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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-17
Muhammad Ali Shahid ◽  
Anser Mahmood

Supplication, the symbol of man's humility, is at the core of all religions, with Allah regarded as the Supreme Being who listens to people's prayers and rewards them accordingly, regardless of religion. The purpose of this qualitative research is to look into the unique service provided by Maulana Tariq Jameel to God for protection from COVID-19, which is currently wreaking havoc on people's lives. On April 21, 2020, the program was broadcast live on the ARY News Channel's Shab-e- Meeraj programme, hosted by Waseem Badami, and was available to watch online. Devout Muslims from all over the world gathered for a specially organised 'Dua' to demonstrate their heartfelt humility and unwavering faith in Allah, who they believe will alleviate their deathly affliction as a result of their prayers. The video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSRuAo14NEI provided the data. The data was assessed using Aristotle's three modes of persuasion. The researchers paid close attention to the supplication during the study and coded the most relevant phrases before translating them from Urdu to English and analysed them from a pragmatic standpoint. The discussion section included references to prayers from a variety of religious traditions from various countries to integrate the study's findings. The study's findings show that when individuals, societies, or nations of any faith face a major calamity, they are more likely to be prone to Allah for protection than to other sources of protectionKeywords: Du’a, Persuasion, Religion, Staunch Faith, The sovereignty of Allah

2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (5) ◽  
pp. 0-0

This paper investigates consumers' response to conditional promotions (CP) offered in an offline retail store. Using qualitative research inquiry, we decipher the consumer decision-making process by finding the linkages between 'pre-cart' and the 'post-cart' add-on purchases. Thematic analysis of qualitative data (focus groups and personal interviews) resulted in four themes, i.e. 'Criticality of Product Utility,' 'Mode of Payments,' 'Loss Aversion by Consumers,' and 'Inability to Think Out-of-Box by the Consumers.' We add value to the existing marketing literature by finding the relationship between products purchased in 'pre-cart', i.e., without the knowledge of CP and 'post-cart', defined as add-on products added to the cart to avail the CP offer while purchasing in an offline retail store. Further, we find that consumers' willingness to avail CP varies with different relative distances from the target purchase cart value (high vs. low) and mode of payments (cash vs. digital). We discuss the theoretical and managerial implications of the research.

Surat Mahmoud Awwad Al-Qummaz ◽  

This research aims at investigating roughness in asphalt mix, and to address its effects, causes and methods for treating it to provide safe and smooth driving for the drivers and to the roads users in order to reduce accidents, loss of properties and consumption of fuel which reflects on saving financial costs. The research has depended on qualitative research method through reviewing a number of previous studies related to road constructions, since the desired high quality of roads has become priority to the road users and to the environmentalists who seek to reduce air pollution and emission of harmful gases.

Retos ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 45 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Antonio José Cardona Linares ◽  
Julio Ángel Herrador Sánchez ◽  
África Calvo Lluch

