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YMER Digital ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 21 (01) ◽  
pp. 267-276
Dr. V Thamil Selvi ◽  
M Bhuvaneswari ◽  
S Sandra ◽  

Being the first social generation to have grown up with the internet and portable digital technology from a young age, Generation Z and Generation Alpha are seldom aware of affections, devotions, traditions, relationships, and cultures that form the basis for a convivial and serene life. They run in this digital world to cope with the current scenario, failing to take in love and affection. The literature reviews furnish the details that Generation Z and Alpha are bestowed with abundant knowledge and information by technology, but they fail to look at the essential parts of humanity. Hence, this paper aims to use stories as a tool to bring back the beam of happiness in the lives of future humans. The surveys that have been taken show that stories are loved by people of all ages, and so it is easy to educate and revive morals, mannerisms, traditional ideas, and cultures through them. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to rejuvenate these groups through stories to lead a peaceful life, which is the ultimate aim of birth. Stories also provide pleasure and activate the mind to think in the right way since the listener is out of the box.

И.А. Баландина ◽  
А.М. Некрасова ◽  
А.А. Баландин

Работа основана на морфологическом исследовании ампул маточных труб 130 рожавших женщин молодого и старческого возраста. Применены макрометрический, гистологический, иммуногистохимический и микрометрический методы исследования. Выявлены закономерности возрастной морфологической изменчивости ампулы маточной трубы, проявляющиеся в уменьшении параметров их длины, а также наружных диаметров в середине ампулы и в местах перехода перешейка в ампулу и ампулы в воронку от молодого возраста к старческому возрасту. Гистоархитектоника ампул маточных труб у женщин в старческом возрасте характеризуется уплощением эпителия слизистой оболочки, образующей обилие близлежащих утолщенных складок, формирующих неравномерное сужение просвета ампулы. Определяется истончение мышечной оболочки с разрастанием вместо нее соединительной ткани и скоплением адипоцитов в подсерозной основе. В старческом возрасте отмечается более выраженная экспрессия виментина, прослеживающаяся не только в эндотелии и субэндотелиальном слое кровеносных сосудов, включая капилляры, но и в отдельных фибробластах. Установлено, что особенности микрометрических характеристик ампул маточных труб заключаются в уменьшении внутреннего периметра эпителиальной выстилки и площади просвета, наряду с увеличением площади их стенки при срединном сечении, в старческом возрасте в сравнении с молодым. The work is based on a morphological study of ampoules of the fallopian tubes of 130 young and senile women who gave birth. Macrometric, histological, immunohistochemical and micrometric methods of investigation were applied. The regularities of age-related morphological variability of the fallopian tube ampoule are revealed, which are manifested in a decrease in the parameters of their length, as well as external diameters in the middle of the ampoule and at the places of transition of the isthmus into the ampoule and ampoule into the funnel from young age to old age. Histoarchitectonics of ampoules of the fallopian tubes in women in old age is characterized by flattening of the epithelium of the mucous membrane, which forms an abundance of nearby thickened folds that form an uneven narrowing of the lumen of the ampoule. The thinning of the muscle membrane is determined with the growth of connective tissue instead of it and the accumulation of adipocytes in the subserose base. In old age, there is a more pronounced expression of vimentin, which can be traced not only in the endothelium and subendothelial layer of blood vessels, including capillaries, but also in individual fibroblasts. It was found that the features of the micrometric characteristics of the fallopian tube ampoules consist in a decrease in the inner perimeter of the epithelial lining and the lumen area, along with an increase in the area of their wall at the median cross-section in old age compared with young age.

