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2021 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 22-31
Pinkan Ubro ◽  
Deane J Wowor ◽  
Nurmin Samola

The aim of this study is to find out whether or not Quantum Teaching Strategy are effective to help students enhance their writing skills. This study was carried out at SMA Negeri 1 Manganitu. The research used quantitative research. Hopefully, this research can be useful to provide information to teachers in teaching and learning activities so that teachers are more creative and know how to improve students' curiosity, to gain students’ interest in learning English in class. The population of this research was the students of SMA Negeri 1 Manganitu and class X that consisting of 20 students was taken as sample. This study used a pre-experimental, pre-test, and post-test design with only one group. The researcher gathered data by asking students to complete a written test firstly also known as pre-test the apllied Quantum Teaching Strategy, secondly delivered with written test also known as post-test. After these activities, the researcher analysed the data by comparing the mean score of pre-test and post-test. The result of post-test score was 64.2 compared to the total mean = 17.85 as the result of pre-test. This meant that Quantum Teaching Strategy was an effective way to improves student’s writing skill in recount text especially in personal recount text. It was recommended to teachers to use Quantum Teaching Strategy in order to maximize students’ capability in learning English.

Mr. Rommel P. Manzon

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of concept mapping as a teaching strategy on the students’ achievement and interest in English. It is a quasi-experimental design of non- equivalent pre-test post-test control group is used. Stratified random sampling technique is adapted in selecting the 250 students from the different schools in the Philippines. Two research instruments is developed by the researchers and used for data collection are: Students’ English Achievement Test (STAT) and Students’ Interest Inventory (SII). Mean and Standard Deviation are used to answer the three research questions, while three hypotheses are tested at 0.05 error margins using the t-test analysis. The result of the findings showed that there is significant difference in the mean achievement scores and interest rating of students are exposed to concept mapping strategy in English. There is a significant impact on the gender of the respondents on achievement of students that are exposed to concept mapping strategy. The researchers recommended among other things: the integration of concept mapping strategy in the curriculum, adequate training of English teachers on the use of concept mapping strategy. KEYWORDS: concept mapping; achievement; interest; gender; teaching strategy; and interest in English

2021 ◽  
Vol 50 (Supplement_1) ◽  
Tam Ha ◽  
Byron Kemp ◽  
Margaret Wallace

Abstract Focus of Presentation Hybrid Team Based Learning and Personalised Education (HTBL-PE) is an unique student-centred teaching strategy used to teach epidemiology in the Bachelors of Public Health at the University of Wollongong. It aims to systematically build abilities in epidemiology; strengthen self-confidence and belief, by teaching the way students learn and harnessing team’s capabilities to strengthen the individual. Findings 73 out of 84 students enrolled in Spring 2019, completed surveys at the beginning and end of semester (87%). At the end of semester, the vast majority of students indicated their interest in epidemiology increased (93%), critical thinking had improved (92%), and their confidence as independent learners had increased (86%). More than two thirds of the students had already applied learnings from this subject in other settings (67%). In general, these outcomes did not differ significantly by gender or across learning styles. Students’ final mark for this subject was significantly higher than their Weighted Average Mark (WAM) prior to the semester (+17.4, p < 0.001). Mean scores were >84/100 overall for the subject (<0.5% failure rate). Conclusions HTBL-PE is a new, innovative teaching strategy with low failure rates and high mean scores. Successful attainment of learning outcomes did not differ across gender or learnings styles. Key messages HTBL-PE is an effective teaching strategy with positive student outcomes. It caters to a variety of students and learning styles with evidence students have applied these techniques to other learning settings.

2021 ◽  
Vol 03 (07) ◽  
pp. 305-313
Lamia ALI GUECHI ◽  

In language teaching, written production is an important educational issue for the assessment of language learners in class. Thus, the summary remains a pedagogical purpose and a typology of the F.L.E's teaching strategies, which encourages learners to develop a text to improve this linguistic component essential to the acquisition of a foreign language. In this article, the question is whether the summary as a teaching aid serves as a test for the development of written expression skills. By relying on summary examples where written production represents a linguistic skill promoting the learning of the target language, and to advance learners during this writing activity in a university setting. Our research work is a reflection on the importance of written production in the learning of FFL, considered as a task allowing learners to mobilize skills in writing when writing a summary.

2021 ◽  
Vol 18 (2) ◽  
pp. 49-55
Salmon J Hukom

Like other components of language in teaching, vocabulary needs special teaching strategy from teacher in order to make the students enrich the number of their vocabulary. This paper aims to discuss board race game as an alternative teaching strategy of vocabulary. Many experts and researchers have conducted studies about this game in teaching vocabulary and the results show significant improvement toward the enrichment of vocabulary after implementing board race game. The board race game has exciting steps in which they can encourage the students to become more active in teaching vocabulary. This game also presents new atmosphere in teaching and learning since it motivates the students to compete one another fairly

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (3) ◽  
pp. 204-215
Mokhtaria Rahmani

Writing an appropriate research paper requires evidently the mastery of effective synthesis. This paper intends to highlight students’ hindrances in producing a sound synthesis, particularly weak critical reading and proposes equally outlets for a sturdy comprehension. The motivation is linked with the slenderness of studies addressing critical reading/effective synthesis binary. This will have pedagogical implications regarding the teaching of synthesis. The researchers used purposive sampling with master two didactic students (39 students). Self-assessment of the teaching strategy, corpus analysis, and an eight-item student questionnaire were used. The findings indicated that the major problems surrounding the internalisation of good synthesis were related to the different operations required for critical reading. The paper put into evidence the necessity of integrating the subject of academic writing into the syllabi of Master didactic students, the design of adequate critical reading tasks, and urged equally the necessity of more condensed practice, both in-class and off-class.   Keywords: Critical reading, effective synthesis, paraphrasing, shortness of instruction, master 2 students.

Qian Zhang ◽  
Feifei Lee ◽  
Ya-gang Wang ◽  
Damin Ding ◽  
Shuai Yang ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 03 (04) ◽  
pp. 365-370

The aim of research was to recognize the impact of simultaneous e-practical presentations strategy in learning some basic codes for the first average grade students the importance of searching for the use of practical presentations in learning some basic skills of the codes of the mediterranean first grade students. in finding solutions, the use of traditional methods in teaching has led to lack of students' teaching association with their educational environment to focus on cognitive aspects as well as its reflection on the skill side, so the researcher is necessary to promote the teaching strategy to reach a better level in learning, and for the purpose of knowing this effect multiple teaching strategy for better learning. the third section used the experimental approach to a sample of medium students of the virginity for boys. 15 (15) students represented in one trial group. the fourth section has been presented and discussed by using a number of statistical means. the fifth section has been concluded through the findings of the researcher reached the following conclusions: v for the presentations in which a number of students participated with the teacher positive effect in teaching some basic football skills. v the use of simultaneous electronic practical presentations strategy is an interactive environment which has affected the outputs of the lesson and thus reflected the learning of the skills of the ball through conclusions recommend the researcher palaty: v the need to use synchronized e-practice strategy with other unused skills v enhanced experience of simultaneous e-business strategy for different samples and other seminars.

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