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Андрей Петрович Тюнь

В статье рассматриваются основные принципы формирования и трансформации общественного мнения о полиции в гражданской среде, связанные с участием сотрудников правоохранительных органов в мероприятиях, направленных на предотвращение негативных последствий чрезвычайных ситуаций. Рассматриваются объективные риски, возникающие вследствие некорректной трактовки служебных действий сотрудников правоохранительных органов представителями гражданской сферы в условиях ограничения их возможностей с целью минимизации ущерба от чрезвычайной ситуации. Отмечается, что в условиях действия ограничительных мер на период объявления чрезвычайной ситуации усиливается негативное восприятие деятельности сотрудников органов внутренних дел. Оцениваются перспективы, связанные с улучшением социального восприятия полиции в результате освещения самоотверженности и высоких личных качеств сотрудников полиции, с риском для жизни и здоровья участвующих в борьбе с последствиями чрезвычайной ситуации и в спасении гражданского населения. Делается вывод о необходимости использования средств массовой информации как инструмента формирования общественного мнения в целях объективного отражения в общественном сознании россиян профессиональной деятельности работников правоохранительной системы. The paper examines the principles of the formation and transformation of public opinion about the police in the civilian environment, associated with the participation of law enforcement officers in measures aimed at preventing the negative consequences of emergencies. The publication considers the risks associated with the incorrect interpretation of the official actions of law enforcement officials by representatives of the civilian sphere in the context of limiting their capabilities in order to minimize damage from an emergency. The author evaluates the prospects related to improving the social perception of the police through highlighting the disregard of self and high personal qualities of police officers at risk to life and health of those involved in combating the consequences of an emergency and rescuing the civilian population. It is concluded that the media should be used as an instrument for the formation of public opinion in order to objectively reflect the professional activities of law enforcement officials in the public consciousness of Russians.

2022 ◽  
Diana Sînziana Duca ◽  
Maria Doina Schipor ◽  

We investigate in this work the relationship between the perceived demands of the teaching profession and the general sense of teachers’ self-efficacy in on-site and online teaching contexts. We present the results of a study with N= 127 Romanian teachers, with ages ranged from 19 to 55, with a mean age of 39,26 years, SD = 9,20 (123 females, 4 males; 73 from urban area, 54 from rural area). Our results show that the self-efficacy of teachers is lower in online professional activities, compared to the self-efficacy of teachers perceived in the on-site professional activities. In the case of the online teaching environment the teachers with high scores on teachers’ self-efficacy tends to consider as being more challenging when dealing with different levels of children's development, working with children with learning disabilities, who have a small number of attendances, who do not follow the received instructions and with children who need more time and energy compared to other children. We discuss implications of our results for policies and strategies to enhance the quality of teaching practices.

Iryna M. Goncharenko ◽  
Nina A. Krakhmalova

This article tackles a wide range of issues related to social and professional adaptation of youth in the context of structural and social transformations. It is observed that currently, the employment and occupation challenges remain are among the most critical objectives to be attained and need to be resolved as soon as possible. It is argued that the objective reality of modern social relations is the constantly changing labor market environment; moreover, the current situation in the employment sector significantly complicates the situation for young people. In particular, it is emphasized that the labor market puts young professionals in the system of fierce competition with professionals who already have work experience. Ultimately, transformations in various fields – social, economic and political system of fierce competition – have caused a decline in the social value of labor for many young people that has resulted in moral degradation and triggered social pessimism – a disbelief that they will be ever able to get an interesting job that is paid fairly which translates into polarization between effort and wages, which in fact often differ. A survey of graduates conducted in the frameworks of the University Hackathon Ecosystem has revealed the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of future professionals and their ability to integrate into the social environment. Processing of research outcomes using the tools of mathematical statistics to obtain values with estimated availability and reliability has demonstrated the validity of the developed favourable organizational and pedagogical environment in the university. In this context, consistent implementation of this organisational and pedagogical paradigm ensures the highest effectiveness of adaptation to professional activities based on education values as well as social integration readiness. The proposed model of promoting professional partnership-based adaptation of students between the university and social institutions and organizations characterizes the pre-working period of educational and professional adaptation. It is assumed that enhancing the students’ adaptation to professional career will help would be professionals find confidence in their abilities and become competitive in the labor market, reinforcing new values of professional self-development and professional development, and facilitate further integration into society. It is argued that the use of traditional labor socialization methods is not always sufficient to attain relevant professional maturity which is associated with different character and motivation to professional activity. The findings verify that some young people are engaged in non-professional activities, some work in the profession but do not seek to develop their professional skills, there are also cases of discrimination against young people by the older generation which refer to professional growth opportunities. An experiment based on the University Hackathon Ecosystem provides argument that the professional socialization of individuals assumes a certain time period to enter the professional environment, gain professional experience, master the standards and values of the professional community, as well as the process of accumulation and active implementation of personal professional experience.

