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Laba Oksana ◽  
Zakhara Ihor

The documentary aspect of information interaction of the laboratory for testing of wheeled vehicles is analyzed. The main components of information interaction are identified, which are information infrastructure, information resources and information security. The automated information system used in the activities of the laboratory for testing wheeled vehicles, as well as the main types of documents created and used by the laboratory are described. The subjects of information interaction of the laboratory with which information is exchanged, including documents, have been identified. The documentation of the management system of the training-research-production motor transport laboratory has been systematized. The main traditional and electronic information resources used in the activities of the training-research-production motor transport laboratory are determined. Measures to ensure the protection of information are described, which consist in the use of a qualified electronic signature for identification in an automated information system, as well as for the signing of electronic documents.

Meri Badalyan ◽  
Lusine Karapetyan

This article is dedicated to the study of the interrelation between the education level of women and the birth rate. One of the essential lessons in the demographic history of the world countries is that the high birth rate recorded during the last century was temporary; it is already evident that the world birth rate has halved and tends to decline further. The level of education and employment of women are among the factors that underlie the decrease in the birth rate. Numerous studies prove that this relation is reversed. Like some other countries in the world, there is narrow reproduction in Armenia, which is mainly caused by changes in the education level, employment, mindset of women and their role in the family.

Yuliya Dzemyanovich

Настоящая статья посвящена выходу Хорватии из состава Социалистической Федеративной Республики Югославия (СФРЮ) и последствиям этого шага. Рассматривается период с 1990 г. по январь 1992 г.  В начале 1990-х хорваты стали активно выступать за создание своей независимой национальной республики. Данные устремления не были подержаны хорватскими сербами, которые составляли значительный процент населения Хорватии. Хорватские сербы не были готовы разорвать связи с Сербией и другими сербскими общинами СФРЮ, а также стать национальным меньшинством в рамках национального хорватского государства. Несовпадение взглядов на будущее Хорватии привело к быстрому росту напряженности между двумя этническими группами, что, в конечном счете, привело к открытому вооруженному противостоянию между гражданами одного и того же субъекта СФРЮ. Ситуация усугублялась присутствием на территории Хорватии Югославской народной армии (ЮНА), которая активно участвовала в конфликте на стороне хорватских сербов. Стороны конфликта не смогли самостоятельно прийти к мирному урегулированию. Хорваты и сербы согласились только на временный режим прекращения огня и на введение миротворческого контингента ООН в зону конфликта под давлением международной общественности, которая выделяла эти два условия в качестве необходимых для международного признания Хорватии и снятия экономических санкций над Союзной Республикой Югославией (СРЮ), от которой хорватские сербы зависели.

Gurak Halyna ◽  
Dolynska Lyubov

The article presents an overview of the problem of the affective sphere of adolescents on both theoretical and empirical levels. Its relevance and, at the same time, the prospect for further research is justified. It was revealed that the emotional life of persons of pubertal period is differently disclosed in the scientific heritage of foreign scientists, but insufficiently covered in the domestic. Correlations between the emotional experiences of adolescents and their relationships with parents, peers; gender identity; eating disorders, etc., were established. Against the background of emphasizing the influence of various external psychological factors in the life of an adolescent, the topic of the intrapersonal, psychological potential of persons of this age remains open. Taking into account the topicality of the problem of emotional instability of teenagers, we aimed to find out in detail, from an empirical point of view, the internal psychological reasons of this phenomenon. For this purpose, the ascertaining experiment was carried out which involved 300 pupils of 6-7 and 8-9 forms of the general secondary educational institutions of the Ternopil region (Berezhanska Secondary School № 1 and Berezhanska Secondary School № 2). Respondents were offered specific, according to the formulated scientific problem, a package of psychodiagnostic techniques, directed to the research of features of the level of manifestation as well as categories of hypothetical factors of emotional stability of adolescents. The next stage of the study involved processing the data by factor analysis using the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and SPSS 21 software. As a result, 10 psychological factors that cause emotional instability in adolescents were identified. Among them: imbalance of self-esteem and personal abilities, personal insecurity compensated by self-control, low resistance to stress, impulsiveness against insecurity, dissonance in the assessment of one's own self, motivational polarity, emotional uncertainty, public insecurity, uncertainty in own abilities, confident behavior. The prospect of our study is the development and practical implementation of social psychological training as a means of correcting dysregulation of the affective sphere of personality and the development of their emotional stability.

Minaya Mammadova

On the one hand, the image of the translated examples of “Oriental Poems” gives a full picture of the talent of J.G. Byron, on the other hand, it clarifies the talent and ability of the translator in the field of translation, the use of language, its poetic layer, richness of phrases. The expressiveness created by artistic figures, phraseological combinations, as well as fixed word patterns, shows a perfect fullness at the level of speech etiquette within the text. Phraseological units come to the fore as a component of imagery and a means of providing it throughout the text.

