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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 81-85
B. Asadova

Stress factors limit the development of living organisms, especially plants, and reduce their productivity. In this regard, the study of the effects of stress factors on plants and the discovery of adaptation mechanisms play an important role in the regulation of stress in the cell. From a biological point of view, stress is considered to be any change in the external environment that impairs the normal development of the plant or changes it in a negative direction. Stresses cause changes in the physiological activity of plants, weaken the process of biosynthesis in the cell, disrupt normal life and ultimately can cause plant death.

2022 ◽  
Harald Walach ◽  
Michael Ofner ◽  
Viviane Ruof ◽  
Markus Herbig ◽  
Rainer J. Klement

Abstract Objective: to answer the question: Why do people consent to being vaccinated with novel vaccines against SARS-CoV2? Design: Representative survey Setting: Online panel Participants: 1032 respondents of the general German population Method: a representative survey among German citizens in November/December 2021 which resulted in 1032 complete responses on vaccination status, socio-demographic parameters and opinions about the COVID-19 situation. Results: Almost 83% of the respondents were vaccinated. The major motivation was fear of medical consequences of an infection and the wish to lead a normal life again. The major motivation to be not vaccinated was the fear of side effects and skepticism about long-term effectiveness and safety. Sixteen percent of vaccinated respondents reported some serious side effect, while more than 30% reported health improvements, mostly due to the relief of psychological stress and social reintegration. We also validated a “Corona Orthodoxy Score – COS” consisting of 7 items reflecting opinions on Covid-19. The scale is reliable (alpha = 0.76) and unidimensional. The COS was a highly significant predictor of vaccination status and readiness to be vaccinated in a multivariable logistic regression model. Those who were vaccinated were more likely to live in smaller households (OR = 0.82, p=0.024), had a higher income (OR = 1.27, p<0.001), a higher COS score (OR 1.4, p<0.0001) and utilized less alternative media (OR = 0.44, p=0.0024) and scientific publications (OR=0.42, p=0.011) as information sources. Conclusions: The major motives for being vaccinated are fear of medical symptoms and the wish to lead a normal life. Those not wanting to be vaccinated cite a lack of knowledge regarding long-term safety and side effects as reasons. This can likely only be overcome by careful and active long-term efficacy and safety monitoring.

2022 ◽  
pp. 233-251
Suprakash Chaudhury ◽  
Sana Dhamija

Many factors govern the behavior pertaining to anxiety regarding health – it may be stressors, triggers, adverse situations faced by people. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, health-related anxiety has been widespread. December 2019 saw the occurrence of a form of pneumonia, not known at that time, from the Wuhan region of China to rapidly proceed into a worldwide pandemic and lockdown. This disrupted normal life across the globe and affected social and economic functioning. Cyberchondria has been one of the coping strategies seen during this time, pertaining to online health-related searches which offer answers and relief as seen at the surface but also bringing a plethora of mental health challenges. The authors in this chapter try to simplify what exactly cyberchondria is and how has it affected the lives of the worldwide population during the COVID-19 crisis, the biggest pandemic of recent times. The origin, development, and prevalence of the concept, along with coping, treatment, and prevention of the condition are discussed.

Rising threat of the global pandemic COVID 19 has become the major cause of concern among nations worldwide. The appalling pandemic has aggravated the global health of people making normal life come to a virtual standstill. The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare the similarities and differences between the previous global pandemic outbreak SARS-COV-1 with that of COVID 19. It makes use of a bioinformatic approach to analyze why COVID 19 has made situations uncontrollable as opposed to that of SARS-COV-1 although both belong to the same coronavirus family. Discusses about the recent clinical trials that are being conducted to evaluate potential therapeutics to combat the deadly pandemic. There is currently no available vaccine for COVID 19. E The current status of COVID 19 research stands progressive in various areas of knowledge. Further studies based on emerging evidences are required to produce drugs which can slow down disease progression and improve survival.

2021 ◽  
pp. 002193472110650
Gregory Gondwe

Through selective exposure, this study examined the role the US news media played in encouraging or discouraging minority races from getting vaccinated. Through content analysis and focus groups, we were able to demonstrate that most media messages focused on prior beliefs in their reporting, therefore, discouraging the black and Latino minorities from getting the COVID-19 vaccinations. Further, while blacks and Latinos based their fears of the vaccines on health effects, white respondents were more concerned about government surveillance and the desire to go back to “normal” life after the quarantine. Ultimately, white respondents were more positive about vaccination arguing that they were tired of the quarantine and wanted normal life back.

