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In order to improve the comprehensive performance of the e-commerce system, this paper combines 5G communication technology and the Internet of Things technology to improve the e-commerce system, and conduct end-point analysis on the e-commerce client data analysis system and smart logistics system. Moreover, this paper uses 5G technology to improve machine learning algorithms to process e-commerce back-end data and improve the efficiency of e-commerce client data processing. In addition, this paper combines the Internet of Things to build an e-commerce smart logistics system model to improve the overall efficiency of the logistics system. Finally, this paper combines the demand analysis to construct the functional module structure of the e-commerce system, and verifies the practical functions of the system through experimental research. From the experimental research results, it can be seen that the e-commerce system based on 5G communication technology and Internet of Things technology constructed in this paper is very reliable.

2022 ◽  
Vol 0 (0) ◽  
Zhongli Yi ◽  
Fuzhai Wang ◽  
Lianjie Jin ◽  
Yueying Zhan

Abstract In this study, we propose an application scheme of free space optical communication technology in INMARSAT, and propose a 1.12 Tbit/s coherent free-space optical (FSO) communication system based on wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and polarization-multiplexing quadrature phase shift keying (PM-QPSK) modulation technology. Based on optisystem software platform, the spectrum, bit error rate (BER), received power, error vector magnitude (EVM), and receiver sensitivity of the edge and middle channels of the system are analyzed. The simulation results show that the transmission rate and channel capacity of INMARSAT communication system are greatly improved by selecting the channel spacing and transmission environment reasonably.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-8
Adegboyega Oyebode ◽  
Adebisi Ilesanmi Adeyemo ◽  
Sunday Oladipo Oladeji

This study aimed to assess the perception of tourists on the usage of information and communication technology at Old Oyo National Park, Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort and Lacampagne Tropicana by using structured questionnaire directed at 384 tourists randomly; 20 tourists at Old Oyo National Park, 150 tourists at Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort and 214 tourists at Lacampagne Tropicana. Data was analyzed and presented descriptively using tables and inferentially using one way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results indicated that the tourists mostly made use of internet and social media at the sites. The tourists also perceived that the use of Information Communication Technology would be an innovative approach to solving some of the problems of sustainable tourism development and that use of Information Communication Technology has made work easier and faster. Furthermore, the study indicated significant differences in some socio-demographic characteristics as well as perception on the usage of ICT at the sites (P<0.05). Management of ecotourism sites should therefore create more awareness on the usage of other forms of information communication technology at their sites so as to further enhance tourists’ satisfaction.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Hongyi Wang ◽  
Meichang Zhang

The sublevel caving method without sill pillar is used to improve the cost of mining. The analysis is performed according to unique geographical environment and the current mining technology of the mine. The wireless communication network is used to budget and control the work cost of mining. Simulation operation about unit explosive dosage, fan-shaped deep hole interval, hole bottom distance, and collapse step distance is performed. Experiments have shown that budget and control of the cost of mining workers with wireless communication technology can manage mining data and guide the design of mining data.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-12
Lilis Masyfufah ◽  
Mrs. Sriwati ◽  
Amir Ali ◽  
Bambang Nudji

Background: Information and Communication Technology is advancing rapidly and has a major impact on all life, especially in the health sector, especially medical records. This is manifested in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which has now been further developed into an Electronic Health Record (EHR). This technology is used to replace or complement paper medical records. The purpose of this literature study is to determine the readiness to apply electronic medical records in health services.Methods: This study uses a literature study obtained from searching scientific research articles from the 2010–2020 range. Keywords used in this study is readiness and DOQ-IT. The database used comes from Google Sholar, Garuda, Neliti, and One Search. The search found 130 articles, then a critical appraisal process was carried out to produce 10 suitable manuscripts.Results: Various literatures found that the readiness to apply electronic medical records using the DOQ-IT method was influencedby 4 factors including the readiness of human resources, orgnizational culture, insfrastructure, and leadership governance. It can be concluded that the readiness for the application of  electronic medical recors in health services with the very ready category is 30%, the moderately ready category is 50%, then the unready category is 20%.Conclusions: From the discussion above, it can be concluded that EMR readiness in health services is categorized as quite ready (50%), very ready (30%), and not ready (20%).

