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Mohammed Ibrahim Al-mashhadani ◽  
Kilan M. Hussein ◽  
Enas Tariq Khudir ◽  
Muhammad ilyas

Now days, in many real life applications, the sentiment analysis plays very vital role for automatic prediction of human being activities especially on online social networks (OSNs). Therefore since from last decade, the research on opinion mining and sentiment analysis is growing with increasing volume of online reviews available over the social media networks like Facebook OSNs. Sentiment analysis falls under the data mining domain research problem. Sentiment analysis is kind of text mining process used to determine the subjective attitude like sentiment from the written texts and hence becoming the main research interest in domain of natural language processing and data mining. The main task in sentiment analysis is classifying human sentiment with objective of classifying the sentiment or emotion of end users for their specific text on OSNs. There are number of research methods designed already for sentiment analysis. There are many factors like accuracy, efficiency, speed etc. used to evaluate the effectiveness of sentiment analysis methods. The MapReduce framework under the domain of big-data is used to minimize the speed of execution and efficiency recently with many data mining methods. The sentiment analysis for Facebook OSNs messages is very challenging tasks as compared to other sentiment analysis because of misspellings and slang words presence in twitter dataset. In this paper, different solutions recently presented are discussed in detail. Then proposed the new approach for sentiment analysis based on hybrid features extraction methods and multi-class Support Vector Machine (SVM). These algorithms are designed using the Big-data techniques to optimize the performance of sentiment analysis

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
Tetiana Stroiko ◽  
Ludmila Nazarova ◽  
Natalia Danik

The main task of our study is to justify the primary directions of transformation of economic processes on the basis of digitalisation. Nowadays, the digitalisation of the economy in the global economic environment is considered a priority model of global innovation development. Institutional factors are particularly important in the conditions of transformation of economic processes on the basis of digitalisation. They form the fundamental parameters of the long-term functioning of economic systems. It is determined that the role of institutional factors in ensuring economic development is multifaceted as they affect its duration and quality. These factors can be divided into formal and informal. We have systematised the influence of formal and informal institutional factors on the transformation of economic processes. It is found that the inability of the Ukrainian institutional system to ensure effective economic development demonstrates the institutional traps. Negative manifestations of this system hinder the positive directions for the transformation of economic processes, modernisation of the economy, and competitiveness. It is justified that the transformation of management economic processes should be based on the implementation of the proposed system of principles, the use of which will identify and solve a set of problems of social development of the region, which meets the challenges of our time. To create an effective system of interaction between corporate and regional participants, it is necessary to link their goals, to harmonise them with the goals of socio-economic development of the region. This is where digitalisation can help. It is determined that in modern conditions, the problems of the digital sector affect the competitiveness of the economy, as the lag in obtaining and processing relevant data, the inability to use digital resources are accompanied by the loss of former market positions. From the standpoint of the theory of asymmetry of international trade, the digital dependence of one country on another leads to an increase in the gap in economic development between these countries. The rapid development of information and computer technologies and the active Internet penetration into all spheres of human life have led to the transformation of economic processes according to the level of digitalisation. The development and dissemination of key technologies underlying the digital economy have a decisive impact on the transformation of globalisation: they directly affect the production of goods and services, human resources, investment in human and physical capital, foreign direct investment, international technology transfer, industrial innovation. In essence, all this directly affects the efficiency of production, performance, competitiveness, and economic growth – from individual market participants to countries, regions, and the world economy as a whole.

Land ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 133
Alvyra Slepetiene ◽  
Mykola Kochiieru ◽  
Linas Jurgutis ◽  
Audrone Mankeviciene ◽  
Aida Skersiene ◽  