2021 ◽  
Timothy Campbell

In Climate Matters John Broome defends two claims. First, if you live a “normal life” in a rich country, you will probably cause significant harm by your emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG), violating a moral duty of harm-avoidance. Second, you can satisfy this duty by offsetting your emissions. Some would deny Broome’s first claim on the grounds that an individual’s emissions of GHG do no harm. Broome calls this position “IndividualDenialism” (ID) and in a recent paper he attempts to refute it. I explain how, if Broome’s refutation of ID were successful, it would undermine his claim that you can satisfy your duty of harm avoidance by offsetting. I suggest an alternative defence of the claim that you can satisfy your individual duty to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting. This alternative defence assumes that your duty to reduce your carbon footprint derives from a duty of risk-avoidance.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (12) ◽  
pp. 2200-2207
Nurul Komariah ◽  
Kharisma Virgian ◽  
Desy Setiawati

The new normal is a type of attitude and act of adjusting to the occurrence of certain conditions or events. Because the general public still lacks knowledge and has misconceptions about the new normal, they do not follow procedures such as wearing masks, washing hands, and physical distancing. The main objective of the service activity is to empower mothers to increase family resilience in the new normal period by increasing mothers' knowledge about Covid-19 prevention. The method of providing educational activities via WhatsApp groups. The activity took place in the Anyelir Posyandu's work area at the Dempo Health Center between August and September 2020. There was an increase in mother's knowledge at the end of the activity after being given education in the form of videos with the theme of new normal life and the discussion process.

Sudip Bhattacharya ◽  
Pradeep Agarwal ◽  
Om Prakash Bera ◽  
Sheikh Mohd Saleem ◽  
Deep Shikha ◽  

Background: In the era of new normal life (after Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)), our children are experiencing the double threat of COVID-19 and Childhood Obesity (CO-BESITY). The rate of childhood obesity has been rapidly increasing in developed as well as low middle-income countries during the pandemic. Design and Methods: The current paper aims to identify the probable reasons of increase in childhood obesity during this pandemic and offers suggestions to reduce the burden of it. Literature search was done using PubMed, Google Scholar, and Scopus databases for the key terms “childhood obesity,” “obesity,” “pandemic,” and/or childhood obesity. All the relevant articles were included to support the argument for this viewpoint. Results: Childhood obesity is a complicated disorder having diverse outcomes. The incidence of childhood obesity is clearly analysed from Bronfenbrenner's model of child development. The model examines an overabundance of bio-psycho-social backgrounds, risks, and probable outcomes on the development of a child. COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the ecosystem of this dynamic model and has created an economic and social-cultural crisis that has ignited a chain reaction of stressors upon children and their families. In this paper, we have described how this Bronfenbrenner's model of child development also known as the Bioecological Model can be effective for the estimation and prevention of childhood obesity. Conclusion: We propose that this Bioecological Model will help the children and their families further to understand and manage the problem of childhood obesity during this pandemic on their own.

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 (4) ◽  
pp. 198-201
R. K. Tailor ◽  
Palak Sharma

Traditionally, women all over the world have been saving time in their busy schedule to share with others. Kitty parties allow women to move from the humdrum of normal life to meet friends and engage. They provide women with a way to establish friendships, share grievances, practice self-care, and find comfort in the sisters built during this encounter. Each month, a group of women come together for a cat party filled with local music, games, and local delicacies. During this circle, each guest contributes a set amount of money to a bag called a kitty. This kitty is designed for a specific member every month. At the end of the kitty party, that member takes his or her winning money home and is responsible for hosting the next kitty party. This process continues until all the women in the group have found the kitty once, and then it starts again. This paper is focused for micro finance through kitty party.

Al-Ulum ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 21 (2) ◽  
Pratisto Tinarso

This study focuses on cultural domination effect in society on New Normal era.  This study is a field study. The data was collected through data inventory, then it analyzed and interpreted.  The result of this research showed three aspect of new normal culture in society, firstly, ideally the New normal life style should be socialized in society cultural forum, such as forum group discussion, colloquy, seminar, etc.  Secondly, the society will be more familiar with the New Era life style, when its implementation accommodates cultural values of society and respect the ritual ceremony of custom and culture. Thirdly, the New Normal life style implementation will be more convenient to be accepted in society, when it improved the role of custom and society leaders. Fourthly, the definition and the meaning of New Normal life style, nowdays, should be enrich by the meaning of health care in line with cultural society which tends to community health care more than to personality health care.

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