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Christin Natalia Sianipar ◽  

This study aims to find out the conflict and termination of employment both partially and simultaneously have a significant effect on the morale of employees at PT. The benefits of Medan Technique and how much it affects. The method used in this research is quantitative method with several tests namely reliability analysis, classical assumption deviation test and linear regression. Based on the results of primary data regression processed using SPSS 20, multiple linear regression equations were obtained as follows: Y = 1,031 + 0.329 X1+ 0.712 X2.In part, the conflict variable (X1)has a significant effect on the employee's work spirit (Y) at PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, proven from the value of t calculate > t table (3,952 < 2,052). While the variable termination of employment (X2) has a significant influence on the work spirit of employees (Y) in PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, proven from the value of t calculate > t table (7,681 > 2,052). Simultaneously, variable conflict (X1) and termination of employment (X2) have a significant influence on the morale of employees (Y) in PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, as evidenced by the calculated F value > F table (221,992 > 3.35). Conflict variables (X1) and termination of employment (X2) were able to contribute an influence on employee morale variables (Y) of 94.3% while the remaining 5.7% was influenced by other variables not studied in this study. From the above conclusions, the author advises that employees and leaders should reduce prolonged conflict so that the spirit of work can increase. Leaders should be more selective in severing employment relationships so that decent employees are not dismissed unilaterally. Employees should work in a high spirit so that the company can see the quality that employees have.

Waleed Abdualaziz Mohammad Dahag ◽  
Abdulwahab Ismail Mohamed Al-Kholani ◽  
Taghreed Ahmed M Al-Kibsi ◽  
Hussein Shoga Al-Deen ◽  
Hassan Abdulwahab Al-Shamahy ◽  

Introduction and objective: Mixed dentition space analysis methods via Tanaka-Johnston analysis are regularly used all over the world. Conversely, the appropriate of this analysis between different ethnic groups is dubious. The study aimed to test the appropriate of the Tanaka-Johnston analysis for Yemeni adults and to arise regression equations designed for Yemen population if needed.  Methods: The study included two hundred and twenty-seven (106 males and 121 females) Yemenis from Sana'a University, University of Science and Technology, and Al-Rehab Private Clinic. The mesiodistal widths of the four permanent lower canines, incisors, and premolars for the entire quadrants were determined with a digital caliper to the nearest 0.01 mm. To compare average presentation values ​​derived from this study with values ​​derived using Tanaka-Johnston equations, Student's paired t-test was used, as well as the chi-square (χ2) test used for appropriateness of fit. Result: Gender differences were observed in the total mesiodistal width of both canines and premolars in both arches as revealed by the t-test (p < 0.001). The sum of the actual mesiodistal width of the canines and premolars was compared with the expected widths derived from the Tanaka and Johnston equation and significant differences (p<0.001) were found. Regression analysis indicated that the sum of the mesiodistal width of the permanent mandibular incisors is a good predictor of that of un-erupted canines and premolars, with correlation coefficients ranging from 0.51 to 0.61. Accordingly, two linear regression equations were developed to predict tooth width for Yemeni males and females. Conclusion: It was concluded from this study that the Tanaka-Johnston analysis did not accurately predict the mesiodistal width of the unruptured canines and premolars of the Yemeni population. Moreover, new regression equations have been developed for the research sample that can be a standard for Yemen. However, further studies must be performed to verify the applicability and accuracy of these equations.                   Peer Review History: Received: 10 November 2021; Revised: 12 December; Accepted: 29 December, Available online: 15 January 2022 Academic Editor: Dr. Asia Selman Abdullah, Pharmacy institute, University of Basrah, Iraq, [email protected] UJPR follows the most transparent and toughest ‘Advanced OPEN peer review’ system. The identity of the authors and, reviewers will be known to each other. This transparent process will help to eradicate any possible malicious/purposeful interference by any person (publishing staff, reviewer, editor, author, etc) during peer review. As a result of this unique system, all reviewers will get their due recognition and respect, once their names are published in the papers. We expect that, by publishing peer review reports with published papers, will be helpful to many authors for drafting their article according to the specifications. Auhors will remove any error of their article and they will improve their article(s) according to the previous reports displayed with published article(s). The main purpose of it is ‘to improve the quality of a candidate manuscript’. Our reviewers check the ‘strength and weakness of a manuscript honestly’. There will increase in the perfection, and transparency.  Received file:                Reviewer's Comments: Average Peer review marks at initial stage: 6.5/10 Average Peer review marks at publication stage: 7.5/10 Reviewers: Dr. A.A. Mgbahurike, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, [email protected] Rola Jadallah, Arab American University, Palestine, [email protected] Similar Articles: PREVALENCE AND CAUSES OF TRAUMATIC DENTAL INJURIES TO ANTERIOR TEETH AMONG PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN IN SANA'A CITY, YEMEN OCCLUSAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PRIMARY DENTITION AMONG A SAMPLE OF YEMENI PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN

2022 ◽  
Vol 51 (4) ◽  
pp. 849-858
Liubov Plotnikova ◽  
Igor Plotnikov ◽  
Pavel Ivanov ◽  
Andrey Semenov ◽  
Irina Plotnikova ◽  

Introduction. Products containing natural extracts are in great demand. However, poor production technologies make them too expensive to satisfy consumer demand. As a result, a variety of intensification methods have been developed to increase the economic efficiency of extraction, e.g. low-frequency mechanical vibrations. However, frozen raw materials have to be processed at low temperatures, which makes the method less efficient. The research objective was to intensify the extraction process from frozen berries in a vibration tray device by increasing the temperature of the system of interacting phases. Study objects and methods. The research involved frozen cranberries and blueberries. They grow everywhere in Western Siberia and are rich vitamins and minerals. The berries were subjected to slow freezing at –18°C, which destroyed the cell structure and increased the processing efficiency. The study was carried out in a lab device with a vibrating tray. All parameters were measured by standard methods. Results and discussion. The extraction device was equipped with a jacket into which a coolant was fed, i.e. water with a temperature of 55°C. A preliminary series of experiments revealed two negative aspects associated with the supply of coolant into the jacket. First, the surface layer started to thaw, which reduced the efficiency of grinding. Second, the processing time increased. A new method was developed to solve these problems: the coolant was supplied at the end of the grinding. The time of the coolant supply depended on the type of raw materials. The processes that occurred within the device depended on two factors: the frequency of vibrations of the tray and the diameter of the holes in the tray. These factors could be adjusted to intensify the process, but they increased the power costs and energy consumption. A series of experiments determined the optimal values of these parameters. A mathematical analysis revealed regression equations, i.e. how the destruction time and power costs affected the main parameters. The established optimal process parameters made it possible to determine the minimal time of the destruction process: for cranberries – 2.5 min, for blueberries – 1.5 min. The minimal power consumption was 17.8 watts for cranberries and 11.7 watts for blueberries. Conclusion. The research increased the economic efficiency of the technological process of natural extraction, which can reduce the cost of the finished product and increase its availability. The values of the process parameters can be used to design new similar devices and serve as practical recommendations for berry extraction in vibration tray devices.

2022 ◽  
pp. 94-102
A. A. Aksentev

The specifics of market pricing in the Russian road freight transport market by means of correlation and regression analysis have been studied. Statistically significant factors have been highlighted, and mathematical models have been constructed. The influence of fictitious variables (body type) that improve the quality of the calculated values has been noted. Regression equations useful for determining the average market value of tariffs have been drawn up, which, when compared to actual tariffs, may indicate the adequacy of freight transactions. The results of transport companies registered in the Krasnodar region have been considered. A differentiated approach has been justified, requiring enterprises to be divided into revenue growth groups in order to identify differences in profitability and its sustainability. The limitations and shortcomings of the mathematical model, which do not allow us to make an unambiguous conclusion about the unprofitable and low-margin nature of the industry, have been considered. Areas for future research have been suggested. 