Junya Shao ◽  
Xin Li

The traditional teaching system uses local area network to realize online teaching, which leads to high stability and hardware load of the teaching system and makes it difficult to meet the teaching demand. To solve the above problems, a dance movement distance learning system based on wireless network communication technology is designed. On the B/S architecture, the hardware control module and communication module of the system are designed. The fuzzy set principle is used to evaluate the students’ dance cognitive ability, so as to personalize the recommended teaching contents. The teaching video is compressed according to H.264/AV compression standard to reduce the system transmission and processing load. The system functionality test results show that the maximum transmission packet loss rate of the designed system is 8.3%, and the lost data does not interfere with teaching, has low computer memory consumption, and has superior performance.

2022 ◽  
I Putu Gede Raditya Pratama

In this digital era, information and communication technology has made enormous progress, making it easier for people to interact through social media. One of the most widely used social media applications is Instagram. This study aims to find the ratios found on social media Instagram. These ratios can later be used to perform analyzes that can be measured mathematically. The research method used is exploratory to find the variables contained in Instagram. These variables will be juxtaposed to be tested for relevance so as to find the relevant ratio used to assess the performance of an Instagram account. The results of this Instagram social media research show that there are 14 ratios that can be used to assess, measure and compare the credibility of an Instagram account. The implication of the discovery of this ratio is that further researchers can conduct quantitative research in measuring, assessing and comparing accounts on Instagram.

2022 ◽  
Nur Hidayati

This research covers Instagram social media problems that have an impact on the development of cyber literature among the millennial generation. In the digital era that is growing rapidly, communication technology cannot be damned. Today's technology is certainly inseparable from the human need to communicate and socialize. The development of global technology allows a change in human lifestyle in socializing, which was limited initially to interpersonal communication through face-to-face. Still, it is now developing by utilizing communication media such as smartphones or through other social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which allows users to be registered on a site. Service-based to create profiles. This study aimed to determine the influence of Instagram social media on cyber literature among the millennial generation. This study will use data analysis through observations and references to previous research as a reference by comparing, analyzing, and then combining them before being used to complete the material for this research. The author will describe the results of observations regarding the millennial generation in dealing with the phenomenon of cyber literature, which is facilitated through the social media Instagram.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 88-98
Ani Amimah

Distance learning using information and communication technology brings some problems for some teachers in Indonesia, including the writer. Students learn independently without explanation from the teacher. This condition causes learning boredom for some students. SiJaPin (Sinau bareng Jateng Pintar) or Learning with Smart Central Java is an effort to overcome students boredom of Mathematics distance learning in Class VIIA SMP Negeri 12 Semarang . The implementation of SiJaPin is 1) Design and preparation stage 2) Implementation stage. The results of SiJaPin implementation are results of learning final evaluation, on the first day of learning, class VIIA students get an average score of 71.75 and 83.25 on the second day. Questionnaire of students' reflection on distance learning with SiJaPin: 18 students stated that they felt happy, 21 said they could overcome their boredom, and 10 said that they were motivated to learn. Supporting factors for the implementation of SiJaPin are the support from fellow teachers and principal, the enthusiasm of students, adequate facilities by the provided rooms, laptops, handphones and internet. Inhibiting factors for the implementation of SiJaPin 1) limitation of the teacher in monitoring internet signal, that makes students cannot hear teacher’s voice when starting the lessons, 2) the teacher is less careful that makes typing errors on the PPT slides, 3) lack of coordination on the previous days, 4) next lesson plan by video conference using attractive PPT.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 42-53
Na’imeh Ahmad.A. Arshood

This paper Information and communication technology (ICT) in education of comprehensive Methodological foundations and concept ,fills two major civilizational functions of personality development: its spiritual, moral, artistic, cultural development and its socialization, as well as the economic function, the reproduction of skilled labor resources for social production. The intensification of the process of obtaining knowledge, the requirements for quality and individualization of the process of obtaining education by different categories of students cause an urgent need to develop and implement a wide range of educational programs that allow everyone who wants to get that education, at the time and place that seem most acceptable to him, regardless of gender, age, social origin and abilities. On the study of the role of education in this context, inclusive pedagogy is aimed.

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