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2022 ◽  
Vol 18 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-28
Xiaoyu Ji ◽  
Yushi Cheng ◽  
Juchuan Zhang ◽  
Yuehan Chi ◽  
Wenyuan Xu ◽  

With the widespread use of smart devices, device authentication has received much attention. One popular method for device authentication is to utilize internally measured device fingerprints, such as device ID, software or hardware-based characteristics. In this article, we propose DeMiCPU , a stimulation-response-based device fingerprinting technique that relies on externally measured information, i.e., magnetic induction (MI) signals emitted from the CPU module that consists of the CPU chip and its affiliated power-supply circuits. The key insight of DeMiCPU is that hardware discrepancies essentially exist among CPU modules and thus the corresponding MI signals make promising device fingerprints, which are difficult to be modified or mimicked. We design a stimulation and a discrepancy extraction scheme and evaluate them with 90 mobile devices, including 70 laptops (among which 30 are of totally identical CPU and operating system) and 20 smartphones. The results show that DeMiCPU can achieve 99.7% precision and recall on average, and 99.8% precision and recall for the 30 identical devices, with a fingerprinting time of 0.6~s. The performance can be further improved to 99.9% with multi-round fingerprinting. In addition, we implement a prototype of DeMiCPU docker, which can effectively reduce the requirement of test points and enlarge the fingerprinting area.

2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (3) ◽  
pp. 1-20
Christian Lienen ◽  
Marco Platzner

Robotics applications process large amounts of data in real time and require compute platforms that provide high performance and energy efficiency. FPGAs are well suited for many of these applications, but there is a reluctance in the robotics community to use hardware acceleration due to increased design complexity and a lack of consistent programming models across the software/hardware boundary. In this article, we present ReconROS , a framework that integrates the widely used robot operating system (ROS) with ReconOS, which features multithreaded programming of hardware and software threads for reconfigurable computers. This unique combination gives ROS 2 developers the flexibility to transparently accelerate parts of their robotics applications in hardware. We elaborate on the architecture and the design flow for ReconROS and report on a set of experiments that underline the feasibility and flexibility of our approach.

Velin Kralev ◽  
Radoslava Kraleva ◽  
Viktor Ankov ◽  
Dimitar Chakalov

<span lang="EN-US">This research focuses on the k-center problem and its applications. Different methods for solving this problem are analyzed. The implementations of an exact algorithm and of an approximate algorithm are presented. The source code and the computation complexity of these algorithms are presented and analyzed. The multitasking mode of the operating system is taken into account considering the execution time of the algorithms. The results show that the approximate algorithm finds solutions that are not worse than two times optimal. In some case these solutions are very close to the optimal solutions, but this is true only for graphs with a smaller number of nodes. As the number of nodes in the graph increases (respectively the number of edges increases), the approximate solutions deviate from the optimal ones, but remain acceptable. These results give reason to conclude that for graphs with a small number of nodes the approximate algorithm finds comparable solutions with those founds by the exact algorithm.</span>

Nattaporn Thongsri ◽  
Pattaraporn Warintarawej ◽  
Santi Chotkaew ◽  
Wanida Saetang

Food recommendation system is one of the most interesting recommendation problems since it provides data for decision-making to users on selection of foods that meets individual preference of each user. Personalized recommender system has been used to recommend foods or menus to respond to requirements and restrictions of each user in a better way. This research study aimed to develop a personalized healthy food recommendation system based on collaborative filtering and knapsack method. Assessment results found that users were satisfied with the personalized healthy food recommendation system based on collaborative filtering and knapsack problem algorithm which included ability of operating system, screen design, and efficiency of operating system. The average satisfaction score overall was 4.20 implying that users had an excellent level of satisfaction.

Sharra Mae B. Fernandez ◽  

This experimental research study determined and compared the webpage browsing performance of proprietary and open source operating systems on wireless networks. It was intended to reveal the significant differences in the webpage browsing performance between proprietary and open source operating systems on wireless networks when classified as to hardware specifications and type’s web content. The researchers used the JavaScript Console of the Google Chrome web browser application to determine the time of the webpage to fully load. Operating system was the independent variable. Hardware specifications which were classified as old system and new system and types of web content which was also classified as static and dynamic webpages were the intervening variables. Webpages browsing performance was the dependent variable. The statistical tools used were arithmetic mean, and t-test. It also revealed that there were significant differences in the webpage browsing performance between proprietary and open source operating system on wireless networks when classified as to hardware specification and web content. The proprietary and open source operating systems were statistically different when classified as to hardware specifications and type of web content.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 104-111
Ahmad Fatoni ◽  
Muhamamd Zainuddin

