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Winda Permata Sari ◽  
Winda Lidyasari ◽  
Muhammad Fachrur Rozi ◽  
Yulia Andini ◽  
Agus Perdana Windarto

This study aims to determine the impact of smartphone users among the community. Smartphones also have the ability in each of its features that can help or meet the needs of its users. Smartphones have become a part of everyone's lifestyle, ranging from children, adolescents, and adults. Many people do not realize that using a smartphone has an impact on users both internally and externally. In determining the impact of smartphone users among the public, there needs to be a support system, a support system used is the Fuzzy Tsukamoto method, in the Fuzzy Tsukamoto method the writer uses 4 variables namely distance, user, time and impact to determine the impact of smartphone users.Keywords : Smartphone, Fuzzy

Azlan Zulhamsyah ◽  
Saifullah Saifullah ◽  
Muhammad Ridwan Lubis

Oil palm plantations are one of the types of plantation crops that occupy an important position in the agricultural sector in general, and the plantation sector in particular ". This is because of the many plants that produce oil or fat. Production is obtained through a process that is quite long and full of risk. Here the author applies a Backpropagation method in which the method is part of supervised learning that is usually used for layers to determine the weights associated with neurons in the hidden layer. Which Backpropagation method will be virtualized into matlap program and will produce valid calculations. From the results of testing the Palm Oil Planting Year Production Report obtained in the 3-8-8-1 architecture which shows the target is reduced by the output jst that SSE 0.02976 which shows that there is an increase in the number of palm oil production as a target. From the data obtained, that the performance calculation of artificial neural networks with Backpropagation Algorithm is 67%.Keywords: Backpropagation, Oil Palm Plantations, Palm Oil Production, The Marjandi Garden Unit

Riski Yanti ◽  
Agus Perdana Windarto ◽  
Suhada Suhada

This study aims at what factors influence the value of Student GPA in StikomTunas Bangsa Pematangsiantar. Data used is obtained by giving questionnaires to students of STIKOM Tunas Bangsa Pematangsiantar. With alternatives used, namely curriculim, intelligence, absenteeism, and value. While the criteria used are the names of respondents who answer a question. The method used in this study is Electre II. From the results of the ELECTRE II calculation, the third alternative A3 is obtained as the first rank, A2 as the second rank, A4 as the third rank, and A1 as the last alternative. It is hoped that this research can be used by the education as teaching material for the students' academic success and progress.Keywords: Students, GPA,  Decision Support System, ELECTRE II

Rohima Ritonga

Varicella-zoster is a virus that can cause varicella and shingles. This disease is referred to as chicken pox because bubbles or boils that form on the skin when it bursts out with water. This disease is very easy to spread to others, especially children who have never been exposed to varicella-zoster. The spread of this virus occurs through the air and direct contact with sufferers The expert system is one branch of AI that makes broad users specific to solving expert human-level problems. Varicella zoster is a virus that can cause varicella and shingles. The resulting software is able to diagnose certainty value calculations using the Dempster-Shafer method, using a visual basic programming language that can act like an expert. This system can be used as a consultation media.Keywords:  Expert System, Varicella Zoster, Dempster Shafer

Bambang Riyanto

The health office is in charge of instructing and registering diarrhea sufferers in each region, then the area will be evaluated which areas are most affected by diarrhea. And checking directly into the field revealed that the most basic cause was about the unclean environment such as trenches that were too much garbage, causing floods during the rainy season. The health office also encourages the community to always maintain environmental cleanliness and familiarize people to always wash their hands with soap before eating and after cleaning with simple things like this is expected to help reduce diarrhea sufferers in the city of Medan. K-Medoids Clustering is clustering algorithm which is similar to K-Means. The difference between these two algorithms is the K-Medoids or PAM algorithm uses the object as a representative (medoid) as the center of the cluster for each cluster, while the K-Means uses the mean (mean) as the center of the cluster.Keywords: Diarrhea, Service office, Data mining, K-Medoids Algorithm

