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2121 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 9-16
Mansoureh Karimollahi ◽  
Zahra Tazakori ◽  
Roghiyeh Falahtabar ◽  
Mehdi Ajri-Khameslou ◽  

Background: There are specific challenges regarding the perceptions of families of comatose patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Identifying these perceptions may attract the cooperation of families with nurses and provide better care for patients. This study aimed to explore the perceptions of families of comatose patients in ICUs. Methods: This was a qualitative content-analysis study. Seventeen families with comatose patients were recruited by the purposive sampling technique. The necessary data were generated by semi-structured interviews, continued until data saturation, and concurrently analyzed by an inductive content analysis method. Results: Four main categories were manifested, including shock and disbelief, the effort for adaptation, exhaustion, and burnout, as well as hope and support. Conclusion: The obtained results signified the importance of nurses’ awareness concerning the family members’ perceptions of their comatose patient status in ICUs. The relevant findings reflected the need for nurses to pay attention to the feelings and emotions of the families of these patients.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 43-58
Ayşe Aslı Sezgin

The aim of this study is to examine the negative attitude and prejudice of the media reflected in news articles about the relationship between ‘online games and suicidal youth’. This study analyzed the content of the news and the language of the media used for young people who committed suicide related to playing Blue Whale Challenge in different social settings. In this study, news articles in three different countries were examined with the content analysis method, using the content descriptors of Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). In the news concerning young people who committed suicide and used this game, it was clearly observed that sources of influence involved attitudes towards online games, developed in part through the messages of the media, and that social conditions, including generational experiences, were influential in creating the media messages. Keywords: media panic, violence, online games, Blue Whale Challenge

Feixue Mei ◽  

This article explores the reasons behind the success of user-generated content (UGC) advertisements on Bilibili, which is one of China’s most significant video-sharing social media sites, with a core focus on East Asian pop culture. Additionally, Madoka Magica is a well-known Japanese animation about magical girls. There are two derivative games based on it. By using diffusion of innovation theory and content analysis method, this article takes UGC advertisements of Madoka Magica’s mobile games as windows to investigate how early adopters (influencers) motivate early majority adopters (their followers) to play the game. Moreover, this paper also addresses three types of bullet chats in this kind of video to further explore followers’ interaction with the influencers and reasons for the success of its marketing method. Bullet chats are a unique way to observe target consumers’ reaction to the advertisements. The author found that word-of-mouth marketing, the right audience and influential people are important factors for the success of UGC advertising. Besides, this marketing strategy is not limited to the marketing of mobile game advertisements, but can also be used for the marketing of other products. However, the prerequisite for this marketing method to be effective is that the advertised product or service has good quality

2022 ◽  
Vol In Press (In Press) ◽  
Elieh Abasi ◽  
Narjes Sadat Borghei ◽  
Maryam Farjamfar ◽  
Shahrbanoo Goli ◽  
Afsaneh Keramat

Background: The involvement of husbands during pregnancy within the Iranian culture is one of the challenging topics. In this context, efforts to encourage male involvement in the maternal health issues can strengthen family bonds and consequently improve the relationships between men and women in societies. Objectives: This qualitative study aimed to elucidate the involvement of husbands in maternal-fetal attachment (MFA). Methods: Using a qualitative approach and conventional content analysis, 11 pregnant women referring to the health care centers in Sari, Iran were interviewed from March 2020 to February 2021. The participants met the maximum diversity criteria in terms of age, level of education, occupation, and socioeconomic status. Deep and unstructured interviews were utilized to obtain the research data. All the interviews were then transcribed verbatim and analyzed using the qualitative content analysis method developed by Graneheim and Lundman in MAXQDA Software. Results: A total of 350 codes emerged from the data. We identified a main theme entitled ‘husband support’, which included four categories and 11 sub-categories. The main categories were: (1) empathic response, (2) emotional support, (3) continued support, and (4) attention to fetus. Conclusions: Interventions to enhance husband support could increase MFA. Planning to promote male participation in pregnancy process is essential to promote maternal and child health.