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. Nearly 85% of Indonesia's population  is Muslim. One of the problems faced by the majority of the Indonesian population, especially those who are  Muslim, is the problem of the distribution of inheritance rights. Many Muslims no longer use the inheritance distribution system according to Islamic Shari'a due to the lack of heirs and lack of knowledge about the distribution of inheritance rights according to Islam so that inheritance issues are often a trigger for disputes that lead to flattening family relations. On the other hand, currently the technology that is developing rapidly is Android technology. Almost everyone has an Android-based mobile phone. Android itself is an operating system that runs on smartphones and adjusts specifications from low-end to high-end classes. Almost all vendors are currently developing their products with the Android operating system because the demand is increasing sharply. Based on the problems and conditions above, an expert system application for the distribution of inheritance based on Islamic law based on Android was made with the forward chaining method, which can help solve the problems faced by the community above

2022 ◽  
Rio Rovando Rindengan

Instagram, which is usually abbreviated as IG, is a photo and video sharing application that allows users to take photos, take videos, apply digital filters, and share them on various social networking services, including Instagram's own. One unique feature on Instagram is cropping photos into square shapes, so they look like the results of Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras. This is different from the 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio that is commonly used by cameras on mobile devices. Instagram can be used on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch version with the iOS 7.0 operating system or later, any Android mobile phone with the operating system version 2.2 (Froyo) and above, and Windows Phone 8. This application can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play. On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Facebook had agreed to take over Instagram for approximately $1 billion. Instagram was first released on October 6, 2010, 11 years ago, the name Instagram Instagram comes from the understanding of the overall function of this application. The word "insta" comes from the word "instant", like the polaroid camera which at that time was better known as "instant photo". Instagram can also display photos instantly, like a polaroid in its display. As for the word "gram" comes from the word "telegram" which works to send information to others quickly. Similarly, Instagram can upload photos using the Internet, so the information you want to convey can be received quickly. That's why Instagram is an extension of the words instant and telegram. On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Instagram would be taken over by Facebook for nearly $1 billion in cash and stock. On May 11, 2016, Instagram introduced a new look as well as a new icon and new app design. Inspired by previous app icons, the new icon is a simple camera and a vivid rainbow in the form of a gradient. There are 5 sandal vendors in Indonesia that use Instagram accounts as a marketing platform, namely:

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 155-160
Koko Handoko ◽  
Wasiman Wasiman ◽  
Pastima Simanjuntak

Information technology is a knowledge that is always evolving from tools or communication which is a delivery of information through rapid communications, which relates to information problems in terms of all aspects ranging from data collection, data storage, data processing from information to the process of delivering information to people who need it. The purpose of fostering information technology and healthy internet use is an educational process by providing sufficient understanding of the current latest technology and being educated with the Islamic bank operating system, the owner of the fund invests his money so he can earn interest from the bank. If the profit sharing from the customer's funds is then distributed to those in need (eg venture capital), with a profit sharing agreement according to the agreement. Guidance on the Development of Information Technology and Bank Sariah Operational Systems at the Vocational High School Nang Nadim Batam to find out how to use good information technology and know the operating system of the Sariah bank. With this coaching, it is hoped that students will be helped in understanding the service that was carried out on January 15 and 16, 2019 at SMK Hang Nadim Batu Aji, Batam City.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Shumei Huang

In this paper, wireless sensor network technology is applied to an English-assisted reading system to highly simulate and restore the context and improve the performance of all aspects of the English-assisted reading system to optimize the English-assisted reading system. The product designed in this paper is based on wireless sensor network technology with Linux as the core operating system and supports POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface Standard) standard application development interface; QT is used as the component and framework of the system to support many applications. Based on player open-source multimedia audio and video technology, optimized and tailored for the hardware platform, it well supports multimedia learning and entertainment functions; this paper also adopts open-source database technology based on SQL (Structured Quevy Language) and Berkeley DB, using them as a platform for data storage and access, supporting a million-level thesaurus and high-speed, example sentence search. In this paper, we describe the user’s personalized needs by creating interest models for the user, recommending the text content, and reading order that can help with understanding through the interest models and reading articles and expanding the recommended text range by making expansions to the reading content through references and related articles to further help the user understand the text. Based on the above work, this paper implements an assisted reading system; finally, a multihop self-organizing network system is formed through a wireless sensor network to make the rigid and boring English reading easy and interesting.

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