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2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (7) ◽  
pp. 1-13
Jin Qiu

BACKGROUND: With the gradual improvement of market economy, people' s consumption level is constantly improving, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. OBJECTIVES: In order to study the management accounting information analysis platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and realize the goal of accounting computerization, the application of AI in expert system is applied to the field of accounting information analysis. METHODS: The combination of subsystems is applied to the construction of AI accounting information Web system, and the feasibility analysis of its theory and technology is carried out. RESULTS: The results show that its effect is obvious: accelerating the flow of all information and promoting the change of enterprise management mode. Moreover, compared with the traditional system algorithm, the accuracy of the system model is improved by 6% and the time delay is reduced by 9ms, which makes the overall management level of the enterprise further improved, the scope of enterprise competition further expanded, the cost of enterprise saved

J.N. Nwite ◽  
A.J. Ajana ◽  
I. Alinchi

Background: Low soil productivity in Nigeria and Africa sub sahara is considered as one of the major causes of food insecurity and under nutrition. This area is considered among the most regions affected by acidity on soil nutrients optimization. Despite of its severity, there is limited knowledge about limiting effect of pH on nutrients availability and maize yield in the state. Evolving a technology that does not depend on traditional system of amendment for pH assessment for increased soil productivity must first of all go through a good knowledge of the nature and distribution of soil studied. The present study aimed to evaluate three pH (4, 7 and 9) values on soil chemical properties in the state and assess maize performance under these conditions in order to control and manage pH related problems. Methods: In the field-laboratory investigation during 2018-2019 at different localities of Ebonyi State were surveyed. Three sampling localities were selected based on geographical situation, climate and local condition. In the laboratory, the soil samples of natural stock collected were processed for mean pH values and confirmed with pH meter using standard laboratory method. Maize was used as test crop to assess effect of pH on its performance. Result: Our investigations in Ebonyi State have allowed us to inventory three pH values. Among the inventoried pH values, some are regarded adverse for soil productivity. The implication of soil pH on nutrients availability and maize performance was discussed. The current work will be a complementary contribution of detailed study of effect of pH on soil productivity.

Network ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 21-35
Hai Trieu Le ◽  
Tran Thanh Lam Nguyen ◽  
Tuan Anh Nguyen ◽  
Xuan Son Ha ◽  
Nghia Duong-Trung

Due to the rapid change of population structure, leading to lower birth rates and quick aging rates, the demand for blood supply is increasing significantly. In most countries, blood quality and origin are managed by blood management information systems, such as national authorities. Nevertheless, the traditional system has limitations in this field, such as a lack of detailed blood information, making it challenging to manage blood quality, supply, and demand. Hence, to solve these issues, this paper proposes a blockchain-based system called BloodChain, an improved system to support blood information management, providing more detailed information about blood, such as blood consumption and disposal. BloodChain exploits private blockchain techniques with a limited number of relatively fast and reliable participants, making them suitable for B2B (Business to Business) transactions. In this paper, we also develop a proposed system based on the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric. The evaluation of BloodChain is performed in several scenarios to prove our proposed model’s effectiveness.

Rebecca Soanes

The article is a study on the political participation at the village level by both the male and female members of Mawkynrew village in Meghalaya. Meghalaya is inhabited by three major tribes and the Khasi tribe is one of the three tribes. The political system is still based on a traditional system of political administration at all village and locality levels. This political system allows the people to elect a chief and other members for the village council’s office. Traditionally, only male members are allowed to hold the traditional office of village administration. Therefore, the article will highlight the participation of both the gender groups in the village and how changes have taken place over the years. The paper will also attempt to study the factors or determinants that are influencing gender participation in the political system of the village, particularly that of the women in the village.

Jiejie Cui ◽  
Xiang Li ◽  
Yang Wang

The traditional encrypted storage system is inefficient when it encrypts the data of the Internet of Things, and there are few IOT data nodes that can be encrypted in a short time. In order to solve the above problems, a new Internet of Things data effective information encryption storage system is proposed. The hardware and software of the system are mainly designed. The chip selected for the collector is TTSAD251, which can expand the collection range. The processor is set with multiple cores to reduce the system power consumption. The memory uses SPRTAN-2 chip as the structure chip. The software work consists of three parts: collecting effective information of Internet of Things big data, establishing encrypted documents and storing effective information of big data of Internet of Things. In order to detect the working effect of the system, the experimental comparison with the traditional system shows that the proposed encryption storage system can improve the storage range of big data effective information of the Internet of Things by 20.58%, and the work efficiency by 5.64%. Compared with the traditional system, the designed system also has obvious advantages in the number of big data node secrets. In different files, the average number of big data information node encryption in this system is about 166,700. The experimental data show that the designed system has ideal application performance and provides a reliable basis for related fields.