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Shahla Khosravi ◽  
Farah Babaey ◽  
Parvin Abedi ◽  
Zohreh Mazaheri Kalahroodi ◽  
Saeideh Sadat Hajimirzaie

Abstract Background In recent years, extensive studies have been designed and performed in the context of providing midwifery care in developed countries, which has been unfortunately neglected in some low resources and upper middle-income countries such as Iran. This study was conducted to identify the best strategies for improving the quality of midwifery care and developing midwife-centered care in Iran. Methods This was a qualitative study using focus group discussion and content analysis method. Data were collected from 121 participants including midwifery board members, gynecologists, heads of midwifery departments, midwifery students, in charge midwives in hospitals, and midwives in the private sector. Focused-group discussions were used for data collection, and data were analyzed using content analysis method. Results The main themes extracted from the participants’ statements regarding improving the quality of midwifery care were as follows: Promotion and development of education, Manpower management, Rules, and regulations and standards for midwifery services, and Policy making. Conclusion This study showed that to improve midwifery care, health policy makers should take into account both the quality and quantity of midwifery education, and promote midwifery human resources through employment. Furthermore, insurance support, encouragement, supporting and motivating midwives, enhancing and improving the facilities, providing hospitals and maternity wards with cutting-edge equipment, promoting and reinforcing the position of midwives in the family doctor program, and using a referral system were the strategies proposed by participants for improving midwifery care. Finally, establishing an efficient and powerful monitoring system to control the practice of gynecologists and midwives, promoting the collaborative practice of midwives and gynecologists, and encouraging team-work with respect to midwifery care were other strategies to improve the midwifery services in Iran. Authorities and policymakers may set the stage for developing high quality and affordable midwifery care by relying on the strategies presented in this study.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 802
Felicia Constantin ◽  
Androniki Kavoura

Dentistry is an entrepreneurially oriented public interest profession that must maintain a balance between professional specificity and business sustainability. Communicating with patients is vital in a competitive system, and the dentist needs to use handy resources such as websites and social media. The aim of this research is (a) to examine whether websites and social networks are a digital entrepreneurship tool used in the dentistry profession in Oradea, a city in full economic development in Romania, to promote the profession nationally and internationally, (b) to compare the changes made using digital tools in the period between 2018–2021 for all licensed dentists in the mentioned city (between 430–450 people, depending on the stage of analysis) using the content analysis method and (c) to identify how the lockdown period imposed by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced not only the sustainability of the medical services provided to the population but also the communication practices of the dental offices. The results of examining the dentist’s online presence reveal that there is an interest among practitioners to grow their business sustainably through a digital presence that is increasingly relevant to them and their clients, but the potential remains under-exploited.

2022 ◽  
pp. 002076402110689
Deldar Morad Abdulah ◽  
Bayar Mohammed Omar Abdulla ◽  
Pranee Liamputtong

Background: In August 2014, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked the Sinjar district and destroyed several villages and towns and killed several individuals. Aim: In this study, the Yazidi young women who survived the ISIS attack were encouraged to express their lived experiences through paintings following participation in a 6-month art-based intervention program. Methods: A total of 13 Yazidi Kurdish females aged 18 to 25 years (Mean: 21.7 years) were invited to participate in an art-based (drawing and painting) course for 6 months in 2018. They were invited to draw or paint images that portrayed their lived experiences of attack and capture by the ISIS. Qualitative research situated within feminist methodology was used with the young women in this study. The interviews were analyzed using the descriptive content analysis method. Results: The paintings and narratives of the participants were constructed into three main themes: fear and traumatic experiences; feeling of hopelessness; and freedom and hope. During the attack and capture, due to the escape, rape, and horrific treatments by the ISIS fighters, the young women were traumatized severely. They were sold as a sex slave by the ISIS fighters. The participants still had severe anxiety and psychological challenges after being free from the capture. However, despite their traumatic experiences and feeling of hopelessness, most of them were hoping for freedom and a better future. Conclusions: This study showed that the Yazidi young females still experienced psychological challenges burdens even 3 years after the traumatic day. However, the participants showed their resilience through feeling hopeful for freedom and a better future.