Xiaohong Liu ◽  
Li Zhao ◽  
Yu-Sheng Su

Parents play a key role in children’s home-based online learning. This study constructed a mediating model to explore the mechanism of parents’ attitudes toward online learning (PATOL) and the perceived online learning ineffectiveness (POLI) of their children and to investigate the mediating effect of parents’ self-efficacy (PSE) on PATOL and POLI. Valid questionnaire data from 18,170 middle school parents were collected by snowball sampling. The hypotheses proposed in this study were verified by using Model 4 of PROCESS. The results showed that: when controlling parents’ gender, age, and children’s length of online learning in regression equations, (1) both PATOL and PSE were negatively related to POLI, while PATOL was positively related to PSE; (2) PSE played a mediating role in the relationship between PATOL and POLI. This study also discusses how to support parents to assist children’s home-based online learning. Schools should carry out some necessary training for parents. Parents can get guidance and advice on how to create an environment conducive to children’s online learning.

N.K. Dosmukhamedov ◽  
E.E. Zholdasbay ◽  
V.A. Kaplan ◽  
G.S. Daruesh ◽  

A laboratory setup has been developed to study the regularities of crystallization of aluminium chloride hexahydrate from hydrochloric acid solutions. The influence of the AlCl3 content in the initial solution, the consumption of gaseous HCl, and the behavior of impurities on the crystallization of AlCl3·6H2O from aluminium chloride solutions of leaching cinder obtained as a result of chlorinating ash burning from thermal power plants in Kazakhstan have been studied. The behavior of impurity metals in the process of crystallization of aluminium chloride solution has been studied, and their distribution between the products of the crystallization process has been established. It is shown that aluminium chloride content in the solution decreases with an increase in the consumption of hydrochloric acid. It was found that under the conditions of crystallization of AlCl3·6H2O, all impurities, except for barium, pass by 98% into the mother liquor. To reduce barium and other impurities in the obtained crystals of AlCl3·6H2O, it is proposed to carry out multiple washing of the crystals with hydrochloric acid (32% HCl). It has been shown that a decrease in the acidity of the washing solution from pH = 10 to pH = 5.5 ensures the isolation of ACH crystals with a minimum content of impurity metals, ppm: 3-5 Ca; 3-6 Fe; 1-3 Mg; 0.1-0.5 Ti; 1-3 Na; 20-30 P2O5. The moisture content of the obtained crystals is 4-5%; the particle size is 400-900 microns. As a result of mathematical processing, regression equations were constructed that adequately predict aluminium chloride content in the solution and its extraction into crystalline hydrate, depending on the consumption of hydrochloric acid. The optimal parameters of the crystallization process have been established: Т = 60 ºС, HCl concentration in the solution - 26-30%, HCl gas consumption = 0.5 l/min, duration 1 hour.

Kuei-Yu Chien ◽  
Wei-Gang Chang ◽  
Wan-Chin Chen ◽  
Rong-Jun Liou

Abstract Background Water jumping exercise is an alternative method to achieve maintenance of bone health and reduce exercise injuries. Clarifying the ground reaction force (GRF) of moderate and high cardiopulmonary exercise intensities for jumping movements can help quantify the impact force during different exercise intensities. Accelerometers have been explored for measuring skeletal mechanical loading by estimating the GRFs. Predictive regression equations for GRF using ACC on land have already been developed and performed outside laboratory settings, whereas a predictive regression equation for GRF in water exercises is not yet established. The purpose of this study was to determine the best accelerometer wear-position for three exercise intensities and develop and validate the ground reaction force (GRF) prediction equation. Methods Twelve healthy women (23.6 ± 1.83 years, 158.2 ± 5.33 cm, 53.1 ± 7.50 kg) were recruited as participants. Triaxial accelerometers were affixed 3 cm above the medial malleolus of the tibia, fifth lumbar vertebra, and seventh cervical vertebra (C7). The countermovement jump (CMJ) cadence started at 80 beats/min and increased by 5 beats per 20 s to reach 50%, 65%, and 80% heart rate reserves, and then participants jumped five more times. One-way repeated analysis of variance was used to determine acceleration differences among wear-positions and exercise intensities. Pearson’s correlation was used to determine the correlation between the acceleration and GRF per body weight on land (GRFVLBW). Backward regression analysis was used to generate GRFVLBW prediction equations from full models with C7 acceleration (C7 ACC), age, percentage of water deep divided by body height (PWDH), and bodyweight as predictors. Paired t-test was used to determine GRFVLBW differences between values from the prediction equation and force plate measurement during validation. Lin’s CCC and Bland–Altman plots were used to determine the agreement between the predicted and force plate-measured GRFVLBW. Results The raw full profile data for the resultant acceleration showed that the acceleration curve of C7 was similar to that of GRFv. The predicted formula was − 1.712 + 0.658 * C7ACC + 0.016 * PWDH + 0.008 * age + 0.003*weight. Lin’s CCC score was 0.7453, with bias of 0.369%. Conclusion The resultant acceleration measured at C7 was identified as the valid estimated GRFVLBW during CMJ in water.

