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Dr. Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi ◽  
Dr. Anjali Raj Westwood

Gender equality is integral to a universities’ strategy and agenda. However, there is a gap when looking through the lens of shared parental leave (SPL) or breastfeeding. This research investigates the causal relationship between SPL, breastfeeding, and workplace support. A survey targeting women working in UK Higher Education Institutions was conducted between February and July 2021, and 49 completed responses were recorded. Women reported knowledge of SPL but not all workplaces were offering SPL, it wasn’t easily accessible and often too complex to understand. Breastfeeding policies and workplace resources were minimal. Lack of breastfeeding support on return to work affected women’s decision to take SPL. Recommendations include the creation of more accessible policies (SPL and breastfeeding), providing examples of parents who have utilized SPL, dissemination of information on SPL and breastfeeding when women announce their pregnancy and on return to work, and adequate resources in the workplace to support breastfeeding mothers.

Maciej Zweiffel

“Digital-first” seems to be a crucial idea of our time. From the practical, economic, and even ecological point of view printed books are not the best solution. But still, this practice exists. This survey aims to answer, why in the digital environment occurs the textual niche. Is it a kind of relic or something which is deeply connected with human reading comprehension and the quality of text experience? To solve this problem will be used case study and cognitive methods. The crucial question for the presented paper is whether printed (codex) books and their reading means a form of distributing texts which will be progressively declining under pressure in the digital revolution (Q1). To answer this question, it is necessary to describe the current situation of traditional printing and also raise the question of printed documents especially printed and codex books have any features which cannot be replaced by online publishing (Q2). In the second question, one should take into account the cultural and subjective context of reading or possessing printed books.

Sugeng Sutrisno

Law enforcement in the Military Court System in the settlement of criminal cases committed by TNI soldiers is seen as not yet fully guaranteeing legal protection for the rights of suspects, this is due to the absence of a control agency that oversees the actions of law enforcement officers in carrying out their duties and authorities as is the case in the system. General Court. This condition should not drag on indefinitely, because it will affect the law enforcement process and harm the suspect to fight for his rights to obtain justice which results in human rights violations (TNI soldiers). The purpose of the establishment of the Pretrial Institution is as stated in the Elucidation of Article 80 of the Criminal Procedure Code which states that this article intends to uphold law, justice, and truth through horizontal supervision. Settlement of criminal cases in Indonesia in addition to the Code of Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP) which applies to civil society, we also recognize the existence of the Military Criminal Procedure Code which is regulated in Law Number 31 of 1997 concerning Military Courts, namely the law that regulates the procedure for resolving criminal cases. a criminal case committed by a TNI soldier. The Law on Military Courts includes the provisions of the litigation process (Military Criminal Procedure Law) starting from the investigation stage, submission of cases, the examination process at trial to the implementation of decisions. 31 of 1997 does not regulate pretrial. In several cases in the Military Court where a suspect was detained without a warrant for detention or was late in obtaining a warrant for detention, therefore such actions may conflict with the principles applicable in the provisions of criminal law so that they do not respect the position of the suspect as a creature created by God, even the act can lead to human rights violators. Therefore, in the military justice system in Indonesia, pretrial institutions are needed as a form of horizontal external supervision.

Gautam Nayer, Ph.D.* ◽  
Luis Perez-Feliciano, Ph.D. ◽  
Michael Adams, Ph.D.

In the United States, prisoner reentry programs are a necessity to re-integrate back into society and are of two types: Faith and Non-Faith. With increased emphasis placed on reforming the criminal justice system policies due to Black Lives Matter and other non-profits actively working to change the system from the outside, reentry programs are having a resurgence of interest for effective public policy. There are significant barriers for major policies at the state, local, and federal to be alleviated, nevertheless, our research wanted to consider the effectiveness of five faith-based, male-only reentry programs in central Florida. Small focus groups were utilized to better understand the concerns and issues returning inmates faced in the program as well as when returning to society. Reentry participants were found to have high confidence in the success of their participation in their faith-based program’s efforts on their personal and family growth.

Nguyen Thu Thuy ◽  
Nguyen Quang Hop

With 450 questionnaires, the authors used SPSS software to analyze and found that the researched factors all had a positive impact on the development of community tourism services in Ha Giang province. In particular, the degree of influence on the development of CBT services in Ha Giang province in the order of importance is as follows: The level of organization and management of the tourism industry (QL), The participation of the community in the development of community tourism (TG), Tourism Resources (TN), Infrastructure Development (HT), Human Resource Training Development (NL). This result is the basis for us to choose appropriate solutions to improve the quality of community tourism services in Ha Giang province in the future.