The most important component of agricultural system are soils as the basis for the growth of plants, accumulation of water, plant nutrients and organic matter. The main task of our research was to ascertain changes in soil organic carbon (SOC) and mobile humified carbon fractions in digestate-treated soils. We have performed three field experiments using the same design on two soil types in 2019–2020. We studied the fertilization effects of different phases of digestate on Retisol and Fluvisol. Fertilization treatments: control; separated liquid digestate 85 kg ha−1 N; and 170 kg ha−1 170 N; separated solid digestate 85 kg ha−1 N; and 170 kg ha−1 N. We have found a greater positive effect on the increase in SOC because of the use of the maximum recommended fertilization rate of the solid digestate. The content of mobile humic substances (MHS) tended to increase in grassland and crop rotation field in digestate-treated soil. In our experiment, maximum concentration of SOC was found in 0–10 cm soil layer, while in the deeper layers the amount of SOC, MHS and mobile humic acids proportionally decreased. We concluded, that long-term factors as soil type and land use strongly affected the humification level expressed as HD (%) in the soil and the highest HD was determined in the grassland soil in Fluvisol.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 191-200
Zh. Bokoeva ◽  
Zh. Akmatbekova ◽  
D. Sydygalieva

The main task of elections in a democratic state is not only to elect representatives of power, but also to ensure the legitimacy of newly elected persons and the political system as a whole. Today, elections are one of the most democratic ways for voters to freely express their opinion in matters of appointing the heads of legislative and executive bodies of power. Consequently, the most important and indispensable condition for a democratic system is free elections. Elections are designed to perform functions such as electing a new political elite, resolving conflicts, reflecting the interests and opinions of various peoples, social strata and groups of society, mobilizing the population to support party programs and social values, etc. PR-technologies occupy a special place in election campaigns. In this regard, the article examines PR-technologies used by parties in the 2020 parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan. The study covers the time period from September 4 to October 3, 2020. As part of the study, a linguistic analysis of information posted on the official websites and social pages of parties, media reports and reports of relevant organizations was carried out. Based on the results of the study, a number of practical recommendations have been developed that must be taken into account during the next parliamentary and presidential elections.

2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (4) ◽  
pp. 63-78
A. A. Zakirov

Farid Esack is a modern Islamic scholar of South African origin who suggests original Qur’anic hermeneutics in the scope of theology of liberation. The characteristics of his theology considered in this article are: the praxis of liberation, contextualism, scrupulous textual analysis, hermeneutics oriented at struggle with institutions of oppression. It is noted that his hermeneutics diff ers from the hermeneutics of other theologians of liberation — he represents the praxis of liberation as a main task of theology of liberation. His method is not only theoretical scholarly speculative exercise on textual interpretation, at the same it inspires and encourages people for changes in society, for enhancement the lives of people where justice comes as its necessary fundamental stipulation. His refl ective theology is an intellectual response to the challenges of postmodern world aimed at establishing such virtues in society as justice, freedom, mercy and setting up more egalitarian Islamic society.

2022 ◽  
Carla Bagnoli

Ethical constructivism holds that truths about the relation between rationality, morality, and agency are best understood as constructed by correct reasoning, rather than discovered or invented. Unlike other metaphors used in metaethics, construction brings to light the generative and dynamic dimension of practical reason. On the resultant picture, practical reasoning is not only productive but also self-transforming, and socially empowering. The main task of this volume is to illustrate how constructivism has substantially modified and expanded the agenda of metaethics by refocusing on rational agency and its constitutive principles. In particular, this volume identifies, compares and discusses the prospects and failures of the main strands of constructivism regarding the powers of reason in responding to the challenges of contingency. While Kantian, Humean, Aristotelian, and Hegelian theories sharply differ in their constructivist strategies, they provide compelling accounts of the rational articulation required for an inclusive and unified ethical community.

2022 ◽  
Vol 19 (3) ◽  
pp. 55-67
A. M. Ablazhey

The main task of the article was to identify the dynamics of changing social characteristics of graduate students from research institutes of Novosibirsk Academgorodok. For the comparative analysis we used the data of polls conducted in 2005 and 2018. We compared such variables as the reasons for admission to graduate school, assessments of the current state of the main elements of scientific activity, the expectations of graduate students about their future profession, primarily a scientific career, criteria and factors of its success. Based on these results we planned to identify the main trends inherent in graduate studies as the main method of training personnel for Russian science. It is concluded that at present the system of training highly qualified scientific personnel in the country is in an unstable state. As a result, there is an active discussion in the professional community about ways of further reforming graduate school.

