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Ilga Krampuža

The purpose of the resarch is to exploring opportunities for students to receive social assistance from the state and local government in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both theoretical and empirical research methods were used in this study. State social assistance to students would be expected by providing material support for the purchase of computer equipment. Municipal social assistance is expected both in the form of a crisis benefit and indirectly by supporting the student's family if it enters the status of a poor or low-income family.

Elena N. Kasyanchuk ◽  
Irina A. Tsvetochkina ◽  
Ruslan A. Baryshev ◽  
Olga I. Babina

The paper is devoted to the development of a university library strategy in the period of digitalization of all spheres of social activity. There are analyzed theoretical approaches and practical methods for developing strategic planning in library activities. The paper defines the need for strategic management as a factor in the effectiveness of a university library. There are considered the directions of the library strategic development, which depend on the vector of development of the university, its educational and research activities.The strategic planning is presented as a process of modeling the future activities of the library. It includes the library’s mission formulation, its objectives, tasks and events to achieve the goals, as well as its key performance indicators. The article sees the development strategy as an element of the management process aimed at creating and maintaining a strategic balance between the goals of the library and the university, its potential and likely development prospects.The article shows the advantages of SWOT analysis as a unique tool for designing a library development strategy. There are presented five stages of developing the Strategy for the Scientific Library of the Siberian Federal University. The authors note that the library has a good potential to develop the digitalization process: there is a digitization center, good technical equipment, its own software products, an extensive repertoire of world resources, a wide range of online services, etc. However, there are also weak points that hinder the library development: the obsolescence of the computer equipment, the lack of modern ergonomic space for individual and group work of students, the irregular acquisition of printed publications, the instability of funding, etc. All this can complicate the library development in the context of the digital economy development and lead to a decline in the prestige of the library. The library’s development strategy is aimed at eliminating these problems. It presents the goals, objectives, efficiency criteria for each area of activity of the modern library of the university. The article reveals the main strategic directions of the library’s development. The proposed strategy can become a real tool for optimizing the activities of all libraries in the transition period of the digital society development.

Dinda Permata Sukma ◽  
Sarjon Defit ◽  
Gunadi Widi Nurcahyo

The computer laboratory is a place for practical learning for students, where computers have an important role in the smooth running of the practice. The use of computer labor at any time is very vulnerable to damage. If there is damage it will disrupt the teaching and learning process. Utilization of data mining in determining the level of damage is one of them. SMKN 1 Sintuk Toboh Gadang has 3 laboratories, TKJ (Network Computer Engineering), RPL (Software Engineering) and Technician labor. Application of the Decision Tree method in identifying damage to computer laboratory equipment, especially TKJ (Computer Network Engineering) labor. The data obtained in this study are computer equipment sourced from the computer laboratory of SMKN 1 Sintuk Toboh Gadang. Based on the analysis of the computer laboratory, there are 50 computer laboratory equipment. Furthermore, if the data is processed, several variables are needed to identify the level of damage to labor equipment including the name of the tool, number of tools, inspection, duration of use, and condition. The result of testing this method is to test whether the labor equipment can still be used or repaired. The purpose of this research is to help computer labor technicians to identify computer labor equipment that can still be used or repaired so that no damage occurs during practical learning hours. Furthermore, the best method in determining the level of damage to computer laboratory equipment is the Decision Tree Algorithm method. Decision Tree Algorithm is a predictive model using a decision tree structure and makes complex decisions simpler. The results of the research method show that the condition variable has the highest Gain value, namely 0.4734353, then the variable length of use is obtained with a Gain value of 0.896038. The factors that cause damage include the condition of the tool and the duration of use.

2021 ◽  
Vol 56 (4) ◽  
pp. 356-365
Hafsa Janah ◽  
Ahmed Hamdani ◽  
Jabran Daif ◽  
Khadija El-Kababi ◽  
Said Benmokhtar ◽  

This study explores the opinions of life and earth sciences teachers about the obstacles related to their formative assessment practices and their suggestions and proposals susceptible to resolving the problem. As part of the skills-based approach, we also want to check the remediation practices - being a necessity - with teachers going through the devices used to reach the limits of this phase. We used a questionnaire addressed to one hundred and fifteen teachers of life and earth sciences working in high schools located in Casablanca and El Jadida Cities (Morocco). The major obstacles encountered by the teachers surveyed when setting up formative evaluations are the non-motivation of learners, the lack of computer equipment, and the heterogeneity of the classes, which pushes them to give proposals related to learners, Teachers, and assessment practices. As for remediation, although it is executed with various tools, it also remains limited by various constraints. Our survey, therefore, reflects the state of a teacher who is limited by obstacles either at the level of formative evaluation or of remediation.

2021 ◽  
Julian Duran ◽  
Rubén Castillo

Abstract This study is an analysis of how a set of factors influenced the decision to adopt information and communication technologies (ICTs) in small businesses in Colombia; for this purpose, a logistic modeling is applied wherein the explained variable represents the companies’ decision to adopt ICTs. The main explanatory elements include the demographic aspects of the owner, the company characteristics, and the legal practice of the company and its social capital. Data from the Microbusiness Survey 2019 conducted by the National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia were employed. The study results noted that personal aspects such as the age and gender of the owner have an impact on the adoption of ICTs. Moreover, computer equipment is critical in these small businesses, thereby making a policy of subsidizing the acquisition of these devices relevant. In addition, business formality and social capital ties have a positive influence on the use of ICTs.