  Los inicios de la Expresión Corporal (EC) han sido y están siendo analizados desde diferentes perspectivas. Este trabajo ha pretendido profundizar en los comienzos acaecidos a lo largo del siglo XX, en donde esta disciplina emergente se nutrió de múltiples fuentes: de lo social, las artes, la educación, la psicología, etc. Patricia Stokoe (1919-1996), dedicó su vida al estudio de la Expresión Corporal-Danza (ECy D). Considerada como una de las iniciadoras en este campo (Kalmar, 2005; Cardona, 2009; Ruano & Sánchez, 2009). Su obra sigue siendo referente en la actualidad y está presente en gran parte de la producción científica que se genera en esta disciplina. Es la investigación de Cardona (2009), en donde se ha profundizado en el estudio de la vida y la obra de la autora. Exponemos aquí cómo se llevó a cabo dicha investigación cualitativa. Se hizo un tratamiento descriptivo transversal, utilizando el análisis de documentos y las entrevistas. Realizamos más de treinta entrevistas entre Buenos Aires y España. Estableciéndose 4 dimensiones/campos que aportaron estructura y claridad al estudio: análisis de la vida; análisis de las influencias en la vida y la obra; análisis de la obra; ensayo bibliográfico de la obra. Se obtuvieron unos resultados y conclusiones que convierte a Patricia Stokoe en una de las pioneras en la construcción y génesis de la Expresión Corporal.  Abstract: The beginnings of corporal expression have been and are being analyzed from different perspectives. This work has attempted to delve into the beginnings that occurred throughout the 20th century, when this emerging discipline was nourished by multiple sources: society, arts, education, psychology, etc. Patricia Stokoe (1919-1996), devoted her life to the study of body language-dance. Considered one of the initiators in this field (Kalmar, 2005; Cardona, 2009; Ruano & Sánchez, 2009), her work continues to be a reference nowadays and it is present in a large part of the scientific production generated in this discipline. It is in the research by Cardona (2009), who carried out a doctoral thesis, where the study of the life and work of the author has been deepened. We present here how this qualitative research was carried out. A cross-sectional descriptive treatment was carried out, using the analysis of documents and interviews. We conducted more than thirty interviews between Buenos Aires and Spain, establishing 4 dimensions / fields that provided structure and clarity to the study: life analysis; analysis of the influences on life and work; analysis of the work; bibliographic essay of the work. We obtained results that make the life and work of Patricia Stokoe one of the pioneers in the construction and genesis of corporal expression.  

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 308-313
T. Kabylov ◽  
A. Usmanova

The cognitive features of imperative utterances in the modern Kyrgyz language have been investigated. As you know, the imperative has two different meanings: one means urgency, necessity and importance, and the other - attempts to influence the actions of other people. Imperative means something extremely important or necessary. It also means order. The analyzed imperative statements are considered in the mainstream of conceptual grammar, which allows you to highlight syntactic concepts, or mental images that stand behind linguistic signs and are reflected in the analyzed syntactic structures. The purpose of the article is to identify and describe imperative utterances in the Kyrgyz language, to reveal the mechanisms for changing the prototypical meaning of the verb lexicon in the structure of the imperative using theories such as the theory of functional styles, the theory of discourse, the theory of speech acts and the theory of grammar of constructions. The relevance of the article is due to the need to study the semantic features of the imperative statements of the modern Kyrgyz language. The purpose of this work is to show the features of imperatives, to carefully study the types and functions of imperatives in the Kyrgyz language. The data were analyzed using a comparative analysis to find out the differences and similarities of the imperatives of the Kyrgyz language with other languages. The study belongs to qualitative research, as it was conducted using the method of contrast analysis as a comparison of languages. The object of the research is the data imperatives were taken from the sources that were needed for the research.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
Yanfen Guan ◽  
Allison M. Nguyen ◽  
Samantha Wratten ◽  
Sharan Randhawa ◽  
Jessica Weaver ◽  

Abstract Purpose Endometriosis is a chronic disorder of the female reproductive system characterized by debilitating symptoms, particularly endometriosis-related pain (ERP). Patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures of symptoms and impacts are required to assess disease severity in ERP clinical studies and clinical practice. A content-valid instrument was developed by modifying the Dysmenorrhea Daily Diary (DysDD) to form the Endometriosis Daily Diary (EDD), an electronic PRO administered via handheld device. Methods Qualitative research with US females with ERP was conducted in three stages: (1) Development of an endometriosis conceptual model based on qualitative literature and conduct of concept elicitation (CE) interviews (N = 30). (2) Cognitive debriefing (CD) interviews (N = 30) conducted across two rounds to assess relevance and understanding of the EDD, with modifications between interview rounds. (3) Pilot testing to assess usability/feasibility of administrating the EDD daily on an electronic handheld device (N = 15). Clinical experts provided guidance throughout the study. Results The conceptual model provided a comprehensive summary of endometriosis to inform modifications to the DysDD, forming the EDD. CD results demonstrated that EDD items were relevant for most participants. Instructions, items, response scales, and recall period were well-understood. The resulting daily diary assesses severity of cyclic and non-cyclic pelvic pain, dyspareunia, impact of ERP on functioning and daily life, symptoms associated with ERP, and bowel symptoms. Participants were able to complete the diary daily and found the device easy to use. Conclusion The EDD demonstrated good content validity in females experiencing ERP. The next step is to perform psychometric validation in an ERP sample.

