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2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-33
Alexander Diel ◽  
Sarah Weigelt ◽  
Karl F. Macdorman

The uncanny valley (UV) effect is a negative affective reaction to human-looking artificial entities. It hinders comfortable, trust-based interactions with android robots and virtual characters. Despite extensive research, a consensus has not formed on its theoretical basis or methodologies. We conducted a meta-analysis to assess operationalizations of human likeness (independent variable) and the UV effect (dependent variable). Of 468 studies, 72 met the inclusion criteria. These studies employed 10 different stimulus creation techniques, 39 affect measures, and 14 indirect measures. Based on 247 effect sizes, a three-level meta-analysis model revealed the UV effect had a large effect size, Hedges’ g = 1.01 [0.80, 1.22]. A mixed-effects meta-regression model with creation technique as the moderator variable revealed face distortion produced the largest effect size, g = 1.46 [0.69, 2.24], followed by distinct entities, g = 1.20 [1.02, 1.38], realism render, g = 0.99 [0.62, 1.36], and morphing, g = 0.94 [0.64, 1.24]. Affective indices producing the largest effects were threatening, likable, aesthetics, familiarity , and eeriness , and indirect measures were dislike frequency, categorization reaction time, like frequency, avoidance , and viewing duration . This meta-analysis—the first on the UV effect—provides a methodological foundation and design principles for future research.

Neutron ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 21 (2) ◽  
pp. 52-59
Liliana Hannes ◽  
Julistyana Tistogondo

Accelerating infrastructure development in Indonesia is a good thing, but this is not without problems. The COVID-19 pandemic is a problem that has a large and global impact, not least in Indonesia, especially in the construction industry sector. The construction project of the Soedono Madiun Hospital is one of the construction projects that have experienced the direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to review and analyze the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on construction projects in the case study of the construction project of the Soedono Madiun Hospital, and to find out the biggest impact of the covid-19 pandemic which has the most influence on construction projects in the case study of the construction project of the Soedono Hospital. Madison. The research method used to determine the biggest impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the cost and time aspects is the multiple linear regression analysis method with the help of Microsoft Excel. The other data analysis methods used in this study were the validity and reliability tests used in testing the questionnaire. The results of data analysis conducted in this study indicate that there are seven independent variables affect the dependent variable, namely the suitability of planning and project realization with the equation y= 94.186-0.376x1-0.108x2-1.014x3+0.873x4 for the time aspect, and the equation y=87,009 -0.0006x5-0.001x6-0.0002x7 for the cost aspect. With this equation, it can be seen that the independent variable that has the most influence on the dependent variable on the time aspect is the independent variable X3, namely the change in the time schedule due to delays in the arrival of construction materials by 1.014, while in the cost aspect is the independent variable X6, namely changes in costs due to instability. the price of construction materials is 0.001. So, it is hoped that there will be a project management handling that focuses on the most influential variable, namely construction materials.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 22-33
Ali Eryılmaz ◽  
Dilay Batum ◽  
Kemal Feyzi Ergin

Abstract. Every day, individuals can encounter events which cause them to check their wishes and impulses. They need to provide self-control in the face of these events. It is observed that psychotherapies aimed at increasing self-control are limited. Positive psychotherapy, which is a structural and analytical psychotherapeutic method, can expand our viewpoint on this subject. Structures in positive psychotherapy were examined in the context of using the balance model, coupled with the ability of self-control. The dependent variable of the research is self-control, the independent variable is positive psychotherapy structures. Of the 151 (52.6%) of the participants (52.6%) were women, 136 (47.4%) were men. The Personal Information Form, which was created by the researcher as a data collection tool, the self-control scales and Wiesbaden positive psychotherapy and family therapy inventory were used. Multiple regression analysis was performed during the analysis of the data. As a result of multiple regression analysis, primary abilities (r = .51, r2 = .26; f = 11.840; p <.01), secondary abilities (r = .52, r2 = .27; f = 9.209; p <.01) and the balance model (r = .39, R2 = .15; f = 11.964; p <.01) significantly announced the self-control. According to the results of the analysis, patience, relationship, hope, and love are among the primary abilities; the secondary abilities are honesty, achievement, conformity and fairness. From the balance model, it was revealed that success and body were a significant predictor of self-control.

