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Hiroshi Ueda ◽  
Hideaki Maeda ◽  
Yu Suetomi ◽  
Yoshinori Yanagisawa

Abstract This paper overviews the combined effect of winding, cool-down, and screening current-induced stresses in REBCO coils. First, a simulation method to model the circumferential stress modification effect due to the screening-current is overviewed. The simulation includes coil winding, cooling down, and coil charge up to the operating current. Second, we will compare the numerical simulation results with the experimental results. The numerical simulations for a dry coil and an epoxy impregnated coil agree well with the experimental results. Third, the enhanced circumferential stress did not degrade the performance of a dry winding REBCO coil, but. the improved increased compressive stress buckled the coil structure. Finally, it is demonstrated that epoxy impregnation has beneficial effects in reducing the stress modification effect. However, the circumferential stress is enormously enhanced at the coil ends, sometimes resulting in degradation of the coil performance.

Actuators ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 23
Qingqing Wang ◽  
Qianwei Zhang ◽  
Yin Zhang ◽  
Guoan Zhou ◽  
Zhiqiang Li ◽  

As a critical component of the sugarcane harvester, the primary function of the crop dividers is to lift the lodged sugarcane (LS) and reduce the loss rate of the sugarcane harvest. In this study, a rigid-flexible coupling simulation method is proposed to improve the lifting efficiency of the crop dividers on severely LS and analyze the nature of interaction between the sugarcane stalk and the crop dividers. The model’s accuracy was verified using field experiments, and the operational performance of the crop dividers on sugarcane in different lodging postures was investigated. The results showed that the curve of the vertical height of the center (VHC) fluctuated more and slipped with highest frequency during the lifting process of side and forward LS. The speed of VHC was fastest during the lifting operation of side LS. The effect of side angle on the lifting effect of sugarcane was significant; the qualified values of the VHC of sugarcane being lifted in different lodged postures were: side and reverse lodged > side lodged > side and forward lodged. The coupling method and experimental results described in this paper can provide guidance for the optimal design and field operation of the crop dividers.

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 103
Xijie Song ◽  
Chao Liu ◽  
Zhengwei Wang

The vortex in a pump sump is a negative problem for the pump unit, which can lead to the decline of pump performance. Focusing on the internal pressure characteristics of the floor-attached vortex (FAV) and its influence on the pump unit, the FAV was analyzed adopting the previously verified numerical simulation method and experiment. The results show that the pressure in the vortex core gradually decreases with time, drops to a negative pressure at the development stage, and then reaches the lowest pressure during the continuance stage. When the negative pressure of the vortex tube is around the vaporization pressure of the continuance stage, it can cause a local cavitation at the impeller inlet. The evolution of the FAV is accompanied by a change of pressure gradient in the vortex core which is discussed in detail. This research provides theoretical guidance for a better understanding of the vortex characteristics and the optimal design for the pump.

Symmetry ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (1) ◽  
pp. 159
Xuelong Hu ◽  
Suying Zhang ◽  
Guan Sun ◽  
Jianlan Zhong ◽  
Shu Wu

Much research has been conducted on two-sided Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) control charts, while less work has been devoted to the one-sided EWMA charts. Traditional one-sided EWMA charts involve resetting the EWMA statistic to the target whenever it falls below or above the target, or truncating the observations above or below the target and further applying the EWMA statistic to the truncated samples. In order to further improve the performance of traditional one-sided EWMA mean (X¯) charts, this paper studies the performance of the Modified One-sided EWMA (MOEWMA) X¯ charts to monitor a normally distributed process. The Monte-Carlo simulation method is used to obtain the zero- and steady-state Run Length (RL) properties of the proposed control charts. Through extensive simulations and comparisons with other charts, it is shown that the proposed MOEWMA X¯ charts compare favorably with some existing competing charts. Moreover, by attaching the variable sampling intervals (VSI) feature to the MOEWMA X¯ charts, it is shown that the VSI MOEWMA charts outperform the corresponding charts without the VSI feature. Finally, a real data example from manufacturing process shows the implementation of the proposed one-sided charts.

2022 ◽  
Hadi Akbar Dahlan

[The article is written in Bahasa Malaysia] Reading habits are often associated with an increased cognitive level. However, book genre can also affect the cognitive level. This is because different book genres can be attributed to different type of knowledge and tendency towards a specific book genre can be viewed as a preference toward a specific type of knowledge. Research on Malaysian’s interest and the tendency towards book genre and type of knowledge can be investigated using the publication data of each book genre and its prices. The objective of this research is to analyze and compare the book publications and the average price of each book’s genre in Malaysia with Japan. Comparison was done based on book categorization genre strategy to 12 book genre. Based on Monte Carlo simulation method data, Malaysians are attracted to book genre on Language, literature, and science. While the Japanese are more interested in the book genre of social sciences and hobbies/art. The similarity between Malaysian and Japanese are that both societies also favors book genre of literature. However, it is possible that the themes of literary genre in Japan and Malaysia are very different. The result of this study can be used to identify the differences between Malaysian and Japanese reading habits as well as used for formulating strategies to changed Malaysian reading habits toward the style of Japanese reading habits.

Machines ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 59
Sebastian Lück ◽  
Tim Wittmann ◽  
Jan Göing ◽  
Christoph Bode ◽  
Jens Friedrichs

A mobile fuel cell systems power output can be increased by pressure amplification using an electric turbocharger. These devices are subject to frequent transient manoeuvres due to a multitude of load changes during the mission in automotive applications. In this paper, the authors describe a simulation approach for an electric turbocharger, considering the impact of moist air and condensation within the cathode gas supply system. Therefore, two simulation approaches are used: an iterative simulation method and one based on a set of ordinary differential equations. Additional information is included from turbine performance maps taking into account condensation using Euler–Lagrange CFD simulations, which are presented. The iterative calculation approach is well suited to show the impact of condensation and moist air on the steady state thermodynamic cycle and yields a significant shift of the steady state operating line towards the surge line. It is shown that a substantial risk of surge occurs during transient deceleration manoeuvres triggered by a load step.

Abstract Boundary layer turbulence in coastal regions differs from that in deep ocean because of bottom interactions. In this paper, we focus on the merging of surface and bottom boundary layers in a finite-depth coastal ocean by numerically solving the wave-averaged equations using a large eddy simulation method. The ocean fluid is driven by combined effects of wind stress, surface wave, and a steady current in the presence of stable vertical stratification. The resulting flow consists of two overlapping boundary layers, i.e. surface and bottom boundary layers, separated by an interior stratification. The overlapping boundary layers evolve through three phases, i.e. a rapid deepening, an oscillatory equilibrium and a prompt merger, separated by two transitions. Before the merger, internal waves are observed in the stratified layer, and they are excited mainly by Langmuir turbulence in the surface boundary layer. These waves induce a clear modulation on the bottom-generated turbulence, facilitating the interaction between the surface and bottom boundary layers. After the merger, the Langmuir circulations originally confined to the surface layer are found to grow in size and extend down to the sea bottom (even though the surface waves do not feel the bottom), reminiscent of the well-organized Langmuir supercells. These full-depth Langmuir circulations promote the vertical mixing and enhance the bottom shear, leading to a significant enhancement of turbulence levels in the vertical column.

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