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2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Lisanne Kleygrewe ◽  
Raôul R. D. Oudejans ◽  
Matthijs Koedijk ◽  
R. I. (Vana) Hutter

Police training plays a crucial role in the development of police officers. Because the training of police officers combines various educational components and is governed by organizational guidelines, police training is a complex, multifaceted topic. The current study investigates training at six European law enforcement agencies and aims to identify strengths and challenges of current training organization and practice. We interviewed a total of 16 police instructors and seven police coordinators with conceptual training tasks. A thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke, 2006; Terry et al., 2017) was conducted and results organized in the two main themes evident across all six law enforcement agencies: organization of training and delivery of training. Results show that governmental structures and police executive boards are seen as the primary authorities that define the training framework in which police instructors operate. These administrative structures regulate distant and immediate resources, such as available training time, training facilities, equipment, and personnel. Within the confines of available resources and predetermined training frameworks, results indicate that police instructors thoroughly enjoy teaching, creating supportive and motivating learning environments, and applying their personal learning perspectives to training. Nonetheless, police instructors are critical of the level of training they are able to achieve with the available resources.

2022 ◽  
Yikang Zhang ◽  
Aleksandr Segal ◽  
Francesco Pompedda ◽  
Shumpei Haginoya ◽  
Pekka Santtila

PurposeResearch has shown that confirmation bias plays a role in legal and forensic decision-making processes. However, to our knowledge, no study has examined how it manifests itself when interviewing an allegedly abused child. MethodIn the present study, we used data from a series of experiments in which participants interviewed child avatars to examine how an assumption of abuse based on preliminary information influenced decision-making and interviewing style. Interview training data from eight studies with students, psychologists and police officers were included in the analyses.ResultsWe found that interviewers’ preliminary assumption of sexual abuse having taken place predicted 1) a conclusion of abuse by the interviewers after the interview; 2) higher confidence in their judgment; 3) more frequent use of not recommended question types and 4) a decreased likelihood of reaching a correct conclusion given the same number of available relevant details. ConclusionThe importance of considering how preliminary assumptions of abuse affect interview behaviour and outcomes and the implications for the training of investigative interviewers were discussed.

Mindfulness ◽  
2022 ◽  
Jaime Navarrete ◽  
Miguel Ángel García-Salvador ◽  
Ausiàs Cebolla ◽  
Rosa Baños

Abstract Objectives The purpose of this exploratory non-randomized controlled study was to determine the acceptance and effectiveness of an 8-week mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) co-designed by a police officer. Methods A pretest-posttest control group design was followed. Participants (MBI group = 20; control group = 18) answered baseline and post-training self-reported measures. In addition, the weekly emotional state of the MBI group was collected. Paired-samples t-test and analysis of covariance were performed for pre-post within-group and between-group differences, respectively, as well as linear mixed effects analysis of repeated measures for week-by-week data. Results High acceptance and attendance rates, as well as significant pre-post within-group differences in the MBI group in mindfulness (η2 = 0.43), self-compassion (η2 = 0.43), depression (η2 = 0.54), anxiety (η2 = 0.46), stress (η2 = 0.51), difficulties in emotion regulation, sleep quality (η2 = 0.57), and burnout (η2 = 0.31–0.47), were identified. Moreover, police officers who underwent the MBI experienced a week by week decrease of anger, disgust, anxiety, sadness, and desire. Finally, after adjusting for pre-test scores, significant between-group differences were found in the way of attending to internal and external experiences (observing mindfulness facet; ηp2 = 0.21), depression symptoms (ηp2 = 0.23), general distress (ηp2 = 0.24), and the degree of physical and psychological exhaustion (personal burnout; ηp2 = 0.20). Conclusions The preliminary effectiveness of this MBI on psychopathology and quality of life outcomes in Spanish police officers was discussed. Previous evidence regarding the promising use of MBIs in this population was supported.

