scholarly journals Results of chalazion cryosurgery with an increased risk of complications

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (6-1) ◽  
pp. 181-189
A. N. Steblyuk ◽  
V. E. Gunter ◽  
V. N. Khodorenko ◽  
E. V. Bykova ◽  
R. A. Avakimyan ◽  

Background. At an appointment with an ophthalmologist, patients with pathological conditions of the eyelids are often dissatisfi ed with the effectiveness of the traditional surgical treatment.The aim: assessment of the functional state of the eye adnexa after cryodestruction of the chalazion with an increased risk of complications using modern cryosurgical equipment.Material and methods. Clinical studies were carried out in 254 patients (277 eyes) with chalazion, including a complicated course of the disease, with cryodestruction of the chalazion using an autonomous cryoapplicator made of porous-permeable titanium nickelide.Results. Cryosystems of the new generation, in comparison with the well-known industrial cryoapparatus, diff er in new properties. They can signifi cantly improve the quality of cryotherapy in surgery due to a clearer localization of cryotherapy and a high rate of heat removal from the surface of altered tissues without damaging the surrounding tissues. Depending on the size of the pathological formation, the duration of the exposure, the frequency of repetitions of the applications during the session, the regression of the chalazion occurred within 1–1.5 months with the preservation of the integrity of the intermarginal space and the functional state of the eyelid.Conclusion. Analysis of the data obtained indicates a high clinical and cosmetic effi ciency of cryosurgery of the eyelid chalazion using an autonomous cryoapplicator made of porous-permeable titanium nickelide.

2018 ◽  
Vol 177 (4) ◽  
pp. 28-37
P. N. Romashchenko ◽  
N. A. Maistrenko ◽  
R. V. Orlova ◽  
M. V. Lysanyuk

The  OBJECTIVE  of the  study  was  to clarify the  rational  program of diagnosis and  choice  of treatment tactics  for patients with neuroendocrine tumors  (NET) of the  small  intestine, taking  into account their clinical and  morphological characteristics. MATERIAL AND METHODS.  We  studied the  results of examination and  treatment of 39  patients. RESULTS.  CT is the main  method of topical  diagnosis, the  sensitivity  of which  in the  detection of NET of the  small  intestine is 96.4  %. Sign of  the  localization   of  NET  in  the  small  intestine is  the  tumor  conglomerate of  its  mesentery, which  includes diffuse-infiltrative  and   nodular   variant   of  changes.  The   diffuse-infiltrative  variant   of  tumor   conglomerate  is  characterized   by increased risk  of complicated course of tumor  process.  Cytoreductive surgical  treatment allows  to  increase the  survival rate   of  patients with  generalized NET  of  the  small  intestine in  1.7  times.   CONCLUSION.  Treatment of  patients with NET  of  the  small  intestine should   be  carried   out  in  specialized medical   centers that  have   the  ability  to  implement   a multidisciplinary  approach that  can  significantly  increase the  duration   and  quality  of  life of  patients.

CNS Spectrums ◽  
2005 ◽  
Vol 10 (S12) ◽  
pp. 5-11 ◽  
David Baldwin

AbstractPanic disorder (PD) is typically a distressing, chronic, and recurrent mental disorder associated with a high rate of comorbidity with other mood, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders, increased risk of medical morbidity and mortality, and marked impairment of functioning and reduced quality of life. Most patients with PD first seek treatment in emergency room or general practice settings. In the overwhelming majority of cases, PD patients present with primarily somatic symptoms, many of which are common to medical illnesses. It is, therefore, not surprising that PD is often misdiagnosed and that patients with this disorder often spend years seeking treatment and undergoing costly and unnecessary tests and medical consultations before receiving a correct diagnosis. Better diagnosis and treatment of PD to achieve remission and prevent relapse has the potential to reduce the burden of this illness to the individual and society.

2017 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 163-169 ◽  
Davide Martino ◽  
Francesca Morgante

AbstractPurpose of review:To discuss selected peer-reviewed research articles published between 2014 and 2016 and highlight 5 clinically relevant messages related to hyperkinetic and hypokinetic movement disorders in patients with chronic psychosis.Recent findings:A recent population-based study complemented data from clinical trials in showing increased risk of developing extrapyramidal symptoms with antipsychotic use. A community service–based longitudinal study showed that dopamine transporter imaging could help identify subgroups of patients with parkinsonism associated with antipsychotics with a progressive course, potentially manageable with l-dopa. Data from recent noteworthy clinical trials showed that a new VMAT-2 inhibitor and, for pharmacologically refractory tardive dyskinesia, deep brain stimulation of the globus pallidus internus are promising interventions. Finally, a population-based study has confirmed that hyperkinesias (encompassing chorea, dystonia, and stereotypies) may be early predictors of psychosis even in childhood and adolescence.Summary:Movement disorders associated with new-generation antipsychotics, including widely used agents (e.g., aripiprazole), are not rare occurrences. Better monitoring is needed to assess their true effect on patients' quality of life and functioning and to prevent underascertainment.