Mardiki Supriadi ◽  
L. Virginayoga Hignasari

Educators use various methods to explain the material so that learning objectives can be achieved, one of the methods is by utilizing learning media. The purpose of using learning media in learning activities is to facilitate communication and learning. The use of media in learning activities aims to attract the attention of students and strengthen their concentration when receiving material from educators.The development of virtual reality media is an effort to realize educational goals. One of the success of learning lies in the ability of students' learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are very important for students as a benchmark of the extent to which students understand the material delivered by educators. Virtual reality media make learning outcomes the basis of development. The purpose of this study is to produce products in the form of virtual reality media to improve learning outcomes of elementary school students.This research is a development research with 4D development model from Thiagarajan. This development model consists of the stages define (design), design (design), develop (development), and disseminate (deployment). The research and development stage is carried out until the disseminate stage with the publication of articles and a trial process to students which is done on a limited basis. Data collection instruments in the form of a questionnaire distributed to experts in the material, media, and field application.Student learning outcomes of the experimental class and the control class can be concluded that the virtual reality-based learning media used in the experimental class are stated to be more effective and can improve student learning outcomes by a percentage of 100% while the control class gets 77.3%.Keywords: learning media, virtual reality, learning outcomes

Anggi Eryzha ◽  
Solikhun Solikhun ◽  
Eka Irawan

Smartphones are a primary need for all upper class and lower class people. As these needs are many smartphone vendors that offer different prices, features, systems and technologies at competitive prices. Many people want specifications that are capable but limited in financial terms. This causes smartphone users not to be able to make the right choice according to their needs because the frequent selection of smartphones is based on prestige and consumer consumptive behavior. The TOPSIS method is a multicriteria method used to identify solutions from alternative sets based on simultaneous minimization of the ideal point distance and maximizing the distance from the lowest point. The expected results can be input to potential smartphone buyers in accordance with their finances and qualified specifications.Keywords: Decision Support System, Topsis Method, Smartphone.

Ika Septi Mahdia ◽  
Solikhun Solikhun ◽  
M. Fauzan

Oil palm plants are plantation crops that are cultivated and require intensive care, oil palm seeds are a major factor in the success of oil palm plantation cultivation. Quality palm oil seedlings will provide satisfactory yields, oil palm seedlings should be obtained with superior seed selection and good maintenance, in nurseries carried out by following the existing stages, oil palm plantations are long-term business and maintenance of oil palm seeds must be be considered and managed with incentives to ensure optimal production and business results in the future. This study aims to determine quality oil palm seeds in PTPN IV Bah Jambi Plantation. In the nursery is carried out by following the existing stage, this research uses Decision Support System (SPK) Profile Matching method. This method can be used to solve semi-structured problems by calculating consistency using the Profile Matching method, if consistent values are generated consistently can be used as a reference for ranking quality oil palm seeds in PTPN IV Bahjambi Plantation. For the results of the research it can be produced that it is easier to recommend oil palm seedlings and be an input to the plantation in recommending the best oil palm seeds.Keywords: Palm oil seeds, Decision Support System, Profile Matching

Nanda Erlangga ◽  
Solikhun Solikhun ◽  
Irawan Irawan

Corn needs are currently experiencing a fairly rapid development can be seen in terms of the domestic market, here researchers want to increase the productivity and quality of corn production. The data that will be used is the data from the Central Statistics Agency. The method in this study is the K-means clustering algorithm and the application used is Rapidminer which will be grouped into 2 clustering, namely high and low. The results of this study are 2 high level cluster provinces, 32 low level cluster provincesKeywords: Corn, Data mining, K-means Clustering c

Sinta Maulina Dewi ◽  
Agus Perdana Windarto ◽  
Dedy Hartama

In the current era of globalization, developments in various fields of business are accelerating. Both in the culinary field and other fields. One of the most sought after business developments is in the field of counters or credit sales. UD.Selamat Selular was founded in 2010, which only has a small shop with no employees to date which has more than 20 employees. This business continues to develop in ever-increasing business competition. Therefore a sales strategy is needed so that it is not inferior to other trading businesses. In this research, it is necessary to test the previous data in order to find out the right sales strategy using Naïve Bayes. The data collection method was conducted by questionnaire and interview with a questionnaire of 160 respondents. From the results of this study it can be concluded that the model formed using the Naïve Bayes algorithm produces an algorithm of 0.650 so that it is classified as Excellent Classification.Keywords: Datamining, Naïve Bayes, Sales Strategy.

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