи, желающей трудоустроиться. Мотивация к трудоустройству рассматривалась с помощью методики изучения мотивации профессиональной деятельности К. Земфир в модификации А. А. Реана и теста Ф. Херцберга на определение ведущих факторов мотивации при работе, а ценностно-смысловая сфера — с помощью теста «Смысложизненные ориентации» (методика СЖО) в адаптации Д. А. Леонтьева. В статье представлены результаты исследования, которые показали, что у молодежи с инвалидностью и без нее компоненты структуры мотивации к трудоустройству различаются. У молодых людей с инвалидностью преобладает внешняя положительная мотивация, которая связана с финансовым благополучием и карьерой, и они не признают значимым мотивационным фактором к трудоустройству ответственность работы. У них обнаружена положительная связь мотивации с процессом жизни, удовлетворенностью самореализацией, достижением личного успеха и обратная — между управляемостью жизни, контролируемостью и таким фактором мотивации, как сотрудничество в коллективе. Полученные и представленные в статье результаты исследования обосновывают целесообразность продолжения изучения мотивации к трудоустройству инвалидов, в том числе с различным характером ограничений по здоровью, ее связей с другими психологическими факторами, а также определения комплекса методов психологической диагностики в целях совершенствования и повышения эффективности практики сопровождения трудоустройства людей с инвалидностью. The article analyzes employment problems experienced by young people with health impairments. The relevance of the research is accounted for by the scarcity of empirical research investigating the peculiarities of employment motivation in young people with health impairments, which creates certain difficulties related to the development of efficient patterns of employment support available to people with impairments. The aim of the research is to empirically investigate and comparatively analyze employment motivation in young people with health impairments and without them. The research is also aimed at investigating the connection between employment motivation of young people with health impairments and their system of values. Employment motivation is viewed through the prism of K. Zemfir’s employment motivation techniques modified by A. A. Rean and F. Herzberg’s test aimed at the identification of key factors of employment motivation. The system of values is assessed by means of the LIFO method (Life orientation) adapted by D. A. Leontyev. The results of the research presented in the article show that employment motivation is different in young people with health impairments and in young people without disabilities. Young people with health impairments have positive external motivation linked with career prospects and financial wellbeing. Professional responsibility is not viewed by them as a significant motivational factor. Employment motivation in their minds is associated with life, self-actualization, personal success, ability to control their lives, cooperation and team building. Research results presented in the article substantiate the feasibility of further investigation of employment motivation in people with health impairments and the connection of motivation with other psychological factors. Psychological support can improve the efficiency of employment support of students with health impairments.

2021 ◽  
Vol 29 (4) ◽  
pp. 85-96
Habibu Sani ◽  
Bilkisu Adamu Aliyu ◽  
Siddique R. Nuhu

Abstract The research investigated tenant understanding and preparedness to embrace renewable energy practice as an alternative to public power supply during an outage from the national grid. International standards of sustainable building occupation from Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methods (BREEAM) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) were adopted to form the parameters of the investigation. The study covered knowledge and utilization of the solar energy system amongst tenants and their readiness to embrace alternative energy systems as well as incentives from the management Company of Turaki Ali House to encourage sustainable occupation. A qualitative and quantitative technique was employed; the interview conducted covered two members of the tenants’ committee and a member of the staff from the management company who has been the desk officer responsible for the property for twenty years. Fifty-six questionnaires were distributed among tenants with forty-one questionnaires returned and used for the analysis. Results from the research revealed limited knowledge of the advantages of the solar energy system over generators; in addition, there was apprehension to embracing the solar system due to the higher initial costs of acquisition and substandard solar systems and components. Managers of the property are reported not have been performing their contractual obligation of the lease, thus justifying the use of individual generators by tenants despite the inherent dangers associated with the practice. The research concluded with a recommendation to raise awareness and encourage the use of sustainable energy sources by means of reviewing the content of tenancy agreements to ensure compliance with sustainable building occupation standards.

Refiloe Masekela ◽  
Kevin Mortimer ◽  
Joseph Aluoch ◽  
Obianuju B Ozoh

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (3) ◽  
pp. 570-575
Jandhyala B. G. Tilak

Pankaj Jalote (Ed.), Building Research Universities in India (SAGE Studies in Higher Education). SAGE Publications, 2021, 415 pp., ₹1495, ISBN: 9789353885021 (Hardback).

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Theo van der Voordt ◽  
Per Anker Jensen

Purpose This paper aims to explore the added value of healthy workplaces for employees and organizations, in particular regarding employee satisfaction, labour productivity and facility cost. Design/methodology/approach The paper is based on a narrative review of journal papers and other sources covering the fields of building research, corporate real estate management, facilities management, environmental psychology and ergonomics. Findings The review supports the assumption of positive impacts of appropriate building characteristics on health, satisfaction and productivity. Correlations between these impacts are still underexposed. Data on cost and economic benefits of healthy workplace characteristics is limited, and mainly regard reduced sickness absence. The discussed papers indicate that investing in healthy work environments is cost-effective. Originality/value The findings contribute to a better understanding of the complex relationships between physical characteristics of the environment and health, satisfaction, productivity and costs. These insights can be used to assess work environments on these topics, and to identify appropriate interventions in value-adding management of buildings and facilities.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (23) ◽  
pp. 11131
Maria M. Serrano-Baena ◽  
Rafael E. Hidalgo Fernández ◽  
Pilar Carranza-Cañadas ◽  
Paula Triviño-Tarradas

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was approved in 2015 by the United Nations. It is a call of action to protect our planet, end poverty and improve the lives and prospects of all. Sustainable development has been fundamental in the tourism and construction sectors in the past few decades. Nowadays, developing countries are leaders in green engineering procedures, and progressively, hotels are including sustainable standards in their designs, architecture and management. In places where tourism is the main contributor to the Gross Domestic Product, the incorporation of energy certifications is crucial. In this context, this article explores the positive implications of the application of the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) on hotels in relation to the achievement of SDGs. The study analyses the influence of BREEAM on hotel design using six case studies and examines the sustainable modifications incorporated. Qualitative data were obtained through in-depth interviews and by the analysis of the documentation provided. The results revealed that a BREEAM approach in the initial stage of a project will optimize the sustainability of the hotel and can help with the achievement of several of the SDGs.

F1000Research ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
pp. 1391
Emiliano Finocchi

This theory-building research intends to dig into the renewable energy industry and drawing from research on learning curves and energy polices, proposes a way to speed-up the energy shift from our fossil-fuel dependency to a green economy. Even though standard economic frameworks suggest that markets and not policy makers should decide winners and losers, we urge to accelerate renewable energy competitiveness, proposing that by limiting the number of maturing renewable technologies where resources are allocated to at government level, we reduce the time within which renewables will achieve technological price parity with fossil fuels. In turn, by analyzing the energy demand and supply curves, the study suggests that this action will also mediate the relation between quantity and price, shifting only the supply curve, leaving the demand curve unaffected. It continues by proposing the standardization of a unique renewable energy supply chain model, defined as the SURESC model, relating the indirect effect of limiting the number of maturing technologies to allocate resources, to achieve renewable price-parity with conventional energy sources faster. This is a preliminary theoretical study intended to provide a holistic approach to a known problem.

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