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نسيمة بنت ربيع اليافعية ◽  
محسن بن ناصر السالمي

The study aimed to identify the trends of Islamic education teachers in the Dhofar Governorate of the Sultanate of Oman towards teaching the topics of the Islamic Faith. The study adopted the qualitative approach using interviews within focus groups, on a sample consisting of (14) teachers, and through analyzing the data, the teachers ’attitudes were classified into four axes: what is related to the topics of the Islamic faith, and what is related to the methods of teaching the Islamic faith and its teaching aids, and what is related to the teacher, and what is related to the student, The results showed that most of the teachers ’attitudes were not positive towards teaching the Islamic Faith in all axes.


The article considers the question of boosting motivation of language specialty students during distance learning. The problem of increasing students’ motivation during distance learning is complex, completely unresolved and relevant. It is closely related to the questions of lesson organization and conducting, ways of intensifying students’ cognitive activities in the study group, the ability to provide constructive support and exchange views on different topics. The purpose of the given article is to check on the basis of the obtained practical results what means and methods can increase students’ motivation in the process of studying practical course of the German language. It is established that the crucial prerequisite for successful online learning is a conscious consideration of the motivational factor and the ability to manage it throughout the learning process. The effective factors of online lessons are indicated in the paper: well-selected and prepared material, teaching methods tested by experience and based on technical tools on various educational platforms, selected, structured and appropriately used content, forms and teaching aids. The means and methods of boosting students’ motivation in the process of studying Practical course of the German language are analyzed, considering the specific nature of this subject. It is established that the implementation of the conceptual ideas of education is carried out with the help of information technology, which is based on the fundamental didactic principles – activation, autonomy, constructiveness and a special role is paid to the whole study group. The functions and tasks of the tutor, his role in the formation of a sense of group unity in order to intensify students’ activities during distance learning are revealed. Recommendations for boosting students’ motivation in the process of online studying Practical course of the German language are developed.

2022 ◽  
pp. 0739456X2110665
Nir Mualam ◽  
Ofer Lerner

The paper evaluates different teaching aids used in an introductory in-class course that focuses on planning theories. We examine the perceptions of students regarding specific teaching tools and how helpful they were in making the course more approachable and providing a better learning experience. The analysis covers 133 student responses over a period of four consecutive years. Findings show that certain instructional tools are regarded as more helpful in making the course material more intelligible. This suggests educators in planning theory courses should review and continuously monitor the didactic tools they use in class.

H. Pratama ◽  
M.N.A. Azman ◽  
N.A. Zakaria ◽  
M. Khairudin ◽  

This research aims to test the effect of the kit Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) on the achievement of vocational school students' competencies in electrical motor control courses for form 3 students in Aceh, Indonesia. Constructivist theory and Bloom's Taxonomy are referenced in this study in relation to learning. While the ADDIE model is used in relation to product development. This study used a quasi -experimental design with pre- and post -tests. The population (N = 333) in this study was level 3 vocational students in Aceh, Indonesia. The number of samples was 98 people, consisting of the experimental group (n = 50) and the control group (n = 48) selected by cluster random technique. The instruments used in this study included pre- and post -test interview protocols. The values of the KR20 reliability coefficient of the question items on the knowledge aspect were 0.97 and 0.81 on the skills aspect. The results of the descriptive analysis found that the experimental group (mean = 64.08; SD = 4.548) showed better competency achievement than the control group (mean = 63.06; SD = 5.487). The result of hypothesis test using Mann Whitney test is [Asymp. Sig. (2-tailed) = .000, p <0.05] which means that the teaching aids developed have successfully had a positive effect in improving the achievement of student competencies. The implications of this study have produced a teaching aid that can be used as a template by teachers to build teaching aids that are more affordable, easy and safe to use so that they can be motivated to innovate in learning and become a new career opportunity. Given that the Covid-19 epidemic has affected face-to-face learning, the proposal for further research is the need to integrate logic control programming (PLC) learning aids into a technology-based learning trend. Researchers, on the other hand, suggest a broader scope of study whether teachers and students in a wider area and other fields of knowledge related to the utilization of PLC programming.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (2) ◽  
pp. 225-236
Abdulghani Muthanna

