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Sensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (2) ◽  
pp. 421
Pedro Juan Roig ◽  
Salvador Alcaraz ◽  
Katja Gilly ◽  
Cristina Bernad ◽  
Carlos Juiz

Multi-access edge computing implementations are ever increasing in both the number of deployments and the areas of application. In this context, the easiness in the operations of packet forwarding between two end devices being part of a particular edge computing infrastructure may allow for a more efficient performance. In this paper, an arithmetic framework based in a layered approach has been proposed in order to optimize the packet forwarding actions, such as routing and switching, in generic edge computing environments by taking advantage of the properties of integer division and modular arithmetic, thus simplifying the search of the proper next hop to reach the desired destination into simple arithmetic operations, as opposed to having to look into the routing or switching tables. In this sense, the different type of communications within a generic edge computing environment are first studied, and afterwards, three diverse case scenarios have been described according to the arithmetic framework proposed, where all of them have been further verified by using arithmetic means with the help of applying theorems, as well as algebraic means, with the help of searching for behavioral equivalences.

Marina Kutyepova

The article deals with optimization of activities for the education of personnel of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation. In the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation, special attention is traditionally paid to the education of employees. At the same time, the process of education is distinguished by its special content, forms and methods, and its main meaning is to improve the performance of personnel in solving professional problems. The purpose of this work is to consider the features of the implementation of a personality-oriented approach in the process of educating employees of the RF Internal Affairs Department. Subject of the research: features of the application of an individual, personality-oriented approach in the education of employees of the RF Internal Affairs Directorate. The object of the research is the directions of optimization of activities for the education of the personnel of the internal affairs bodies. The article discusses the results of an expert survey of managers and employees of various levels of educational work units (Moscow region, Smolensk region, Lipetsk region, Republic of Sakha). 36 people were respondents. It should be emphasized that a personality-oriented educational impact should have the ultimate goal of a comprehensive and holistic personal development of employees of internal affairs bodies, preparing them for better and more efficient performance of official and official duties.

10.6036/10030 ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 97 (1) ◽  
pp. 10-10

A common situation in the design of injection molds is to achieve an efficient performance in terms of heat transfer, this will allow a higher production rate with better finished parts [1]. One of the most important factors in the design is the cooling time: about 80% of the processing time is determined by it [2]. Seeking to contribute with the increase of productivity, this work presents results of simulations through the finite volume method (MVF) of the injection molding process; those results are compared with an analysis of design of experiments (DOE) with different injection conditions, revealing the study variables that are fundamental to improve the process. Thus, a statistical analysis and a computer simulation analysis are presented to identify the variables inherent to the process and recommend their values.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (6) ◽  
pp. 61-66
Yan-yan Huang

Under the background of economic globalization, the rapid development of the society and the intricate changes also require a leap in the economy and management level. For state-owned institutions, it is of great significance to maximize the enthusiasm of employees and managers as well as establish a scientific and efficient performance appraisal mechanism. This paper analyzes the existing problems and deficiencies of performance appraisal in public institutions and puts forward corresponding optimization countermeasures and plans.

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (4) ◽  
pp. 1-27
Bita Hajebi

Historical Islamic ornaments include a fantastic treasury of geometric and mathematical algorithms. Inevitably, restoration of these ornaments in periodic patterns consisting of repeated elements has been faced following and substituting the other available similar ingredients instead of vanished parts. Still, the prediction of parametric, quasi, or non-periodic patterns, where components are not identical, needs to be carried out in a more challenging process than the periodic ones due to shape, scale, or angle of rotation alteration. Intelligent restoration could facilitate the forecasting of damaged parts in such geometric patterns that an algorithm has changed their geometric characteristics. In some architectural heritage, geometric patterns include a parametric algorithm like parametric patterns in the ceiling of Sheikh Lotfollahmosque in Isfahan, Iran, and the dominant structure of Persian domes Karbandi. In this article, the aim is to propose a new method for the smart restoration of the parametric geometric patterns in which, by having access to the image of the existing patterns, the vanished parts could be reconstructed spontaneously. Our approach is based on image processing by detecting boundaries of deterioration, finding every individual element, and extracting features of detected individual patterns via Zernike moments. The order of individual patterns starts from the farthest pattern to detected deterioration. Then by creating a time series, the Back-propagation neural network would be trained by extracted features, and the vanished patterns’ features could be predicted and reconstructed. Eventually, the reconstructed and real patterns are compared to determine differences between them by mean-squared error and to evaluate the performance of our method. To validate the process, a parametric geometric pattern is designed by the assumption that some parts are disappeared. The proposed method’s results, in this case, hold an efficient performance with the accuracy of 92.99%. Furthermore, Sheikh Lotfollah’s patterns and Naseredin Mirza mansion’s patterns as two real cases are tested by the proposed method, representing reliable and suitable performance results.