The Eye ◽  
2020 ◽  
Vol 22 (130) ◽  
pp. 36-43
Gulnara Andrienko

Corneal topography is the main method for assessing the regularity of the surface of the cornea. Corneal irregularity leads to a deterioration in its refractive properties and a decrease in the quality of vision. Learning the basics of corneal topography will help determine the choice of a color map for a specific situation, as well as understand and analyze the data associated with these maps. This article describes the main types of topographic maps, various patterns of corneal shape in normal and pathological conditions and how to use the data obtained to design and fit contact lenses. Despite the fact that images may vary depending on topographers used, the information presented in this article is universal.

2016 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 55-60
Yu. Lavrynenko ◽  
R. Vozhegova ◽  
O. Hozh

The purpose of the research is to identify effi cient microfertilizers and growth stimulants considering biologi- cal features of new corn hybrids of different FAO groups under irrigation conditions in the South of Ukraine and trace their impact on grain productivity of the plants. The methods of the research are the fi eld method – to study the interaction of the research object with experimental factors of the natural environment, to register the yield and evaluate the biometrical indices; the laboratory method – to measure soil moisture, grain moisture content and grain quality indices; the statistical method – to evaluate the reliability of the obtained results; the calculation methods – for economic and energetic assessment of the growing techniques used. The results of the research. The paper defi nes the impact of microfertilizers and growth stimulants on the yield and grain quality of the corn hybrids of different maturity groups and on the economic effi ciency of growing them. The conclusions of the research. Under irrigation conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine it is recommended that the following hybrids should be grown in dark-chestnut soils: early maturity DN Pyvykha, medium-early Skadovskyi, medium maturity Kakhovskyi and medium-late Arabat, using the growth stimulants – treating the seeds with Sezam-Nano and fertilizing with Grainactive at the stage of 7–8 leaves.

Background: Integrated disease management with self-management for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is effective to improve clinical outcomes. eHealth can improve patients’ involvement to be able to accept and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eventhough there is mixed evidence of the impact of eHealth on quality of life (QoL) in different settings. Aim: The primary aim of the e-Vita-COPD-study was to investigate the effect of use of eHealth patient platforms on disease specific QoL of COPD patients. Methods: We evaluated the impact of an eHealth platform on disease specific QoL measured with the clinical COPD questionnaire (CCQ), including subscales of symptoms, functional state and mental state. Interrupted time series (ITS) design was used to collect CCQ data at multiple time points. Multilevel linear regression modelling was used to compare trends in CCQ before and after the eHealth intervention. Results: Of 742 invited COPD patients, 244 signed informed consent. For the analyses, we only included patients who actually used the eHealth platform (n = 123). The decrease of CCQ-symptoms was 0,20% before the intervention and 0,27% after the intervention; this difference was statistically significant (P=0.027). The decrease of CCQ-mental was 0,97% before the intervention and after the intervention there was an increase of 0,017%; this difference was statistically significant (P=0,01). No significant difference was found in the slopes of CCQ (P=0,12) and CCQ-function (P=0,11) before and after the intervention. Conclusion: The e-Vita eHealth platform had a potential beneficial impact on the CCQ-symptoms of COPD patients, but not on functional state. The CCQ-mental state remained stable after the intervention, but this was a deterioration compared to the improving situation before the start of the eHealth platform. In conclusion, this study shows that after the introduction of the COPD platform, patients experienced fewer symptoms, but their mental state deteriorated slightly at the same time. Therefore, health care providers should be aware that, although symptoms improve, there might be a slight increase in anxiety and depression after introducing an eHealth intervention to support self-management.

