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2021 ◽  
Vol 21 (3) ◽  
pp. 444-456
Zh. V. Puzanova ◽  
T. I. Larina ◽  
A. G. Tertyshnikova

Modernity, characterized by informatization, globalization and unprecedented acceleration of all social processes, significantly differs from the reality that existed several decades ago, which affects new generations whose lifestyle differs completely from their parents. The period of growing up has changed, and society faces the challenges of infantilization which, on the one hand, is determined by various factors (media, virtualization, etc.) and, on the other hand, increases the impact of these factors. The article considers theoretical foundations of the concept social infantilism, its fundamental differences from the psychological interpretation of infantilism, its manifestations in the contemporary Russian society, and some methodological approaches to its measurement. The article presents the details of the development and testing of the sociological methodology for measuring the level of social infantilism. The development of this methodology consisted of several stages: at the first stage, a questionnaire was designed and tested on a group of students (30 respondents), then the projective technique collage was used for validation on two mini-groups of students - with maximum and minimum indicators of infantilism. At the final stage, the corrected questionnaire was tested on a representative sample of the RUDN University students (N = 550). Social infantilism can be diagnosed in one of the spheres - political, economic, everyday life, family relations and ideological views - or as a generalized phenomenon (present in all spheres). The developed method was validated in the test form and can be used in educational institutions.

2021 ◽  
Vol 36 (6) ◽  
pp. 1176-1176
Lauren Frick ◽  
Maggie Bailey ◽  
Bailey Balloun ◽  
Lindsay Wood ◽  
Ben Pyykkonen ◽  

Abstract Objective The current study compares performance on measures of executive functioning in individuals with a history of 2 or more mTBI versus those with a single documented mTBI. Specific interaction with emotional distress was explored. Method A database from neuropsychological assessment of individuals noting deficits following head injury including 273 individuals provided a sample of 174 males, 98 females (one case missing data); mean age = 21.82 years; mean education = 10.16 years. Executive functioning was measured using the Trails Making Test Form B (TMT-B), Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (DKEFS) Design Fluency, and Semantic Fluency instruments. Emotional distress was assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI). Results MANCOVA was employed to determine the effect of multiple head injuries versus one upon cognitive performance after controlling for depression and anxiety. Group differences between those with one versus 2 or more mTBI were present (Wilk’s η = 0.907, F (3, 125) = 4.256, p = 007, Partial η2 = 0.093). Significant differences were not noted with regard to emotional distress (BAI, p = 0.97 l BDI, p = 0.87). Between subject effects identified significant differences between groups in performance on DKEFS Design Fluency (p = 0.05) and Semantic Fluency (P = 0.04), while significant groups differences were not evident Trailmaking Test B performance (P = 0.20). Conclusion Overall, those who had previous concussions performed better on measures of executive functioning. Measures of emotional functioning were not a significant covariate of cognitive performance. Implications and limitations of the current study will be discussed.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (17) ◽  
pp. 7827
Dean Valdec ◽  
Krunoslav Hajdek ◽  
Igor Majnarić ◽  
Darijo Čerepinko

This study characterizes and compares the parameters of the quality reproduction of fine elements in flexography on coated and uncoated paper as well as on OPP film (oriented polypropylene). A monochrome test form was created and printed using cyan UV ink. The analysis of results confirms the importance of interaction between the printing substrate and ink; it also indicates identical line and text deformations on the print. Quality reproduction on coated paper is higher in relation to OPP film for all the research parameters. The ink penetrates significantly more and with more irregularity into the pores and throats of the uncoated paper, which results in less homogeneous elements, and in such way that it loses its original shape. In coated paper and OPP film, the ink spreads more on the substrate area which gives it a significantly more homogeneous shape. However, due to the surface spread of the ink, the biggest changes in the size of fine elements are noticeable in the OPP film. The scientific contribution of this paper is based on the comparison of print quality parameters of fine elements, which can contribute to the optimization of the production process and quality of the final graphical product.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (8) ◽  
pp. 168781402110410
Ján Rusinko ◽  
Petr Baron ◽  
Anton Panda ◽  
Marek Kočiško

