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Family Forum ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 ◽  
pp. 253-266
Nataša Rijavec Klobučar

Divorce is a stressful event often combined with spouse conflict which significantly affects the way children experience the consequences of family reorganization. Various factors contribute to the impact of divorce on child development, one of the most decisive being the quality of parental relationship prior to, during and after divorce. The article addresses one main question how spouses’ conflict during the process of divorce is intertwined with a child’s experience.   Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 adult children (7 men and 13 women)  from divorced families. Adults ranged in age 21 to 42 years old.  Five to twenty years passed from their parents’ divorce. The results show that in the cases of violent parents’ relationships or family relationships with addiction prior to divorce, the participants experienced relief when the nuclear family dissolved; however, in most cases conflict between parents persisted after divorce, the child being torn between both parents. When the conflict between the parents is combined with various addictions, the consequences for the child are even more devastating. In most cases, children were left to themselves. The findings of this study can therefore contribute to creating various forms of educational, consulting, or therapeutic help.

2022 ◽  
Syed Farhat Jahara ◽  
Abbas Hussein Abdelrady

Arabs often mispronounce many sounds of English due to a lack of exposure to English as a foreign language. This research article focuses on pronunciation problems encountered by Arab undergraduate EFL learners. It uses questionnaires, recorded speech samples, and pronunciation tests as part of its methodology to analyze learners’ performance orally through repetition drills to help participants articulate the sounds of English through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Learning Management System. This research emphasizes the main question on the common problems encountered by EFL undergraduates with pronunciation skills. The study aims to train the students with pronunciation tests and phonemic inventory by repetition and imitation to overcome pronunciation miscues and fossilized miscues to enhance their pronunciation. This study is significant because it proposes feasible pedagogical techniques for imparting English sounds and initiating the learners to produce and acquire sounds more accurately, which will help Arab undergraduate EFL learners with their pronunciation problems. To achieve this goal, it proposes feasible pedagogical techniques to impart sounds of English and initiate the learners to produce and acquire sounds more accurately. One of the main findings of this research revealed that our EFL undergraduates have improved in their pronunciation through constant motivation and willingness to participate in the designed tests through Blackboard. Recommendations for further research would be on phonological awareness as an aid in learning EFL

2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (2) ◽  
pp. 156-178
د. شمس الدين اسماعيل محمد نور عثمان

The study aimed to know the role of strategic management in achieving competitive advantage in Al Baraka Bank, as the study problem was represented in the main question, is there a role for strategic management in achieving competitive advantage in Al Baraka Bank, the study relied on the descriptive analytical approach and the study was applied to a sample consisting of (180) questionnaires. Analyzed by the Statistical Analysis Program (SPSS) through a set of statistical methods, the study found a set of strong correlations between strategic management and achieving competitive advantage, and there is a positive statistically significant relationship between the message in achieving competitive advantage in Al Baraka Bank, the study found a number of results, including The bank under study analyzes the internal and external environment in a scientific manner and on an ongoing basis, implements the strategy laid down in accordance with accurate interim plans and with the participation of all parties from the senior management and employees. It should include attention to achieving competitive advantage, when evaluating the strategy should be e There are clear criteria, including criteria for measuring competitive advantage, from proposals for future research.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Juergen Budde ◽  
Christina Witz ◽  
Maika Böhm

As digital media becomes more central to the lives of adolescents, it also becomes increasingly relevant for their sexual communication. Sexting as an important image-based digital medium provides opportunities for self-determined digital communication, but also carries specific risks for boundary violations. Accordingly, sexting is understood either as an everyday, or as risky and deviant behavior among adolescents. In the affectedness of boundary violations gender plays an important role. However, it is still unclear to what extent digital sexual communication restores stereotypical gender roles and restrictive sexuality norms or, alternatively, enables new spaces of possibility. In this sense, current research points to a desideratum regarding adolescents’ orientations toward sexting as a practice between spaces of possibility and boundary violations. This paper discusses the possibilities, but also the risks, of intimate digital communication among adolescents. The main question is, how adolescents themselves perceive sexting practices and how they position themselves between both spaces for possibility and for the exchange of unwanted sexual content. For this purpose, orientations toward normalities and gender of students are reconstructed. To answer these questions, twelve single-sex, group discussions were carried out with students aged 16 and 17 at five different secondary schools in northern Germany. A total of 20 boys and 22 girls took part. The group discussions were structured by a narrative generating guideline. The analysis draws its methodology from the Documentary Method, regarding implicit and explicit forms of knowledge and discourse. It results in a typology of three types with different orientations. The study shows, that most of the students consider sexting to be a risky practice; only one type shows normality in the use of sexting. At the same time, some of the young people are interested in experimenting with image-based intimate digital communication. Further, gender differences in use and affectedness are also documented. In this way, orientations toward gender stereotypes “favor” both the attribution of responsibility to girls, and overlook the responsibility of students who perpetrated the boundary violation. The orientations of adolescents should be taken more into account in research as well as in educational programs for the prevention of sexual violence.

