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Mokhira Jurakulovna Turdieva ◽  

The article examines the existing problems in the preschool education system, ongoing reforms aimed at solving these problems, and the importance of the state program “First Step”. The advantages of organizing classes based on interactive methods in PEO are shown.

Wang Kaiwen ◽  

Belt and Road is an open regional economic cooperation system. The strategy of Belt and Road is proposed to promote economic development and trade cooperation between China and the countries along the route, and to jointly build a community of shared interests and destiny between China and the countries along the rou2te. Under the current international background of global economic integration and trade protectionism, Researching on China’s investment abroad and imports to countries along the Belt and Road has strong practical significance. This article analyzes the status quo of China's investment and imports in countries along the Belt and Road, studies the existing problems, and proposes countermeasures.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 177-186
Mega Putri ◽  
Elan Halid ◽  
Zona Rida Rahayu

In education, one of the evidences of success in the learning process is with the achievement of the test results obtained. The national exam is evaluation system of national primary and secondary education standards and quality equality inter-regional education level conducted by the Center for Educational Assessment, Ministry of National Education in Indonesia based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 20 of 2003 states that in the context of controlling the quality of education nationally, an evaluation is carried out as a form of accountability of education providers to parties who interested. Indonesian subjects are important for all students because position as the national language. Indonesian subjects have been studied starting from elementary school students up to the college level. However, this subject is still a scourge which is scary because in the evaluation it is considered that there are many trapping questions. other than that The text-based 2013 curriculum requires students to be able to understand the text before they answer the exam questions. students also have difficulty reading quickly thus spending a lot of time to solve the problem of the form of the text in exams, especially for middle school students. Guidance is needed for students in answering UN questions in order to get satisfactory results.The activities carried out in this service are making try out questions National Examination, then the implementation of the National Examination pretest, and discussion of questions the. In the discussion students are given guidance in answering exam questions National which has been prepared in advance. The implementation of the pretest the average score of students is 65 while after the guidance was carried out in the form of discussion of the UN questions so that the average score of students increased. There appears to be a significant change in student scores. They are also very enthusiastic in discussing the existing problems. They are also fighting for answer the questions discussed together.

Significance The agreement would open a market of USD1.7tn for Brazilian companies to compete for government procurement contracts internationally, but would also render them vulnerable to competition for Brazilian government contracts from foreign suppliers on equal terms. The process of negotiations is a lengthy one, as well as controversial. Impacts Accession to the GPA could facilitate Brazil’s ambition to join the OECD. Domestic companies’ lack of competitiveness within the GPA could aggravate existing problems with industrial performance. Political uncertainties surrounding the October elections could delay the pace of accession.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (3) ◽  
pp. 182-213
Michelle Cristina dos Reis Braga ◽  
Alberto de Freitas Castro Fonseca

The State is not always able to proactively improve environmental policies. Eventually, policy improvements are a result of disasters that expose pre-existing problems. This situation is reflected in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil), where, after the failures of the Fundão and B1 tailings dam, in Mariana and Brumadinho, several problems in dam safety and emergency policies were exposed. This study had a twofold objective: 1) to identify the mechanisms used by the government of Minas Gerais to improve environmental policies, and 2) to understand how the Mariana and Brumadinho’s disasters affected dam safety and emergency policies. Based on semi-structured interviews and regulatory analysis, the study revealed that the state government of Minas Gerais has been predominantly reactive in controlling environmental policies. Additionally, it was observed that the disasters catalysed a learning process that culminated in potentially better dam safety policies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 32-43
Magdalena Rembeza ◽  
Aleksandra Sas-Bojarska

In the <em>in-between </em>spaces of cities, there are many problems of various nature and scale: functional, spatial, economic, environmental, visual, and social. There are also some hidden potentials that can be activated. The aim of the article is to explore the possibilities of solving existing problems and to show the possibilities of using the potentials of <em>in-between </em>spaces with regard to the changing nature of a city. The article, of a discursive character, aims to answer the questions of whether connecting a city with public spaces can be a catalyst of changes, and what tools should be used to facilitate the flux of material factors (like goods or natural resources) and immaterial matter (e.g., ideas or cultural patterns). The new approach is based on the assumption that this would be most effective when using landscape architecture, green/blue infrastructure, artistic strategies, and universal design in public spaces. The expected result of the research is to show the purposefulness and possibilities in creating attractive and safe public areas of <em>in-between </em>spaces as an on-going micro- or macro-process of urban change on a wider scale. It was recognised that integrated actions combining the humanistic, ecological, and technical approaches could bring significant benefits to society, preventing existing problems, not only spatial and visual (changing the city directly), but above all social and environmental, having an impact on the functioning of the city from a much longer perspective. The results of the research show how the transformation process of public spaces may change the nature of the cities, improve the compactness of existing cities, and increase the quality of life. Selected case studies are presented to show the scale, scope, and benefits of possible actions.

