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2021 ◽  
Vol 23 (07) ◽  
pp. 1377-1387
Sirineni Harshitha ◽  
Raashi Shetty ◽  
Dr. P. Swami Sairam ◽  

The aim and objective of the authors is to explain and analyse the effect on business-to-business sector through nano influencer marketing. The authors explain about how companies can use nano-influencers for cracking a deal or selling products between two companies. Many companies do not use nano influencers for selling their brand products, but as everybody knows how important loyalty and a good engagement rate these influencers have with their customers are, one can consider and implement the same in the business as well. In this the authors have been done based on the interview method through telephonic calls, where the researchers interviewed the clients of serval reputed companies and collected their feedback on their sayings. The researchers have asked the clients several questions related to their marketing strategies, what do they think about influencer marketing and will they allow nano influencers to sell the products to other business companies. After collecting all the feedback, the researchers have analysed the responses and came up with solutions. The empirical aspect of the paper reveals that there is a strong pattern and a high probability for companies to use LinkedIn influencers in their business to expand their presence, boost overall revenue, and improve brand equity within companies.


The purpose of this study is to study the leadership skills in Thirukkural. The objective to strengthen this research is identify the characteristics of leadership skills in Thirukkural. Researchers have used qualitative methods to analyze the content in Thirukkural to collect research data. Researchers have conducted fieldwork by using Interactive Analysis Model and interview method to collect data on leadership skills in Thirukkural. The Thirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar is excepted to exceed 2000 years ago. The findings of the study indicate that Thiruvalluvar has emphasized several features to strengthen leadership skills in student life through Thirukkural. The findings of this study provide effective implications from Thirukkural to overcome the challenges faced by a leader among the students.The conclusion of this study shows that the Thirukkural is excepted to exceed 2000 years ago, is still provides more effective exposure to leadership skills to leaders.

2021 ◽  
Vol VI (II) ◽  
pp. 112-120
Faizan Ali ◽  
Qamar-uddin Zia Ghaznavi ◽  
Saima Khan

Technology has influenced every aspect of life. Journalism and communication industries have also widely adapted to it. Traditional journalism has been revolutionized altogether with the implication of technology. From news production to news distribution, everything has become abrupt and unobstructed. This study focuses on the impact of technology on traditional journalism in Pakistan. An in-depth interview method has been employed as a research method. Providing insight into the issue, main research objectives include (i) analyze the scope of technology in Pakistani Journalism, (ii) exploring technological literacy in Pakistani journalism and (iii) seeing the impact of technology on the production and dissemination of journalistic content in Pakistan. This study concluded that technology had altered the overall landscape of journalism in Pakistan. It has assisted journalistic practices in a considerably effective way. Although there are constructive effects of mobile journalism, the concerns over authenticity and credibility of the media content have also been raised in Pakistan.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 33-40
Diyan Syalawaty ◽  
Dandy Firmansyah Rifli ◽  
Andryan Saputra ◽  
Wiji Utami ◽  
Tanti Tanti ◽  

This study aims to explore the Halal Study Center in every State Islamic University in Indonesia. Data collection in this study was gained using the interview method and also literature review. Interviews were conducted directly with several sources, while the literature review was performed by collecting journals regarding the research problems. The findings show that eight State Islamic University already have halal study centers out of the total number of State Islamic University in Indonesia, 27 in total. Furthermore, some of the State Islamic University that have established halal study centers also have development activities. The practical implications of this paper provide new knowledge for the State Islamic University that will establish a halal study center. This is the first article that discusses the development of research trends in the halal study center at the State Islamic University and provides the latest comprehensive literature review until 2021.

Muhammad Yusri Salleh Yusof ◽  
Mohd Anuar Ramli

Custom plays a significant role in any organised community as well as in the building of mutual harmony and avoiding conflicts. The establishment of a custom is the result from the interaction between the wisdom of the local intellectuals and its environment to meet the needs of the local community. The Malay community is a group that is rich with traditions, ranging from the birth customs, marriage and death. Basically, in the practice of the Malay customs there exists two polemics in which forms two opposing schools of thought. First is the fundamentalist that rejects most local customary practices. Second, is the traditionalist as they only accept the valid customs practised in society and reject invalid customs. These opposing views can be seen in various customary practices, for example in the death custom or ceremonies such as tahlīl (recital ceremony for the deceased), talqīn (recital for the deceased during burial), and tunggu kubur (grave waiting). Therefore, this study focuses on exploring the practice of tahlīl (recital ceremony for the dead) and tunggu kubur (grave waiting) through the concept of the local wisdom from the perspective of the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. To achieve these objectives, this study deploys an eclectic approach and interview method. The collected qualitative data were analysed thematically. The results of the study showed that there are elements of local wisdom behind these practices. In the Malay community, tahlīl (recital ceremony for the deceased) is a form of psychological and emotional support as well as a communal approach to the family of the deceased while the practice of tunggu kubur (grave waiting) is an approach to protect the burried corpses from thefts and mystical activities. Therefore, the local wisdom implied behind the practices are valid and hence, included in the category of accepted customary practices.  