2022 ◽  
Vol 18 (1) ◽  
Kazuya Tamura ◽  
Masako Tokuzen-Tai ◽  
Yasir Dilshad Siddiqui ◽  
Hitomi Tamura-Naito ◽  
Yoshiharu Nagahara ◽  

Abstract Background Periodontal disease is the most common dental disease in dogs. Although the systemic effects of periodontal disease have not been clarified in veterinary science, it is necessary to evaluate the effects of periodontal disease in clinical trials in the future. There have been a few clinical attempts made, however, to assess the severity of periodontal inflammation and its impact on the systemic health of dogs. Meanwhile, in the field of dentistry for humans, the periodontal inflamed surface area (PISA) and periodontal epithelial surface area (PESA) have been used to quantitatively assess the degree of periodontal disease affecting a single tooth as well as the overall extent of periodontitis. Recent studies have also suggested the use of these assessments to examine the relationship between periodontal inflammation and systemic health. Results The estimation formula for a dog’s periodontal pocket surface area (PPSA), an alternative to PISA and PESA in humans, was established using body weight and periodontal pocket depth. Actual values were measured using extracted teeth from various dog breeds and sizes (2.3–25.0 kg of body weight) to obtain universal regression equations for PPSA. Altogether, 625 teeth from 73 dogs of 16 breeds were extracted and subsequently analyzed for morphological information. PPSA was measured in 61 dogs of 10 breeds with periodontal disease using the established estimation formulas, and the correlation between PPSA and preoperative blood chemistry data was analyzed accordingly. A strong correlation was found between PPSA and serum globulin (r = 0.71) while moderate correlations were found for C-reactive protein (r = 0.54) and serum albumin (r = -0.51). Conclusions Estimation formulas using body weight and the 6-point probing depth were established for determining PPSA. Direct correlations between PPSA and several blood test results were observed in the study sample. Taken together, these results suggest that PPSA could be useful for evaluating the effects of periodontitis on systemic conditions in dogs.

2022 ◽  
Ali Massumi ◽  
Maryam Rahmati Selkisari

Abstract Variation of the fundamental period is regarded as one of the methods to assess the damage of the structures under earthquakes. The inter-relationship among seismic parameters and variation of the fundamental period can identify the potential structural damage of an earthquake. For this purpose, the present paper aimed to study the relations among main seismic parameters, incorporating a variety of information about ground motion and variation of fundamental period. Three RC frames were analyzed under far-fault earthquake records by nonlinear dynamic analyses and mathematical methods applied to assay the correlation between seismic parameters and variation of fundamental period. Based on the results, high correlations were observed between some seismic parameters and variation of fundamental period. Further, based on regression equations, new parameters with a very strong correlation with variations of fundamental periods were achieved, which can be regarded as appropriate indices to estimate the potential structural damage of an earthquake.

2022 ◽  
Vol 46 (2) ◽  
pp. 193-198

Analysis of monthly rainfall brings out two distinctly different areas of rainfall affinity-one comprising of the lakes situated in Greater Bombay and the other in Thane districts. Rainfall of different sub-periods/months was found to be independent of the rainfall of preceding sub-periods/months. Multiple regression equations between lake levels and monthly rainfall have been computed to predict the anticipated lake levels at the end of different months.    

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