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2022 ◽  
Vol 21 (1) ◽  
Seth Bush ◽  
Ashley Calloway ◽  
Emily Bush ◽  
Ed Himelblau

In the Learn By Doing Lab, STEM majors teach hands-on science to third- through eighth-grade students visiting the campus. Participants develop confidence in their ability to teach science and a more positive view of the teaching profession. Participants recognize that the experience builds 21st-century competencies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 533-544
Anwar Hammad

<p style="text-align: justify;">This study aims at identifying the level of psychological and professional stress in light of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. It adopted descriptive and analytical methodologies. Two scales were prepared: one scale for psychological and professional stress and the other for coping with psychological and professional pressures. The study sample consisted of 608 female teachers at public schools in Al-Kharj province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The results show a moderate level of psychological and professional stresses. The findings show statistically significant differences in teaching experience variable. The differences were in favour of female teachers with experience of less than 5 years. However, no statistically significant differences were found on the variable of academic qualification. It was found that female teachers had followed strategies to cope with psychological and professional stresses including resorting to faith, connecting with other teachers and students, planning different strategies, seeking help from others and managing time. The study recommends arranging training courses for female teachers to develop remote teaching skills and using various technologies and applications in this field particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.</p>

2022 ◽  
Hideaki Ikoma ◽  
Shu Kawaguchi ◽  
Atsushi Moriwaki

The Mordell conjecture (Faltings's theorem) is one of the most important achievements in Diophantine geometry, stating that an algebraic curve of genus at least two has only finitely many rational points. This book provides a self-contained and detailed proof of the Mordell conjecture following the papers of Bombieri and Vojta. Also acting as a concise introduction to Diophantine geometry, the text starts from basics of algebraic number theory, touches on several important theorems and techniques (including the theory of heights, the Mordell–Weil theorem, Siegel's lemma and Roth's lemma) from Diophantine geometry, and culminates in the proof of the Mordell conjecture. Based on the authors' own teaching experience, it will be of great value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in algebraic geometry and number theory, as well as researchers interested in Diophantine geometry as a whole.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Aman Gupta ◽  
Ana Janic ◽  
Joshua Thomson

Objectives. The March 2020 lockdown mandated institution closures and forced educators to provide remote instruction. We intended to gain an in-depth and holistic understanding of dental faculty’s experience and perceptions during this mandatory shift. Insights were gathered in 6 key areas: prior remote instruction experience; magnitude of transition and frequency of instruction methods used; training received; preferred teaching methods based on how they promote student learning, interaction, engagement, and performance; social impact; and future of teaching. Methods. An anonymous QualtricsXM survey was distributed to all dental faculties at University of Detroit Mercy in May 2020. Data was collected over a three-week period and analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Statistics 26 (IBM; Armonk, New York, USA). Pearson chi-squared test and Fisher’s exact test were used to evaluate categorical data. Results. Out of the 30 participants who transitioned to online remote instruction, 16 (53.3%) reported an age between 30 and 49 years and 14 (46.7%) reported ≥50 years of age. Our analysis revealed that faculty in 30–49-year age range had no prior online synchronous teaching experience. The transition was described as interesting, useful, time-consuming, and challenging. In-person live teaching received highest number of first place rankings (50%), and online asynchronous method received highest number of last place rankings (42.86%). Faculties in >50 year age range expressed maximum satisfaction with online small-group discussions, and those in 30–49 years age group were more satisfied with one-on-one online discussion. Conclusion. Our study finds that the faculty tends to gravitate to online methods that are similar to or mimic their past in-person teaching environment. Forced remote instruction gave new content delivery experiences to faculties of all ranges of age and experience in teaching. This exposure is likely to result in a more widespread adoption of a variety of instructional methods in future. Our study strongly suggests that traditional in-person instruction is the preferred method for delivery of content and is likely better for student learning. Majority of the faculties believed that the future of dental education would be a mix of both in-class and online instruction. In summer and fall 2021, our institution adopted hybrid, flexible models for didactic instruction to allow students the opportunity to digest content in their preferred method. Careful planning and systematic, continued training will be required to enhance technological skills and to incorporate newer models into didactic and clinical instruction. For the success of blended learning, courses will need redesigning of assessment methods, commitment, and support from administrators.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 767
Maria Magdalena Isac ◽  
Wanda Sass ◽  
Jelle Boeve-de Pauw ◽  
Sven De Maeyer ◽  
Wouter Schelfhout ◽  

This study builds on a research-practitioner partnership embedded within an education for sustainable development (ESD) project and aims to explore the major potential challenges (i.e., disciplinary boundaries set by subject specialization, especially in secondary education) and success factors (i.e., teacher co-learning experiences in ESD) associated with differences in teachers’ professional action competence (PACesd) in a sample of 557 in-service teachers in primary and secondary schools in Flanders, Belgium. The study employed a recently validated PACesd measurement instrument and involved quantitative data analysis in a structural equation modelling framework. The results show that primary education teachers tend to report higher PACesd levels compared to their peers in secondary education. Moreover, regardless of educational level, gender and teaching experience, all teachers participating in a working group or a learning community in ESD are more likely to show higher levels of PACesd. Implications of the findings, limitations and directions for future research are discussed.