PLoS ONE ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 16 (8) ◽  
pp. e0255838
Jörn Lötsch ◽  
Sebastian Malkusch ◽  
Alfred Ultsch

Motivation The size of today’s biomedical data sets pushes computer equipment to its limits, even for seemingly standard analysis tasks such as data projection or clustering. Reducing large biomedical data by downsampling is therefore a common early step in data processing, often performed as random uniform class-proportional downsampling. In this report, we hypothesized that this can be optimized to obtain samples that better reflect the entire data set than those obtained using the current standard method. Results By repeating the random sampling and comparing the distribution of the drawn sample with the distribution of the original data, it was possible to establish a method for obtaining subsets of data that better reflect the entire data set than taking only the first randomly selected subsample, as is the current standard. Experiments on artificial and real biomedical data sets showed that the reconstruction of the remaining data from the original data set from the downsampled data improved significantly. This was observed with both principal component analysis and autoencoding neural networks. The fidelity was dependent on both the number of cases drawn from the original and the number of samples drawn. Conclusions Optimal distribution-preserving class-proportional downsampling yields data subsets that reflect the structure of the entire data better than those obtained with the standard method. By using distributional similarity as the only selection criterion, the proposed method does not in any way affect the results of a later planned analysis.

2021 ◽  
Larisa Gagarina ◽  
Filipp Zolotuhin

The systematization of the main structural elements of computers and computer equipment is given, the principles of their operation and the features of their functioning are described. The methods of modernization and debugging are considered. The issues of compatibility, configuration and rational use of equipment are analyzed. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of secondary vocational education of the latest generation. For students, postgraduates, researchers, teachers of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions, as well as for everyone interested in the device of a personal computer.

2021 ◽  
Vol 25 (3) ◽  
pp. 4-14
O. A. Vakurova ◽  
O. A. Filippova

Purpose of research. Today, the informatization of school education has reached a qualitatively new level, schools now have access to fast Internet, modern computer equipment, etc. However, the quality of independent written work of students may significally fall, due to open and free access to fabricated texts (essays, reports, essays), as well as the lack of basic skills of independent work and curiosity among the younger generation. In this regard, the purpose of the study is to pose the problem of formation and evaluation of skills for independent preparation of written work in General education, to consider the current state of affairs in this area of primary education, to develop proposals and solutions to this problem.Materials and methods. To solve this problem, the authors of the article have analyzed the works of Russian and foreign authors in the field of pedagogy, as well as works on the digital generation and the information society formation in the Russian Federation and legislative acts (Federal law «on education in the Russian Federation» dated 29.12.2012 N 273-FZ, national project «Education», order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation dated December 17, 2010 No. 1897 «on approval of the Federal state educational standard of basic General education», The procedure for admitting citizens to study in educational programs of primary General, basic General and secondary General education, approved by order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation of January 22, 2014, No. 32, etc.).Results. The study has revealed the current situation in teaching and explaining the basic skills of independent and creative work of students: the lack of methodological foundations and practice of teaching the basics of academic ethics and academic writing, the lack of automated means of monitoring the independent performance of written works.Conclusion. In the article, the authors provide basic recommendations and suggestions for improving the current situation, such as the introduction of elements of informing the school system about the requirements for independence in the performance of educational work as part of academic ethics, elements of independence control (systems for detecting borrowings in written works), the development of programs for teachers to master the means of controlling the independence of students’ written work.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-13
Xiwen Qin ◽  
Dingxin Xu ◽  
Xiaogang Dong ◽  
Xueteng Cui ◽  
Siqi Zhang

Rolling bearing fault diagnosis is a meaningful and challenging task. Most methods first extract statistical features and then carry out fault diagnosis. At present, the technology of intelligent identification of bearing mostly relies on deep neural network, which has high requirements for computer equipment and great effort in hyperparameter tuning. To address these issues, a rolling bearing fault diagnosis method based on the improved deep forest algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the fault feature information of rolling bearing is extracted through multigrained scanning, and then the fault diagnosis is carried out by cascade forest. Considering the fitting quality and diversity of the classifier, the classifier and the cascade strategy are updated. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, a comparison is made with the traditional machine learning method. The results suggest that the proposed method can identify different types of faults more accurately and robustly. At the same time, it has very few hyperparameters and very low requirements on computer hardware.

Mathematics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (13) ◽  
pp. 1455
Yaquelin Verenice Pantoja-Pacheco ◽  
Armando Javier Ríos-Lira ◽  
José Antonio Vázquez-López ◽  
José Alfredo Jiménez-García ◽  
Martha Laura Asato-España ◽  

Mixed-level designs have a wide application in the fields of medicine, science, and agriculture, being very useful for experiments where there are both, quantitative, and qualitative factors. Traditional construction methods often make use of complex programing specialized software and powerful computer equipment. This article is focused on a subgroup of these designs in which none of the factor levels are multiples of each other, which we have called pure asymmetrical arrays. For this subgroup we present two algorithms of zero computational cost: the first with capacity to build fractions of a desired size; and the second, a strategy to increase these fractions with M additional new runs determined by the experimenter; this is an advantage over the folding methods presented in the literature in which at least half of the initial runs are required. In both algorithms, the constructed fractions are comparable to those showed in the literature as the best in terms of balance and orthogonality.

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