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2022 ◽  
Vol 167 ◽  
pp. 107361
Arunava Samaddar ◽  
Brooke S. Jackson ◽  
Christopher J. Helms ◽  
Nicole A. Lazar ◽  
Jennifer E. McDowell ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (3) ◽  
pp. 322-328
Young-Han Park ◽  
Dae-Hwan Lee ◽  
Youn-Bum Sung

Purpose: This study aims to investigate the effect of the Kinesio taping method on the balance ability and gait ability of hemiplegic stroke patients by applying it to the lower extremities of the ankle on the affected side, addressing instability and asymmetry by improving the stability of the muscles and ankle joint. Methods: This study confirmed the general characteristics of hemiplegic patients diagnosed with stroke. Kinesio taping was applied to the lower extremities of 15 subjects in the experimental group, and they performed mat and treadmill exercises. In addition, basic mat and treadmill exercises were performed by the 15 subjects in the control group. The exercise regimens were performed 18 times: three times a week for six weeks. Results: In the paired-sample T-test used for within-group comparison of BBS, TUG and stance time on nonparetic side value, there was a significant difference between pre- and post-test for experimental group. However, in the control group, there was a statistically significant difference only in TUG. In the inter-group comparison, the experimental group showed a statistically significant improvement in BBS, TUG and stance time on nonparetic side value compared to the control group. Conclusion: The experiment’s results demonstrate that the application of Kinesio taping-combined exercise provides stability of the muscles and ankle joints of the lower extremities during walking by improving balance ability, and improves overall gait stability by increasing the stance phase time of the affected side in hemiplegic stroke patients.

2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (2) ◽  
pp. 178
Suko Pranowo ◽  
Asditya Kesuma Dharma ◽  
Kasron Kasron

Pasien yang mengalami pembedahan atau operasi akan mengalami luka insisi, sehingga sel saraf kulit rusak. Trauma jaringan akan merangsang keluarnya mediator nyeri yang merangsang nyeri dan membuat kekakuan otot. Tujuan penelitian ini yaitu mengetahui perbedaan efektifitas terapi murrotal dengan kompres dingin terhadap respon nyeri pasien post operasi laparatomi. Jenis penelitian ini adalah quasi eksperimen dengan rancangan static group comparison. Jumlah sampel sebanyak 30 orang yang diambil meggunakan teknik accidental samping. Tindakan berupa pemberian kompres dingin dan terapi murathal. Analisa bivariat menggunakan Uji T (paired dan pooled). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat perbedaan respon nyeri post op laparatomi sebelum dan setelah kompres dingin (pv=0.0005), terdapat perbedaan respon nyeri post op laparatomi sebelum dan setelah terapi murathal (pv=0.0005), tidak terdapat perbedaan respon nyeri pasien post operasi laparatomi sesudah diberikan terapi murrotal dan kompres dingin. Hal tersebut berarti bahwa kedua terapi memiliki efektifitas yang sama dalam menurunkan respon nyeri post operasi laparatomi. Direkomendasikan untuk memberikan terapi Murrotal atau terapi kompres dingin pada pasien post operasi laparatomi sebagai terapi komplementer dalam menangani nyeri pada pasien post operasi laparatomi. Kata kunci: kompres dingin, murathal, nyeri, laparatomi

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Fang Zhao ◽  
Robert Gaschler

Different graph types might differ in group comparison due to differences in underlying graph schemas. Thus, this study examined whether graph schemas are based on perceptual features (i.e., each graph has a specific schema) or common invariant structures (i.e., graphs share several common schemas), and which graphic type (bar vs. dot vs. tally) is the best to compare discrete groups. Three experiments were conducted using the mixing-costs paradigm. Participants received graphs with quantities for three groups in randomized positions and were given the task of comparing two groups. The results suggested that graph schemas are based on a common invariant structure. Tally charts mixed either with bar graphs or with dot graphs showed mixing costs. Yet, bar and dot graphs showed no mixing costs when paired together. Tally charts were the more efficient format for group comparison compared to bar graphs. Moreover, processing time increased when the position difference of compared groups was increased.

Shenbaga Sundaram Subramanian ◽  
Riziq Allah Mustafa Gaowgeh ◽  
Thamer Ahmad Altaim ◽  
Ziyad Neamatallah ◽  
Saad S. Alfawaz ◽  

Introduction: Low back pain is a common, disabling, costly medical problem in most countries. CLBP is one of the most frequently reported conditions affecting the older adults. Numerous studies have also documented the associations of pain-related beliefs and appraisals with pain intensity and related problems, including depression, physical disability, and activity and social role limitations. Recently there is an increased attention to the role of cognitions in mood, anxiety, and other psychological disorders sparked interest in incorporating cognitive therapy techniques into behavioral therapies for chronic pain. CBT is a form of psychological therapy. It focuses on actions are the behavioral part. CBT is a feasible treatment for cognitively intact, older persons with CLBP, and may be efficacious as well. The aim of the study is to analyze the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy with Motor control exercises programme on CLBP. Methods: Study is an experimental study design includes 40 patients with CLBP with more than 6 months duration. 20 participants underwent motor control exercises with moist heat pack and 20 participants underwent motor control exercises with cognitive behavioral therapy and moist heat pack. Study was conducted for 8weeks of duration and the outcome measures were pain and disability which was measured using numerical pain scale and Oswestry disability index. Results: The between group comparison was made using the unpaired t test and the results were found to be 10.15 ±0.502, at the 95% of the Confidence intervals for disability. The between group comparison was made using the unpaired t test and the results were obtained are 7.47 ± 0.22, at the 95% of the Confidence intervals for Pain. Conclusion: The study concluded that motor control exercises with cognitive behavioral therapy were significantly effective in reducing pain and disability. 

