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Josue A. Tolero ◽  
Delyn O. Tabile ◽  
Jal M. Achacoso

The study aimed to determine the Experience of Science teachers’ in practicing rewards system to increase student’s participation in class. A qualitative - phenomenology research design was adopted in this study. Interview guide question was used to examine the Experience of Science teachers’ in practicing rewards system to increase student’s participation in class. Data was collected through an interview. Total of 10 teachers were selected as a sample from 8 secondary schools in the Botolan District. The results of this study showed that reward system is effective in the performance of the students and encouragement to give the students good motivation   in the learning process. Most of the participant find the rewards system as an effective tool in increasing student’s participation. Recognition such as giving praise and compliments is the usual form of rewards given by the teacher. In addition to extra grades, scores and test or homework exemptions. Preferred rewards of the teachers aside from giving praise and additional grades, are useful rewards such as school supplies, candies, and other food treats. Effective motivation of the student’s in participating in learning activities is the foreseen effects of rewards system.

Amos Ojo Adedeji

The instrument of celebrity endorsement has become a pervasive element in advertising. This paper qualitatively examining the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement on advertisement in achieving consumer brand preference. The study revealed some impacts of acquiring celebrity for endorsement such as building awareness, quick connect, means of brand differentiation and better brand image among others. The study identified some challenges associated with celebrity endorsement which are not limited to celebrity overshadows the brand, conflicting image and influence of celebrity moral violation on brands. The paper concludes by recommending careful choosing of celebrity that his/her value will have close link with the brand been endorsed and improvement on the quality of the product by the producer as possible measures to avert the challenges of using celebrity in advertising. Using celebrities that have moral and are well placed in the society for advertisement is also key.

B.A.Ajantha Niroshani

This article reports the findings of a study that investigated the attitudes of  creative arts undergraduates and the attitudes and perception of English as a second language (ESL) teachers from different faculties in three Sri Lankan universities about the motivation and proficiency of their students. Employing a qualitative approach in which a 20-item 6- point Likert scale questionnaire and eight (8) item online questionnaire served as the instuments respectively for randomly selected  25 students and the 10 ESL teachers. The results of the study revealed that the undergraduates were aware of  the role played by the English language in terms of  the potential utility,importance of learning  and the potential impact on their future employment.According to the data analysis,the undergraduates in the  faculties of medicine and science are motivated than their counterparts in the faculty of creative arts.Differenciations were observerd in terms of independent thinking, enthusiasm for classroom tasks and critical thinking between the same.

Geoffrey S. Sepillo

The study aimed to develop a Course Crediting and Academic Evaluation System of the College of Communication and Information Technology (CCIT) in President Ramon Magsaysay State University – Iba Campus to offer an online system to ease the procedures of crediting and evaluation of the student academic records. Descriptive research design and descriptive statistics were utilized in this study. The dean, program chairpersons, and students of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering are the respondents of the study. The findings revealed that the respondents evaluated the software quality of the system using the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC): 25010:2011 as excellent. The respondents evaluated as strongly recommended on the degree of recommendation of the acquisition and implementation of the system. The Course Crediting and Academic Evaluation System is recommended to implement to improve the present procedures. Training to the end-users is advised to be conducted to know how to use the system. The maintenance and continuous enhancement of the system to adapt to the changing trends in information technology.

Ananias C. Sabijon Jr.

The pursuit for quality education, including that in the basic education levels, for sustainable development is clearly described in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), one of the17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN. Accordingly, to equip students, with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they'll need to face the difficulties along with sustainable development, there is a need to update some processes currently utilized in science teaching and learning. For this reason, alternative activities and assessment methods, like the use of performance task assessment is needed to improve both the quality of teaching and to provide a meaningful learning experience to students. The purpose of this study was to provide relevant information from extant literature and a sample performance task assessment to encourage Science teachers to utilize these information in their classes. To achieve this purpose, significant information about performance task assessment and an original performance task assessment were presented. The use of performance assessment task is one alternative method to develop critical thinking skills, and to provide an education that is truly relevant to every student in the light of today’s challenges, like the pandemic. It could provide authentic and meaningful learning experience to students, and is very relevant in the context of coping with the challenges the science teachers have been facing. With the many pieces of evidence on its effectiveness and positive learning experience by students provided by literature, it is certain that the use of performance assessment task in Science classes cannot be overemphasized.

Laras Sitoayu ◽  
Sarah Mardiyah ◽  
Vitria Melani ◽  
Lintang Purwara Dewanti ◽  
Putri Ronitawati ◽  

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit various parts of the world, including Indonesia, has had an impact on society. One of the layers of society that has experienced this impact is students. With the large-scale social restrictions, Indonesian students do a lot of activities at home. Many students become concerned with themselves, but there are also students who feel bored because of low social interaction which in turn causes high food consumption and sedentary behaviour at home. The objective of this study to determine changes in body weight, food consumption and lifestyle in Indonesian students. The design of this study was cross sectional, with descriptive analysis conducted on 1185 students in Indonesia. The results of the study stated that the pandemic had an impact on Indonesian students. During the pandemic as many as 67.1% of students experienced changes in the size of their BB. Most of the students experienced moderate stress (77.1%), and bad sedentary behaviour by 63.4%. However, diet and exercise habits have changed for the better as much as 52.6% and 63.7%, respectively. Indonesian students need to pay more attention to changes in body weight and lifestyle during the pandemic so as not to have a negative impact on health and nutritional status.