2022 ◽  
Jellie Sierksma

Children are prosocial from a young age onward but their prosocial actions are not necessarily egalitarian – especially with regard to others’ group membership. From around four years of age children tend to help and share more with in-group members compared to out-group members. However, a growing body of findings also suggest that sometimes children act more prosocially toward out-group members. How can we reconcile such seemingly contradicting behaviors? In this chapter, I describe how the salience of group stereotypes might shed light on these inconsistent findings. Specifically, different helping contexts can activate different group stereotypes. These different stereotypes could lead children to sometimes act more prosocially toward in-group peers, but sometimes show out-group bias in their helping or sharing behavior. For example, contexts that involve reciprocity could increase salience of a stereotype that out-groups are less trustworthy and thus children might be less inclined to share their resources with the out-group (i.e., in-group bias). Whereas an academic helping context might make a stereotype salient that entails out-groups are less competent and thus needing more help (i.e., out-group bias). Taking into account group stereotypes in children’s prosocial behavior will provide us with a deeper understanding of the underlying motivations that lead to selective prosociality in children. In the long run, such insights can contribute to combating discrimination and prejudice early in life.

BMC Cancer ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Youssef Bouferraa ◽  
Yolla Haibe ◽  
Andrea Chedid ◽  
Elio Jabra ◽  
Maya Charafeddine ◽  

Abstract Background The role of young age (< 40 years) at diagnosis as an independent risk factor for adverse outcomes in female patients with breast cancer has been highlighted in several studies. In this prospective study, we assessed the difference in 10-year survival between two groups of patients diagnosed with non-metastatic breast cancer based on an age cutoff of 40 years. We also assessed the impact of factors including tumor characteristics, molecular markers and immunohistochemical markers on survival outcomes, highlighting the interaction of those variables with age. Methods A total of 119 female patients with newly diagnosed non-metastatic breast cancer were recruited at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) between July 2011 and May 2014. Patients were recruited and divided into 2 age groups (< 40 and ≥ 40 years). In addition to clinical characteristics, we assessed immunohistochemistry including estrogen, progesterone and HER2 receptors, p53, cyclin B1, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR), and ki-67. Germline BRCA mutations were also performed on peripheral blood samples. Patient and tumor characteristics were compared between the age groups. 10-year overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) were estimated accordingly. Cox regression analysis was performed in order to assess the effect of the different variables on clinical outcomes. Results After a median Follow-up of 96 (13–122) months, the estimated 10-year OS was 98.6% for patients ≥40 as compared to 77.6% in patients < 40 (p = 0.001). A similar trend was found for 10-year DFS reaching 90% for patients ≥40 and 70.4% for those < 40 (p = 0.004). On multivariate analysis for DFS and OS, only younger age (< 40 years), higher stage and triple negative phenotype among other parameters assessed significantly affected the outcome in this cohort. Conclusion This prospective study confirms the association between younger age and adverse survival outcomes in patients with non-metastatic breast cancer. Future studies of the whole genome sequences may reveal the genomic basis underlying the clinical differences we have observed.

2021 ◽  
Vol 45 (6) ◽  
pp. 447-453
Assia Aidoud ◽  
Messaouda Bencheikh ◽  
Nacera Khaldi ◽  
Ilyess Mouhamed Ahmed Herga

The South of Algeria is known for these immense sand dunes, which cover part of its territory (Sahara). The main objective of this study is the recovery of sands dune and wood waste (sawdust). The latter, which constitutes a potential source of several environmental and economic problems. The objective of this present work is to characterize the physico-mechanical properties at a young age of a dune sand-based mortar lightened by wood waste and to examine the suitability of using it for various applications in the construction of buildings. The improvement of the characteristics of these sands, which essentially formed of sand untapped to date and with the sole aim of enhancing this national sand wealth. The formulation of the mixtures is based on the substitution of dune sand by sawdust, at different weight contents 0, 10, 20 and 30%. The quantity of cement is fixed at 450 g. The results obtained show firstly that the introduction of sawdust improves the characteristics of the mixture (grain size tends to be spread out, reduction in densities), and secondly the physico-mechanical characteristics, especially at 30% substitution (reduction absorption by total immersion of 20.50%, porosity of 28.32%, wet density of 1.73% and dry density of 14.94% and increase in tensile strength of 61.43% and in compression of 63.87%). The effect of sawdust on the relationships between the properties of mortars was clearly noted either for the relationships between early strengths or between compressive and tensile strengths.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (4) ◽  
pp. 85-91
Ahmad Munawir ◽  
Syahrun Adzim