2022 ◽  
Ilya Kolesnikov ◽  
Elena V. Afanaseva ◽  
Mikhail Kurochkin ◽  
Elena I. Vaishlia ◽  
Evgenii Kolesnikov ◽  

Abstract During last decade luminescence thermometry has become a widely studied research field due to its potential applications for real time contactless temperature sensing where usual thermometers cannot be used. Special attention is paid to the development of accurate and reliable thermal sensors with simple reading. To address existing problems of ratiometric thermometers based on thermally-coupled levels, LuVO4:Nd3+/Yb3+ thermal sensors were studied as a proof-of-concept of dual-center thermometer obtained by co-doping or mixture. Both approaches to create a dual-center sensor were compared in terms of energy transfer efficiency, relative sensitivity, and temperature resolution. Effect of excitation mechanism and Yb3+ doping concentration on thermometric performances was also investigated. The best characteristics of Sr = 0.34 % K-1@298 K and ΔT = 0.2 K were obtained for mixed phosphors upon host excitation.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
Оlena Gulac ◽  
Lyudmyla Holoviy ◽  
Tetiana Milova ◽  
Kateryna Troshkina ◽  
Yevhen Sobol ◽  

The purpose of the article is to identify existing problems in the formation and implementation of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine based on the analysis of research results of the current state of corruption in Ukraine, analysis of relevant regulations and practice of its implementation. The methodology is based on the dialectical method of scientific knowledge, as well as special research methods based on modern scientific principles of legal, political, managerial and related sciences. Results of the research. The article analyzes the current issues of state anti-corruption policy in Ukraine at the present stage. It is noted that corruption is one of the biggest problems of Ukrainian society and has a great resistance to the development of Ukraine as a state. Ukraine currently has a whole system of anti-corruption bodies, some of which perform purely anti-corruption functions, while others perform anti-corruption functions as well. At the same time, the Basic Anti-Corruption Law defines a limited list of specially authorized entities in the field of anti-corruption. It is proved that the reserve of influence of public organizations in combating corruption offenses is still poorly used by the state on the initiative of the state itself.

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 ◽  
pp. 48-59
Maria Dwi Puspasari ◽  
Adi Fahrudin ◽  
N. Oneng Nurul Bariyah

The results of the research that the author did, strengthen the theory of transformational leadership James Mac Gregor Burn. However, in this study, the author uses an approach with prophetic values. This study aims to analyze prophetic-based transformational leadership. The focus of the research is: (1). How is the prophetic-based transformational leadership strategy (2) What are the obstacles faced in solving problems (3). How to evaluate prophetic-based transformational performance. This research is qualitative research through a descriptive approach. The data was obtained by taking primary data by conducting interviews. And secondary data through literature reviews, supporting documents, archives, and observations needed by the author related to this research. Data were analyzed through data reduction, followed by data presentation and then drawing conclusions. The research was conducted at STAI Madinatul Ilmi, Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The results of the research found that; a prophetic-based transformational leadership strategy at STAI Madinatul Ilmi formulated the vision and mission to achieve the goals that have been set. determined through a SWOT analysis at STAI Madinatul Ilmi. Then nine main strategies were established, namely, the field of student affairs, improving the quality of lecturers, curriculum, facilities and infrastructure, funding, program management, learning processes, graduates as well as research and publications. Another result of this study found that the role of transformational leadership in dealing with existing problems is carried out by outlining the eight main strategies that have been set. While the implementation is carried out on a prophetic basis. Finally, results also found that evaluations that can be carried out formally or informally are carried out continuously in all fields and in all ranks at STAI Madinatul Ilmi in order to find out how far the programs have been determined have been carried out properly or not.

Thomas Payne ◽  
Gentle Wong

Hearing loss has a significant impact on quality of life, and may even compromise an individual’s ability to work and their safety – we use our hearing to constantly detect and react to environmental hazards around us. Hearing loss can have a profound impact on a person’s life. This is especially true for certain patient groups. For instance, the elderly, and those with co-existing problems that affect their ability to communicate (such as dementia, cerebrovascular disease or psychiatric disorders). Even those without co-morbidities suffer the burden of disease where communication is impaired: the young who are developing their speech and language skills and adults with language barriers or other impediments to their speech. The hearing apparatus is made up of conductive and sensorineural pathways, which may be affected by pathology, leading to deafness. This article describes the aetiology of conductive and sensorineural deafness, details the relevant clinical assessment and outlines management strategies in community practice.

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