2022 ◽  
Rafat Y. Alwazna

The present paper addresses translation teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak, seeking to discover the challenges translation teachers encounter in online education and the solutions available to resolve them. Its importance springs from the fact that teaching almost all over the world had to depend on distant teaching/learning through electronic platforms to face the pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, the present study seeks to discover the challenges encountered in online translation teaching and the proposed solutions to overcome them. It intends to answer the following questions: how does teaching translation during the COVID-19 outbreak look like? What are the challenges encountered in teaching translation during the COVID-19 outbreak? What are the discoveries found in teaching translation during the COVID-19 outbreak that may serve as advantages/solutions for the challenges faced? The paper uses a comprehensive questionnaire containing closed-ended and open-ended questions to elicit quantitative and qualitative data from sixty translation teachers. The data shows that 40% of the participants evaluate their online translation teaching experience during the COVID-19 outbreak as enjoyable. In contrast, no participant has assessed their online translation teaching experience as not good. About 23.33% of the participants consider their online translation teaching experience very good, and the same percentage applies to those who evaluate their online translation teaching experience as good to some extent. Thus, around 13.33% of the participants consider their online translation teaching experience good. The data also indicates that most participants have encountered obstacles in online teaching and have concurrently proposed solutions to resolve them.

Jurnal Elemen ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-15
Enditiyas Pratiwi ◽  
A.Wilda Indra Nanna ◽  
Dedi Kusnadi ◽  
Irianto Aras ◽  
Dian Kurniati ◽  

The teacher’s attitude towards mathematics teaching is seen as an essential factor in forming students’ attitudes towards mathematics. However, no one has extensively described the reflection of teachers’ self-confidence in teaching mathematics, especially for novice primary teachers. Therefore, the purpose of this study sought to describe a reflection of the self-confidence attitude of novice primary teachers in teaching mathematics. A questionnaire based on novice primary teachers’ teaching experience was administered to a total of 28 novice primary teachers (N = 22 males, N = 6 females) conveniently selected to participate in the study reported in this article. The semi-structured interviews data explored novice primary teachers’ reflections on the given questionnaire scale items. The qualitative data obtained from semi-structured interviews informed the quantitative information extracted from the questionnaires. The results showed that the reflection of the self-confidence attitude of novice primary teachers in low, moderate, and high participants on the scale of confidence in teaching mathematics raises three essential findings, specifically (1) ability on content knowledge, (2) ability to explain, and (3) ability in classroom management. The resulting reflection in low, moderate, and high participants on the scale was an attitude toward success in teaching mathematics, namely, the appraisal of others, and on the scale, the usefulness of mathematics teaching, namely the ability to understand the usefulness of mathematics.

2022 ◽  
Martin Buntinas

Functional analysis deals with infinite-dimensional spaces. Its results are among the greatest achievements of modern mathematics and it has wide-reaching applications to probability theory, statistics, economics, classical and quantum physics, chemistry, engineering, and pure mathematics. This book deals with measure theory and discrete aspects of functional analysis, including Fourier series, sequence spaces, matrix maps, and summability. Based on the author's extensive teaching experience, the text is accessible to advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students. It can be used as a basis for a one-term course or for a one-year sequence, and is suitable for self-study for readers with an undergraduate-level understanding of real analysis and linear algebra. More than 750 exercises are included to help the reader test their understanding. Key background material is summarized in the Preliminaries.

Belinda G. Gimbert ◽  
Ryan R. Kapa

Teacher turnover is widely understood to be among the most pressing challenges facing the American public education system. Who and where are the mid-career teachers who choose to stay in the profession? Why do they stay? Researchers need to attend to these questions to inform both national dialogue and local actions regarding how to retain and sustain mid-career teachers who positively impact student learning. This quantitative study explored mid-career teachers’ responses to the 2015–2016 National Teacher and Principal Survey to ascertain if certain demographic factors (e.g., race, school location) and school climate and teacher attitudinal factors (e.g., job satisfaction, career pathway and opportunities, support from administrators and/or sources beyond school leaders and colleagues, and influence over school policy) affect a mid-career teacher’s decision to remain in the teaching profession. Findings indicate that mid-career teachers (5 to 20 years of teaching experience) in a secondary setting are significantly more likely to intend to stay in the profession than their peers in an elementary setting, and non-White mid-career teachers (Black/African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders, and Native American/Alaskan Native) than their White peers, respectively. Suburban mid-career teachers are more likely to express a desire to remain in the profession than their counterparts in urban, town, and rural settings. Related to the climate and attitudinal factors, mid-career teachers with more positive perceptions of school climate are more likely to remain in the profession. The most important factor in mid-career teacher retention is the teacher’s level of satisfaction with workplace conditions that directly impact teaching.

2022 ◽  
Jia-Ming Liu

Suitable for both graduate and senior undergraduate students, this textbook offers a logical progression through the underlying principles and practical applications of nonlinear photonics. Building up from essential physics, general concepts, and fundamental mathematical formulations, it provides a robust introduction to nonlinear optical processes and phenomena, and their practical applications in real-world devices and systems. Over 45 worked problems illustrate key concepts and provide hands-on models for students, and over 160 end-of-chapter exercises supply students with plenty of scope to master the material. Accompanied by a complete solutions manual for instructors, including detailed explanations of each result, and drawing on the author's 35 years of teaching experience, this is the ideal introduction to nonlinear photonics for students in electrical engineering.

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