2022 ◽  
Ndidi I. Unaka ◽  
Ariel Winn ◽  
Adiaha Spinks-Franklin ◽  
Patricia Poitevien ◽  
Franklin Trimm ◽  

Racism and discrimination are the root of many pediatric health inequities and are well described in the literature. Despite the pervasiveness of pediatric health inequities, we have failed to adequately educate and prepare general pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists to address them. Deficiencies within education across the entire continuum and in our health care systems as a whole contribute to health inequities in unacceptable ways. To address these deficiencies, the field of pediatrics, along with other specialties, has been on a journey toward a more competency-based approach to education and assessment, and the framework created for the future is built on entrustable professional activities (EPAs). Competency-based medical education is one approach to addressing the deficiencies within graduate medical education and across the continuum by allowing educators to focus on the desired equitable patient outcomes and then develop an approach to teaching and assessing the tasks, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve the goal of optimal, equitable patient care. To that end, we describe the development and content of a revised EPA entitled: Use of Population Health Strategies and Quality Improvement Methods to Promote Health and Address Racism, Discrimination, and Other Contributors to Inequities Among Pediatric Populations. We also highlight the ways in which this EPA can be used to inform curricula, assessments, professional development, organizational systems, and culture change.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Jean Gaillard ◽  
Alban Fouasson-Chailloux ◽  
Dominique Eveno ◽  
Guillaume Bokobza ◽  
Marta Da Costa ◽  

Rotationplasty or Borggreve-Van Ness surgery is lower limb salvage surgery, indicated mainly in the management of femoral bone sarcoma and congenital femur malformations in children. It can also be an interesting surgery option for managing chronic osteoarticular infections, or in cases of non union when curative therapy is no longer an option, as an alternative to femoral amputation. The principle of this surgery is to remove the affected knee and to apply a rotation of 180° to the distal part of the lower limb in order to give the ankle the function of a neo-knee. With the help of an adapted prosthesis, the aim is to allow patients to resume their social and professional activities by keeping most of their lower limb, thus avoiding the known complications of amputation (ghost limb pain, proprioceptive deficit, psychological disorders). Nevertheless, this surgery is complex and exceptional, with vascular, infectious, and psychological risks - the chimeric aspect of the lower limb may cause significant ill-being for the patient. This article reports the case of a 38-year-old patient consulting for management of a complex septic distal femoral non-union following osteosarcoma considered as being in remission. The patient underwent rotationplasty surgery on his left lower limb, with very good functional results and no surgical revision to date. In light of this particular case, we propose a didactic overview of the literature data concerning this surgery, especially in adulthood.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (4) ◽  
pp. 78-88
E. S. Shugrina

The subject of the research are the materials of judicial practice (texts of court decisions and information sources, the content of information about the results of court hearings), data from sociological surveys.The purpose of the article is to identify the relationship between the knowledge of municipal law, local self-government or urbanism obtained during training at a university and subsequent professional activities related to local self-government carried out at different levels of public authority.The methodology. A comprehensive methodology was used, including legal and sociological research methods. Formal legal, legal technical and comparative legal were used among the legal methods. The sociological methods include the method of expert survey and the method of content analysis, which makes it possible to reveal the real position of the respondent, if he wants to disguise it not only the positions expressed, but also the words actually used were analyzed. The most repeatable ones were identified with the help of special software products.The main results, scope of application. Quite significant amendments were made to the Russian Constitution in 2020. One of the novels concerns a unified system of public power, the inclusion of a new term in the text of the constitution. The implementation of these novels in the legislation on local self-government is expected after the completion of the formation of the updated composition of the Federal Assembly. For this, it is necessary not only to reveal the term itself and list the levels of public authority, but also to establish new principles of their relationship, incl. in a sense, uniform standards, rules and requirements for state and local authorities. One of the possible consequences of this may be an increase in the prestige of work in local self-government bodies, a change in attitudes towards work in local self-government bodies.Conclusions. The analysis of the materials of law enforcement practice, the data of opinion polls on trust in local self-government bodies, attitude to the results of the work of local self-government bodies and their officials show that of all levels of government the municipal level is least trusted. Unfortunately, such an attitude begins to form in the process of training future employees of public authorities at different levels.