Андрей Петрович Тюнь

В статье рассматриваются основные принципы формирования и трансформации общественного мнения о полиции в гражданской среде, связанные с участием сотрудников правоохранительных органов в мероприятиях, направленных на предотвращение негативных последствий чрезвычайных ситуаций. Рассматриваются объективные риски, возникающие вследствие некорректной трактовки служебных действий сотрудников правоохранительных органов представителями гражданской сферы в условиях ограничения их возможностей с целью минимизации ущерба от чрезвычайной ситуации. Отмечается, что в условиях действия ограничительных мер на период объявления чрезвычайной ситуации усиливается негативное восприятие деятельности сотрудников органов внутренних дел. Оцениваются перспективы, связанные с улучшением социального восприятия полиции в результате освещения самоотверженности и высоких личных качеств сотрудников полиции, с риском для жизни и здоровья участвующих в борьбе с последствиями чрезвычайной ситуации и в спасении гражданского населения. Делается вывод о необходимости использования средств массовой информации как инструмента формирования общественного мнения в целях объективного отражения в общественном сознании россиян профессиональной деятельности работников правоохранительной системы. The paper examines the principles of the formation and transformation of public opinion about the police in the civilian environment, associated with the participation of law enforcement officers in measures aimed at preventing the negative consequences of emergencies. The publication considers the risks associated with the incorrect interpretation of the official actions of law enforcement officials by representatives of the civilian sphere in the context of limiting their capabilities in order to minimize damage from an emergency. The author evaluates the prospects related to improving the social perception of the police through highlighting the disregard of self and high personal qualities of police officers at risk to life and health of those involved in combating the consequences of an emergency and rescuing the civilian population. It is concluded that the media should be used as an instrument for the formation of public opinion in order to objectively reflect the professional activities of law enforcement officials in the public consciousness of Russians.

2022 ◽  
Lucia Bîtca ◽  

Increasing competition in the organizational environment and strengthening human capital can greatly contribute to the ability to close existing gaps in the development process and ensure a more competitive level, and the professional development process includes not only setting career goals and training agreements, but also evaluations and the feedback needed to assess progress. By optimizing nonverbal skills and forming impression management strategies promoted by psychological training in enhancing the knowledge and skills of police employees, they serve as a basis for organizational projects designed to facilitate self-realization of internal potential and stimulate their involvement in the organization. Organizational behavior is the study of the behaviors of individuals, which involves understanding, predicting and controlling human behavior, models and structures, in order to improve the environment, performance and efficiency of the organization. The original of this paper is that the research results led to the identification of components and mechanisms for producing change at the macro-, meso- and microsocial level, which uses a perpetual mobilization of social actors in organizations. Another novelty, for a wider geographical area of ​​scientific research, is the application of an intervention methodology in the training impression management strategies through nonverbal communication, with the purpose and purpose in developing relational skills and optimizing professional activity. The information obtained in research on nonverbal communication and impression management tactics on the organizational environment, can be applied for the development of programs for organizational counseling activities, business coaching and large-scale developmental training, promoted through managerial and corporate profile.

Healthcare ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 144
Herman de Vries ◽  
Wim Kamphuis ◽  
Cees van der Schans ◽  
Robbert Sanderman ◽  
Hilbrand Oldenhuis

The emergence of wearable sensors that allow for unobtrusive monitoring of physiological and behavioural patterns introduces new opportunities to study the impact of stress in a real-world context. This study explores to what extent within-subject trends in daily Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and daily HRV fluctuations are associated with longitudinal changes in stress, depression, anxiety, and somatisation. Nine Dutch police officers collected daily nocturnal HRV data using an Oura ring during 15–55 weeks. Participants filled in the Four-Dimensional Symptoms Questionnaire every 5 weeks. A sample of 47 five-week observations was collected and analysed using multiple regression. After controlling for trends in total sleep time, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and alcohol use, an increasing trend in the seven-day rolling standard deviation of the HRV (HRVsd) was associated with increases in stress and somatisation over 5 weeks. Furthermore, an increasing HRV trend buffered against the association between HRVsd trend and somatisation change, undoing this association when it was combined with increasing HRV. Depression and anxiety could not be related to trends in HRV or HRVsd, which was related to observed floor effects. These results show that monitoring trends in daily HRV via wearables holds promise for automated stress monitoring and providing personalised feedback.

Connie M Tang ◽  
Merydawilda Colon ◽  
Heather Swenson Brilla

This research examined the Homework Completion Program in Atlantic County, NJ, where college students and police officers tutored children with homework. Children ( N = 154) reported their impression of police officers and perception of the program. Across 5 years and three program sites, children chose completing homework as the best part about the program and they mostly reported feeling happy when seeing a police officer and finding police officers if they needed help. In summary, the program has shown promise in achieving the goals of preparing children for a college education and building trust between children and police officers.

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