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Jenny Murfield ◽  
Wendy Moyle ◽  
Analise O’Donovan

Abstract Background This article describes the research activities undertaken to plan and design a self-compassion intervention for family carers of people living with dementia using a person-based and co-design approach. In providing this example, our aim is two-fold: to highlight the value of using qualitative research and co-design processes within intervention development; and to showcase systematic reporting of an intervention’s early planning and design stages. Methods A person-based and co-design approach informed the planning and design of the self-compassion intervention. In Stage 1, qualitative interviews were undertaken with 14 family carers of people living with dementia and 14 professional stakeholders. In Stage 2, intervention guiding principles were developed, psychological theory was incorporated, and six family carers of people living with dementia were engaged as co-designers. Results Knowledge generated during intervention planning identified that the intervention should be situated within the concept of compassion more broadly; address misperceptions, fears, blocks, and resistances to self-compassion; and target feelings of shame, guilt, and self-criticism. Subsequent intervention design activities determined that the needs of family carers of people living with dementia were best met by tailoring an existing intervention, namely group-based Compassion-Focused Therapy. Conclusions Our systematic approach highlights the value of incorporating in-depth qualitative research and co-design within the intervention development process to prioritise the perspectives and lived experiences of family carers of people living with dementia. The planning and design process outlined provides insight that is applicable to the development of our intervention and complex health interventions within gerontology and beyond.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 01-07
Iskandarsyah Siregar

The Palang Pintu tradition is a tradition that is part of the Betawi wedding ceremony. In this study, the semiotic analysis of Roland Barthes was used. This study uses extra-qualitative research methods with an interpretive approach as a complement. This linguistic research is classified as interpretive research because it relies on interpreting texts that can be related to the context in it, such as ideological, moral, cultural, and spiritual values. In this study, the researcher aimed to analyze the meaning of the Palang Pintu procession in terms of semiotics. From the results of the study, it can be concluded that in Palang Pintu, there are 1) meanings of denotation in the procession of the Palang Pintu, processions are starting from the dustur prayer, greetings, rhyme contests, fighting, and reciting the holy verses of the Koran or chanting sike. In the denotative meaning of this Palang Pintu process, apart from explaining the literal meaning and describing the process. It also describes the stages of testing for the groom to marry his bride; 2) the connotation meaning in the Palang Pintu procession describes the practice of the teachings and laws of Islam and love for the Prophet Muhammad SAW and family ties; and 3) the myth in the Palang Pintu procession is that there are Betawi solid community principles, namely recitation, prayer, and silat. In addition, the dominance of solid Islamic teachings is evidenced by the existence of relevant verses of the Koran and hadith and the content of Betawi cultures, such as rhyming, where rhymes are used to advise on traditional art ceremonies.

2022 ◽  
Elena Ancuța Zăvoianu ◽  
Ion-Ovidiu Pânișoară ◽  

Cyberbullying is a negative social phenomenon that takes place online. It consists of harassing technology users through various means and various platforms. Frequent exposure to this phenomenon can cause emotional, mental and social problems for victims, witnesses and aggressors. In the current pandemic context, when education has shifted to the online environment, and students spend a significant amount of time using different devices and online platforms, the number of cyberbullying cases is constantly increasing. There is currently little research describing how this phenomenon influenced online aggression. In preventing and eliminating this phenomenon, teachers play an important role, due to the time they spend with students and the impact they can have on them. In order to identify teachers' perceptions of this phenomenon during the pandemic and how they manage it in the classroom, we conducted a qualitative research on 10 teachers from primary and secondary schools. The results of the research were interesting and offered a new perspective on this phenomenon during Covid-19 crisis.

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