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2022 ◽  
Vol 2021 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-5
Vera Shumilina ◽  
Karen Avetisyan ◽  
Vitaliy Brykalov

The article is devoted to the research analysis of current patterns in the methodology of cost management at the enterprise. Modern methods of production cost management are analyzed. Methods that take into account the influence of the internal and external environment on production costs are determined. It is established that each method used autonomously does not solve the entire complex of management tasks. Therefore, the improvement of cost management methods should be based on the synthesis of a new method that includes the advantages of existing cost methods and eliminates their disadvantages

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Andrei Stanciu ◽  
Juncheng Luo ◽  
Lucy Funes ◽  
Shanya Galbokke Hewage ◽  
Colin Echeverría Aitken

Translation initiation in eukaryotes is a multi-step pathway and the most regulated phase of translation. Eukaryotic initiation factor 3 (eIF3) is the largest and most complex of the translation initiation factors, and it contributes to events throughout the initiation pathway. In particular, eIF3 appears to play critical roles in mRNA recruitment. More recently, eIF3 has been implicated in driving the selective translation of specific classes of mRNAs. However, unraveling the mechanism of these diverse contributions—and disentangling the roles of the individual subunits of the eIF3 complex—remains challenging. We employed ribosome profiling of budding yeast cells expressing two distinct mutations targeting the eIF3 complex. These mutations either disrupt the entire complex or subunits positioned near the mRNA-entry channel of the ribosome and which appear to relocate during or in response to mRNA binding and start-codon recognition. Disruption of either the entire eIF3 complex or specific targeting of these subunits affects mRNAs with long 5′-untranslated regions and whose translation is more dependent on eIF4A, eIF4B, and Ded1 but less dependent on eIF4G, eIF4E, and PABP. Disruption of the entire eIF3 complex further affects mRNAs involved in mitochondrial processes and with structured 5′-untranslated regions. Comparison of the suite of mRNAs most sensitive to both mutations with those uniquely sensitive to disruption of the entire complex sheds new light on the specific roles of individual subunits of the eIF3 complex.

2021 ◽  
Vol 24 (7) ◽  
pp. 20-29
Anatoliy Paliy ◽  
Andrii Palii ◽  
Kateryna Rodionova ◽  
Zhanna Koreneva ◽  
Volodymyr Kushnir

The biology and ecology of parasitic insects are closely related to the life of people, and the leading role belongs to animal husbandry. It is difficult to overestimate the negative influence of parasitic dipterans on productive animals, especially during the season of their mass reproduction and distribution. The work aimed to study the species composition of Diptera in different livestock biocenoses in eastern and central Ukraine. Entomological nets and traps were used to capture zoophilic flies, the number of insects was determined using the fly index, and luminescent markers TAT 33 with a powder fraction of 30 microns. The collected insects were identified according to the existing modern identifiers. As a result of the studies, the presence of Musca domestica (Linnaeus, 1758) was determined in all livestock facilities for keeping animals and birds. The largest number of house flies was noted in the facilities for keeping sows with suckling pigs (312.0±35.3) and fattening animals (277.5±6.1). M. domestica, M. autumnalis, and S. calcitrans accounted for 75.57% of the entire complex of zoophilic flies. The species M. vitripennis, M. tempestiva, L. irritans, H. atripalpis also occupied an important place among the species that form the entomoparasitocenosis (18.91%). In pasture biotopes, two species of flies (Ortellia caesarion Meigen and Ortellia cornicina Fabr.) have been identified. They do not attack animals, but are mineralisers of cattle feces. Luminiferous marker L-1 basic green (TAT 33) fixes well on insects and lasts for 5 days. The density of the fly population in the pig houses is 36% higher than in the calf houses. The results obtained are the basis for the development of innovative, scientifically grounded schemes for control and the fight against parasitic insects at livestock enterprises

