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Базарьева Лилия ◽  

The article describes the manifestation of creative initiatives of the population of small towns of the Perm Territory in various aspects of modern life. It is emphasized that small cities have a special weight of historical and cultural plan. The article reflects the close relationship of small towns with villages and rural settlements in the administrative, cultural and socioeconomic terms. The example of a number of small cities in the Perm region shows the manifestation of creative initiatives of the population in different spheres of life of a small city and their impact on the sociocultural condition of the rural population.

Arthur Guerra Filho

Abstract In 2017, Brazil’s president faced impeachment proposals for allegedly receiving money from a businessman in exchange for influencing a decision of the Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica (Cade), the Brazilian competition authority. But, considering that Cade is an independent agency with a reputation for transparency, how may politicians influence antitrust enforcement? By analysing the responses given to a questionnaire of mine by anonymous former Cade commissioners, as well as other reports related to political influence on the agency and records from Congress, Cade, and other institutions, this article will examine the channels of political influence on Cade. First, I examine channels of democratic control, such as the appointment process. Secondly, by discussing those situations in which politicians approach the agency, I observe that, even in the absence of an explicit promise or threat, contact from politicians bears a special weight for Cade’s officers. I argue that, regardless of conclusive evidence that political contact or pressure has actually impacted Cade’s enforcement, public confidence in the agency might be harmed when there is the appearance that it has done so. Therefore, the appropriateness of increased transparency surrounding meetings between elected politicians and Cade’s officers is a matter for consideration.

2020 ◽  
Vol 9 (4(73)) ◽  
pp. 26-29
I. Askerov

Morphologically, word creation has an ancient history. Among the branch morphemes involved in this process, along with national suffixes, suffixes of derivative origin also develop. However, the use of suffixes in the Azerbaijani language appeared in connection with the relatively later development of the history of the language. Among such suffixes, they have a special role in suffixes of Russian-European origin, and are mainly used in conjunction with words of derived origin. The development of some of these forms in the Azerbaijani language dates back to the early twentieth century. Postpositive elements of Russian-European origin, used as suffixes in the Azerbaijani language, are not in harmony, they are written in the same way, phono variants are non-existent. Moreover, branch morphemes belonging to this group do not have the ability to form verbs. Thus, all the postpositive elements of the suffix character found in the Azerbaijani literary language have the ability to form nouns, or rather, nouns and adjectives. In this regard, the words formed by these morphemes have a special weight in terms of studying the lexical structure of the Azerbaijani language, especially the types of lexical meanings of nouns and adjectives.

2019 ◽  
Vol 8 (2019) ◽  
pp. 46-57
Jarkko Kosonen ◽  
Puustinen Alisa ◽  
Tallberg Teemu

Abstract While studying citizen-soldiers, their dual identity as a soldier and a civilian have been highlighted. A citizen-soldier’s role is linked to citizenship and its obligation. The dual identity or critical voices of conscription or reserve forces have neither been recognized in research nor been debated publicly in Finland. The aim of this article is to analyse the reasons why some conscripts raise critical voices concerning their relationship with conscription and their role as reservists. The study is based on the interviews of 38 non-military service men and 33 men who resigned from the reserve in 2017. The data was analysed using content analysis. According to the results, the main problems with regard to conscription and armed defence, among the conscripts, relate to inequality of the conscription system, obligation to serve and lack of discretion. For individual conscripts as citizen-soldiers, the problem of killing has special weight when they reflect upon their own role in the possible act of war. Conscripts and their expertise could be used more extensively in a wider range of security-related issues than in armed defence alone.

Torbjörn Tännsjö

The rationale behind prioritarianism is the idea that suffering has a special moral importance. This means that a person who momentarily suffers has a special moral claim for improvement of her hedonic situation. It is the other way around with happiness. Prioritarianism is seen as a possible amendment to utilitarianism. Since suffering takes place at a definite time, momentary suffering, not suffering within an entire life, is what matters, according to prioritarianism. While the maximin/leximin theory gives absolute priority to those who are worst off prioritarinism presents a more nuanced view. Some special weight is given to an amount of happiness/unhappiness depending on where it falls, on a happy or on a miserable moment. There are many ideas, however, about how to specify the exact weight which should be given to an instant of happiness/unhappiness depending on where it appears on the hedonistic scale. This means that prioritarianism presents us with a family of theories rather than with one theory in particular. They all agree on the claim, however, that what should be maximized is a weighted sum of happiness rather than the sum total of happiness.

Filomat ◽  
2018 ◽  
Vol 32 (4) ◽  
pp. 1429-1437
Hong Tian ◽  
Shenzhou Zheng

Making use of an elementary approach instead of the weighted Lp estimate with a special weight, we prove global Morrey estimates of the weak derivatives to the Dirichlet problems of linear elliptic equations with small partially BMO coefficients in a half space. Here, the leading coefficients aij(x) are assumed to be merely measurable in one variable, and have small BMO in the remaining spatial variables.

Alan Stewart

Modern Shakespeare biographies give special weight to details of Shakespeare’s life supported by reference to archival materials. The ‘documentary life’ records only those life-events in which the legal profession, church, and state have a vested interest, producing a ‘documentary life’ with a particular, predictable, shape—producing Shakespeare as a son, husband, and father, a Stratford resident, a property owner, and a sharer in a theatrical company. But this ‘documentary life’ obscures an earlier biographical tradition which is routinely dismissed as apocryphal. This essay aims to take seriously the seventeenth-century tellings of Shakespeare’s life, analysing them not for their ability to tally with the documentary traces but rather for what they say and where and how they say it. They provide a remarkably consistent characterization, and one that is often intriguingly at odds with the supposedly ‘authentic’, documentary Shakespeare.

2016 ◽  
Vol 8 (2) ◽  
pp. 236-261 ◽  
Uwe Steinhoff

I shall argue that in some wars both sides are (as a collective) justified, that is, they can both satisfy valid jus ad bellum requirements. Moreover, in some wars – but not in all – the individual soldiers on the unjustified side (i.e. on the side without jus ad bellum) may nevertheless kill soldiers (and also civilians as a side-effect) on the justified side, even if the enemy soldiers always abide by jus in bello constraints. The reason for this is that with regard to some forms of inflicting harm on others one may give special weight to one’s own interests and the interests of those to whom one has special responsibilities when assessing the proportionality of those acts. That is, the proportionality calculation may be agent-relative. This is in particular so in the case of foreseeably preventing innocent and non-threatening people from being saved (for instance, by shooting down a tactical bomber who would have saved them by destroying an ammunitions factory) but less so in the case of the intentional or foreseeable direct harming of innocent and non-threatening people (dropping bombs on people standing near an ammunitions factory). In the light of these considerations, I will then answer the question as to when soldiers may justifiably participate in war (and when not).

2015 ◽  
Vol 2015 ◽  
pp. 1-5 ◽  
Soufiane Mokeddem ◽  
Khaled Ben Walid Mansour

We will investigate the decay estimate of the energy of the global solutions to thep-Laplacian wave equation with dissipation of the formutt-div (∇xup-2∇xu)+σ(t)(ut-div (∇xutm-2∇xut))=0under suitable assumptions on the positive functionσ. For this end we use the multiplier method combined with nonlinear integral inequalities given by Martinez; the proof is based on the construction of a special weight function that depends on the behavior ofσ.

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