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
Afework Tsegaye ◽  
Cuiling Guo ◽  
Gijsbert Stoet ◽  
Renata Cserjési ◽  
Gyöngyi Kökönyei ◽  

Abstract Background Recent studies suggest that higher Body Mass Index (BMI) is associated with reduced inhibitory control in contexts of palatable food. However, due to limitations of previous studies, it remained the question whether this reduction is specific to food contexts, and whether it generalizes to other contexts of reward, such as money. This main question was addressed in the current study. In addition, we explored the effect of maladaptive eating and stress regarding inhibitory control across the contexts that differed in terms of reward. Methods In total, 46 participants between 19 and 50 years old (39% males and 61% females) with an average BMI of 23.5 (SD = 3.9) participated. Participants filled out questionnaires and performed a go/no-go task (indexing inhibitory control) with three conditions (neutral, food, and money condition). Results Relatively high (above median) BMI was associated with challenged inhibitory control in the food relative to the neutral context, but not in the money relative to neutral context. Explorative analyses suggested that maladaptive eating and stress were associated with reduced inhibitory control in the food context. Only rumination was associated with reduced inhibitory control in the money context. Conclusions The effects of BMI, maladaptive eating behavior, and stress on inhibitory control were specific to the food context, and did not generalize to a non-intrinsic reward condition, operationalized with money pictures. Our results imply that (research on) interventions directed at improving inhibitory control in relation to overweight and obesity, should consider food-reward context.

2022 ◽  
Vol 951 (1) ◽  
pp. 012094
Juanda ◽  
M Muzaifa ◽  
Martunis ◽  
T Wahyuningsih

Abstract The Indonesian plantation sector plays an important role in the overall national economy. The development of coffee processing methods into a variety of products, including the relatively new product Gayo wine coffee, will provide added value for farmers. However, the main question that is often asked about relatively new ventures is how viable they are. Thus, a techno-economic analysis of Gayo wine-coffee processing facility development was aimed to answer how viable is the business to ensure sustainability. The results of this research are expected to add scientific information regarding the feasibility study of developing a sustainable Gayo wine-coffee processing facility. The research was conducted in Aceh Tengah District by conducting a comparative study to a micro-scale wine coffee producer in the location, the Syukran Kopi Wine processing facility. Analysis of the facility development was more focused on the technological and financial aspects. The research results considered that Aceh Tengah District is very suitable as a location for a wine coffee factory to minimize the purchasing costs. Moreover, the process of wine coffee production is more difficult than the process of common coffee production. However, the Gayo wine-coffee processing facility uses semi-modern technology like the common coffee processing facility. Besides, all financial indicators meet the financial feasibility criteria for five years economic life of the project. Sensitivity analysis also shows that in both scenarios, all financial indicators still meet the financial feasibility criteria, although decreasing the benefit make a higher impact on most values of the investment criteria than increasing the operational cost.

2022 ◽  
pp. 694-712
Hossein Adibi

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is considered to be the second greatest reform in healthcare in Australia after the introduction of Medicare in Australia in 1983. This reform was introduced in 2012 in two phases. The first phase as a trial took place for three years. The expectation was that the reform will be rolled out by 2019 or 2020. This article argues that the trial implementation process has achieved very positive outcomes in the lives of a great number of people with disability in Australia. At the same time, NDIS is facing many serious challenges in some areas. One of the obvious challenges is that this reform is a market approached reform. The second challenge relates to meeting the needs of minorities. People with disabilities from Culturally and Linguistically Divers (CALD) backgrounds are one of the five most venerable, underutilised users of NDIS services in Australia. They have no strong voice and negotiable abilities. The main question here is how NDIS is to meet its commitment to satisfy the needs of these vulnerable people in Australia.