Jacques Lwaboshi Kayigema

Proper names, also linguistically called toponyms and anthroponyms, embed extensive sociolinguistic, cultural, and historical aspects in the life of any nation. Thus, they have caught the researcher’s attention because of the cultural and historical heritage they preserve in the context of language contact. From one place to another, and one specific period to another, anthroponyms and toponyms offer a wide range of research because of the scientific curiosity researchers have as to know why the name of a person or place exists, where it comes from, who named it, and when it was named so. In other words, the research is carried within spatial and temporal scope. Anthroponymy is the study of proper names of human beings, both individual and collective, while toponymy is the study of proper names of places. This paper aims at showing how place and person names embed cultural and historical features necessary to understand, explain, and preserve a people’s culture and history for a given period. The method used to research this topic is descriptive and it is based on the materials observed from various sources such as street names, hoardings, individual names, just to name a few. Therefore, this study focuses on specific topologies and periods, i.e. names denoting locations where the Rwandan territory has extended in the precolonial, colonial, postcolonial periods, and post-genocide periods.

Greg-Victor Obi

This study investigates how female and male workers perceive feelings of Psychological Empowerment (PE), using respondents from two different countries with dissimilar cultural power dynamics. Two hundred ten non-managerial bank workers from Nigeria and the United States were selected for this study. A comparative quantitative method was used for this study. Statistical analyses were performed using both spreadsheets and SPSS. My key research question is designed to determine if there are differences in how female and male employees perceive Psychological Empowerment. Data analysis indicates that in both countries combined, and individually, there is a statistically significant difference in the perception of PE between the female and male respondents. Hence, I propose that the first step toward achieving power equity amongst both genders is to first understand how women and men perceive empowerment at a personal level (Psychological Empowerment).

Charles Keim ◽  
Yonatan Reshef

We analyze the language used by two consecutive British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) presidents, Susan Lambert and Jim Iker, during two collective bargaining sessions that pitted the BCTF against the British Columbia (BC) government and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA). Our study analyzes how gender language differences if they indeed exist, are manifested during critical moments that require strong leadership. Language is a critical resource for leaders, who use it to define issues, assign motives and inspire action, and portray themselves as people of power and consequence. Both women and men can employ a variety of linguistic strategies and the linguistic decisions that male and female leaders make provide a window onto if and how gender may be manifested by those in power and how they use language to present themselves as effective leaders. In this paper, we explore whether and how gender influences the linguistic choices of a male and female union leader during times of conflict.

Andi Runis ◽  
Dedy Samsul Arifin ◽  
Arifuddin Masud ◽  
Ummy Kalsum

This study aims to empirically examine the factors that influence Financial Distress in Property and Real Estate Companies. This study was tested with four independent variables, namely Liquidity (Current Ratio), Leverage (Debt Equity Ratio), Firm Size (ln of Total Assets), and Profitability (Return on Assets) using purposive sampling technique the authors chose seventeen companies as samples. This study uses panel data analysis obtained from financial reports and Annual Reports for 5 years. This study uses secondary data with the help of the Eviews 9 application. The results found that the Leverage Variable (Debt Equity Ratio) has a positive and significant influence on Financial Distress while Liquidity (Current Ratio), Company Size (ln of Total Assets), and Profitability Variables (Return). on Assets) has a negative and significant effect on Financial Distress.

Aditya Prasad Sahoo Sahoo ◽  
Dr Yajnya Dutta Nayak

Accountants have embraced the emission of automation over many years to get better the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. But technology has not been able to replace the need for expert knowledge and decision-making. Earlier generations of ‘intelligent systems have usually demonstrated the progressing power of human expertise and the restrictions of machines. In the upcoming decades, intelligent systems must take over more and better decision-making tasks from humans. While accountant has been using technology for a lot of years to improve what they do and deliver more value to businesses, this is an opportunity to reimagine and radically improve the quality of business and investment decisions which is the ultimate purpose of the profession. Accountants, as expert decision-makers, use both ways of thinking they apply their knowledge to specific situations to make reasoned decisions, although also make quick intuitive decisions based on extensive experience in their field. Today, AI is being used for image recognition, object identification, detection, classification, and automated geophysical feature detection. These are underlying tasks that once required the input of a human. Focusing on how artificial intelligence will impact accountants, AI will very soon help the organization to automate much of the routine and repetitive activities that are undertaken on a daily, weekly or annual basis. It will also help the organization to empower quick decision-making to create smart insights examine huge quantities of data with ease.

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