Sharra Mae B. Fernandez ◽  

This experimental research study determined and compared the webpage browsing performance of proprietary and open source operating systems on wireless networks. It was intended to reveal the significant differences in the webpage browsing performance between proprietary and open source operating systems on wireless networks when classified as to hardware specifications and type’s web content. The researchers used the JavaScript Console of the Google Chrome web browser application to determine the time of the webpage to fully load. Operating system was the independent variable. Hardware specifications which were classified as old system and new system and types of web content which was also classified as static and dynamic webpages were the intervening variables. Webpages browsing performance was the dependent variable. The statistical tools used were arithmetic mean, and t-test. It also revealed that there were significant differences in the webpage browsing performance between proprietary and open source operating system on wireless networks when classified as to hardware specification and web content. The proprietary and open source operating systems were statistically different when classified as to hardware specifications and type of web content.

Sensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (2) ◽  
pp. 670
Benjamin Steven Vien ◽  
Wing Kong Chiu ◽  
Matthias Russ ◽  
Mark Fitzgerald

Reliable and quantitative assessments of bone quality and fracture healing prompt well-optimised patient healthcare management and earlier surgical intervention prior to complications of nonunion and malunion. This study presents a clinical investigation on modal frequencies associations with musculoskeletal components of human legs by using a prototype device based on a vibration analysis method. The findings indicated that the first out-of-plane and coupled modes in the frequency range from 60 to 110 Hz are associated with the femur length, suggesting these modes are suitable quantitative measures for bone evaluation. Furthermore, higher-order modes are shown to be associated with the muscle and fat mass of the leg. In addition, mathematical models are formulated via a stepwise regression approach to determine the modal frequencies using the measured leg components as variables. The optimal models of the first modes consist of only femur length as the independent variable and explain approximately 43% of the variation of the modal frequencies. The subsequent findings provide insights for further development on utilising vibration-based methods for practical bone and fracture healing monitoring.

2022 ◽  
Jagannath Padmanabhan ◽  
Kellen Chen ◽  
Dharshan Sivaraj ◽  
Britta A Kuehlmann ◽  
Clark A Bonham ◽  

For decades, it has been assumed that the foreign body response (FBR) to biomedical implants is primarily a reaction to the chemical and mechanical properties of the implant. Here, we show for the first time that a third independent variable, allometric tissue-scale forces (which increase exponentially with body size), can drive the biology of FBR in humans. We first demonstrate that pathological FBR in humans is mediated by immune cell-specific Rac2 mechanotransduction signaling, independent of implant chemistry or mechanical properties. We then show that mice, which are typically poor models of human FBR, can be made to induce a strikingly human-like pathological FBR by altering these extrinsic tissue forces. Altering these extrinsic tissue forces alone activates Rac2 signaling in a unique subpopulation of immune cells and results in a human-like pathological FBR at the molecular, cellular, and local tissue levels. Finally, we demonstrate that blocking Rac2 signaling negates the effect of increased tissue forces, dramatically reducing FBR. These findings highlight a previously unsuspected mechanism for pathological FBR and may have profound implications for the design and safety of all implantable devices in humans.