Надежда Викторовна Грязева ◽  
Валерий Викторович Кубанов

В статье анализируются вопросы совершенствования сбора, учета, поиска и представления информации об уголовных делах, возбужденных в отношении лиц, содержащихся в учреждениях уголовно-исполнительной системы. Исследована структура электронной базы данных «Преступления, совершенные подозреваемыми, обвиняемыми, осужденными, содержащимися в учреждениях уголовно-исполнительной системы Российской Федерации», введенной в эксплуатацию в 2020 г. Для сравнения приводятся характеристики электронной базы данных, действующей с 2008 по 2020 г. В ходе анализа ведомственного нормативного акта, регулирующего рассматриваемую сферу деятельности, выявлены пробелы в отображении информации, имеющей значение для эффективного предупреждения пенитенциарных преступлений, и сформулированы соответствующие предложения по их устранению. Изучение материалов уголовных дел о преступлениях, совершаемых лицами в период нахождения в учреждениях, обеспечивающих изоляцию от общества, в статусе подозреваемого, обвиняемого, осужденного, позволило заключить, что последние при совершении таких преступлений, как побеги и мошенничества с использованием средств сотовой связи, применяют личный опыт преступной деятельности. Сделан вывод о том, что современные автоматизированные информационные системы, используемые в пенитенциарных учреждениях, не должны ограничиваться узкой задачей учета информации об уголовных делах, возбужденных в отношении лиц, содержащихся в учреждениях уголовно-исполнительной системы. Исследуемая электронная база данных дает широкие возможности для избирательного поиска и последующего анализ всего комплекса сведений, связанных с пенитенциарной преступностью. The article analyzes the issues of improving the collection, accounting, search and presentation of information about criminal cases initiated against persons held in penal institutions. The structure of the electronic database is investigated: «Crimes committed by suspects, accused, convicted persons held in institutions of the penal system of the Russian Federation», commissioned in 2020. For comparison, the characteristics of an electronic database operating from 2008 to 2020 are given. During the analysis of the departmental normative act regulating the sphere of activity under consideration, gaps in the display of information relevant for the effective prevention of penitentiary crimes were identified and appropriate proposals for their elimination were formulated. The study of the materials of criminal cases on crimes committed by persons during their stay in institutions providing isolation from society in the status of a suspect, accused, convicted allowed us to conclude that the latter, when committing crimes such as escapes and fraud using cellular communications, use personal experience of criminal activity. It is concluded that modern automated information systems used in penitentiary institutions should not be limited to the narrow task of recording information about criminal cases initiated against persons held in institutions of the penal system. The electronic database under study provides ample opportunities for selective search and subsequent analysis of the entire complex of information related to penitentiary crime.

Mattias Günther ◽  
Ulf Arborelius ◽  
Mårten Risling ◽  
Jenny Gustavsson ◽  
Anders Sondén

AbstractUnderwater blast differs from blast in air. The increased density and viscosity of water relative to air cause injuries to occur almost exclusively as primary blast, and may cause disorientation in a diver, which may lead to inability to protect the airway and cause drowning. However, cognitive impairments from under water blast wave exposure have not been properly investigated, and no experimental model has been described. We established an experimental model (water shock tube) for simulating the effects of underwater blast pressure waves in rodents, and to investigate neurology in relation to organ injury. The model produced standardized pressure waves (duration of the primary peak 3.5 ms, duration of the entire complex waveform including all subsequent reflections 325 ms, mean impulse 141–281 kPa-ms, mean peak pressure 91–194 kPa). 31 rats were randomized to control (n = 6), exposure 90 kPa (n = 8), 152 kPa (n = 8), and 194 kPa (n = 9). There was a linear trend between the drop height of the water shock tube and electroencephalography (EEG) changes (p = 0.014), while no differences in oxygen saturation, heart rate, S100b or macroscopic bleedings were detected. Microscopic bleedings were detected in lung, intestines, and meninges. Underwater pressure waves caused changes in EEG, at pressures when mild hemorrhage occurred in organs, suggesting an impact on brain functions. The consistent injury profile enabled for the addition of future experimental interventions.