An important step in the production cycle of pressing the expanded polystyrene is cooling of the mold and the molding. The paper describes the execution and analysis of experimental measurements in order to identify the influence of the cooling system on the quality of products produced by the technology observed. For the purpose of the experiment, a test mold with specific properties of the mold parts of the mold cavity was designed and manufactured. By means of the measuring circuit, the knowledge of the course of temperatures in the mold cavity during the pressing cycle was obtained. At the same time, the temperature distribution on the moldings and in the mold was monitored by means of a thermal imager. Two press cycles, with and without water cooling, were performed in course of the tests. Subsequently, the quality of the test pieces produced was checked. Based on the experiments conducted, the parameters influencing the water-cooling process of the mold for the production of expanded polystyrene have been identified. A significant element of the water-cooling system, which affects the quality of products and the technological process, is the application of spray nozzles – their location, orientation, and density. In order to optimize the cooling process observed, a multiple-nozzle spray head has been designed to produce water mist as a tool for more efficient distribution and application of the coolant.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (7) ◽  
pp. 451-466
Siti Nurrochmah ◽  
Erwin Achmad Yusuf

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the ability of the basic technical skill to play basketball which is owned by junior male players in Ponorogo Regency. This study used a quantitative descriptive survey design. The subjects of this study were 30 male junior players in Ponorogo Regency. Data collecting was carried out using the measurement technique of the basic technical skill test form of basketball playing. The results of data analysis included (1) the basic technical skill of passing chest pass were in the medium category or (good enough) with a percentage of 40 percent, (2) the basic technical skills of dribble zig-zag are in the medium category or (good enough) with a percentage of 36,67 percent, (3) the basic technical skills of under basket shooting are in the medium category or (good enough) with a percentage of 43.33 percent. it can be concluded that the ability of basic technical skills to play basketball for junior men in Ponorogo Regency in 2020 on average has a high percentage in the medium category (quite good). Researchers suggest to the trainer that in compiling an exercise program in addition to physical training also exercise basic technical skills included in a routine training program. Abstrak: Tujuan dari penelitian ini dilakukan adalah untuk mengetahui kemampuan keterampilan teknik dasar bermain bolabasket yang dimiliki oleh pemain putra junior Kabupaten Ponorogo. Penelitian ini menggunakan rancangan survei bentuk deskriptif kuantitatif. Subjek penelitian ini adalah pemain putra junior Kabupaten Ponorogo berjumlah 30 orang. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan menggunakan teknik pengukuran bentuk tes keterampilan teknik dasar permainan bolabasket. Hasil analisis data antara lain (1) keterampilan teknik dasar passing chest pass berada pada kategori sedang (cukup baik) dengan persentase 40 persen, (2) keterampilan teknik dasar dribble zig-zag berada pada kategori sedang (cukup baik) dengan persentase 36,67 persen, (3) keterampilan teknik dasar shooting under basket berada pada kategori sedang (cukup baik) dengan persentase 43,33 persen. dapat disimpulkan bahwa kemampuan keterampilan teknik dasar permainan bolabasket putra junior Kabupaten Ponorogo pada tahun 2020 rata-rata memiliki persentase tinggi pada kategori sedang (cukup baik). Peneliti menyarankan kepada pelatih agar dalam menyusun program latihan selain latihan fisik juga latihan keterampilan teknik dasar dimasukan dalam program latihan rutin.

2021 ◽  
Joshua Starr ◽  
Carl F. Falk

In mental health research, psychological network modeling such as the Gaussian graphical model (GGM) has emerged as an alternative to latent variable modeling such as confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Recent simulation studies have found that centrality indices from the GGM are partially redundant with factor loadings from a CFA. Follow-up analyses on the GGM, such as exploratory graph analysis (EGA) can sort items into communities that may represent hypothesized factors. However, previous comparisons of centrality indices with factor loadings and the ability of EGA to recover hypothesized factor structure have not been done with real mental and physical health symptom data. We compared GGM and CFA using data based on 16 test forms from Wave 1 of the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS; N’s = 6,261 to 9,022) designed to measure 9 mental and physical health domains. Using techniques appropriate for handling missing data, we fit a CFA model and a regularized GGM to each test form. We also applied the Walktrap community detection algorithm from EGA. We found weaker correspondence between centrality indices and factor loadings than found by previous research, yet in a similar pattern of correspondence. EGA recommended a factor structure discrepant with PROMIS domains in most cases. Physical Function typically split into two or more clusters; Anger, Anxiety, Depression, and Fatigue often joined as one; and some single-item communities emerged. In real mental and physical health data, strength centrality may offer new information despite being highly related to factor loadings, and EGA provides additional insight on factor and test form composition.