2020 ◽  
Vol 62 (2) ◽  
pp. 86-91
Justyna Pawlak ◽  
Małgorzata Dudkiewicz ◽  
Łukasz Kikowski

Introduction: The progressing aging process and comorbidities worsen the efficiency of the balance system in the elderly, which leads to a weakening of stability and, as a consequence, to falls and injuries. The first ones lead to: worsening of functioning, reduced mobility, an increased risk of disease and mortality, therefore systematic physical activity and shaping the balance using physiotherapy, which can prevent dangerous falls is very important. Aim: Assessment of the therapeutic effect of physiotherapy on minimizing imbalances in geriatric patients. M aterial and Methods: The study group consisted of 46 people, including 32 women (69.6%) and 14 men (30.4%); average age of respondents – 72.5 years. They were patients of the Department of Rehabilitation of Poddębice Health Center, Ltd. The researchers used a self-made questionnaire, body mass to height index (BMI) and the Tinetti Test. Results: Patients with an elevated BMI (89.1%), as well as those taking more than 4 medication (78.3%), have had more falls over the past year (respectively 91.4% and 81.4%). After the use of comprehensive therapy, none of the patients achieved a worse result than before the physiotherapy while 91.3% of the respondents had an increase in the number of points scored in the Tinetti Test. The percentage of patients at high risk of falling reduced from 67.4% to 37%. There was also a decrease in the fear of walking (in 58.7%), falling (in 57.7%) and climbing stairs (in 47.9%). According to 78.3% of respondents, physiotherapy positively affected their independence and quality of life. Conclusions: The use of comprehensive physiotherapy reduces the fear of walking, climbing stairs and falling, which can be a good predictor of prevention. Both polypragmasia and an elevated body mass index (BMI) increase the risk of falling. Comprehensive physiotherapy of geriatric patients helps to improve balance and gait stereotype. Physiotherapy for the elderly helps improve the quality of life, independence, minimize imbalances, and thus reduce the risk of falls. Balance exercises play an important role in preventing falls.

2018 ◽  
Vol 69 (2) ◽  
pp. 346-349 ◽  
Marina Ruxandra Otelea ◽  
Oana Cristina Arghir ◽  
Corina Zugravu ◽  
Eugenia Naghi ◽  
Sabina Antoniu ◽  

Regarding the widely distribution of respiratory exposure hazards in occupational settings, workers have an increased risk for chronic lung diseases. For assessing the quality of life and lung function in workers exposed to chemicals and dust, St George�s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) and spirometry were performed among 40 patients, admitted in Occupational Clinic Department of Colentina Hospital, Bucharest, Romania, during February, 2017. SGRQ showed different predictors for patients according to their occupational exposure and total symptoms score correlated better with decreased spirometric parameters in defining lung function deterioration. Quality of life is earlier affected than lung function deterioration and emphasises the need of more sensitive methods for an earlier identification and better evaluation of respiratory hazards in different workplaces.

2020 ◽  
Vol 20 (16) ◽  
pp. 1619-1632
Katarzyna Pieklarz ◽  
Michał Tylman ◽  
Zofia Modrzejewska

The currently observed development of medical science results from the constant search for innovative solutions to improve the health and quality of life of patients. Particular attention is focused on the design of a new generation of materials with a high degree of biocompatibility and tolerance towards the immune system. In addition, apart from biotolerance, it is important to ensure appropriate mechanical and technological properties of materials intended for intra-body applications. Knowledge of the above parameters becomes the basis for considerations related to the possibilities of choosing the appropriate polymer materials. The researchers' interest, as evidenced by the number of available publications, is attracted by nanobiocomposites based on chitosan and carbon nanotubes, which, due to their properties, enable integration with the tissues of the human body. Nanosystems can be used in many areas of medicine. They constitute an excellent base for use as dressing materials, as they exhibit antimicrobial properties. In addition, they can be carriers of drugs and biological macromolecules and can be used in gene therapy, tissue engineering, and construction of biosensors. For this reason, potential application areas of chitosan-carbon nanotube nanocomposites in medical sciences are presented in this publication, considering the characteristics of the system components.

Elliot Friedman ◽  
Beth LeBreton ◽  
Lindsay Fuzzell ◽  
Elizabeth Wehrpsann

By many estimates the majority of adults over age 65 have two or more chronic medical conditions (multimorbidity) and are consequently at increased risk of adverse functional outcomes. Nonetheless, many older adults with multimorbidity are able to maintain high levels of function and retain good quality of life. Research presented here is designed to understand the influences that help ensure better functional outcomes in these older adults. This chapter presents findings that draw on data from the Midlife in the United States study. The independent and interactive contributions of diverse factors to multimorbidity and changes in multimorbidity over time are reviewed. The degree that multimorbidity increases risk of cognitive impairment and disability is examined. The role of inflammation as a mediator is considered. Multimorbidity is increasingly the norm for older adults, so better understanding of factors contributing to variability in multimorbidity-related outcomes can lead to improved quality of life.

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