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 125
Hou Yongmei ◽  
Wang Yiyang

To analyze the psychometric performance of Learning Burnout Scale for Undergraduates (LBSU) in Guangdong province. LBSU was used to conduct the survey involing 1628 undergraduates who were selcted with stratified random sampling from 7 colleges in Guangdong province. Cronbach's α coefficient and split-half reliability were used to analyze the internal consistency of the questionnaire.Convergent validity, discriminant validity and factor analysis were used to evaluate its structural validity. Celling and floor effect were used to analyze its sensitivity. Cronbach's α coefficient of the total questionniar was 0.89 and cronbach's α coefficient of 3 dimensions were 0.73-0.78, which met with the requirements of the group comparison. Spearman - Brown split-half coefficient of the total questionniar and 3 dimensions were 0.90, 0.85, 0.81, 0.79, respectively, which also met with the requirements of the group comparison. Both the calibration success rate of convergent validity and discriminant validity of each dimension were 100%. Four components obtained from 20 items which cumulative variance contribution rate was 51.924%. The total score and score of each dimension were all normal distribution, without any floor or celling effect in dimensions. The psychometric performance of LBSU for assessing undergraduates in Guangdong province is valid and reliable.

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 81-92
Ekaterina Vasilenko ◽  

Thematic structure of the discourse of intolerance. The article presents a model of the thematic structure of hate speech as a form of intolerant discourse on vulnerable social groups singled out on the basis of protected characteristics. Four major thematic categories are identified: “Intuitive assessment”, “Characterization of the social group”, “Comparison of the group with other social groups” and “Position of the group in the discourse community”. Examples of verbalization of topics and subtopics of homophobic, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric in the online comments of Belarusian users in 2015–2019 are provided. Keywords: intolerant discourse, discourse of hate, hate speech, gender-based hate speech, sexist hate speech, xenophobic hate speech, sexual orientation-based hate speech, online discourse, online comment

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 90-94
Raden Ayu Aminah Maya ◽  
Rosmiarti Rosmiarti

Latar Belakang: Selama kehamilan, tubuh ibu hamil mengalami perubahan besar yang bias membuat ibu hamil seringkali merasa tidak nyaman, baik itu perubahan fisiologis maupun psikologis. Perubahan ini menimbulkan gejala spesifik sesuai dengan tahapan kehamilan yang terdiri dari tiga trimester. Perubahan psikologis yang sering terjadi pada ibu hamil seperti kecemasan/ stress. Dampak kecemasan yang lain adalah dapat menurunkan kualitas dan kuantitas tidur ibu hamil selama masa kehamilan Terapi non farmakologi yang   dapat dilakukan meliputi relaksasi,guided imagery, progressive   muscle   relaxation,  hipnoterapi dan terapi music klasik. Tujuan: Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui efektifitas hypnopregnancy dalam meningkatkan kualitas tidur ibu. Metode: penelitian ini adalah penelitian quasi eksperiment dengan bentuk rancangan perbandingan kelompok statis (Static Group Comparison) dan menggunakan uji statistik chi square. Data didapatkan dari wawancara melalui lembar observasi langsung dengan instrument The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Sampel penelitian ini berjumlah 30 orang yang terdiri dari kelompok eksperimen dan kontrol. Hasil:uji statistik, diperoleh tingkat signifikansi ρ<0.05 (ρ: 0.009), yang berarti ada pengaruh yang signifikan antara hypnopreganncy terhadap kualitas tidur ibu hamil.Kesimpulan:hypnopregnancy dapat digunakan sebagai salah satu terapi untuk memperbaiki dan meningkatkan kualitas tidur ibu.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 89-97
Rajeev Kumar Pandey ◽  
Santosh kumar Bhatted

is a chronic disorder of origin with the vitiation of various body elements like and Diabetes mellitus is similar to which is a subtype of Here the patient voids excessive quantity of urine having concordance with with sweet taste. Insulin and other oral hypoglycaemic drugs are associated with several side effects and they have limited role in preventing the complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy etc. Hence an ideal therapy which corrects the basic pathology and prevents the progress of the disease and complications is the need of time. So The explained in Ayurveda seems to be an appropriate solution for the treatment of Prameha.Aacharya Charaka and Sushruta has advised for here accumulate in the lower part of the body owing to the incompetence of the The major factor involved in the of are the in general and in particular hence to remove the and to eliminate the from nearest root is best. is best to improve Agni and is the best treatment to correct Vata.The present clinical study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Virechana karma and Basti karma in 90 patients (equally distributed in three group) of diagnosed case of Madhumeha for periods of 3 month. Group comparison was done by ANNOVA test showed that the Virechana was found better to reduce FBS and PPP Basti was found better to reduce PPBS

2021 ◽  
Vol 2094 (5) ◽  
pp. 052051
U H Hoshimov ◽  
O Kh Ishnazarov

Abstract The paper considers the possibility of reducing electric power consumption by aircooled gas apparatus of a gas compressor station. The authors propose a system with breakdown of ventilators into IV groups with five ventilators in each group. Comparison of operation modes of a traditional cooling system and a grouped one with fans speed regulation on the basis of a frequency converter showed that the grouped handling system saved up to 40% of electric power.

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