Learning English and introducing technology to children at a young age is becoming increasingly important in order to meet the demands of an era in which everything is now done in English and is based on technology. To do this, people resources are required who are fluent in two languages: English and technology, both of which are currently unavailable. This is due to a lack of understanding and mastery of technology-based English, which is one of them. The Community Service team of IAI As'adiyah held activities with practical methods related learning English based on macromedia flash based on the previous Community Service program carried out by FTK IAI As'adiyah Sengkang academics, which included training on the use of word and excel. It is envisaged that as a result of this project, PAUD teachers in the Sengkang City area will have more abilities and knowledge in technology-based English education, particularly employing macromedia flash.

Myroslav Trofymuk

The key word of the essay is per me, as I present in it my own reminiscence from my childhood and youth, which was when I first came into contact with the works of two exceptional maestros: Frédéric Chopin and Lesya Ukrainka (the pen name of Larysa Kosach). Chopin created musical poetry, while Lesya – a rhythmic and melodic verbal poetry. The dialogue of the two authors sounds amazing, uncovering an optimistic apotheosis of survival and the trauma of loss – the states expressed in Chopin’s Marche funèbre and by Lesya Ukrainka in her poetry cycle devoted to this composition.The temporarily mature understanding of per me in both these creations also resulted from the trauma caused by the loss of close relatives (first, the grandad at a very young age) and hence became the drive for discovering the content of art and the means of expression characteristic to various branches of art.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (6) ◽  
Yingli Lu

As the development of society and economy, increasing effort s are made in education and reform in both teaching and education. The number of college teachers at young age bracket is expanding, whose teaching ability pose influence on the quality of college education and teaching. Therefore, the teaching ability of young teachers has become a key issue for the smooth development of teaching management and reform in colleges and universities. This paper will first analyze the current situation of the teaching ability of young teachers in colleges and universities, and then studies can be conducted in the strategies to improve the teaching ability of young teachers in colleges and universities from various aspects and angles, so as to promote the process of educational reform in colleges and universities.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2-3 (35-36) ◽  
pp. 91-97
A. Bulinska ◽  
Ya. Zaychenko ◽  
А. Kucher ◽  
I. Mota ◽  

Introduction. Basal cell carcinoma of the skin is the most common skin cancer in people with fair skin color. Early detection of basal cell carcinoma and proper surgical approach are crucial to reduce the incidence of this tumor. Visual examination is the first screening tool used by clinicians, but sometimes it is not enough to differentiate and determine treatment tactics. Therefore, non-invasive methods such as dermatoscopy and ultrasonography of the skin have recently become widely used, which provide a clear diagnosis, fully correlate with the pathomorphological diagnosis and allow determining the invasiveness of the process and the scope of surgery. The aim of the study. To establish the effectiveness of the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma of the skin using dermatoscopy in combination with ultrasound, to clarify and justify the feasibility of using a double diagnostic test "Dermatoscopy + Ultrasound" in the diagnosis of skin tumors for future surgery. Materials and methods. Two cases of basal cell basal cell carcinoma in young patients with atypical localization, dermatoscopic and ultrasonographic parameters, correlation with pathomorphological diagnosis are described. Dermatoscopic parameters were evaluated according to G. Kittler's algorithm, skin ultrasound was performed on an expert class device "ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System" with color and energy Doppler modes by a linear multifrequency transducer (5-17MHz) according to the original protocol developed by G.Alakhverdian. Results. A feature of the described clinical cases is the young age of patients (21 and 29 years), which is an atypical phenomenon in relation to the manifestations of BCC and indicates that recently basal cell carcinoma begins to occur at a young age and its typical location changes. The obtained data of dermatoscopic and ultrasonographic examination confirm specific clinical symptoms and are completely correlated with pathomorphological diagnosis. Conclusions. Dermatoscopy in combination with skin ultrasonography are reliable non-invasive techniques that allow real-time detection of clinical and subclinical lesions and should be used to diagnose and monitor for all skin cancers. Keywords: basal cell carcinoma of the skin, dermatoscopy, ultrasonography of the skin.

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