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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 645-654
Sheyila Putri ◽  
Aldy Fernando Lubis ◽  
Annisa Fahira ◽  
Deva Kumala Sari ◽  
Dewi Chofifah

The level of a province can be seen from its economic growth, seen from the aspect of the value of exports and imports which have an influence on a trade between provinces. After the occurrence of covid-19 which had a major impact on Indonesian trade and the global economy. As a result of the pandemic, there have been major changes in world trade patterns, such as the lockdown system implemented in Indonesia. This study aims to determine the development of exports and imports of North Sumatra Province through indicators of export and import values. The data analysis technique in this research is descriptive data analysis. The source of data in this study is secondary data taken in (2016/2020) which is downloaded via, especially export and import data during the development of a new economic life order in North Sumatra Province. The results show that there is an increase that can be seen from the increase in the volume and value of imports and exports in a province, a decrease in the volume and value of imports and exports of imports, the development of a new economic order of life. With good economic growth, it will increase national income, the community will be prosperous in terms of the economy. In the last decade, exports continued to increase in 2021 to reach Rp. 13 trillion. Many studies have stated that in the past year, export-import cases have fluctuated during the COVID-19 period. And this pandemic has taught us the need to encourage export and import diversification, diversification of supplying countries and product destinations. produced in order to develop in a new life order. Keywords: Export, Import, New Era, Economic Growth

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 89-98
Ojak Manurung ◽  
Candra Wijaya ◽  
Achmad Zulfikar Siregar

This study aims to determine Full Day School Management in SMA As Syafi’iyah Medan, Jl. Karya Wisata Ii No.1,Medan Johor, Medan, North Sumatra Province. This research is a qualitative popoulasi study of the Full Day School teacher and management and students of SMA As Syafi’iyah Medan. In an effort to improve student character education in MAN 2, the terrain model includes stages, namely: planning Full Day School learning, implementing Full Day School learning and evaluating Full Day School learning. Learning planning is adapted to the curriculum adopted by SMA As Syafi’iyah Medan, namely the government curriculum, local curriculum and school curriculum and the formulation of syllabus and plan for implementing learning. The implementation of Full Day School learning consists of habituation activities, exemplary activities, nationalism and patriotism activities and student creativity activities. Evaluation Full Day School learning in general in Medan Model 2 MAN 2 in determining minimal completeness provides an assessment of three domains, namely cognitive, affective and domain psychomotor.  

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 421-436
Bremana   Adriansyah ◽  
Insanul Qisti Barriyah ◽  
Moh. Rusnoto Susanto ◽  
Dwi Susanto

The purpose of this creation is to develop, introduce, the culture or custom of karo marriage in the form of painting. And can implement it in the form of painting so that it can be enjoyed by the community without having to wait for the moment of the Karo traditional wedding directly. The method of creating this work uses the Exploration method, including; idea exploration, concept exploration, form exploration, media exploration, technical exploration, aesthetic exploration and data analysis, namely primary data and secondary data. The embodiment of this work is in the form of paintings with canvas as the main media with sizes ranging from 70 X 90 Cm, 100 X 100 Cm, to 150 x 150 Cm. The creation of this painting is to implement and tell stories about the Karo traditional wedding in North Sumatra. It is hoped that this painting can introduce and become an educational medium for audiences who do not know this custom or culture.  Keywords: Wedding, Karo Culture, Creation Idea, Art, Painting

Yessi Febriani ◽  
Sudewi Sudewi ◽  
Rosanna Sembiring

Tamarillo (Solanum betaceum Cav.) is a plant that is spread in Java, Bali and North Sumatra, which is rich in nutrients and contain flavonoid as antioxidants that can prevent cell damage due to oxidative stress. Clay-based face masks have a firming and cleansing effect on the skin. Tamarillo was extracted by maceration method using 96% ethanol extract, phytochemical screening was carried out. Clay mask formulation with extract concentration of 1.5%, 2%, 2.5% and blanks. Physical quality test of clay mask preparations included homogeneity test, stability test, pH test, dry time test, irritation test, effectiveness test of clay mask preparation on volunteers using the Skin Analyzer Checkher (Aram), preference test and antioxidant test using the DPPH method. The results showed that the ethanol extract tamarillo contained alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins and could be formulated into a clay mask preparation that was homogeneous, stable, met the pH requirements, and dried time. The results of the effectiveness test using a checkher skin analyzer give the effect of reducing blemishes, reducing pores, moisturizing, not causing irritation to the skin. The antioxidant activity of the ethanol extract tamarillo were in the moderate category with an IC50 value of 201 g/mL and the clay mask preparation of the ethanol extract tamarillo with a concentration of 2.5% was in the medium category with an IC50 value of 221 g/mL.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 99-110
Amir Fhad Sastranegara Harahap ◽  
Mochammad Munir

North Sumatra Province, where the second-highest oil palm productivity in Indonesia, has successfully reached fresh fruit bunches (FFB) production of 5,775,631.82 tons in 2016. However, the level of oil palm productivity tends to be unstable and low. The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze factors influencing the level of oil palm productivity at the Bah Jambi Plantation PTPN IV, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra Province. The method used in this study was the qualitative descriptive analysis method by collecting secondary data at research locations at 4 Afdeling Kebun Bah Jambi PT. Nusantara IV Plantation. The results of correlation and regression analysis showed that soil factor such as organic C, soil pH, cation exchange capacity and the availability of soil N, P, K and Mg is the most dominant factors in influencing the amount of oil palm productivity which have determination coefficient (R2) more than 90%. Meanwhile, climate factors such as evapotranspiration, duration of light exposure, wind speed and rainfall have the most role in influencing oil palm productivity which has a coefficient of determination (R2) of 95%, 94%, 88% and 33%.

