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2022 ◽  
pp. 1-21
Dang Hoai Nhon ◽  
Nghi Duong Thanh ◽  
Ha Nguyen Manh ◽  
Luu Nguyen Thi Mai ◽  
Huong Do Thi Thu ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 214-223
Sitti Marya Ulva ◽  
Endah Iriyanti

The incidence of hypertension in the Kulisusu Health Center Work Area, North Buton Regency is always included in the 10 biggest diseases, where in 2018 the number of sufferers was 216 people, in 2019 it rose to 344 people and in 2020 as many as 715 people. The purpose of this study was to determine the risk factors that influence the incidence of hypertension in the community at the age of 20-45 years in the Kulisusu Health Center Work Area, North Buton Regency. This type of research is analytic observation with case control design. The study population was 68 patients, with a sample of case is 40 respondents, which were taken by cluster random sampling. Descriptive and inferential data analysis using Chi-Square Test and Odds Ratio. The results showed that the risk factors for hypertension were family history (X2count=20.202; OR=9.333), income (X2count=6.146; OR=3.157), eating and drinking habits (X2count=33.885; OR=22.667), smoking habits (X2count=21.333; OR=11.667). The conclusion is that family history, income, eating and drinking habits and smoking habits are risk factors for hypertension in the Kulisusu Health Center Work Area. It is hoped that the public should avoid consuming foods that trigger hypertension, such as salty foods and containing saturated fat.

2021 ◽  
Vol 19 (2) ◽  
pp. 189
Regan Leonardus Kaswanto ◽  
Ruth Mevianna Aurora ◽  
Doni Yusri ◽  
Sofyan Sjaf ◽  
Simon Barus

<p class="A04-abstrak2">As an expansion area, North Labuhanbatu District has a purpose to improve the social welfare. Meanwhile one of the significant sector in the community is agriculture. Agriculture provides the highest income for the society and has a potency to further develop and establish the area. However, the development should relevant with environment characteristic essentially. Based on preliminary survey, there are 5 agricultural commodities growing in this area namely palm oil, rubber, rice field, cocoa, and coconut which spread over the 8 sub-districts. The increasing of population triggers land use changes particularly in agriculture. Therefore analysis of land suitability for agriculture is fundamental hence policy direction can be applied in each sub-district based on agriculture commodities which suitable with their characteristic accordingly. The evaluation of land suitability is conducted by comparing the physical characteristics with the existing of land suitability criteria which prossessed by ArcGIS software. Land suitability in North Labuhanbatu is identified with 4 clases: S1 (very suitable), S2 (moderately suitable), S3 (marginally suitable), and N (not suitable). Furthermore, there are 4 limiting factors in this study: water availability, root media, nutrient retention, and erosion hazards. The result shows that rubber, rice field, and coconut have very suitable (S1) land to be planted.Therefore the recomendation is to develop agroforestry landscape practices for sustainable livelihoods in Labura District.</p>

2021 ◽  
pp. M57-2021-30
Sergey S. Drachev ◽  
Harald Brekke ◽  
Erik Henriksen ◽  
Thomas Moore

AbstractThe present volume is rooted in a map of sedimentary successions of the Arctic Region by Grantz et al. (2011), and contains a brief, but comprehensive compilation of geological and geophysical data characterizing all significant sedimentary successions in the Arctic, which cover 57% of the polar area north of 64°N. Two main goals have been designated: (i) to provide, based on the present-day knowledge and data, a characterization of all Arctic sedimentary successions (or sedimentary accumulations), and (ii) to supply a snapshot of hydrocarbon-related exploration in the Arctic at the end of the second decade of this millennium. To achieve these goals, we represent sedimentary successions as consisting of one or several “Tectono-Sedimentary Elements” (TSE). This concept allows delineation, mapping, and characterization of 9 categories of TSEs based of main tectonic regimes that formed accommodation space.A TSE characterization template has been developed as an efficient method of organising and presenting the most important information about stratigraphy, structure, and petroleum geology of a TSE, including most significant exploration facts. This organizational architecture is the backbone of the volume and is a key feature that distinguishes it from other similar works about the sedimentary basins.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
Mei Yao ◽  
Yunqi Ma ◽  
Li Jia ◽  
Fumin Ren ◽  
Guoping Li ◽  