2021 ◽  
Vol 57 (2) ◽  
pp. 35-49
Jarosław Kucharski

The role of ethicists is to provide a genuine ethical theory to help non-ethicists interpret and solve moral dilemmas, to define what is right or wrong, and, finally, to clarify moral values. Therefore, ethicists are taught to address morality with rational procedures, to set aside their moral intuitions and emotions. Sometimes, professional ethicists are prone to falling into the archangel delusion – the belief that they are beyond the influence of their own emotions. This can lead to ousting moral intuitions from the space of ethical reflection, thus making ethicists unaware of them. They may treat intuitive beliefs about morality as an expression of primal moral feelings. The main question pursued in this article, is how those feelings may influence moral theories, which should be developed by professional ethicists. Ethicists may provide an ethical theory which is merely a rationalisation and justification for their own suppressed moral emotions, rather than the effect of genuine, rational moral reasoning. To help ethicists cope with this delusion, a model of cooperation between descriptive and normative ethics is proposed. Ethicists should therefore use the research tools of descriptive ethics to determine their own intuitions, and the moral emotions in which these intuitions are grounded. --------------- Received: 09/06/2021. Reviewed: 23/07/2021. Accepted: 13/08/2021.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (3) ◽  
pp. 23-40

The concepts of sustainable consumption and sustainable tourism are studied separately within the scope of sustainability. In this study, it has been examined whether individuals' understanding of values and lifestyle are consistent with sustainable consumption behaviors in post-modern tourism by considering both concepts together. Today, post-modern consumers have a more individual and liberal perception and reflect the consumption behaviors shaped in this direction more intensely and more clearly in the tourism sector. Especially in the Turkish tourism literature, it has been found that there are few studies to measure the consistency between post-modern tourism perception, individual's lifestyle and values and sustainable consumption behavior. The main question of this study is whether individuals' understanding of lifestyle and value are consistent with the tendency to display sustainable tourism behavior when manipulated with post-modern tourism perception. In this context; consumers' values, lifestyles and consumption trends were measured through the data obtained through the survey method using the VALS scale and the sustainable tourism scale. The findings of the study revealed that post-modern tourism preferences are related to individuals with principled motivation and individuals with spatial mobility, depending on their sustainable consumption trends. The data obtained from this study are also expected to give an idea about how post-modern tourism perception is related with lifestyle and values and whether there is consistency between the tendency to display sustainable tourism behavior and help further studies.

Antônio José Ribeiro Nunes

This study demonstrates the aspects of research and mining in groundwater mining. It was intended to demonstrate the guidelines of the Mining Code and Water Code as legal beacons under the management of the National Mining Agency – ANM, federal regulator of mineral water exploration; to analyze the importance of water quality control for human consumption, from the compliance with Anvisa Resolutions – RDC-274/275/2005, which standardize the vase and microbiological characteristics. The process to make groundwater available as a mineral good to be industrialized, goes through research stages, till the final test with laboratory analyses for water classification. In this context, its main question is: what is the importance of mineral water quality for human consumption in health promotion? And it aims to analyze the quality control of mineral water, its importance for human consumption and health promotion, as well as the benefits of it. For this, a bibliographic research was carried out, consultation with the relevant legislations, books and websites of public agencies. The results showed that mineral water mining is an activity present in the daily life of society and its regular consumption contributes to the quality and promotion of healthy living, through control of the exploitation of mineral water mines, under the management of the National Mining Agency – ANM. It was evidenced that mineral water brings important health benefits: in body thermoregulation, heat absorption, nutrient transport, oxygen, hormones, composition of blood plasma, digestive juice, saliva formation, tears and urine. Being composed of different levels of micronutrients, which help alleviating health problems, such as: weakening of bones and muscles, reduction of collagen, dryness of the skin, low revitalization of cells and mucosa, aggravated by low consumption of water with drug properties and product of secular use that affect health. It was concluded that the prevalence of each type of mineral water and its composition, from ferruginous, sulfurous, radioactive, magnesian and iodized, can help in therapeutic treatments.

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