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Vinod Gendre

Abstract: Crime is a preeminent issue where the main concern has been worried by individual, the local area and government. Wrongdoing forecast utilizes past information and in the wake of investigating information, anticipate the future wrongdoing with area and time. In present days sequential criminal cases quickly happen so it is a provoking assignment to anticipate future wrongdoing precisely with better execution. This paper examines about various wrongdoing expectation and location. A productive wrongdoing forecast framework speeds up the method involved with addressing violations.. Wrongdoing Prediction framework utilizes recorded information and examinations the information utilizing a few dissecting strategies and later can anticipate the examples and patterns of wrongdoing utilizing any of the underneath referenced methodologies. Keywords: Crime Analysis, Data Mining, Classifiaction , Clustering

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Yael Cohen-Azaria

Purpose In 2012, the Israeli Ministry of Education and its Testing and Evaluation Department introduced a new tool to evaluate the quality of kindergarten teachers’ work. This paper aims to identify how kindergarten teachers perceive the new multiple domains performance tool. Design/methodology/approach The study applied a qualitative paradigm of data collection and analysis. Data collection consisted of semi-structured in-depth interviews conducted with 36 kindergarten teachers. Findings Findings indicated that most kindergarten teachers perceive their work plan and the kindergarten climate as the most important evaluation domains, while perceiving involving parents as the least important and even an unnecessary domain. One-third of them indicated that an innovation domain should be added. Also, the kindergarten teachers perceived the use of the KT-MDPT as both positive and negative. Originality/value There is a clear dearth in scholarly literature dealing with the evaluation of the quality of kindergarten teachers’ work. This study is the first to reveal Israeli kindergarten teachers' attitudes regarding this new tool for work quality evaluation.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
Tomas Saks ◽  
Eric Pohl ◽  
Horst Machguth ◽  
Amaury Dehecq ◽  
Martina Barandun ◽  

Water resources in Central Asia strongly depend on glaciers, which in turn adjust their size in response to climate variations. We investigate glacier runoff in the period 1981–2019 in the upper Naryn basin, Kyrgyzstan. The basins contain more than 1,000 glaciers, which cover a total area of 776 km2. We model the mass balance and runoff contribution of all glaciers with a simplified energy balance melt model and distributed accumulation model driven by ERA5 LAND re-analysis data for the time period of 1981–2019. The results are evaluated against discharge records, satellite-derived snow cover, stake readings from individual glaciers, and geodetic mass balances. Modelled glacier volume decreased by approximately 6.7 km3 or 14%, and the majority of the mass loss took place from 1996 until 2019. The decreasing trend is the result of increasingly negative summer mass balances whereas winter mass balances show no substantial trend. Analysis of the discharge data suggests an increasing runoff for the past two decades, which is, however only partly reflected in an increase of glacier melt. Moreover, the strongest increase in discharge is observed in winter, suggesting either a prolonged melting period and/or increased groundwater discharge. The average runoff from the glacierized areas in summer months (June to August) constitutes approximately 23% of the total contributions to the basin’s runoff. The results highlight the strong regional variability in glacier-climate interactions in Central Asia.

Ida Nuryana

This study aims to analyze the factors that influence earnings management in automotive companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The analysis variables of earnings management practices are company size, auditor reputation, managerial ownership, institutional ownership, Financial Leverage, and the education level of the president director. The research period is 2016-2020. The sample used is purposive sampling, with as many as 18 pieces—multiple linear analysis data testing methods. The test data results obtained: simultaneously the variables of firm size, auditor reputation, managerial ownership, institutional ownership, Financial Leverage, and the education level of top directors affect Earnings Management, while partially, managerial ownership has a significant negative effect on Earnings Management. Company size, auditor reputation, institutional ownership, Financial Leverage, and education level of top directors have no consideration on Earnings Management.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
Weiyang Tao ◽  
Timothy R. D. J. Radstake ◽  
Aridaman Pandit

AbstractChanges in a few key transcriptional regulators can lead to different biological states. Extracting the key gene regulators governing a biological state allows us to gain mechanistic insights. Most current tools perform pathway/GO enrichment analysis to identify key genes and regulators but tend to overlook the gene/protein regulatory interactions. Here we present RegEnrich, an open-source Bioconductor R package, which combines differential expression analysis, data-driven gene regulatory network inference, enrichment analysis, and gene regulator ranking to identify key regulators using gene/protein expression profiling data. By benchmarking using multiple gene expression datasets of gene silencing studies, we found that RegEnrich using the GSEA method to rank the regulators performed the best. Further, RegEnrich was applied to 21 publicly available datasets on in vitro interferon-stimulation of different cell types. Collectively, RegEnrich can accurately identify key gene regulators from the cells under different biological states, which can be valuable in mechanistically studying cell differentiation, cell response to drug stimulation, disease development, and ultimately drug development.

