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George Pashev

It is a healthy diet that creates conditions for human life, ensuring the optimal functioning of all processes in the body. Of course, a healthy diet cannot be a protection against the penetration of infection into the body, but it is the balanced and full-fledged nature of the diet that creates the conditions for the formation of a timely and adequate immune response. In order to help consumers in getting more balanced and healthy diet, we created a personalized Healthy Menu Generator Chatbot, based on Prolog Knowledge base. The user request is constructed by user in a subset of English Language by using Request Fragments from a list. Cross-translation of the user request and its execution in the Prolog Execution Environment is extensively covered in the paper.

Eydin Ramos Cruz ◽  
Brian Meneses Claudio ◽  
Alexi Delgado ◽  

Due to the large amount of electrical energy necessary for human life and the fact that its origin is nonrenewable, a deterioration of the various ecosystems has been caused, due to the depletion of natural resources. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective solutions that mitigate ecological problems, based on that, this study seeks to implement a photovoltaic pumping system for irrigation using solar energy in the Department of Lambayeque, to take advantage of this natural resource. The methodology implemented is the applied one, with an experimental design. The instrument used for data collection is the registration form. The results showed that effectively the proposed design allows the pumping of a water flow equivalent to 270.4 m3 / day, capturing an average radiation of 6.55 kW / m2 per day. The use of a charge regulator connected to 4 batteries improved the operation of the photovoltaic pumping system and allows maintaining the durability of the equipment that compose it. It was concluded that the design of the photovoltaic pumping system is effective for the irrigation of crops in Lambayeque

2021 ◽  
Vol 43 (1) ◽  
Qinglin Sun ◽  
Xiaoke Ren ◽  
Zhiwei Sun ◽  
Junchao Duan

AbstractCardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the leading cause of death worldwide, which seriously threatens human life and health. Epidemiological studies have confirmed the occurrence and development of CVD are closely related to air pollution. In particular, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is recognized as an important environmental factor contributing to increased morbidity, mortality and hospitalization rates among adults and children. However, the underlying mechanism by which PM2.5 promotes CVD development remains unclear. With the development of epigenetics, recent studies have shown that PM2.5 exposure may induce or aggravate CVD through epigenetic changes. In order to better understand the potential mechanisms, this paper reviews the epigenetic changes of CVD caused by PM2.5. We summarized the epigenetic mechanisms of PM2.5 causing cardiovascular pathological damage and functional changes, mainly involving DNA methylation, non-coding RNA, histone modification and chromosome remodeling. It will provide important clues for exploring the biological mechanisms affecting cardiovascular health.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
Vaidehi S. Natu ◽  
Mona Rosenke ◽  
Hua Wu ◽  
Francesca R. Querdasi ◽  
Holly Kular ◽  

AbstractDevelopment of cortical tissue during infancy is critical for the emergence of typical brain functions in cortex. However, how cortical microstructure develops during infancy remains unknown. We measured the longitudinal development of cortex from birth  to six months of age  using multimodal quantitative imaging of cortical microstructure. Here we show that infants’ cortex undergoes profound microstructural tissue growth during the first six months of human life. Comparison of postnatal to prenatal transcriptomic gene expression data demonstrates that myelination and synaptic processes are dominant contributors to this postnatal microstructural tissue growth. Using visual cortex as a model system, we find hierarchical microstructural growth: higher-level visual areas have less mature tissue at birth than earlier visual areas but grow at faster rates. This overturns the prominent view that visual areas that are most mature at birth develop fastest. Together, in vivo, longitudinal, and quantitative measurements, which we validated with ex vivo transcriptomic data, shed light on the rate, sequence, and biological mechanisms of developing cortical systems during early infancy. Importantly, our findings propose a hypothesis that cortical myelination is a key factor in cortical development during early infancy, which has important implications for diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders and delays in infants.

