The great escape: Daphnia pulicaria from post-Bythotrephes invasion time periods have an enhanced escape ability

Hydrobiologia ◽  
2022 ◽  
Emily L. Kiehnau ◽  
Lawrence J. Weider
ICCTP 2011 ◽  
2011 ◽  
Gilbert Leano ◽  
Wen Cheng ◽  
Xudong Jia ◽  
Lingqi Kong ◽  
Robert Brennan

W.P. De Lange

The Greenhouse Effect acts to slow the escape of infrared radiation to space, and hence warms the atmosphere. The oceans derive almost all of their thermal energy from the sun, and none from infrared radiation in the atmosphere. The thermal energy stored by the oceans is transported globally and released after a range of different time periods. The release of thermal energy from the oceans modifies the behaviour of atmospheric circulation, and hence varies climate. Based on ocean behaviour, New Zealand can expect weather patterns similar to those from 1890-1922 and another Little Ice Age may develop this century.

2020 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
Yuhan Sun

Abstract: In order to reveal the dissolution behavior of iron tailings in blast furnace slag, we studied the main component of silica in iron tailings. First, edge contour features need to be established to represent the melting process of silica. We choose shape, perimeter, area and generalized radius as objects. By independently analyzing the influence of these four indexes on the melting rate, the area and shape were selected as the characteristic parameters of the edge contour of the silica particles. Then, the actual melting rate of the silica is estimated by the edge contour feature index. Finally, we can calculate the melting rate of the first second of three time periods of 0.00010312mm3/s,0.0002399mm3/s,0.0000538mm3/s.

2020 ◽  
pp. 187-192
S.A. Popov

The article deals with the problem of collecting, preserving and researching the disappeared names of localities in the subjects of the Russian Federation, which for centuries have become an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of our country. The author believes that only a comprehensive analysis of the past oikonyms in nominational, lexical-semantic, historical-cultural, historical-ethnographic, local history aspects will restore the linguistic and cultural systems of different time periods in different microareals of the Russian Federation. The author comes to the conclusion that in order to preserve the historical memory of the disappeared names of geographical objects, local researchers need the support of regional state authorities and local self-government.

2018 ◽  
Vol 28 (7) ◽  
pp. 2301-2308
Fatime Liman ◽  
Mahmut Celik ◽  
Imer Yusufi

It is almost impossible to get some relevant results from researches on the topic- works of the Turkish female writers and Turkish female poets in Republic of Macedonia yet not considering the social and political circumstances that ocured in SFRJ, The Balcan Peninsula and all the countries under the Ottoman Empire reign. Before getting to topic, what is ,the works of the Turkish female writers and the Turkish female poets in Macedonia we would like to impose a retrospective of the social and political circumstances in the Balcan Peninsula and circumstances and events in Macedonia.We shall give a retrospective of some different time periods such as: before the Ottomans reign,during their reign and the period after their reign.The educational process and the Turkish sign will undouptly influence the Literature.Epmhases will be put on the literature of the Turks from Macedonia,and the circumstances on which that literature was able to survive in various conditions and quality.Therefore some Turkish female writers and poets will be presented from which in more detail-Melahat Engullu,Tulay Ibrahim,Leyla Husein,Meral Kayin and Rabiya Rusid.Some main themes from their works will also be presented.

G. A. Sofronov ◽  
E. L. Patkin

One of the complex problems of modern experimental toxicology remains the molecular mechanism of formation of human health disorders separated at different time periods from acute or chronic exposure to toxic environmental pollutants (ecotoxicants). Identifying and understanding what epigenetic changes are induced by the environment, and how they can lead to unfavorable outcome, are vital for protecting public health. Therefore, we consider it important a modern understanding of epigenetic mechanisms involved in the life cycle of mammals and assess available data on the environmentally caused epigenetic toxicity and, accordingly fledging epigenenomic (epigenetic) regulatory toxicology.

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