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2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 253-272
Amanda Cristina dos Santos Nogueira ◽  
Constance Rezende Bonvicini

The COVID-19 pandemic reflects in an intense and complex way in social, economic and cultural processes globally, also due to its sanitary nature in the work environment, a phenomenon that impacts and can have repercussions on workers' health. The general objective of this article was to analyze the influence that the pandemic scenario has on the mental health of professionals working in the health area, taking into account their work, quality of life and satisfaction with the organization. The methodology selected for the research was descriptive, qualitative, classified as a bibliographic research, in which the following descriptors were applied: satisfaction and quality of life in the work context, selecting academic sources of information that responded to the proposed objectives and that presented in the context of the pandemic. The results point to the fact that teams from healthcare organizations can be more affected in the context of the scenario, such as the nurses' class. It is portrayed that these professionals are doubly affected by the pandemic, in their work environment, while occupying the front line in the fight against the virus, and in their personal life, when they face the effects of social isolation, the absence of schools as partners, financial insecurity and related issues. Thus, it is concluded that the satisfaction and quality of life in the work environment was significantly affected by the pandemic, contributing to the development even psychological suffering in various spheres, including work stress, especially in environments where professionals from health.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 236-252
Cristiano de Jesus Andrade ◽  
Carlos de Sousa Filho ◽  
Michelle Fonseca do Lago ◽  
Bruno Chapadeiro Ribeiro

Esta pesquisa objetivou analisar as percepções de enfermeiros quanto a morte dos pacientes em tratamento oncológico. Tal estudo valeu-se do método qualitativo, do tipo estudo de caso, tendo como sujeitos 10 enfermeiros oncológicos, com os quais foi utilizada a entrevista semiestruturada como técnica. Buscando analisar os resultados à luz da psicodinâmica do trabalho, a partir da qual pode-se compreender que os profissionais, identificam a morte como um processo natural, frequentemente vivenciado em sua profissão. No entanto apontaram vivenciarem tristeza e frustração mediante ao desligamento do paciente. Concluindo que embora os profissionais demonstrem lidar com a finitude de modo "natural", também experimentam sentimentos desconfortáveis, porém não adoeceram, visto que as defesas utilizadas garantem a integridade do ego em contato com a realidade.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 295-313
Marina Batella Martins ◽  
Bruna Lídia Taño ◽  
Marina Vilaça Cavallari Machado

This study aimed to identify the impact of social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the occupational profile of children and adolescents caregivers accompained by a multidisciplinary team. 34 caregivers participated by fulfilling a questionnaire composed of 31 questions. Quantitative data were analyzed descriptively and the content analysis was performed by open grid questions. The results of this study point to the intensification of the caregiver's role, absence of participation in leisure activities and the importance of involvement in significant activities that support and sustain health. Participants indicated strategies that were effective in coping with the impacts caused by the pandemic, such as leisure and prevetion activities. Further, it was observed that theses strategies were developed by the participants themselves, on the social networks or internet.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 314-322
Lorena Alves de Carvalho Lima ◽  
Larissa Gabriela Ferreira Brito ◽  
Dayse Chaves Lemos ◽  
Karoline Giele Martins de Aguiar

This article is a clinical case study based on an experience report, with the aim of reporting the experience of interventional psychodiagnosis with an individual with symptoms of heteroaggression and intrusive thoughts. The case study methodology was based on the experience of the Basic Supervised Internship in Psychology and Assessment and Diagnosis Processes, the procedures performed were: reception, observation, listening, psychological interview (semi-structured), psychological testing - HTP Test (Home - tree - person), for personality assessment, STAXI - 2 (Anger Expression Inventory as State and Trait), for assessment of anger expression and feedback interview. It is concluded that the interventional psychodiagnostic process resulted in an improvement in the symptoms, providing, from the operations, that facilitated the expression of feelings and emotions, allowing reflection, self-perception and awareness of invasive thoughts and heteroaggression, enabling access to difficulties experienced and thus mobilize psychic resources for the change stage.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 286-294
Anne Karoline Custódio Teixeira ◽  
Nára Gabriela do Nascimento Niza ◽  
Noelhia dos Santos Gonçalves ◽  
Thamires Santos Silva ◽  
Gabriel Nunes Pereira Reis ◽  

Objective: To review the literature on complications associated with facial filling with hyaluronic acid. Materials and Methods: This study consisted of a literature review based on national and international databases such as: PubMed and SciELO. Results and Discussion: 14 studies were selected, where the existence of several complications related to the use of hyaluronic acid can be observed, early side effects can occur, which are those that appear soon after application and persist for around 15 days and can also late side effects occur. Conclusions: Despite all the safety of the filling technique with hyaluronic acid, complications can occur, requiring the professional to be able to intervene in these situations.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 273-285
Victoria Nuri Habedank Vallespin ◽  
Beatriz Fernandes Pipino ◽  
Edward Goulart Júnior