We designed two groups of experiments to test the forecast performance of the Dynamical-Statistical-Analog Ensemble Forecast (DSAEF_LTP) model for precipitation caused by landfalling northward-moving typhoons. The first group DSAEF_LTP-1 had the generalized initial value containing three factors (tropical cyclone track, landfall season and tropical cyclone intensity) while the second group DSAEF_LTP-2 added multiple choices of similarity regions. We selected 33 typhoons that brought about maximum daily precipitation ≥100 mm to the area north of the Yangtze River from 2004–2019. We used 22 tropical cyclones from 2004–2015 as training samples to identify the best scheme, which was then used to conduct independent sample forecasting experiments for 11 tropical cyclones from 2016–2019. The results were compared with those of four numerical models (ECMWF, GFS, GRAPES and SMS-WARMS). The simulation ability of the DSAEF_LTP model was significantly improved after adding the similarity regions. The TSsum (TS250 + TS100) for accumulated precipitation ≥250 and ≥100 mm increased from 0.1239 (0 + 0.1239) to 0.1883 (0.0526 + 0.1357). The forecast performance of the DSAEF_LTP for TS100 was 0.1355 for DSAEF_LTP-1 and 0.099 for DSAEF_LTP-2 . Both exceeded the scores for two of the operational Numerical Models, GRAPES (0.0798) and SMS-WARMS (0.0943). The DSAEF_LTP model can capture the distribution patterns of the observed precipitation in most cases. The forecasting performance was good over the southern coast of China but was limited in the north. The development of vortex identification technology for residual vortices and the introduction of new environmental factors into the generalized initial value are required to improve the DSAEF_LTP model.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
Denis Sandanov ◽  
Elena Brianskaia ◽  
Eduard Batotsyrenov

The area north of Lake Baikal has been poorly studied. Moreover, most of the studies conducted in this region were focused on mountain ridges or river valleys. This region includes a part of Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM), a broad-gauge railway in the centre of Siberia, Russia. The railway is an alternative route of the Trans-Siberian Railway; BAM starts in southern Siberia (Taishet station of Irktusk Oblast), passes through the northern part of Lake Baikal and finishes in the Russian Far East (Sovetskaya Gavan station of Khabarovsky Krai). BAM has four connections with the Trans-Siberian Railway and is the centre of economic development for many regions of Russia. Maya Ivanova and Alexandr Chepurnov summarised the existing floristic information for this region in detailed species distribution maps which they published in the book “Flora of the western part of developing regions of Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM)” (1983). After publishing this book, very few floristic studies have been performed in the study region. All available botanical information is still accumulated in a number of printed papers or books with limited circulation, which are not widely known to the international scientific community. We have digitised the point distribution maps from the book of Ivanova and Chepurnov and georeferenced all occurrence and sampling localities. The resulting dataset includes 9972 occurrences for 770 vascular plant species and subspecies from the area north of Lake Baikal. Additionally, the dataset includes information on the distribution of 43 rare and endangered species with 366 occurrences. From our point of view, the dataset makes a contribution to the global biodiversity data mobilisation, providing plant species distribution data for such a remote mountainous area.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 636
Dhiancinantyan Windydaca Brata Putri ◽  
Ni Putu Wintariani ◽  
Dewi Puspita Apsari ◽  
Ni Putu Aryati Suryaningsih

ABSTRAKPemerintah pusat terus menggalakkan pencegahan dan pengendalian Covid-19, melalui Gugus Tugas COVID-19. Salah satu cara untuk menjaga daya tahan tubuh dari serangan virus corona adalah dengan mengkonsumsi vitamin atau suplemen. Informasi vitamin/suplemen yang akan disebarkan pada pengabdian masyarakat ini adalah vitamin C, Zink, dan Vitamin D3 di wilayah Desa Pemecutan Kaja, Kecamatan Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar dengan sasaran ibu-ibu PKK. Tujuan dari pengabdian masyarakat ini adalah memberikan edukasi terkait pentingnya mengkonsumsi suplemen kesehatan dimasa pandemi COVID-19 dan bagaimana mengkonsumsi suplemen/vitamin dimasa pandemi COVID-19. Metode kegiatan ini dengan memberikan edukasi berupa poster secara langsung dan e-booklet melalui whatsapp grup kepada ibu-ibu PKK dan pengukuran pengetahuan dilakukan sebelum dan setelah pemberian edukasi. Hasil yang didapatkan adalah terdapat peningkatan pengetahuan ibu PKK secara signifikan (p=0,000) yakni dari skor baik semula berjumlah 19% meningkat menjadi 98% partisipan. Data tersebut menunjukkan bahwa tujuan dari program kerja tercapai, yaitu peningkatan pengetahuan partisipan ibu-ibu PKK terhadap penggunaan suplemen kesehatan di masa pandemi covid-19. Kata kunci: edukasi; suplemen; covid-19. ABSTRACTThe central government continues to promote the prevention and control of Covid-19, through the COVID-19 task force.One way to maintain the immune system from the corona virus is to take vitamins or supplements. Information on vitamins/supplements that will be distributed in this community service is vitamin C, Zink, and Vitamin D3 in the Pemecutan Kaja Village area, North Denpasar District, Denpasar City with the target of PKK women. The purpose of this activity is to provide education regarding the importance of consuming health supplements during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to take supplements/vitamins during the COVID-19 pandemic. The method of this activity is to provide education in the form of direct posters and e-booklets via whatsapp groups to PKK women and knowledge measurements are carried out before and after providing education. The results obtained were that there was a significant increase in the knowledge of PKK women (p = 0.000), namely from the original good score of 19%, it increased to 98% of participants. The data shows that the goal of the work program was achieved, namely increasing the knowledge of PKK women on the use of health supplements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keywords: education; supplements; covid-19. 

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