2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 48
Flavio de Sao Pedro Filho ◽  
Maria Jose Aguilar Madeira ◽  
Manuel Antonio Valdes Borrero ◽  
Gelson Barros Cardoso ◽  
Sony Helthon Alves Dos Santos

The West Amazon peoples show a low economic and social development pattern, even when there are plenty of natural resources. It looks like there is a huge gap between these resources, the investments, the knowledge, and the public policies able to create a better life quality for the Amazonians. This work looks forward to promoting the development of the Amazon according to ways shown by the creative economy and the U Theory, special attention will be given to the Amazonian situation and the path to its cognitive development and subsequent economic development. The work is in the academia and communities that search for a viable alternative to creative and sustainable development. From this standpoint, the proposed general objective is to study the instrumentation of the creative economy with input from the U theory. As specific objectives: to perform a critical analysis of the raised concepts (1); to point towards the circularity elements of the creative economy in the community (2); and refer to the acknowledged instrumentation in this study in support to the creative economy, having as baseline the U Theory (3). Hence, the problem proposed is: how the concepts brought up by the creative economy with the support of the U Theory can contribute to the West Amazon’s economic, social and sustainable development promotion. It is meant as qualitative research with a content analysis method, in which the data was gathered through bibliographic search and interviews. In the results, it is proposed a competence and ability management space to the leaderships, beginning at the Amazonian home. It is due to capacitating and training these producers under innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability concepts. It is requested the attendance to rules and techniques be respected by the producer of products elaborated with the available raw material.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Lida Hosseini ◽  
Hamid Sharif Nia ◽  
Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani

Objective: This study was designed to describe the experiences of family Caregivers' hardiness in caring for Alzheimer's Patients.Methods: The deductive content analysis method was performed between April 2020 and February 2021 in one of the teaching hospitals in Iran. Fourteen family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients were selected using purposive and snowballing sampling and the data were collected by semi-structured interviews. After that, data were analyzed using Elo and Kingas steps.Results: The results of this study showed that based on the experiences of family caregivers, the family caregivers' hardiness in caring for Alzheimer's patients is a feature of cognitive ability to deal with stressful care situations and consists of five dimensions of commitment, control, challenge, communication and culture with 22 generic categories that they were nested into this five dimension.Conclusion: Family caregivers' hardiness is a trait related to the individual and environmental factors, and the prevailing social and cultural conditions affect the individual's perception and experience of hardship and threats, as well as his/her understanding of protective factors and how to use them. Therefore, hardiness should not be interpreted as a simple approach regardless of culture.

Ali Labaf ◽  
Fariba Asghari ◽  
Shahram Samadi ◽  
Atefeh Abdollahi ◽  
Seyran Zobeiry ◽  

Background: Tracheal intubation is a life-saving action in situations such as respiratory failure. However, this therapeutic approach may produce a series of side effects and physiological stress, such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, fear, etc. Methods: The present study is a qualitative research with a content analysis method conducted for a period of two years. This study's required information has been collected using non-structured face-to-face interviews with 22 patients hospitalized in emergency and intensive care units. The data were analyzed using open coding and MAXQDA 12. Results: Findings from the interviews' were divided into two main categories of mental and physical experiences. Mental experiences are divided into 12 sub-categories and physical experiences into 7 sub-categories, each of them is also divided into further categories. Inability to speak is the most frequent complaint of patients in this study. The pain was the most common physical complaint of patients, mostly due to pain in the organs and pain due to blood sampling. Conclusion: Despite special training of medical staff in emergency and intensive care units to take care of patients and to obviate their special needs, it is observing that some patients under certain conditions such as intubation still face many unmet needs.

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