João Martins ◽  
Adilson Marques ◽  
Élvio Rúbio Gouveia ◽  
Francisco Carvalho ◽  
Hugo Sarmento ◽  

The present study sought to examine the associations between participation in physical education (PE) classes and a range of health-related behaviours among adolescents. Secondary analysis of self-reported data from the Global Student Health Survey, collected between 2010 and 2017 from 222,121 adolescents (N = 117,914 girls; 49.0%; aged 13–17 years) from 67 countries and five world regions, was carried out. Participation in PE classes (0, 1–2, ≥3 days/week) was the independent variable. Physical activity (PA); sedentary behaviour (SB); active travel to school; fruit, vegetables, and alcohol consumption; and smoking; as well as adopting ≥5 of these healthy behaviours; were the dependent variables. Complex samples logistic regressions were performed to explore the associations between participation in PE classes and health-related behaviours. The results revealed that 18.2% of adolescents did not take part in PE classes. A total of 56.7% and 25.1% of adolescents reported participating in PE classes on 1–2 and ≥3 days/week, respectively. Only 26.8% of adolescents adopted ≥5 healthy behaviours. Participation in PE classes was positively associated with PA, active travel, fruit consumption, and vegetable consumption (only for ≥3 days/week), but was negatively associated with meeting SB recommendations, and with not smoking (only for girls and ≥3 days/week). Overall, PE participation was positively associated with adopting ≥5 healthy behaviours, with favourable results found for those who attended more PE classes. The findings revealed a positive association between participation in PE classes and a range of health-related behaviours among adolescents. This suggests that, worldwide, quality PE should be delivered at least 3 days per week up to daily to promote healthy lifestyles among adolescents.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-8
Sukhemi Sukhemi ◽  
Indah Ayu Arum Sari ◽  
Inayat Hanum Indriati

The objectives of this research are to analyze determining factors of fraud in local government. This study used internal control effectiveness, compliance with accounting rules, compensation compliance, and unethical behavior as an independent variable, while fraud as the dependent variable. The research was conducted at Bantul local government (OPD). The sample of this research were 86 respondents. The sample uses a purposive sampling method. The respondent data is analyzed with multiple linear regression. The results showed: Internal control effectiveness has an impact on fraud. Compliance with accounting rules does not affect fraud. Compensations compliance does not affect fraud. Unethical behavior has an impact on fraud.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (12) ◽  
pp. 286-298
Andreas Ari Sukoco ◽  
Jonathan Herdioko ◽  
Brigitta Evelyn Krisanta

Green marketing is basically a social marketing concept that protects and builds consumer welfare by paying attention to environmental sustainability. In the business context, the green marketing aspect is starting to become an aspect that is used as the basis for showing the advantages of a business. This study aims to see how green marketing moderates the effect of product and price on consumer buying interest. The aspects studied in this study include product aspects, price aspects, green marketing aspects and their influence on buying interest. The study was conducted in Yogyakarta with random sampling of Super Indo consumers. Field data collection is carried out in the period from May to July 2021. Data collection is carried out by distributing questionnaires with validity and reliability tests first. Data analysis was carried out using the Regression-Moderation model with product and price aspects as independent variables. Aspects of buying interest as an independent variable, while the green marketing variable as a moderating variable. The results of this study indicate that product and price aspects in general still have an effect on consumer buying interest. Meanwhile, an understanding of green marketing has a significant influence in moderating the relationship between products and consumer buying interest in Super Indo Supremarket retail.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 98-107
Dwi Rohyani

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of relaxation techniques and distraction techniques on reducing pain scale in postoperative patients at UKI Hospital in 2020. This study used a cross sectional study approach which aims to determine the effect of relaxation and distraction techniques on postoperative patients at UKI Hospital. Cross sectional is a method for approaching respondents (point time approach) which is carried out at one time. the independent variable is relaxation technique and the dependent variable distraction is the decrease in pain scale in postoperative patients. The results of the study concluded that there were differences in the results of the pain scale between the pre-test and post-test with the Relaxation technique in postoperative patients. Most of the respondents had moderate pain scale results as many as 77% of postoperative patients, the group after intervention with Relaxation showed that most respondents had mild pain scale results as many as 86% of postoperative patients. There is a difference in the results of the pain scale between the pre-test and post-test with the Distraction technique in postoperative patients. Most of the respondents had controlled severe pain scale results as many as 88% of patients, the group after the distraction intervention showed that most of the respondents had moderate pain scale results as many as 79% of patients.

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