Xojametov Ajiniyaz Andriyanovich

The article describes one of the most important conditions for the formation of civil society today that is importance of educating a highly spiritual, well-rounded young generation. This article discusses actual issues and the formation of a high-spirited, morally and aesthetically educated generation, as well as scientific study of the importance of aesthetic education in the process of reforming and modernizing society. While the aesthetic form of upbringing is involved in social processes, in turn, it considers its main goal to increase people’s interest in positive work being done in society. Therefore, one of the ultimate goals of aesthetic education should be to enrich the spiritual world of a man. Aesthetic education not only encourages man to create innovations, but also teaches him to develop on the basis of the principles of sophistication, requirements of beauty. Accordingly, currently, main means of aesthetic education will include such areas as art, information technology, nature, labor, physical education and sports. Furthermore, in this article, the peculiarities of the development of women’s sports, the implementation of state programs, promotion of healthy lifestyles, strengthening reproductive health of the population, involvement of women in sports, creating the necessary conditions for their regular participation in popular sports are mentioned. KEY WORDS: aesthetic education, Physical education, sports, women, all means of aesthetic education, labor, sports aesthetics.

2014 ◽  
Vol 978 ◽  
pp. 84-87
Xian Zhi Tian

] In interpreting courses,it is necessary to use some mechanical euipments and electronic resources for improving interpreting abilities. Some researchers call them as external causes for being sucessful interpreters. Some researchers think that they are regarded as indispensable factors for being sucessful. The authors have researched them with investigation and data processing. From the investigation and data processing,the author has concluded her conclusions from scientific study and detail analysis. The author hopes that her study will be helpful for interpreting reform and researchers for her field. However, with the limitation of research condition, there is still some disadvantages to be overcome for future research, and the author will have to improve them and advance them in her later research. [key words] mechanical euipments; electronic resources; electronic resource system; electronic materials; information technology

2019 ◽  
Vol 132 ◽  
pp. 01020
Luis Ochoa Siguencia ◽  
Piotr Halemba

Artificial intelligence and service automation are the key to these kinds of new, product-related services. They increasingly penetrate the traditional mechanical and plant engineering sector and open up potentials for innovative services. Tourism services providers are going through rapid changes and the role of Information and Communication Technology, artificial intelligence and service automation is increasing in all spheres of the service management system. When the organization is threatened by environmental changes such as crises or competition as a result of information technology development or increased customer demands, the need for communication increases. This paper presents the first step of an ongoing investigation that focuses on the tourist services experiences and construction of management knowledge on undergraduate tourism management students. We report and discuss the result of a survey conducted involving the students of Tourism management at The Jerzy Kukuczka Physical Education Academy in Katowice - Poland. Structured questionnaires based on a 12-item importance scale were administered to a convenience sample of respondents. The authors present a new paradigm that emerges as a response to polarisation and treats communication as more receiver-centered, stakeholder ⚟ based, relationship ⚟ building ⚟ oriented and of strategic importance.