Bezaleel Joy Murchante Danay ◽  
Zephaniah Dela Cruz Danay ◽  
Cherry Colesio Escarilla ◽  
Jimmy Bernabe Maming

The Covid-19 pandemic brought massive devastations to the different levels of society. The World Travel and Tourism Council had recently warned that Covid-19 pandemic could lead to a cut of 50 million jobs worldwide in the travel and tourism industry. A study conducted by Oxford reveals that Asia will be vilest to be affected by the pandemic and it would take time to recover its economy (Dogra, 2020). This means a wider and greater impacts to the different industries including the tourism sector. The study aims to explore the coping mechanisms of hospitality industry workers in Boracay Island during the Covid-19 pandemic particularly on their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and to determine the coping mechanisms of hospitality workers in Boracay Island being affected by the pandemic. The case study method through a qualitative analysis using Robert Yin's approach in the data analysis procedure to explore the data from the experiences of the key informants from the hospitality industry was used. Themes came out from the construct of the key informants like (1) hospitality industry workers experienced mental health, social, and economic issues, (2) The pandemic opens new opportunities and ways to cope with its effects. The output of this research is the proposed Danay, Danay, Escarilla, and Maming Model for Coping Mechanisms of Hospitality Industry workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Jopet Vincent B. Medalla ◽  
Mark Anthony D. Dipad ◽  
Corazon G. Bongalosa

Based on CHEd Memorandum Order No. 79, series of 2017, the Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd) Major in Computer Hardware Servicing program is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable values and skills of computer service technicians in accordance with industry standards. This mixed design research sought to determine the feasibility of offering this program in Sorsogon State University - Bulan Campus (SorSU-BC). It was found that the offering of the program is highly necessary and can expect a moderate sufficiency of enrolees. The program will also provide significant benefits to the different domains of the society such as the government, the community, the business industries and the students. The offering of the program is also highly sustainable in terms of enrolment, faculty, competition and facilities. It is also consistent with the vision and mission of the university and adheres to the pertinent legal foundations. Generally, faculty requirements are complied with but there is a need to hire faculty members with master’s degree in technology education or its equivalent. The laboratories and physical facilities required for the offering of the program are already available considering the existence of the IT-education and teacher-education programs. Therefore, the offering of BTVTEd major in Computer Hardware Servicing is found to be feasible. It is recommended for SorSU Bulan Campus to craft a program curriculum for BTVTEd Computer Hardware Servicing so that it can be offered in the university with the approval of the Commission on Higher Education.

Shimul Gupta

Mangrove forest has a significant importance in protecting natural disaster, environmental sustainability and in local economy. In Bangladesh, only mangrove forest Sundarban also servicing for environmental sustainability, protecting tropical cyclone, local employment generation and so on. Thus, its natural properties are being hampered through people involvement and natural calamities. Moreover, Rapid population growth and climate change stimulating these disturbances of natural properties of Sundarbans. This paper aim at how climate change is disturbing mangrove forest in Bangladesh and how this disturbance may be threatful for future environmental sustainability. Interrelation between climate change and disturbance of Sundarbans has been established through various exiting literature review and for quantifying the amount of disturbance remote sensing data has been applied and future threat of environmental sustainability has been assessed by comparing regeneration capacity of Sundarban after a tropical cyclone and amount of disturbance by a tropical cyclone. Result found that climate change increasing the frequency of natural calamities and affecting significantly on mangrove forest due to its complex bio-diversity and strategic location before regeneration of disturbance. On the other hand, threat of mangroves as well as environment is associated with temperature rising, ice melting and sea level rising are increasing because of frequent  occurrence, magnitude as comparing with regeneration capacity.

Jeanette Mamaril Solis

The objective of this paper was to determine the efficacy of Project-based learning in increasing the academic performance of learners in remote learning amidst the pandemic. There were eight (8) Project-based instructional activities across six (6) most essential learning competencies in Earth Science were included in the Grade 9 Unit three Earth Science. The computed t value of 5.08 is greater than the t critical value of 2.0049 at level of significance of 0.05, the statistical decision is to reject the null hypothesis. There is a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test of the respondents who were subjected to project-based activity. Result implied that there is enough evidence to support the claim that integrating project-based activity can effectively improve the academic performance of the respondents. Based on the analysis gathered by the researcher, the use of project-based activity in on-line teaching is highly effective in improving the academic performance of students in Earth Science. Therefore, I, the researcher, recommends the use of project-based method of teaching in the on-line distance learning.

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