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2022 ◽  
Vol 178 ◽  
pp. 106089
Margot Cooreman-Algoed ◽  
Lieselot Boone ◽  
Sue Ellen Taelman ◽  
Steven Van Hemelryck ◽  
Aurore Brunson ◽  

Sumedha Bobade ◽  
K. Vijayarani ◽  
K.G. Tirumurugaan ◽  
A. Thangavelu ◽  
S. Vairamuthu

Background: Campylobacter species are a leading cause of most important food-borne diarrhoeal illness worldwide while, poultry has been identified as a significant cause of Campylobacter infection in humans. C. jejuni is highly effective in colonizing chicken intestinal mucosa without causing any clinical manifestations and the consumption of poultry meat is the major source of transmission of bacteria to humans. Methods: The total of 19 chicken meat samples collected from retail markets in Chennai were screened by cultural examination, further subjected to phenotypic characterization using biochemical test and genotypic characterization using polymerase chain reaction assay targeting hip O and map A genes. Result: All the isolates showed growth on modified blood free charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar media (mCCDA) and 18 (94.73%) samples showed typical morphological characteristics. The 12 (63.15%) isolates showed biochemical reactions positive. The results from polymerase chain reaction showed that 10 (83.33%) isolates were positive for C. jejuni. This study suggested that, it is essential to investigate the incidence of Campylobacter jejuni infection in poultry and the risk factors at all production stages of meat production to help reducing the disease in humans in terms of food safety.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (6) ◽  
Siti Nurhadia ◽  
Hermanto Hermanto ◽  
Suwarjoyowirayatno Suwarjoyowirayatno

ABSTRACTThis study aimed to determine the effect of golden apple snail and chicken meat substitution on the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values of chicken nuggets. This study used a single factor completely randomized design (CRD), with five levels of treatment, namely P0 (0% golden apple snail meat: 50% chicken meat: 50% wheat flour), P1 (45% golden apple snail meat: 5% chicken meat: 50% flour), P2 (40% golden apple snail meat: 10% chicken meat: 50% flour), P3 (35% golden apple snail meat: 15% chicken meat: 50% flour), and P4 (30% golden apple snail meat: 52% chicken meat: 50% flour). Data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results show that the substitution treatment of golden apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata l.) and chicken meat had a very significant effect on increasing color, taste, aroma, and texture. The P1 treatment (45% golden apple snail meat; 5% chicken meat and 50% wheat flour) was the most preferred treatment by panelists with preference scores of color, aroma, texture, and taste reached 3.74 (like), 3.93 (like), 3.68 (like), and 3.68 (like), respectively. Meanwhile, the analysis of the nutritional values shows that the selected treatment contained 30.68% water, 2.44% ash, 10.24% fat, 9.04% protein, and 47.6% carbohydrates. Based on the standard of SNI 01-6638-2002, the golden apple snail and chicken meat nuggets met the quality standards on water, ash, and protein contents.Keywords: golden apple snail meat, chicken meat, nuggets.ABSTRAKPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh subtitusi keong mas dan daging ayam terhadap karakteristik organoleptik dan nilai gizi pada pembuatan nugget. Penelitian ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak lengkap (RAL) faktor tunggal, dengan lima Perlakuan P0 (daging keong mas 0% : daging ayam 50% : tepung terigu 50%), P1 (daging keong mas 45% : daging ayam 5% : tepung terigu 50%), P2 (daging keong mas 40% : daging ayam 10% : tepung terigu 50%), P3 (daging keong mas 35% : daging ayam 15% : tepung terigu 50%) dan P4 (daging keong mas 30% : daging ayam 52% : tepung terigu 50%). Data dianalisis menggunakan Analysis of Varian (ANOVA). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa perlakuan Substitusi daging keong mas (pomacea canaliculata l.) dan daging ayam berpengaruh sangat nyata terhadap peningkatan warna, rasa, aroma dan tekstur.. Perlakuan P1 (daging keong mas 45%; daging ayam 5% dan tepung terigu 50%) merupakan perlakuan yang paling disukai panelis dengan skor penilaian kesukaan terhadap warna, aroma, tekstur dan rasa berturut-turut sebesar 3,74 (suka), 3,93 (suka), 3,68 (suka), 3,68 (suka), sedangkan berdasarkan analisis nilai gizi meliputi kadar air, abu, lemak, protein dan karbohidrat berturut-turut sebesar 30,68%, 2,44%, 10,24%, 9,04% dan 47,6%. Berdasarkan standar mutu SNI 01-6638-2002 produk nugget daging keong mas dan daging ayam telah memenuhi standar mutu pada kadar air, kadar abu, dan kadar protein. Sedangkan kadar lemak dan kadar karbohidrat belum memenuhi standar mutu SNI 01-6638-2002Kata kunci: daging keong mas, daging ayam, nugget.

Laode Muh Munadi ◽  
Nuraini Nuraini ◽  
La Ode Muh Munadi ◽  
Githaria Lumanto

Abstract The best known broiler chicken meat product in urban communities is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Seeing the business opportunity, entrepreneurs in Kendari City tried to make fried chicken similar to KFC products by labeling Kendari Fried Chicken (Kendari-FC) at a relatively affordable price of Rp 8.000 per piece compared to the KFC price of Rp 15.000 per piece. This study aims to analyze the marketing prospects of Kendari-FC entrepreneurs in Kendari City. The location of the research was determined purposively with the respondents of the study being kendari-FC entrepreneurs in kendari city who were determined by census. The results showed that the income of Kendari-FC entrepreneurs in Kendari City averaged Rp 5.066.458 per month or Rp 168.882 per day with an average income of Rp 36.276 per head. Kendari-FC's marketing prospects have the potential to be developed especially in West Kendari District because the average revenue from sales of each tail is Rp 48.105.40 per head. Keywords: Income; Kendari-FC; Marketing   Abstrak Produk hasil olahan daging ayam broiler yang paling dikenal masyarakat perkotaan adalah Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Melihat peluang bisnis tersebut wirausahawan di Kota Kendari berupaya membuat ayam goreng yang mirip produk KFC dengan memberi label Kendari Fried Chicken (Kendari-FC) dengan harga relatif terjangkau yaitu Rp 8.000 per potong dibandingkan harga KFC Rp 15.000 per potong. Penelitian ini bertujuan menganalisis prospek pemasaran wirausaha Kendari-FC  di Kota Kendari. Lokasi penelitian ditentukan secara purposif dengan responden penelitian adalah wirausahawan Kendari-FC di Kota Kendari yang ditentukan secara sensus. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa pendapatan wirausahawan Kendari-FC di Kota Kendari rata-rata Rp 5.066.458 per bulan atau Rp 168.882 per hari dengan pendapatan rata-rata Rp 36.276 per ekor. Prospek pemasaran Kendari-FC berpotensi dikembangkan terutama di Kecamatan Kendari Barat karena rata-rata pendapatan dari hasil penjualan setiap ekor sebesar Rp 48.105.40. Kata kunci: Kendari-FC; Pemasaran; Pendapatan

2022 ◽  
Ayman Younes Allam ◽  
Aly Farag El Sheikha ◽  
Elham Abdelrahman Basiouny ◽  
Ahmad Abdelkaway Abdelaal

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