2012 ◽  
Wan Faridah Akmal Wan Ismail ◽  
Noor Azmi Mohamad ◽  
Ishak Mad Shah

Kajian ini mengkaji hubungan gaya kepimpinan dan ciri kerja di Unit/Bahagian Perkhidmatan Maklumat sektor awam Malaysia. Seramai 31 orang pengurus Teknologi Maklumat sektor awam telah bekerjasama memberikan maklumat untuk kajian ini. Kepimpinan transaksi menunjukkan lebih banyak memberi pengiktirafan dan pujian kepada kakitangan profesional tetapi rendah dalam pemberian ganjaran. Kepimpinan transformasi menunjukkan gaya karismatik tinggi berbanding komponen lain dalam gaya kepimpinan transformasi. Ciri kerja menunjukkan tahap tinggi dalam kepentingan tugas dan keperluan bekerjasama dalam menjalankan tugas tetapi dengan tahap rendah dalam autonomi tugas. Kajian ini mendapati tiada hubungan bererti antara gaya kepimpinan dengan ciri kerja, tetapi wujud hubungan bererti antara kepimpinan transaksi dengan ciri kerja identiti tugas, maklum balas dari kerja, dan ciri kerja keseluruhan manakala kepimpinan transformasi pula hanya menunjukkan hubungan bererti dengan ciri kerja kepelbagaian kemahiran, dan tidak bererti kepada ciri kerja keseluruhan. Kata kunci: gaya kepimpinan; ciri kerja; teknologi maklumat; sektor awam This research investigates the relationship of leadership and job characteristics in the Information Technology centers of the Malaysian public sector departments. 31 Information Technology managers of the public sector departments participated in the study. Transactional leadership emphasizes recognition and recommendations to their professionals but was low in giving rewards. Transformational leadership showed a high charismatic leadership compared to the other components of transformational leadership. Job characteristics showed high job significant and dealing with others but were low in job autonomy. The study found that there is no significant relationship between leadership style and job characteristics, but there exists a significant relationship between transactional leadership and job identity, feedback from job, and with job characteristics itself; whilst transformational leadership showed a significant relatinship with task variety but not significant with job characteristics. Key words: leadership style; job characteristics; information technology; public sector departments

2012 ◽  
Noor Azmi Mohamad ◽  
Wan Faridah Akmal Wan Ismail ◽  
Siti Zaleha Omain

Kajian ini mengkaji ciri kerja dan prestasi profesional Teknologi Maklumat di Unit/Bahagian Perkhidmatan Maklumat sektor awam Malaysia. Ciri kerja dianalisis melalui Model Ciri Kerja oleh Hackman dan Oldham. Prestasi kerja pula dianalisis berpandukan Borang Pengenalpastian Perlakuan yang dipermudahkan, asalnya dibina oleh Botterbusch pada tahun 1985. Hubungan ciri kerja dengan prestasi diselidiki menggunakan ujian Mann–Whitney U. Ciri kerja menunjukkan tahap tinggi dalam kepentingan tugas dan keperluan bekerjasama dalam menjalankan tugas tetapi dengan tahap rendah dalam autoriti tugas. Prestasi kerja yang tinggi ialah dalam produktiviti dan perlakuan sosial dan yang rendah pula dalam tabiat/sikap kerja. Kajian ini mendapati terdapat hubungan bererti antara ciri kerja dan prestasi di kalangan profesional Teknologi Maklumat sektor awam Malaysia. Kata kunci: Ciri kerja; prestasi kerja; teknologi maklumat; sektor awam This study analyzed job characteristics and performance of Information Technology professionals at the Information Technology centers of the public sector of Malaysia. Job characteristics were analyzed based on the Job Characteristics Model by Hackman and Oldham. Performance on the other hand was analyzed using a simplified Behavior Identification Form, originally developed by Butterbusch in 1985. The relationship between job characteristic and performance was determined using the Mann–Whitney U test. Job characteristics showed a high score on job significance and dealing with others but low on task authority. Job performance showed high productivity and high social behavior but low on work habit and attitudes. This research found that there is a significant relationship between job characteristics and performance of Information Technology professionals of the Malaysian public sector departments. Key words: Job characteristics; job performance; information technology; public sector departments

2019 ◽  
Vol 46 (3) ◽  
pp. 161-171
Elizabeth Barnert ◽  
Ava Sun ◽  
Laura Abrams ◽  
Paul J Chung

BackgroundYouth involved in the juvenile justice system have high reproductive health needs and, on exiting detention, face the challenging transition of reentry. We conducted a systematic literature review to describe what is known about youths’ reproductive health needs during community reentry after incarceration.MethodsWe searched PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, and Google Scholar for articles containing key words with the concepts ‘child or adolescent’, ‘incarcerated’ and 'reentry'. In the search, we defined the concept of ‘reentry’ as within 1 month prior to release (to include interventions involving pre-release planning) and up to 18 months after release from incarceration.ResultsOur search yielded 2187 articles. After applying all exclusion criteria, 14 articles on reproductive health remained for extraction. The articles provided data on the following aspects of youths’ reproductive health: frequency of condom use (eight articles), sexual risk behaviours other than lack of condom use (seven articles), and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (three articles).ConclusionsThe literature on the reproductive health needs of youth undergoing reentry is extremely limited. Current intervention studies yield mixed but promising results and more intervention studies that address both pre-release reentry planning and the post-incarceration period are needed. Given incarcerated youths’ well-documented reproductive health disparities compared with non-incarcerated adolescents, the identified gaps represent important opportunities for future research and programmatic emphasis.