Pharmacia ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 68 (4) ◽  
pp. 805-809
Tetiana Diadiun ◽  
Inna Baranova ◽  
Safol Musozoda ◽  
Dmytro Semeniv ◽  
Svetlana Zaporozhska

There are problems people don’t want to talk about, and one of them is incontinence in adults. This is a fairly common and delicate problem. It negatively affects human life. This most often applies to people with disabilities and bedridden patients. People have to change their usual way of life, give up their favorite activities, there is a constant need to stay at home. Walking, attending events are difficult. All this has a corresponding effect on the psychological health of a person. In such a situation, it is advisable to use diapers for adults. This is a modern hygienic product that is intended to make life easier for people suffering from various forms of incontinence. Diapers are similar in shape to baby diapers, but they are adapted to the size of an adult. This is a great option for the care of patients who are bedfast or in a wheelchair.

2021 ◽  
Vol 46 (2) ◽  
pp. 11-25
Jolanta Brzykcy

The article is an analysis of the poetry of Gisella Lachman (1895–1969), poet of the “first wave” of Russian emigration, from the perspective of the poetics of space. The poet expressed her emigration experience (multiple changes of residence: Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA) in her poems in spatial relations. They appear on different levels of the works’ morphology: in the construction of the lyrical “I”, in the organisation of the presented world, in the repertoire of motifs and the selection of poetic lexis and genre forms. Space plays a literal role in Lachman’s poetry; it is a representation of extra-literary reality, seen subjectively. It is also subject to metaphorisation, becoming a tool for expressing philosophical content. The poet creates not only a spatial model of the world, but also a spatial model of human life, which she perceives as a transit on the road to eternity.

2021 ◽  
WuJie Zhang ◽  
Ming Wei ◽  
JunJie Wan ◽  
LingQiong Li

Theodoros Kyriakides

In this essay I attempt to draw some crucial theoretical parallelisms between ancient Greek cosmology and the Anthropocene. Taking inspiration from Marcel Detienne and Timothy Morton’s work, I deploy the figure of Dionysos as a conceptual persona which can help us think of strangeness as a non-human mode of relationality Anthropocene societies must urgently engage with. Events such as the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, through which non-humans are brought to the forefront of politics and social relations, traditionally result to attempts of sublating strangeness through human modes of knowledge. As I argue, epidemics instead demand the creation of practices, collectives and techniques through which strangeness is not eliminated or ‘understood’, but rather elevated to a fundamental feature of social relations. In such sense, the ancient world presents a critical vector of intervention to the current state of the Anthropocene, since it showcases a cosmos in which human life and society is constantly embedded and negotiated amid non-human strangeness.

2021 ◽  
Vol 46 (2) ◽  
pp. 233-241
Karina Zając-Haduch

The purpose of the study is to show narrative (narration) as a category that combines individual elements of knowledge, expressed through language, and, thus, ensures the cohesion of the linguistic and cultural picture of the world. In the light of this concept, the linguistic-cultural picture of the world is understood as a dynamic, multi-layered narrative depending on the accepted points of view, intentions, approaches and methods of conceptualization, categorization and axiologization of reality adopted in this culture. This article deals with the narrative of human life, which creates the expressions in Polish and Russian that contain verbs of movement. The analysis of the chosen phrases allows us to determine how similar life experiences are perceived in both languages, as well as to what extent the cultural conditions and the genetic proximity of both languages have an influence on similarities in the image of human existence.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (4) ◽  
pp. 341-346
Abdurrahman Siregar

The aim of this research is to know how the concept of property ownership in Islamic economics according to Afzalur Rahman, to know how to implement the concept of property ownership in Islamic economics by Afzalur Rahman at this time and to know how Afzalur Rahman's thought analysis of concepts ownership of property in Islamic economics. The research method that writer use is library research (library research) where the data and data sources are obtained from a review of the literature according to the problem. The result showed that the opinion expressed by Afzalur Rahman on the concept of ownership in the Islamic economic system is in harmony with the economic principles that require the system an economy compatible with the Qur'an and Sunnah. Where Islam also wants every person in possession of good property in the form of goods or services obtained in a way halal both the form of substance and how to get it, not destroy and destroy human nature, nor do the persecution and exploitation, the purpose ultimately is to fight for the needs of human life and seek pleasure Hereafter is blessed by Allah SWT.

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