2021 ◽  
Margarita Dedina

The article analyzes the semantic features of D. Belekov's early lyrics, identifies the figurative and spatial dominants represented in the author's artistic world. In the temporal designation, the semantic structure is actualized in a series of images associated with spring, and primroses, a blooming apple tree, murmuring streams of meltwater, fields with thawed patches, etc., creating a holistic picture of the awakening nature, metaphorically embody the image of the younger generation. Toponymically and geographically, the dominant image is the image of the native land, which includes the entire complex of symbols-markers characteristic of the designation of the territory of Gorniy Altai (Altai Mountains). If the homeland for the lyrical hero of the poet becomes a source of strength and inspiration, then for his development he needs a movement understood as the development of the "other" space, actualized in the generalized image of blue distances and a crowded city with bright lights. The central theme in the poet's lyrics is the theme of the road, embodied in the motives of departure and return.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-20
Yaochang Xu ◽  
Ping Guo

The critical node detection problem (CNDP) refers to the identification of one or more nodes that have a significant impact on the entire complex network according to the importance of each node in a complex network. Most methods consider the CNDP as a single-objective optimization problem, which requires more prior knowledge to a certain extent. This paper proposes a membrane evolution algorithm MEA-CNDP to solve biobjective CNDP. MEA-CNDP includes a population initialization strategy based on the evaluation of decision variables, a strategy to transform the main objective, a strategy to update the membrane inherited pool, and four membrane evolutionary operators. The numerical experiments on 16 benchmark problems with random and logarithmic weights show that MEA-CNDP outperforms other algorithms in most cases. In particular, MEA-CNDP has unique advantages in dealing with large-scale sparse bi-CNDP.

PLoS Genetics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (11) ◽  
pp. e1009668
Jelly H. M. Soffers ◽  
Sergio G-M Alcantara ◽  
Xuanying Li ◽  
Wanqing Shao ◽  
Christopher W. Seidel ◽  

The Spt/Ada-Gcn5 Acetyltransferase (SAGA) coactivator complex has multiple modules with different enzymatic and non-enzymatic functions. How each module contributes to gene expression is not well understood. During Drosophila oogenesis, the enzymatic functions are not equally required, which may indicate that different genes require different enzymatic functions. An analogy for this phenomenon is the handyman principle: while a handyman has many tools, which tool he uses depends on what requires maintenance. Here we analyzed the role of the non-enzymatic core module during Drosophila oogenesis, which interacts with TBP. We show that depletion of SAGA-specific core subunits blocked egg chamber development at earlier stages than depletion of enzymatic subunits. These results, as well as additional genetic analyses, point to an interaction with TBP and suggest a differential role of SAGA modules at different promoter types. However, SAGA subunits co-occupied all promoter types of active genes in ChIP-seq and ChIP-nexus experiments, and the complex was not specifically associated with distinct promoter types in the ovary. The high-resolution genomic binding profiles were congruent with SAGA recruitment by activators upstream of the start site, and retention on chromatin by interactions with modified histones downstream of the start site. Our data illustrate that a distinct genetic requirement for specific components may conceal the fact that the entire complex is physically present and suggests that the biological context defines which module functions are critical.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1-37

Abstract The Julia set of the exponential family $E_{\kappa }:z\mapsto \kappa e^z$ , $\kappa>0$ was shown to be the entire complex plane when $\kappa>1/e$ essentially by Misiurewicz. Later, Devaney and Krych showed that for $0<\kappa \leq 1/e$ the Julia set is an uncountable union of pairwise disjoint simple curves tending to infinity. Bergweiler generalized the result of Devaney and Krych for a three-dimensional analogue of the exponential map called the Zorich map. We show that the Julia set of certain Zorich maps with symmetry is the whole of $\mathbb {R}^3$ , generalizing Misiurewicz’s result. Moreover, we show that the periodic points of the Zorich map are dense in $\mathbb {R}^3$ and that its escaping set is connected, generalizing a result of Rempe. We also generalize a theorem of Ghys, Sullivan and Goldberg on the measurable dynamics of the exponential.

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 38-44
S. H. Каchmarchyk ◽  

Subject under consideration in the article is memory as entire, complex and uninterrupted process and lecturer’s influence on character of students’ memory processes. Efficient techniques for improving memory processes of various scientists and the features of modern technologies for English vocabulary memorizing have been studied; non-traditional ways of words memorizing in the English language teaching methods, shown good results in practice have been proposed. The author has analyzed the inclusion of psychology for studying English. The psychological aspects of efficiency increasing of new words memorizing in English classes have been shown. It has been proposed that teachers take into account the individual differences of students in perception and memorization of new English vocabulary. The use of psychological methods of mnemonics and pictograms in English classes has been also considered. Recommendations concerning positive consequences of lecturer’s impact on character of students’ memory processes have been given in the article.

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