2022 ◽  
Vol 951 (1) ◽  
pp. 012056
S Malau ◽  
M R Sihotang

Abstract Coffee leaf rust (CLR) is a pandemic and a serious threat for coffee sustainability in many coffee producing countries. To overcome this CLR, the world’s consensus is to use of resistant cultivars which can be created through coffee breeding program. This research aimed to study genotypic and phenotypic correlations between CLR symptoms of seven arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.) genotypes that were selected from different districts of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This experimental research using a randomized complete block design with three replications was conducted at the experimental garden of the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas HKBP Nommensen in Medan. The result of this study indicate that leaf rust severity (LRS) had a genotypic component variance of 86.8% which indicated that LRS was controlled more dominantly by plant genetics than other unknown factors. Severity indicated by LRS showed no genotypic and phenotypic correlation with dispersal indicated by branch rust incidence (BRI) and leaf rust incidence (LRI). BRI genotypically correlated with LRI. The results of this study could contribute to resistance coffee breeding for CLR.

2022 ◽  
Vol 951 (1) ◽  
pp. 012006
M N Salim ◽  
Marheni ◽  
D Bakti

Abstract Myopopone castaneae ants are known to be predators of the larvae of Oryctes rhinoceros. These ants attack their prey alive by biting and stinging them to death before the hemolymph fluid is consumed. Despite the minimal information available, these ants have the potential to prey on 2.8 - 3 larvae for a period of 5 days. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to evaluate the predation behavior of M. castaneae ants against several types of insect larvae in the laboratory. This investigation was performed at the pest laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, North Sumatra University from May to July 2020. The results showed the fastest prey time of 2-3 days on 3 Omphisa fuscidentalis larvae, while the longest was observed against Rhynchophorus ferrugineus species, at 3 larvae for 6-7 days. In addition, the typical predation behavior and symptoms include the presence of scars and gradual blackening on the cuticles. Moreover, ants tend to carry their offspring to the dead larvae of O. rhinoceros and R. ferrugineus, while O. fuscidentalis is conveyed to the nest for consumption by the colony.

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (05) ◽  
pp. 403-411
Arie Favian Syahmar Marpaung ◽  
Sudradjat Wiradihardja ◽  
Kurnia Tahki

This study aims to determine whether there is a significant effect between the exogenous variables of anxiety, confidence, and motivation with the endogenous variables of the performance of referees on duty in North Sumatra Province. The population in this study is the National Referee of North Sumatra Province. The sampling technique used was the purposive sampling method in which the national referees selected were adjusted to the criteria determined by the researchers as many as 50 national referees from various levels. The research method used is the descriptive quantitative method. The results of the data analysis carried out showed that 1) There was a significant influence between anxiety on the referee's performance of 0.854 or 73.7%, 2) There was a significant influence between self-confidence on the referee's performance of 0.842 or 70.9%, 3) There was a significant effect of a significant difference between motivation on the performance of the referee is 0.744 or 55.3%, 4) There is a significant effect between anxiety on the motivation of 0.841 or 70.8%, 5) There is a significant influence between self-confidence and motivation of 0.851 or 72.5 %, 6) There is a significant effect between anxiety through motivation on referee performance by 0.744 or 55.3%, 7) There is a significant effect between self-confidence through motivation on referee performance by 0.879 or 77.3%. The data collection technique in this study used a questionnaire instrument method in the form of statements on a Likert scale that had been validated by experts. So it can be concluded that several internal and external factors can affect the performance of the referee in leading the match such as anxiety, confidence, and motivation. Suggestions for the referee to be able to optimize the psychological condition before leading the game, to maximize the task of leading the match.

Fitriyani Pulungan

WHO recommends mothers to exclusively breastfeed their babies in the first 6 months after birth to achieve optimal growth, development and health. This study aims to determine the relationship between knowledge and attitudes of postpartum mothers with colostrum breastfeeding for newborns in the working area of ??the Rambung Public Health Center, South Binjai District in 2017. The design of this study used an analytic survey, with a cross sectional approach. The sampling was purposive sampling with a total sample of 86 people in the working area of ??the Rambung Health Center, Rambung Dalam Village, South Binjai District, North Sumatra Province. The data used are secondary and primary. Data were analyzed by chi-square test.          The results of the study, there was a significant relationship between the attitude of postpartum mothers with colostrum breastfeeding in the working area of ??the Rambung Health Center, Rambung Dalam Village, South Binjai District, North Sumatra Province with p value = 0.000 < (0.05). Giving colostrum breast milk to newborns because it can help provide comfort and strengthen baby antibodies early, so it is hoped that the Rambung Health Center, especially health workers, can improve service programs, especially counseling and socialization to postpartum mothers that the importance of colostrum breastfeeding for newborns.

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