2003 ◽  
Vol 28 (1) ◽  
pp. 54-60
Ashis K. Pani ◽  
Amit Agrahari

Information technology (IT) can bridge geographical gap and create anonymity for effective group process. However, IT has not been utilized to its maximum potential in virtual classrooms. The problem in virtual classrooms is more social and psychological rather than technical. This paper analyses social processes in virtual classrooms. It also looks into one of the major hindrances in effective utilization of virtual classrooms, namely “flaming”. A model is proposed to control flaming in virtual classroom, A few cases have also been discussed in light of this model.

2019 ◽  
Vol 14 (40) ◽  
pp. 15-23
Irene Moya-Mata ◽  
Laura Ruiz-Sanchis ◽  
Julio Martín Sanchis ◽  
Concepción Ros Ros

Gender stereotypes related to physical activity are still present in both primary and secondary education. The educational potential of activities in the natural environment has been highlighted in numerous studies. The objective of this research was to analyze the activities in the natural environment and their linkage according to sex, represented in the textbooks of Physical Education in the stage of Primary School, published in Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, Of Education. The total of the sample of images in the nature (n = 99), collected in 34 textbooks, belonging to six Spanish publishers were analyzed. For the content analysis of the images, the SAIMEF (Physical Analysis Images Analysis System) tool, elaborated ad hoc, was used. The results showed that the activities in the natural environment (p<0.05) are performed by men, who belong to the age group of the children, who practice mountain sports, namely orienteering, being the terrestrial environment the most used to carry out these activities. In contrast, women, especially girls, performed mountain sports, specifically climbing, being the aquatic medium the most used. It is therefore necessary to reflect the textbooks used in the area of Physical Education to avoid the transmission of gender stereotypes and offer models with which to identify both personally and socially for both sexes. Key words: Image; gender; textbooks; physical education, natural environment.

2016 ◽  
pp. 98-101
Vl.V. Podolsky ◽  
V.V. Podolsky ◽  

The objective: the developing of a system of preventive measures and principles of pregravid preparation for women with somatoform disorders and violation of autonomic homeostasis (VAH), in which observed changes in reproductive health (CRH) in the shape of states after undergoing artificial abortion, infertility and uterine fibroids. Patients and methods. Conducted clinical and epidemiological studies in the population of women of fertile age (WFA) allowed identifying for further examination of women with CRH in the form of state after undergoing artificial abortion, infertility and uterine fibroids in women with VAH. Further women were examined, in particular the conducted clinical and instrumental methods of research; determined the state of autonomic homeostasis and psycho emotional health of the biotopes of the organism, immunity; analyzed the hormonal regulation of the menstrual cycle; performed genetic studies and determined the morphofunctional state of reproductive system. Results. The most frequent complications during pregnancy in women who had CRH in history in the form of abortions, infertility and uterine fibroids and in the background of the PAF, there was a threat of interruption of pregnancy (often in I and II trimester – 56%) and preterm delivery (21%). The study of the catamnesis of further reproductive health found that in the case of well-conducted therapeutic measures in women undergoing artificial abortion, had infertility and uterine leiomyoma in the background of VAH, restore reproductive function, and in 82% of cases occurred a pregnancy. Conclusion. The the provided study of reproductive health, and state of various organs and systems of fertile aged women with somatoform disorders and violations of the autonomic homeostasis allowed to develop preventive measures for these women and pregravid preparation with the inclusion to the therapy Magnesium and vitamins (Magne-В6®). Key words: somatoform disorders, violation of autonomic homeostasis, changes in reproductive health, prevention and treatment, women of fertile age, Magne-В6®.

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