2022 ◽  
Vol 18 ◽  
pp. 191-203
Nataliia H. Sharata ◽  
Tetiana V. Berezovska ◽  
Tetiana P. Kravchenko

The transition to distance learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic has led teachers to adapt effective teaching methods to distance education. Theoretical analysis of scientific works allowed determining that student debates have significant potential for the development of critical thinking, communication skills. The aim of the study was to test the effectiveness of the method of student thematic online debates in the development of professional competencies in future specialists. In the experimental study, several complementary techniques were used to determine the level of future specialists’ professional competence. The reliability of the obtained conclusions on the basis of the used methods was ensured by comparing the data obtained by each method, as well as the representativeness of the sample size and statistical significance of the experimental data. It is determined that the following competencies can be developed in students through the method of student thematic online debates: readiness to work in a team, ability to generalize, analyse and adequately perceive information, ability to communicate according to language norms, reasoned and clearly build oral and written speech. The study allowed determining that there are certain methodological features of using the method of student thematic online debates in the distance educational process. The method of debate is an effective approach to the organization of online learning, which allows obtaining not only theoretical knowledge, but also gives the possibility of applying them in professional activities in the future. Proof of the effectiveness of the proposed model of using debate within distance learning is confirmed by the unequivocally positive dynamics in the experimental group to improve the Value-orientation criterion, Cognitive criterion Communicative-activity criterion (in particular, at a high level of 13.79%, 7.38%, 11.56% respectively). The novelty of the presented scientific intelligence in the experimental study of the potential of online debates for students of agricultural universities, but with the potential to adapt the presented model of organization of the pedagogical environment for students of other specialties. The research materials can be used by teachers in the development of distance online courses, heads of distance learning coordination departments in higher educational institutions. The prospect of further research is studying the effectiveness of thematic online debates to increase the level of internal learning motivation in future specialists.

2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (12) ◽  
pp. 32-47
E. M. Kharlanova ◽  
E. V. Shirokova ◽  
O. V. Besschetnova ◽  
A. B. Fedulova

Currently, in the context of the transition to hybrid education, new network forms of communication and interaction of teachers, students as well as specialists are in demand in the framework of personnel training, research and professional activities. The article reveals the main aspects of the integrated network community for training professionals working with youth in the field of educational and youth social policy. Network community can be viewed as an important resource for the development of both the participants themselves and the specific professional sphere. The purpose of the article is to describe the conceptual framework of a professional network community for training personnel for working with youth in the context of social, educational and youth policy and identify the prerequisites for its creation.In the course of the work, we used such methods as structural and functional analysis, system synthesis, modeling and an online survey. The sample comprised university students, faculty members, and youth workers (n = 147) from six federal districts of Russia.The conceptual framework of the professional network community presented on the basis of systemic-synergetic and constructive methodological approaches enables 1) to formulate its idea as a collaboration for personnel training, scientific research, joint projects implementation and self-development of participants; 2) to identify systemic contradictions, the solution of which is directed by the interaction of community members; 3) to determine the axiological basis, purpose, objectives and stages of deployment; 4) to identify the degree of its relevance, the presence of common interests among all its participants on the basis of the results of empirical research that may be useful in the professional network communities design.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (5) ◽  
pp. 76-81
N. N. Dianina ◽  
M. A. Kolosovskaia ◽  
E. A. Lisova ◽  
N. A. Segeitcheva

The study presents results of many years of research and analysis into the process of creating core textbooks and teaching materials aimed at developing linguistic, communicative and professional competences inherent in the future professional activities of International Law students. When creating language learning materials with a focus on a particular profession (e.g. English for Law Students), it is important to proceed from the nature and specific content of day-to-day activities surrounding the future job of a student. Detailed analysis of legal documents and professional activities that International Law students may be involved in in the future allows to gauge the necessary level of English grammar and vocabulary that needs to be attained. The process also points out what specific language and communication skills (e.g. negotiation, persuasion, etc.) as well as professional competencies may be required. Since core textbook for learning English written by native speakers are very generic and, naturally, do not aim at achieving the level of English language, communication and professional skills required by those specializing in International Law, we find it of vital importance to create a series of very niche textbooks for achieving these goals. The present study allows us to determine the structure and content of core textbooks and to create a system of grammar and lexical exercises as well communication tasks aimed at acquiring specific grammar and conversational skills within a short period of time. Of particular mention here too is mastering debating skills, which is paramount for International Law students. This again can only be achieved by creating very narrowly focused materials that will introduce these skills gradually.

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