2022 ◽  
Natalia Ivanytska ◽  
Larysa Dovhan ◽  
Nataliia Tymoshchuk ◽  
Olga Osaulchyk ◽  
Nataliia Havryliuk

The article aims to assess the efficiency of flipped learning as one of the most up-to-date methods when teaching English for the EFL students in Ukraine. The significance of the study bases on the necessity to implement advanced teaching practices during the COVID-19 pandemic since online learning requires constructive changes in the traditional system of education. It is necessary to shift from the direct knowledge transfer to searching and cognition of new information by students, to change the teacher’s role to being ‘a facilitator’ and organizer of various academic activities. The article outlines the main characteristics of flipped learning, including flexibility, individualization, differentiation, and opportunities for students to learn at any place or time. The contribution of this research is to estimate new experiences of University students due to flipped learning implementation. It was achieved due to analyzing responses to the survey-based questionnaire of 48 learners and 23 teachers of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation of Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, evaluation of students’ performance, attendance, and attitude to the study. In order to verify results of the research, a descriptive statistical and analytical method was applied. The study results reveal that implementation of flipped learning made the educational process more effective and innovative as it improved students’ progress in language learning performance, increased their motivation and involvement, and made them more interested in learning English.

Elhem Ghorbel ◽  
Mariem Limaiem

This research investigates the efficiency of using Flax Fibers reinforced bio-sourced polymer by comparison to traditional system based on Carbone Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Polymer in order to confine recycled aggregates concrete. Four concrete formulations have been formulated by incorporating recycled aggregates from demolition waste (0%, 30%, 50% and 100%). An air-entraining agent was added to the formulations to achieve the level of 4% occluded air. The main objective is to discuss and to evaluate the effectiveness of confining them using bio-sourced composite by comparison to traditional ones. To hit this target, the developed approaches are both experimental and analytical. The first part is experimental and aimed to characterize the mechanical behavior of the materials: the composites used in the confining process the unconfined concrete (effect of incorporating recycled aggregates on the overall mechanical characteristics). We establish that bio-sourced composites are efficient in strengthening recycled aggregates concrete especially if they are air-entrained. The second part of this work is dedicated to analytical modeling of mechanical behavior of confined concrete with composite under compression based on Mander’s model. The input parameters of the model were modified to consider the rate of recycled aggregates incorporation. Comparison between experimental results and the modified Mandel’s Model is satisfactory.

2022 ◽  
Vol 355 ◽  
pp. 03058
Huijie Gu ◽  
Shulin Yang ◽  
Mengdie Gu ◽  
Ming Yuan

The traditional online teaching adopts the single architecture to develop and implement the system, which facilitates the data sharing and testing of the system. However, due to the increasing complexity of the system's business functions, the system based on monolithic architecture has become increasingly complex, its scalability has deteriorated, and its concurrency performance has decreased. Based on these problems, this paper puts forward combining microservice architecture and online teaching platform, using microservice architecture independent deployment, concurrent performance characteristics such as high technology selection and flexible, the complex business function is divided into several small service module, solve the challenges faced by the traditional system, at the same time improve the efficiency of the use of online teaching platform and students' learning autonomy, The system function design, architecture design, safety design and so on are expounded to build an efficient and perfect online teaching platform.

2022 ◽  
pp. 107-121
Vikas Salunkhe ◽  
Seena Thomas Kaithathara ◽  
Darshan S. M. ◽  
Gowri Shankar R. ◽  
Shabarisha N.

Game-based learning is widely followed at the school level in India, but the higher education system has been longer in adopting it. The pandemic situation has transformed teaching and learning processes from the traditional to the technical method, which requires a more versatile approach. Because of the rapid change from the offline mode to the online mode in higher education, there is little evidence available on the inefficiency of implementing the traditional system of teacher-centered education on online platforms. There comes a lot of the significance in of adapting technology-based games in order to engage and motivate students throughout their course of study. The aim of this chapter is to provide an overview of the effectiveness of game-based learning strategies over traditional learning methods. Moreover, the results of a cross-sectional study conducted by the authors in South Indian universities at the higher education level is included.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1055-1080
Vandana B. Patravale ◽  
Namrata A. Kadwadkar ◽  
Shalaka R. Patki ◽  
John Intru Disouza

WHO database mentions that the global anemia-affected population is 24.8%. To name a few conditions in which compromisation of the red blood corpuscles and hemoglobin occurs are iron deficiency anemia, gestational anemia, anemia due to malaria and parasitism, hemolytic anemia, sickle cell anemia. The line of treatment in case of anemia involves administration of iron supplements, plasmapheresis, steroids, blood transfusion at regular intervals, and lifestyle changes. The systematic approach applied for the pharmaceutical molecules should be equally inculcated in the case of nutraceuticals. The traditional system when woven carefully with the novel drug delivery system will give effective nutrient delivery. Functional foods have inherent nutritional value. Nutraceuticals and functional food cannot cure the anemic condition, but help the patient lead life almost like a normal individual.

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