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 98-111
Siyuan wei ◽  
Vatcharapol Sukhotu

Objective - This paper aims to analyse the impact of the China-Laos railway on export trade from China to Thailand. The paper analyses the advantages and disadvantages of the new route and other routes base on driven factors, identifies what trade industry is suitable for this new route and provides some reference for Thai trade exporters. This will enable Thai export traders to understand the new transportation route formed by the railway and improve the trade volume and competitiveness of Thai products through this route. Methodology/Technique - Literature review method, secondary data method, in-depth interview method. Findings - It is found that the new route formed after the completion of the China-Laos railway has many advantages base on driven factors and many industries are suitable for the use of this new route. Novelty - Few people know much about the China-Laos railway, and even less about the analysis of its impact on Thailand's trade. The author's in-depth interview method allows him to get in touch with experts who are very relevant to the China-Laos railway, providing valuable insights. Type of Paper - Empirical. Keywords: Thai Products; Driving Factors; Route Selection; China-Laos Railway; In-depth Interviews; Secondary Data Method JEL Classification: F16, F18, F19.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (40) ◽  
pp. 236-252
Mohamad Syukri Abdul Rahman ◽  
Md Noor Hussin ◽  
Muhammad Daoh ◽  
Ahmad Redzaudin Ghazali ◽  
Mohamad Rofian Ismail ◽  

The existence of the Ellipsis (al-Hadhf) is a feature of the Quran. This gives a clear indication that the Quran is full of beauty and depth of meaning that needs to be understood based on knowledge. Man needs to have the knowledge to understand the revelation of God and use the mind to take advantage of the treasures found in the Quran. This study aims to explore the understanding of Takmir teachers on the verses consisting of sentence omission (Hadhf al-Jumlah) found in surah Yasin according to Tafsir Pimpinan Al-Rahman. This study uses purposive sampling. The participants of this study consisted of Takmir teachers in Selangor. The findings of this study were obtained by using a structured interview method. Based on the findings of the study, there are several verses of the Quran in Surah Yasin consisting of sentence omission (Hadhf al-Jumlah). Through interviews, study participants among takmir teachers in the state of Selangor gave a positive response on the understanding of the verses consisting of sentence omission (Hadhf al-Jumlah) in Surah Yasin. It is hoped that the results of this study can reveal to the community the verses consisting of sentence omission (Hadhf al-Jumlah) found in Surah Yasin in addition to revealing the importance of accurate translation of the verses in the Quran that contain elements of al-Hadhf, especially Hadhf al-Jumlah.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 57-66
Rydho Febri Ramadhan ◽  
Vicka Tamaya ◽  

Abstract Purpose: This paper examined changes in public services during the pandemic. Research Methodology: The approach taken in this study was qualitative. Researchers collected information and data through the interview method. Along with conducting interviews, researchers searched for and read various pieces of information about implementing ITERA library services via the website and Standard Operating Procedures for services during the pandemic. Results: The Covid-19 pandemic affects public services, most notably at the ITERA Library. Changes to the ITERA Library Public Service Standards resulted in innovations in the Sumatra Institute of Technology Library's services.

Mary Kate Dodgson ◽  
Andrew J. Trotman

Interview-based research is growing in prominence in auditing, yet many researchers are self-trained in this method, leading the novice interview researcher to encounter a number of roadblocks along the way. The overarching goal of our study is to add to the methodological resources available on the interview method by providing a compilation of challenges that novice interview researchers have experienced, along with suggested methods to cope with these challenges (i.e., how to overcome these challenges, what to do differently, and advice on navigating the interview method). With this new perspective, our paper serves as a resource to prospective interview-based researchers so they can enter the field better informed about possible roadblocks they might encounter along the way and methods to cope with these challenges. In turn, we hope to contribute to the production of more insightful and efficient interview-based research.

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