Law nº. 10.826, also known as the “Disarmament Statute”, establishes the psychological assessment as an essential part of the process of the requirement to possessing/carrying guns in Brazil. Normative Instruction n°. 78, of Brazilian Federal Police, makes clear the need to prove psychological aptitude in procedures to the acquisition, register, register renewal, transfer and possession of guns to citizens, as well as to accreditation of gunsmiths and weapon and shooting instructors. Then, psychologists licensed by the Federal Police must perform this assessment according to the current rules and guidelines. This text aims to make considerations about the importance of the psychological assessment to obtain a gun carrying or possession, paying attention to the ethical and technical cautions involved in that. The objective is also to show the rules and guidelines in effect in Brazil, provided by proper institutions, related to this issue.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 214-235
Catia Almeida Alves da Silva ◽  
Karina Aparecida Ferreira da Rocha ◽  
Luiz Roberto Marquezi Ferro ◽  
Aislan José de Oliveira ◽  
Márcia Guimarães Rivas

The cancer has been studied for a long time and some conclusions of these illness should be associate of many reasons. According some researches, this illness has been considered one of the biggest public health problem around the world and with many cases registered. Everybody who is in front of possibility to positive diagnostic of cancer can be negative feelings or thoughts about the future and their uncertainties. The psychologist should contribute with the mental process by using technical knowledge to help people and mental impacts caused because the illness and contribute with a complete care identifying potentials psychical disorders. In this process the faith becomes a significant alternative to the treatment, could result in trust and power of balance. The faith should be represented part of a process to understand and take on lidding with the cancer, improving the life quality and intensifying the struggle of illness. The focus on this studying was identifying the influence of faith on oncological patients’ treatment on hospital unit in São Paulo from capital. It was about a qualitative research and were considered seven people with the same repetitive talks after had been interviewed. The people selection was random, inside the hospital and all of participants was interviewed following a guide prepared before of the researches. The analyses results were produced about the “Talk Analyses or Speech Analyses” making the categories. In terms of expected results, the faith was considered a positive alternative and source to face or to feel of cancer. The faith phenomenon can contribute significantly to the cancer treatment process.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 169-180
Fabiana do Nascimento Prazeres Martins ◽  
Leidyane Balieiro Guimarães Cunha ◽  
Eliza Maria da Costa Brito Lacerda

Researchs about the causes of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has led several scientists to relate many others systems to the patient's brain, linking changes in the gastrointestinal microbiota (GIM) to typical behaviors of people with ASD, suggesting that the brain-intestine axis is an important piece in this 'puzzle'. This work aimed to investigate the microbiota gastrointestinal in children with ASD. Such research was carried out on scientific work platforms, resulting in 293 works, which, after the selection, totaled 28 works analyzed. Almost all of them showed changes in the intestinal microbiota of children with ASD, the reduction of their diversity being the main alteration of these individuals in relation to the control group. The bacterial family Lachnospiraceae, the bacterial gender Lactobacillus, Clostridium, Feacalibacterium, and Bacteroides stood out in these studies; and the fungal genus Candida. Among the symptoms, constipation was quite frequent in children with ASD and some groups of microorganisms were positively or negatively associated with changes in sleep, speech development and behavioral aspects. We conclude that there are several alterations of GIM in children with autism when compared to children with typical neurodevelopment, being also affected by anatomical and metabolic issues as causes or consequences of ASD. There is a need for further studies, especially in the Brazilian population, and more specifically in the states, in view of the great heterogeneity of our people and their culture, the great dietary variations of the last decades, as well as the increase in gene flow among world populations.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 181-194
Tassiana Algarte Fernandes ◽  
Regina Celia de Souza Beretta

The Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) emerges through the National Social Assistance Policy (PNAS) and establishes actions aimed at the population served, but also at the services and their physical, professional and management structure. And it is in this contrast between PNAS and reality, that working conditions emerge as a negative point in the daily practice of SUAS workers and the existing physical and mental illness. The study described here, sought to understand the work relationships and how it affects the SUAS worker's life, about physical and mental health, well-being, and the quality of life of the professional and his family, since the illness and stress have a direct impact on the family group. The survey was integrated by SUAS professionals who work in the State of São Paulo, and was developed in two stages, the first of which was through an online questionnaire, with 24 questions (assertive and essay) and was answered by 189 workers. The second stage included two focus groups, with the participation of 24 professionals, who were selected from among those who had answered the first part of the study. The results obtained pointed to the existence of several factors that interfere in the quality of work, such as lack of structure, reduced staff, management failures, political issues, hierarchical relationships, and overload that directly affect the health of these professionals, demanding greater attention to the health of the worker.

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