Liudmyla Shchur ◽  
Bohdan Vodianyi ◽  
Valentyna Vodiana

The article covers the issue of transformation of traditional dance in the context of festival movement in the particular region and Ukraine as a whole. The research article analyses the functioning of art folklore festivals on the territory of Western Podillia. The study investigates the organization of art festivals of the region in historical and chronological perspective and presents the key tasks for their holding. The article partially covers the activities of some dance and folk-ritual groups of Western Podillia, which are active participants and popularisers of folk art, in particular of local traditional dances. The study reveals the issues related to the functioning and development of traditional dance in terms of folklorism, which is implemented during the «Ternopil talismans», regional festival of folk crafts, folklore and choreography, which hosts the «Ternopil Polka», festival of authentic dance (Ternopil); «Red guilder-rose», folk dance festival (Ternopil); «Bells of Lemko region», All-Ukrainian festival of Lemko culture (Bychova tract of Monastyryskyi district); «Embroidery blossoms in Borshchiv region», annual All-Ukrainian Folklore and Art Festival (Borshchiv) and other local festivals. The article highlights the importance of organizing and holding regional local holidays and folklore and art festivals in the context of the revival of the national and cultural identity of Western Podillia as an integral part of Ukraine.

Nino Mindiashvili ◽  
Nana Kutsia

Theories of traumatic memory are uniquely topical in modern theoretical discourse, Collective trauma is a complex of psychological sensations, which is formed in witnesses or participants of tragic events, who have to deal with psychological stigma. Theoretical framework about the collective trauma is relevant to events that have taken place in Georgia, as the epochal tragedy has changed ethnic and cultural environment in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region. As the subject of research, we have defined the almanacs reflecting Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian (provoked by the third force) conflicts: 14 Gigabytes and Halleluiah. Uniqueness of 14 Gigabytes is reasoned by the concept set by the editor (Nana Gaprindashvili) and the complier of the almanac (Tea Kalandia) – 14 narrators tell about the Abkhazian episode of Russian-Georgian war. Personal stories create the monumental canvas-reflection of the feelings of youth who have been deprived of childhood. Authors of the poetic almanac Halleluiah published in 2018, under the editorship of Mzia Khetaguri, are united under refugee stigma, pain caused by losing homes, trauma, which marks each of the texts like an unhealed wound. It must be emphasized that in none of the researched authors’ texts reflects hostility or aggression towards “conflicting sides” or even the main provoking power – Russia. The presented discourse allows us to confirm the research hypothesis: conflicts provoked by Russia have forced Georgian population of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region to leave their homes, to go through the horrors of war. Refugees have to deal with the stigma of being refugees and grave experience of collective trauma, which is creatively transformed, reflexed in the almanacs 14 Gigabytes and Halleluiah.

Manana Maridashvili ◽  
Davit Meparishvili ◽  
Ekaterine Sanikidze

The article discusses and evaluates Health systems management and financial sustainability in Georgian Health Institutions, also provides the analyses of the state of health care in the conditions of Georgia. Improving and further developing the primary health care system is crucial to controlling the financial sustainability and growth costs of the health care system, including increasing funding and access to funding, and strengthening the role of the planned outpatient sector - family physician, As well as effective management of patients with chronic diseases. Activating the role of the physician, thus enabling the early detection of various diseases, as well as the effective management of patients with chronic diseases. At the same time, we consider a significant increase in funding for medicines, which will reduce the aggravation of a number of diseases at the level of inpatient treatment, thus saving considerable financial resources in the universal program, which is spent in the inpatient sector, and also improves public health.

Harutyunyan H. H.

The ašugh society in Alexandrapol (now Gyumri) emerged and developed under the immediate effect of historical-cul­tural processes. This society carried out an important mission with the public acknowledgment it possessed. It was an embodiment of the new qualities in the Armenian national thought in all the spheres of the ašugh school: ideological, propagandistic, music-poetic, etc.Among the songs leaning towards the Near East ašugh traditions that constituted the huge heritage of about forty ašułs, the songs based on Armenian verses display the modal, prosodic and stylis­tic features of Armenian monodic music. My paper presents the criteria in the song-creation of the ašugh society of Al­exandrapol, which are fully in line with Komitas’s fundamental principles of Ar­menian national song art.  

Valentin Bliznyuk

The paper theoretically substantiates the didactic foundations of professional training of future law enforcement officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in terms of earning a bachelor's degree. It is established that a future officer as a object of training needs to instill the ability to independently replenish his knowledge, skills, be aware of modern military scientific information, adequately assess events that occur in society, and most importantly to shape motives and motivation for professional self – determination and constant self-improvement. It was found that one of the goals of the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a high level of combined arms training of future officers, which is possible to achieve if the model of professional training of future law enforcement officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is introduced into the educational process in terms of earning a bachelor's degree, which fully ensures the implementation of pedagogical conditions in the educational process for training future officers, which are united on the basis of didactic principles of military education, the introduction of ideas and technologies of personality-oriented training, the transition from an authoritarian model of training future officers to a personality-oriented one, which should be based on the principles of modern didactics.

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