2022 ◽  
risman iye

Abstract—In general, the success of bureaucratic reform is entirely in the hands of civil servants and CPNS. As servants of the state, their main task is to provide maximum service to the community. However, complaints about the lack of welfare so that they cannot carry out their duties to the maximum are very often we listen to, as happened with civil servants and CPNS in the Kutai Kartanegara District government often correlate between the lack of salary, position, performance, productivity. analyze the Implementation of Recipient Design and Criteria for Receiving Additional Income to Civil Servants of the Education and Culture Office of Kutai Kartanegara Regency. This research is a qualitative study, the method of data collection is carried out intensively, the researchers participate in the field for a long time, note carefully what happened, conduct a reflective analysis of various documents found in the field, and make detailed research reports. In qualitative research, the research instrument is the researcher himself. The data in this study are in the form of field notes, observations, preliminary observations, opinions expressed by education officials, and staff in the Education and Culture Office of Kutai Kartanegara Regency and their archives. Research results show that based on the evaluation results found in the recipient and the recipient's criteria have met the specified requirements. However, on the other hand, it can be found the recipient and the recipient's criteria are still far from what they should be so that various weaknesses can be seen in terms of determining the recipient and recipient's criteria. As stated earlier, civil servants and CPNS at the Office of Education and Culture are divided into five different job categories, but in receiving additional income they should not have the status but are "equally feeling equal" because the place where employees work is different in the program additional income policy

2022 ◽  
Vol 16 (4) ◽  
pp. 130-135
Asiya Subaeva ◽  
Natal'ya Aleksandrova

State support for the development of agriculture, like other subsidized industries, has a significant impact on the development of crop and livestock products, acting as a strategic bulwark of the country's food security. An increase in the volume of state support for agriculture is possible with the dynamic activity of all sectors of agriculture, the main task of which is to increase economic efficiency through the transition to innovative production principles. State support for the technical re-equipment of agribusiness is the basis of agricultural production, which has a decisive impact on the transition to digital solutions for the entire agrarian industry in the future. In this regard, the goal was set to analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of digital technologies using the example of typical agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan located in different climatic zones of the Volga region, confirming an average decrease in the production cost of 1 centner of grain crops by 13%, payment labor on average by 14.5%, which makes it necessary to allocate financial support to agrarians as an effective mechanism for increasing the efficiency of agribusiness based on funds from the federal and regional budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and from extra-budgetary sources. Revealing the mechanism of state regulation in the form of tax, control and inspection, as well as the mechanism of state support and legal regulation, a mechanism of state support for the digitalization process is proposed in the form of subsidizing the costs of purchasing digital products, as one of the effective mechanisms, contributing to the acceleration of the transition of agribusiness to the digital economy. This mechanism will allow agrarians, at the first stage of the digitalization process of agricultural production, to acquire primary digital equipment in the form of trackers and sensors capable of receiving, sending, generating and processing data, which will subsequently lead to the need for the acquisition of interfaces capable of providing unhindered exchange of data between machines and business partners, and later portals in the form of ecosystems

Satya Wirawan ◽  

One of the state apparatuses that are given the task and authority to carry out law enforcement is the Prosecutor. In carrying out its duties and functions, the prosecutor is organized in an Institution called the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Indonesia or can be called the Prosecutor's Office. The main task of the Prosecutor's Office carried out by the Prosecutor is to prosecute criminal cases. In carrying out the task of prosecution, the Prosecutor is authorized to determine whether or not a case can be brought to court and what article will becharged. The authority of the Prosecutor in resolving criminal cases outside the court that makes the author more tendentious to conduct research. The problem with this research is 1). Bhow are the obstacles to solving criminal cases outside the court by the Prosecutor's Office? 2). Is the settlement of cases outside the Court conducted by the Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the values of justice? By using the type of normative juridical research it is known that: The Authority of the Prosecutor in the settlement of criminal cases outside the Court can realize the goal of law enforcement, namely justice, legal certainty and usefulness for the community. The settlement of criminal cases outside the court can also realize the ideals of a fast, simple and cheap judiciary and optimize the participation of the community in law enforcement.

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