Aditya Wisnu Putranto ◽  
Endang Suprastiwi ◽  
Ratna Meidyawati ◽  
Harry Agusnar

Abstract Objective This study aimed to analyze, evaluate, and characterize novel cement-based carboxymethyl chitosan/amorphous calcium phosphate (CMC/ACP). Materials and Methods The three cement groups studied were gypsum (Gyp), and CMC/ACP—gypsum cement-based 5% (5% CAG) and 10% (10% CAG). The groups were characterized using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), setting time, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) data. The characterization results were analyzed qualitatively, but the data for setting time were analyzed using SPSS (p < 0.05). Statistical Analysis Data were statistically analyzed. One-way analysis of variance was used to compare numerical (parametric) data between more than two separate groups followed by post hoc Tukey. Results FTIR showed phosphate groups indicate the presence of calcium phosphate in the form of amorphous (ACP) in the CMC/ACP, CMC/ACP post-milled powder, and CMC/ACP cement-based (5% CAG and 10% CAG). XRD showed no difference in the diffraction spectra among the Gyp, 5% CAG, and 10% CAG groups. SEM images revealed that the CMC/ACP cement-based groups (5% CAG and 10% CAG) showed CMC/ACP cluster filled with hollow spaces between the gypsum crystals and aggregations surrounding the gypsum crystals. The CMC/ACP showed envelopes and attached to the crystalline structures of the gypsum. Setting times of 5% CAG and 10% CAG showed significant differences compared with Gyp (p < 0.05). Conclusion The result of our study showed that CMC/ACP cement-based (5% CAG and 10% CAG) demonstrated amorphous characteristic, which can stabilize calcium ions and phosphate group (ACP). In addition, the modification of gypsum using CMC/ACP as cement-based extended the time of setting.

2022 ◽  
Youb Raj Paudyal ◽  
Netra Prakash Bhandary

Abstract The 2015 Nepal Earthquake (Mw7.8) affected more than 9,000 schools in the country. Damage distribution in the 14 most-affected administrative districts shows that the construction practices were an important determent for the level of damage extended. Use of improper construction materials, lack of construction supervision, and non-compliance with the existing building codes during design and construction probably contributed to the severe damage of most of the school buildings. Preliminary damage assessment results show that in the most-affected districts, about 86% schools were affected by the earthquake and about one million students were out of their schools for a long time. The damage survey data indicate that about 30% classrooms collapsed, about 13% classrooms sustained major damage, and about 17% classrooms sustained minor damage within the 14 districts. Such evidence of loss and damage in the earthquake disasters provides an opportunity to learn lessons for the future preparedness and to encounter the disaster challenges. Based on the damage analysis data and experience of reconstruction process after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, this paper highlights the steps to be considered during reconstruction strategy planning for school buildings after an earthquake disaster.

2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
Florian Spieckermann ◽  
Daniel Şopu ◽  
Viktor Soprunyuk ◽  
Michael B. Kerber ◽  
Jozef Bednarčík ◽  

AbstractThe atomistic mechanisms occurring during the processes of aging and rejuvenation in glassy materials involve very small structural rearrangements that are extremely difficult to capture experimentally. Here we use in-situ X-ray diffraction to investigate the structural rearrangements during annealing from 77 K up to the crystallization temperature in Cu44Zr44Al8Hf2Co2 bulk metallic glass rejuvenated by high pressure torsion performed at cryogenic temperatures and at room temperature. Using a measure of the configurational entropy calculated from the X-ray pair correlation function, the structural footprint of the deformation-induced rejuvenation in bulk metallic glass is revealed. With synchrotron radiation, temperature and time resolutions comparable to calorimetric experiments are possible. This opens hitherto unavailable experimental possibilities allowing to unambiguously correlate changes in atomic configuration and structure to calorimetrically observed signals and can attribute those to changes of the dynamic and vibrational relaxations (α-, β- and γ-transition) in glassy materials. The results suggest that the structural footprint of the β-transition is related to entropic relaxation with characteristics of a first-order transition. Dynamic mechanical analysis data shows that in the range of the β-transition, non-reversible structural rearrangements are preferentially activated. The low-temperature γ-transition is mostly triggering reversible deformations and shows a change of slope in the entropic footprint suggesting second-order characteristics.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 177-186
Dewi Maryanti Dewi

The problem with this research is the lack of application of religious values ​​among elementary school children. Purpose of this study is to describe religious values in the animated film Nussa and Rara as an alternative learning media in elementary schools. Method used in this research is content analysis. Data collection techniques were carried out by observation and documentation. This study uses the theory of Glock and Strak in analyzing the religious values contained in the animated film Nussa and Rara. The findings of this study contained five aspects in the animated film Nussa and Rara, namely aspects of belief in the existence of God, aspects of worship practices by praying and making sacrifices, aspects of experience and appreciation by feeling peaceful when praying, being afraid to sin, and being grateful to God, aspects of knowledge. by knowing the procedures for worship such as etiquette into the bathroom and neighbour's manners, behavioral aspects by doing things that Allah likes in accordance with religious rules and norms that apply in society such as maintaining cleanliness, helping, giving charity, saying sorry, being forgiving, maintaining friendship with loyal friends and togetherness. Based on the religious values contained in the animated film Nussa and Rara, it can be used as an alternative as a medium for learning literature in elementary schools to be applied in everyday life.

Wiwit Hariyanto ◽  

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the mechanism corporate governance and company characteristics to disclosure intellectual capital in pharmaceutical companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015-2020. The population of this study were pharmaceutical companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015-2020. The sample in this study was 6 pharmaceutical companies which were determined through purposive sampling. This study analyzes the company's annual report using the method content analysis. Data analysis was carried out by classical assumption test, hypothesis testing and multiple regression analysis methods. The results of this study indicate that the size of the board of commissioners, the number of meetings of the board of commissioners, and profitability have an effect partially or simultaneously on disclosure. intellectual capital. Meanwhile, independent commissioners, audit committees, number of audit committee meetings, company size, and leverage has no partial or simultaneous effect on disclosure intellectual capital.

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