This article focuses on exploring whether teacher educators and teacher students at higher teacher education programs have constructed their teaching philosophy statements, how they implement such philosophy statements, and how they develop and evaluate the contents of the teaching materials related to the courses they are instructing. By following the qualitative case study methodology, the author employed semi-structured interviews with twenty teacher educators and fifteen teacher students from one state higher education institution in Yemen. With the employment of thematic network analysis techniques, the findings report on the lack of awareness concerning the teaching philosophy statements construction, the random process of designing and evaluating teaching materials, and the lack of teaching aids for realizing the teaching philosophies of those with developed teaching statements. For practical implementation, university leaders and administrators are recommended to establish a program that focuses on the professional development of the teaching faculty with a focus on highlighting and providing useful knowledge on the ‘teaching philosophy statements’ construction and ‘materials design and evaluation’ processes. Keywords: teaching philosophy, teacher education, higher education, curriculum design, Yemen

2022 ◽  
pp. 913-934
Ryoichi Ishitobi ◽  
Fumio Nemoto ◽  
Youko Sugita ◽  
Susumu Nakamura ◽  
Toru Iijima ◽  

Most of the present authors, the teachers at the School for the Mentally Challenged at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba, have been creating original teaching aids and materials using low-tech and high-tech methods. Original teaching aids created with woodworking and metalworking are usually used for students with an intellectual disability. The original teaching materials with Grid Onput dot code, which could link multimedia, such as audio, movies, web pages, html files, and PowerPoint files were created in collaboration with one of the present authors, Professor Shigeru Ikuta, who organized a large research project, and Gridmark Inc. that developed Grid Onput dot code. The present authors have recently developed a new software program, SmileNote, to help students create presentation slides in expressing their feelings, will, and desires to classmates, teachers, and parents. Basic information on these materials and their use in schools is presented in this chapter.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 84-87
Pri Hastuti ◽  
Desi Ekawati

Adolescence is the initial period of maturity of the reproductive organs in humans or the so-calledpuberty. Based on previous preliminary studies, adolescents prefer sources of reproductive health informationobtained from peers and parents, but if this is not given an explanation from health workers directly it will causedifferent perceptions from each teenager which can cause gaps. Based on the preliminary study, researchers areinterested in doing community service with the title "Adolescent Reproductive Health Education in KarangtarunaPendowohardjo". The purpose of this research is to increase the knowledge of adolescents about the importanceof reproductive health from a physical and psychological perspective. Adolescent Reproductive Health EducationActivities at Karangtaruna Pendowohardjo were carried out using counseling and demonstration methods, themedia used using teaching aids. The target audience in this community service is Youth, especially YouthOrganizations in Pendowohardjo Sewon Bantul with a target number of 48 Youth Youth Organizations. The resultsof this research are that adolescents gain knowledge and skills regarding Reproductive Health through counselingand demonstrations.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 241
Natalia Natalia ◽  
Sugiatno Sugiatno ◽  
Silvia Sayu

This study aims to determine the potential description of quitter type students in solving an open-ended question in the material of Quadrilateral and Triangle at SMP Negeri 20 Pontianak. The research method used is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach and a case study research form. The number of subjects in this study was 27 students of class VIII F SMP Negeri 20 Pontianak. The data collection tool used was the Adversity Response Profile (ARP) to get quitter type subjects, open-ended test questions, and interview guides with the help of teaching aids to probe deeper into the potential of quitter-type students. The results of the research on the written test showed that the potential of 2 quitter subjects in solving open-ended questions was still low with a percentage of only 22.22%. However, when interviewed with the help of teaching aids, additional information was obtained that the two quitter subjects showed better potential in solving open-ended questions and were able to provide more than one solution and more than one correct answer.

Natalya S. Artyukhova ◽  
Olga S. Saykina ◽  
Anna A. Solovyeva

The paper brings up the issue of reflecting gender roles in textbooks for international students, investigates which concepts of men and women they can potentially form among foreign students on the basis of these teaching aids. The aim of the present study is to describe the gender roles of men and women in the textbooks of the Russian language for beginners. For that, it was necessary to solve a number of tasks, such as fixing examples of gender-characterized units in teaching aids; creating a system of categories for comparison and comparing the analysis results of all involved textbooks. The following methods of qualitative content analysis, classification method, comparison method were used in the work. Popular textbooks on Russian as a foreign language were taken for the analysis. This study makes it possible to investigate gender roles in Russian culture through the spectacle of the textbooks for foreigners, allowing us to get a new angle on the correlation of gender characteristics. The study can also be used by future textbook authors to further develop textbook characters in terms of their gender roles. The authors of the study conclude that textbook representations convey stereotypic ideas about the roles of men and women, but these images cannot be recognized as corresponding to extra-linguistic reality, which can potentially result in communication failures among foreign students when interacting with Russians.

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