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 32
Diana Perez-SanJose ◽  
Miguel Angel de la Fuente ◽  
Julia Serna Pérez ◽  
Maria Simarro ◽  
José María Eiros Bouza ◽  

Influenza viruses provide a great threat for the human population, causing highly contagious respiratory infections that can lead to serious clinical complications. There are a limited variety of influenza antivirals, and these antivirals are subjected to the constant emergence of resistances. Therefore, the development of new antiviral strategies to combat influenza viruses and other RNA viruses must be promoted. In this work, we design a proof-of-concept of a recently described CRISPR/Cas tool that has been proposed as a possible future RNA virus antiviral, named CRISPR/CasRx. For this, we verified the efficiency of the CasRx endonuclease in the degradation of the eGFP mRNA reporter gene and we established the best conditions for, and the efficient performance of, the CRISPR/CasRx system. The results were measured by fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and qRT-PCR. The analyses demonstrated a reduction in fluorescence, regardless of the amount of eGFP reporter plasmid transfected. The analyses showed an 86–90% reduction in fluorescence by flow cytometry and a 51–80% reduction in mRNA expression by qRT-PCR. Our results demonstrate that the CasRx endonuclease is an efficient tool for eGFP mRNA knockdown. Therefore, subsequent experiments could be useful for the development of a new antiviral tool.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 214-230
Dian Husri Hurasan ◽  
Muryanto Amin ◽  
Hatta Ridho

This research was motivated by the Re-Voting (PSU) and the Election Result Dispute (PHPU) lawsuit that colored the 2019 Election in Tebing Tinggi City. The performance of the Voting Organizer Group (KPPS) for the 2019 election in Tebing Tinggi City was questioned when the two problems initially stemmed from a mistake by KPPS at the polling station. To prove the performance of KPPS in Tebing Tinggi, the researcher analyzed the performance of KPPS in Kota Tebing Tinggi with 6 (six) indicators proposed by Robbins, namely: Quality, Quantity, Punctuality, Effectiveness, Independence, and work commitment. Because the performance of the organizers is part of the integrity of the election, the researcher uses the integrity theory of Frank and Martinez i Coma, which states that the performance of the organizing body can technically improve the integrity of the election and there is recognition of independence and Pippa Norris who examines the integrity of elections from the field of public management, namely examines electoral integrity using the concepts of electoral maladministration and 'good governance' which emphasizes technical capability and efficient performance, as well as electoral processes and procedures. This study found that although the Tebing Tinggi City KPPS has tried its best in carrying out its duties, the Tebing Tinggi City KPPS's performance is not good, this is due to several factors, namely: 1. Requirements regarding restrictions on serving as KPPS twice, 2. Minimal technical guidance and ineffective, 3. The logistical chaos of the 2019 election, 4. The complexity of the administration of the 2019 election, 5. The workload of the 2019 election that causes Human Error.

2021 ◽  
Maarten van Ginkel

Male homosexual preference (MHP) is present in many human societies, making up a small but significant cohort. Because homosexual mate preferences are associated with lower fecundity, many evolutionary explanations have been advanced to account for the persistence of this trait. After reviewing a number of these hypotheses and finding room for additional explanations, we propose a new hypothesis that depends on the observed greater empathy and reduced hostility of men who express MHP. This gives them a central role in the performance of groups or teams (all male and mixed) where cooperation and intra-team coherence are at a premium. In this view, teams that contain men with MHP will outcompete teams without such men, other variables being similar. The links between personality traits and team performance do not require homosexual activity within the group. The hypothesis is supported by observations of the personality traits associated with MHP, such as increased agreeableness, which is linked to the literature on team cohesion and performance in sports and other kinds of teams and groups. This novel hypothesis could be examined through direct study of team performance. The proposed hypothesis may also have relevance to better performance among the diverse teams whose efficient performance is so important in modern society.

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