2021 ◽  
pp. 014662162110085
Benjamin Becker ◽  
Dries Debeer ◽  
Sebastian Weirich ◽  
Frank Goldhammer

In high-stakes testing, often multiple test forms are used and a common time limit is enforced. Test fairness requires that ability estimates must not depend on the administration of a specific test form. Such a requirement may be violated if speededness differs between test forms. The impact of not taking speed sensitivity into account on the comparability of test forms regarding speededness and ability estimation was investigated. The lognormal measurement model for response times by van der Linden was compared with its extension by Klein Entink, van der Linden, and Fox, which includes a speed sensitivity parameter. An empirical data example was used to show that the extended model can fit the data better than the model without speed sensitivity parameters. A simulation was conducted, which showed that test forms with different average speed sensitivity yielded substantial different ability estimates for slow test takers, especially for test takers with high ability. Therefore, the use of the extended lognormal model for response times is recommended for the calibration of item pools in high-stakes testing situations. Limitations to the proposed approach and further research questions are discussed.

BJPsych Open ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (S1) ◽  
pp. S312-S313
Helen Bruce ◽  
Sharika Mansoor ◽  
Sacha Evans

AimsTo establish a physical health clinic in a community CAMHS to monitor patients in the NDT who are on stimulant/antipsychotic medicationTo re-audit to assess adherence to physical health monitoring in accordance with guidelinesBackgroundStudies have indicated that people with severe mental illness have higher rates of mortality and are prone to development of physical health problems compared to the general population. Monitoring physical health is therefore important as it allows early detection and intervention where appropriate.Method17 out of 120 patients in the NDT were identified as taking either an antipsychotic (8 patients) or stimulant medication (9 patients). Physical health data required were determined by local policy and the Maudsley guidelines.Parents were invited to attend the clinic with their child through telephone calls. Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse were measured in the appointment. A blood test form was provided for parents to take to local outpatient phlebotomy services. A GP letter was sent with the results of the physical health check with a request to conduct an ECG and notify us of any abnormal results. Feedback forms were collected from parents to share their experience of attending the physical health clinic.Five patients were identified as having difficulty attending the CAMHS clinic due to refusal/challenging behaviour. For three patients, school visits were organised to conduct a physical health check.ResultThe results from the second round of the audit indicate an overall improvement in the adherence to monitoring guidelines for antipsychotic and stimulant medication. This was particularly evident for the patients on antipsychotic medication. Feedback collected from parents regarding the service provided was also positive.ConclusionThe physical health clinic identified challenges preventing 100% compliance in all patients. This included difficulties with parents bringing their child to CAMHS due to challenging behaviour. In a few of the patients, it was possible to solve this issue by conducting a school visit.It was also observed that there were multiple instances where challenging behaviour lead to inability to conduct certain tests including blood pressure, blood tests and ECG. Additional strategies should be considered to improve compliance.A notable issue that also arose from the development of the physical health clinic was that it was unclear how to obtain an ECG at CAMHS.Continuation of the clinic as well as extension to include patients within other teams at Tower Hamlets CAMHs would be recommended.

2021 ◽  
Ritwik Khurana ◽  
Saakshi Singla

Abstract We focus on Indian parenting and its impact on emotion regulation in female first born offspring residing in an Urban complex. The case report relies on a case report analysis between two groups, A and B. Group A comprises two families, and their young children, while Group B consisted of two families with adolescents. Extensive qualitative analysis has been conducted to understand the ground reality of Indian parenting practices and the emotional mechanisms present in children and adolescents during the COVID-19 crisis. Multiple baseline design was followed and the measures employed were the Parenting style questionnaire (Robinson Et. Al., 1995) and Difficulties in emotion regulation scale (Gratz & Roemer, 2004), where the parents, ages between 30 and 55 years, were supposed to fill the PSQ and their children (Ages between 4 and 18 years) completed the DERS through an online test form. This was followed by a semi-structured interview to complete the analysis and get a better idea about the family dynamic. We achieved two goals; (1) It was found that the Indian family functions in a complicated manner and studying it required creating novel constructs to accommodate the cultural diversity. Conveying a real lack of present work done by Indian researchers to effectively come to any conclusion, (2) It was discovered that young children are bound to face novel challenges, caused by a new style of parenting which comprises of mixed parenting style with a focus towards maintaining cultural values and social norms. Adolescent females, unfortunately do face an authoritarian father, on an above average basis, but this is changing as the parents from Group A were observed employing mixed parenting. Which has proved our assumptions correct.

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